Which type of goods has well established property rightsa public goodsb commom goodsc club


which type of goods has well established property rights

a. public goods

b. commom goods

c. club


d. private goods

which price will a monopoly set?

a. above marginal cost

b. Equal to marginal cost

c. equal to fractional cost

of marginal cost

d. below marginal cost which condition

determines the profit maximizing output for a monopolist?

a. price equals average total cost

b. marginal revenue equals marginal cost

c. price equals average fixed cost

d. marginal revenue equals average fixed cost

what is effect on import tarrif on domestic price of bananas

b price Increases

b price decreases

b price matches the global market price

50 Classify the effect of a tariff on each situation

a. Demand for foreign goods (increase or decrease)

b. The domestic quantity of goods produced (increase or decrease)

c. The domestic quantity demanded (increase or decrease)

d. Domestic government revenue (increase or decrease)