Unit VIII Discussion Board

Please make sure that it is your own work and not copy and paste. Please read the study guide. Watch out for spelling errors and Grammar errors.Book Reference: Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T. A. (2019). Organizational behavior (18th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.Discuss how you can apply the concepts learned in this course to your current or future career. How might the lessons you learned positively impact your career success?15/05/202010psychology


A&quot WORK”Whom should have the most responsibility to related to gang prevention and prevention of juveniles from joining gangs: the parents of the juveniles or the police? Please explain. 12/05/20203law

Nursing research DQ 2

All the postings should be APA style. Three paragraphswith three sentencesName five continuous,five discrete,and five categorical variables and identify which,if any are dichotomousand why?12/05/20205nursing

Need 4 ppt slides on below question

Need 4 ppt slides on below questionTopic: Conflict and CommunicationUsing the Stryker & Santoro article and textbook,What should a manager do when her team or his team is experiencing a conflict??Use APA in text citation.12/05/20204informationsystems

Week 23 questions

1. Reflect on your development of professional identity as you transition from novice towards professional counselor. Have you been gratified or disappointed with your progress in this area?2. Have staff helped or hindered you in your development of a mature professional identity? Are they threatened by your proficiency and growth, or pleased to have facilitated your professional identity?3. Have there been sufficient opportunities to display your burgeoning talents, such as in presenting a case, developing a presentation or poster session for a conference, or speaking at an agency consortium? Could you take advantage or ask for more opportunities?Each one has to be answered with 150-200 words and have a cite in the answer. Must look like thisQuestionAnswerQuestionAnswer and so on.G14/05/20205psychology

Weekly Journal week 23

Each week you must write a paper of approximately 250 words reflecting upon the week’s learning experiences at the agency in which you are completing your practicum. Summarize the task areas you performed and the number of hours in each, as per the “Typhon Weekly Hour Log.” Reflect on your progress in gaining knowledge, skills, attitudes, and identity of professional practice. Explore any concerns that arose and may require special supervision or faculty intervention.14/05/20205psychology


Select one product. In a two- to four-page paper (excluding the title and reference pages), describe seven different types of consumer promotions from the twelve shown in Table 6.2 of the text and assess how each of the seven types would be applied to your product. Determine which strategy is the most effective and explain why.The Consumer Promotions paper Must be two- to four double-spaced pages in length (excluding the title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style. Must include a separate title page with the following: Title of paper Student’s name Course name and number Instructor’s name Date submitted Must use at least two scholarly sources in addition to the course text.15/05/202015businessfinance

I need help

Prepare a cultural analysis to support you in strategizing the implementation of innovative thinking. In 500-750 words, answer the following questions: What type of role does culture play currently within the organization? What current cultural components enable innovation to successfully occur? What cultural components require redesigning prior to innovation successfully occurring? What strategies would you propose to the organization to strengthen the innovation culture? How will you effectively communicate this innovative structure to employees? How will you continue to build capacity for innovative thinking?12/05/202010businessfinance

3S week 10 assignment DF

Define several forms of metadata that can be useful to an investigation. How are valuableto an investigator?in 350 words.Use your own wordsInclude References.13/05/20205computerscience

System practice requirement

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Compare one traditional, contemporary, and radical technique for determining systems requirements during analysis. When do you think each of the techniques you compared would be most useful? What are the drawbacks of each of the techniques? How would you decide which technique to use?13/05/20205computerscience

Ethics and CIA/NSA

The Executive Branch and NSA have recently been under fire for collecting phone and email records on hundreds of millions of Americans – sans terrorist activity or probable cause or warrants/subpoenas. Do you believe this activity to be ethical/unethical? Should the government be doing this? Does this violate the Patriot Act or FISA or the Fourth Amendment?Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words before sourcing13/05/202010government

Part 1

Review the case study and formulate your answers to the questions presented, and upload a Word document with your answers written in professional voice with references cited in APA format.14/05/202015appliedsciences

Electric Heating

1. which of the following produces the least thermal leakage? A. Operable windows B. Residential swinging doors C. Commercial entrance swinging doors D. Non-operable products2. Paula is working out heating requirements for a large home with an extensive underground basement. what should she use as her quantity heat loss through below- grade basement walls at a depth of 6-7 feet with no insulation? A. 139.1 B. 12.22 C. 0.069 D. 4.193. Brenda has installed a device in which air expands as the temperature increases, causing contacts to open and turn off the heating element.What’s this device called? A.Snap thermostat B. Ventilation switch C. Capillary tube D. Mercury switch4.Yasir is trying to build an energy-efficient wall and deciding what materials to use. How can he calculate the thermal resistance of the wall? A. It’s the mean layer thermal resistance B. Add the thermal resistance of its layers C. It’s equal to the lease thermally resistant layer. D. Measure the thermal loss13/05/20205physics


Share the current CEO of citibank and how he is leading citibank, and then share the latest news from citibank during covid-19This assignment is worth 5 points. Your grade will be calculated as follows: Your post shows that you are addressing the question (2 points). Your post does not exceed 200 words and the number of words used is clearly indicated at the end of your post (1 point). Your post uses correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar (1 point). Your post uses references or your experience.If you are adding references at the end of your post use the APA style.If you are not using references, write “Experience” at the end of the paragraph (1 point).12/05/20205businessfinance

Larry B

Please watch the video from Dr. Larry Brilliant, My wish: help me stop pandemics. What is your opinion of Dr. Brilliant’s position on the need for 1) early detection and early response and 2) the need for a global web-crawler to provide surveillance of new disease outbreaks.All borrowed material (direct quotes, paraphrasing, and even ideas) must be cited, in text and in reference, in APA style.13/05/202010appliedsciences

Leader 3

To complete this Assessment: Consider a situation in your workplace in which you experienced a conflict (e.g., bullying, interpersonal conflict between staff members). Reflect on how the situation was handled at that time.Assignment: (3–4 pages)For your selected workplace conflict, write a reflective conflict analysis memo in which you address the following: Describe the situation and conflict. Use pseudonyms and do not identify any person or location where the conflict occurred. Explain how you handled the conflict. Describe strategies you employed to resolve the conflict. Reflecting on the final outcome, explain how you would approach the conflict differently to improve your effectiveness at managing the situation. Explain how you might implement strategies to encourage a culture of safety and respect to decrease conflict and bullying in the workplace in the future.Support your Assignment with at least two scholarly articles.14/05/202025nursing

Documenting Progress Plan

Documenting Progress Plan and ReflectionAs mentors and coaches, you will support teachers and staff throughout their process of inquiry. It is important that you plan and are prepared when checking in with your protégés. Additionally, you will want to continually reflect on your own growth and development as mentors. This week’s assignment is an opportunity to begin your progress plan and reflection. After reading the chapter in the course text, create a document (that you can potentially use when you are supporting teachers as a mentor or coach) and reflect on your own journey as a mentor. Please note this is a work in progress that will be modified based on your personal development and growth, as well as the development of those you coach and/or mentor.Part 1: Create your own Progress Plan document based on Table 5.7 that can be used for the current early childhood program you are working with or for a future program, making sure that you address all the elements for steps 1-4. Additionally, either embedded or at the top or bottom of the document, add a short checklist of questions that you find most relevant from Table 5.6 that you can use as reminders for yourself as you are checking in and documenting teacher’s progress.12/05/20205education

Intellectual Capital

Write 300 words discussing what Intellectual Capital is in an organisation and how it applies to your workplace (or a company you worked for in the past).27/04/20204businessfinance


Research the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and the Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithm and write two paragraphs summarizing explaining how it works with examples.12/05/20203informationsystems


Based on what you have learned about the root causes of criminal behavior, respond to the following question: Do current criminal justice policies and practices address the root causes of crime? If not, what changes would you recommend? Use one example from the case study you followed in this course to show how a different policy or practice may have changed an outcome in that case.15/05/20205law

Computer Network security

Some common biometric techniques include: Fingerprint recognition Signature dynamics Iris scanning Retina scanning Voice prints Face recognitionSelect one of these biometric techniques and explain the benefits and the vulnerabilities associated with that method in 3-4 paragraphs.Please make sure to include intext citations and two references. No Plagarism.13/05/20203computerscience

3 Discussion 2 research papers

cNeed help below.3 – Discussions1 – Problem Set1 – Research Paper(please follow rubric PFA)- PFA ( Each mentioned separately in each word doc)- attached required material- Discussions need by Wednesday- Problem set question and Research paper by Saturday.Let me know if you have any questions.14/05/202035computerscience


Minimum of 300 words with at least 2 peer review reference in 6th edition apa style.When talking about narrow therapeutic index drugs one of the difficulties is getting the patients back to the lab to get the the level drawn. There are all kinds of issues that pop up…forgot, no transportation, didn’t care, sick, weekend, holiday, etc. Once you make the choice to start a patient on one of these medicationsyou need to figure out a way of keeping them on track. Please discuss any ideas that you may have that you plan to use to keep these folks up to date with labs, levels, etc.12/05/20207nursing

Huma assign 3

As a critical thinker, it is important to understand the elements of an argument and how certain types of statements can affect the validity of an argument. As you learned in the readings this week, arguments are used to convince us of an outcome. You read about how to identify an issue, the role that issues play in arguments, how to differentiate between an argument and rhetoric, and the different types of arguments you may encounter. In this assignment, you will choose an issue to evaluate, then respond to questions about the issue you selected15/05/202020education

After Action Results Based on Analysis and Critique of Major Event Paper PowerPoint Presentation

After Action Results based on Analysis/Critique of Major Event Paper PowerPoint PresentationHURRICANE KATRINAThe student will summarize his or her findings in an audio/visual PPT presentation. The student will use PowerPoint to build their narrated presentation and convert it into a Windows Media Video WMV (Converting PPT to WMV), to present and record his or her critique. A minimum of ten narrated content slides are required. The student will at the minimum use the same headings as required in the written analysis. The presentation be at least ten minutes long and should last no more than 30 minutes maximum. References will be included on the last slide. Once submitted for grading the student will email his or her PPT video to the rest of the class for their review. The student does not have to show him or herself in the video unless they wish to.19/06/202025law


A one-page case analysisBe sure to follow the prompt and include the following:1. Problem/Main Issue Statement2. Problem Analysis3. Alternate Solution 1- Pros- Cons4. Alternate Solution 2- Pros- Cons5. Recommendation6. Implementation12/05/20206businessfinance

Signature Assignment Purchasing and Logistics Integration (PLi) Benchmark

About Your Signature AssignmentThis signature assignment is designed to align with specific program student learning outcomes in your program. Program Student Learning Outcomes are broad statements that describe what students should know and be able to do upon completion of their degree. The signature assignments may be graded with an automated rubric that allows the University to collect data that can be aggregated across a location or college/school and used for program improvements.Resource: “The Research: Linking Purchasing and Logistics Integration (PLi) to Improved Functional and Financial Performance”, located in Achieving Supply Chain Integration, Ch. 5 (page 99), utilize the link above.Review the research tables and best practices.Apply the four best practices to your industry, or one of your choice.Write a 750- to 1,050-word summary suggesting improvements in financial and functional performance based on the four best practices.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.14/05/202015businessfinance

Create a memo

As the new chief of University City Volunteer Fire Rescue, your board of trustees has expressed concerns about the declining number of volunteer firefighters. One board member suggested a monetary incentive program and asked you to create the plan. Click here to review the Department of Labor Guidance issued in August 2006, and use the following as guidelines in preparing the plan. Determine if monetary incentives comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act regarding compensation for volunteers. What are acceptable incentives? How are they compared to wages? What are some areas of concerns with monetary incentives? Describe how these laws affect your emergency services organization.Draft a plan for implementing monetary incentives for volunteer firefighters that addresses these concerns. The plan should be drafted as a memo to the board of trustees. Click here for a memo template that you may use to complete this assignment. Your assignment should be at least two pages. Since this is a memo, you are not required to include a title page, but you are required to include citations and references. In addition to your textbook, you must use at least two outside sources.12/05/202010appliedsciences


For up to three extra credit points, please click on the below link, choose an issue or topic* that you feel strongly about, and read arguments on each side of the issue. Observe your own thought processes and behaviors as you read through the arguments, and apply material from the course to your experience. DO NOT summarize the arguments or apply the course material to the arguments themselves – this is about your experience in reading the arguments for AND against your preexisting opinion on the topic.You’ll follow the discussion guidelines regarding citations, including your word count, etc. (however, only one post is required; you do not need to respond to other classmates’ posts). Your post must be between 300 and 500 words (due 11:59 pm, May 22nd).https://www.procon.org/*PLEASE NOTE: Do not choose any of the topics that include “Presidential Election” in the title – those do not provide pro/con arguments; instead, they summarize candidates’ positions on various issues. That will not work well for this assignment. There may be a few other places where no pros and cons are given (just summaries of topics), so please be sure to choose a topic where actual pros and cons are provided.17/05/202020psychology


After reading chapter 2, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a honey pot. Your response should be at least 200 words, and contain at least one external citation and reference in APA format. You are also required to post a response to a minimum of twoother student in the class.Your initialresponseis due by Thursday of each week of the course and you must respond to a minimum of two other learners during the week.Your responses to other students must be more than a simple “Good job” or “I agree with your post”. They must also not just be “Let me add to your post…” Instead, your responses to each other should do three things:1. Acknowledge the other student’s post with some form of recognition about what they posted2. Relate their posting to something youhave learned or are familiar with3. Add to the conversation by asking additional questions about their post, or discussing their topic furtherRemember, this is a discussion forum. Your engagement with each other should be similar to how you would speak with each other if you were seated at the same table talking.Plagiarism in the discussion will not be tolerated.13/05/202015informationsystems

2 Pages Assignment

2-page response to the readings.This reading response must consist of two parts: A description of what you identify as the theme for the readings. The theme should draw from all of the readings attached in Files and provide a brief summary of the authors’ main points. You should respond critically to “Sensoy & DiAngelo: Chapter 5 (PP. 99-120)” & “Gorski and pothini (PP. 83-90)” , taking note of connections to your own experiences, previous chapters readings, or other related work that addresses the Chapter 5’s theme. In this section, feel free to pose any questions that the readings raise for you. You will not receive money if you only submit a summary of the readings.16/05/20200.9appliedsciences

Emotion and Motivation

What is the connection between emotion and motivation? Why is this connection important to understand in the workplace? Do you agree with drive theory? Explain. Explain emotional intelligence, including what it is and why you think it is important to understand.12/05/202010psychology

Discrete Logarithms

Are discrete logarithms fundamental to the Digital Signature algorithm (DSA) and the Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithm ?References and in-text citations must be APA compliant. Please write about 250 words.12/05/20205engineering


We are living in the data mining age. Provide an example on how data mining can turn a large collection of data into knowledge that can help meet a current global challenge in order to improve healthcare outcomes.APA style. 150 words minimum. One reference minimum within a 5 year span.21/05/20205informationsystems

Riverbed Modeler Academic Edition

1) These two Labs are going to be counted as one lab. One report is to be submitted for both Labs.2) There must be a cover page for your report with your name, Title (Shared & Switched Ethernet Network Simulation using Riverbed Modeller (OPNET)), Course Number (EE450) and Session Number (1, 2, 3, DEN) and that is it. 3) A brief abstract that covers both Labs4) A diagram of the Simulation Model5) Answer Questions and provide the Simulation Results with “Labeled Graphs” (i.e. you need to label your graphs as Fig 1; xxxx, Fig 2: yyyy and so on). Any question that asks for “comparison for example simulating the effects on the number of nodes on the Throughput or Delay etc… MUST be sketched on the SAME GRAPH. All your graphs should be “averaged”, i.e. I do NOT want to see “wild fluctuations” of the curves (Like Noise), use the averaging tool to generate smooth curves02/11/201735engineering

RTE Breakfast Cereal Industry (A)

Case #2 RTE Cereal Industry Table of “Barriers to Entry” (20 points) The Ready-to-Eat Cereal Industry assignment asks you to provide a Table of Barriers to Entry. To encourage conciseness, there is a limit of two pages (single-spaced) for this assignment.Texthttps://wenku.baidu.com/view/224228033169a4517723a340.html07/02/201910businessfinance

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&nbspWeek 4 Assignment: Emotional Intelligence (EI)This assignment will help you to understand EI.Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research about EI theories, …”15/06/20195nursing

Week 7 Exam

Please take your time and make sure you are able to access all resources on your own before you bid. Main references come from Balkin, R. S., & Kleist, D. M. (2017) and/or American Psychological Association (2014). I need this today 10/13/19 at 3pm. If you cannot get it done then please don’t bid. I need an A on this exam.14/10/201914psychology

Discuss The Effects Of Heart Disease On The Body Of A Woman In Menopause

1) Which physiological (body) systems are affected by heart disease and how are they affected. What does the disease do to the body that is negative. (do not discuss genetic heart deformities of the heart please)2) What are the differences to consider if the female patient has had the heart disease diagnosis for 25 years or was recently diagnosed? What does their body look like inside and what is the person thinking if they have had it 25 years? What about newly diagnosed women? This question is more about logic and thinking about the body systems and the persons attitude towards the disease but there are articles that discuss the mental part of this diagnosis.23/04/20208education

Human Relation Corrections Dilemmas

1. How is the discretion of CO’s like police officers and court personnel’s discretion?2. Describe the role ambiguity that COs faced in the 1970s and 1980s.3. What are the ethical issues for treatment professionals in corrections?4. Explain the two areas where probation and parole officers have discretion.5. What are the role types of probation and parole officers? Describe them.24/04/20205law

Human Relation Corrections Ethics

1. Define punishment using the elements provided by Leiser.2. What are the three different objectives or approaches to prevention? Explain some issues with each.3. How would Bentham defend punishment? Contrast that position with Kant’s position.4. What are the criticisms of the supermax prison? Compare the elements of the supermax to the Supreme Court’s definition of cruel and unusual punishment.5. What are the arguments for and against private prisons?24/04/20205law

Assignment 005

open the word document you will find the 2 questions and that are to be answer. And other PDF file is text book.. For the first question every thing is there in the text book. we just have to write in our own words. For the second one we need to assume and right.*Need this assignment in 6 to 8 hours.26/11/201810businessfinance

Managerial And Behavioral Proc Case #2

Attached is thepdffor your Case Study #2. Please read thecase and answer thefive (5) questions presented.You can use your textbook, class notes, and any otheroutside sources in preparing your case responses. Please make sure to cite all sources.I expect very completely, thorough, and well-constructedanswers to each of thequestions.Your Case Study submissionshould be at least 4 pages, 1.5 spacing, 11pt. Times New Roman font.21/04/202020socialscience

U S healthcare system

Analyze and think critically about current and emerging issues in the US healthcare system and the policy environment in which the system operates.Resources must be within the last 5 years. 3 pages15/04/202010appliedsciences

600 Words minimum apa format discussion question

a brief statement, well-supported with citations, about the state of the debate today on free markets. Explain whether the fight between free markets and government regulation been successfully resolved. Discuss whether you foresee it becoming an issue or question in electoral debates or court cases in the near future. If so, how? Provide a current example to support your response.Support your response using the Learning Resources and other scholarly resources. View the list of acceptable resources below.14/04/20207psychology

Your response will be reviewed by Unicheck the plagiarism tool synced

1)Assignment Question: How do we find the maximum between two intervals for a function using the Extreme Value Theorem. Use a graph and an example to explain your answer for the following function:4×3 2×2 -3x 6 =0; within the interval [-1,1].2) ssignassignment Question : How do we know that a function has at least one solution on a given interval?13/04/20203mathematics

Museum Report

Write a short description of what you see and why you choose to write about it.Include the following items:Name of artistTitleDateMediumPlease use the given urlhttps://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/thomas-yeo-houses-44-c-39347fd9fa13/04/20205english

ISO 9004 2000

Research Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).In a 175 words or more discuss the IT auditing processes related to achieving maturity level 3 in a department. Can a continuous audit, similar to a formal IT audit, accomplish the self-assessment goals of ISO 9004:2000?15/04/20205computerscience

Big Data

Sensors Computer networks Data storage Cluster computer systems Cloud computing facilities Data analysis algorithmsHow does these technologies play a role in global computing and big data?13/04/20205computerscience

“Thread 1 &amp

Thread 2 (No Plagiarism) 120 words”Thread 1Think back to your experience in grades K-8. How did your teachers encourage you to take ownership of your learning? What methods might you borrow in your future classroom to encourage this skill in your own students?Thread 2How can teachers maintain a balance of encouraging self-regulation while still ensuring the classroom culture is a safe place for students to seek guidance and support from the teacher and their peers?12/04/20206education

One Discussion And One End Of Chapters Questions

Due in 40 hours. One Key Discussions and each is needed in 250 words at least. No Plagiarism.I also need two chapters 8 end of the questions and problems no are mentioned below. I attached the chapters pdf. Chapter 8- # Q7I attached everything in word file , plus i attached the chapter too.I will send one reply each for this discussion after i post the initial post.06/04/20204businessfinance

Frankl Paper

Soc/Psy 305 Frankl paperYour paper should be no less than two pages in length andis worth twenty points. Please take it seriously and put some effort into it.Answer both of the following questions.1. Describe the events or experiences in your life that help you to best relate to Viktor Frankl’s stories of life in the Nazi concentration camps. This question is really asking how you developed your ability to understand or to feel empathy for the prisoners you have read about, even though your life experiences are probably very different.2. Which of the stories that Dr. Frankl relates seems most important or meaningful to you? Describe two of these episodes and state (explicitly) how each episode seems to relate to the overall meaning of Frankl’s book.13/04/202015psychology

3 Fill up type questions Just answers No work

Just 3 fill up type questions.Just answers.No workpdfjoiner_361.pdfPosted: 2 years agoDue: 06/12/2017Budget: $1Answers 0Bids 2Michelle Lewis PhdReliableGOther questions 10CJS 240 Week 2 Assignment Individual Theories AssignmenttwopageswitnessHealth Care Organizations in U.S.How power and politics is impacting on organization unit in terms of achieving firms goals. Organization summary. Please check proposal which u give me I send to your mail editionESLEarly Methods SectionTHE STUDY OF DNAHCS 330 WEEK 1 DQ 1: What theories about the causes of disease have persisted from the past until today? Not ratedThree small parts of question left.Only final answers neededThree small parts of question left.Only final answers neededNot ratedThree small parts of question left.Only final answers neededThree small parts of question left.Only final answers needed06/12/20171mathematics

Unit 2 DB Supply and Demand

Using supply and demand diagrams, show the effect of the following events on the market for sweatshirts.A hurricane in South Carolina damages the cotton crop.The price of leather jackets falls.All colleges require morning exercise in appropriate attire.New knitting machines are invented.Each original post should include four diagrams with an explanation for each. Respond and engage with at least two of your classmates.NOTE: diagrams can be created using a MS Office product, or drawn by hand and submitted as an image, or some other product of the student’s choice.13/05/202010businessfinance

The Outcomes of Conflict

Must be 250 words in lengthOn page 356 of Intimate Relationships, the five “outcomes of conflict’ are discussed: separation, domination, compromise, integrative agreement, and structural improvement. From your observation, which of these outcomes have you witnessed most frequently? Do you think one or more of these outcomes of conflict are preferable over the others? Explain your reasons.08/04/20203reading

Response 150words 2 reply 100 words/each

1. Read this week’s assigned article (Rafferty & Vander Ven, 2014)2. answer the question #2: The article describes three motivations for engaging in cyberaggression: sanctions, power-struggles, and entertainment. Please classify each of these three as being an example of an instrumental or hostile form of aggression. Explain why each of these sources matches one of our two types of aggression. (150 words)3. Watch the videos of two students who did not have the same question as you.1. Your reply can: (100words/each)a. Expand on their pointb. Add another example to what they are sayingc. Disagree with their pointd. Note something their video made you think of04/04/202010psychology


Choose and view online courses/webinars related to general or hospitality entrepreneurship of your interest.After viewing, you will post a learning takeaway summary. 500 words05/04/20206businessfinance

We are seeing a rapid increase of our employees bringing Mac laptops to the office which is becoming a problem Previously we were a Windows environment so our forensic tools were purchased with Windows in mind

Your manager comes to you and says:Okay. We are seeing a rapid increase of our employees bringing Mac laptops to the office which is becoming a problem. Previously we were a Windows environment, so our forensic tools were purchased with Windows in mind. Now we need to be ready to handle Mac devices.I’m giving you $50,000 as a budget. I want you to investigate the right solutions that will let us:1. Take physical images of a Macintosh device2. Take logical images / captures of an Macintosh device3. Perform analysis of the Macintosh data4. If training is included in the purchase – then that’s a plus.5. And let me know if we need to purchase a Macintosh computer for you too (I heard something called “TDM”).Can you do some research? There’s at least two vendors that I’ve heard about: Sumuri and Blackbag. Check these out on the website. Make some phone calls if you’d like. Then tell me which product you would choose and why.Do your research carefully. No more than 2 pages please!Note: This is an actual real-world example. Last year , I gave this assignment to two of my direct reports who delivered well on this! So, this has real-word applications for you!05/04/202010informationsystems


PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED WORKSHEET:SOC-505 The Family and U.S. Society WorksheetBecause family is such a major societal institution, there is a dynamic interplay between family and society. They affect one another. This assignment will help you learn this concept.Complete the worksheet by responding to the following two questions. Cite two to four scholarly sources to support your answers. Your responses should be 450-500 words each and in APA format. A Reference section will be located at the end of each question.06/04/202010socialscience

Racing Sponsorship Request

I would like to request a sponsorship to a company, but I do not know how to write formally, so come up with a request, mentioning that I broke all 3 track layouts records in Oman Automobile Association, and how bad I need to race in go karting or Rally. And mentioning also that I am currently back in Oman, as I study in the United States, but due to the current world pandemic I will stay 5 more months in Oman. Thanks!05/04/202010english

Coping with stress

What do you think are the most challenging stressors which can affect individuals? ExplainWhat are simple coping strategies you can suggest for the indicated stressors.What action plans should be implemented to better cope with the stressors?Stay Objective.04/04/20205appliedsciences

SCHOLARLY PAPER about a nursing theory The paper is to be a five to six (56) pages total (doublespaced 12 font 1 inch margins) Follow APA guidelines for a cover sheet headers pagination references etc Use APA format

SCHOLARLY PAPER SAMPLE IS ATTACHED AND RUBRIC TOOThis sample paper is meant to serve as an example of how your own paper should be constructed and what contents it should contain. Please review it closely and be sure that your paper has similar components and reflects the same ideas.15/07/201930nursing

“Treatments For Patients With Alzheimer&#x27

s Disease”Write a 5 page research paper about the treatments and care for patients with Alzheimer’s Disease.APA StyleUse as many references as possible, at least 5 within the last 5 years.07/04/202025nursing

I need help with this Gas Properties Simulation Activity

I need someone help me to do this simulation and fill these schedules and answers the questions. It is urgent.THE DUE DATE IS FEBRUARY 6, 2018 NO LATER THAN 8 PMI need to make sure you do it at the exact time due and with right answers.06/02/201820physics

Case Study Question Loan Ammortization

If Timothy needs $15,000.00 minimum for a down payment on a home and he has $1000.00 per month discretionary money that can save or pay toward the car, how long will it take Timothy before he has the necessary money for a down payment for a home? Assume j12= 3.8 %.27/03/20205businessfinance

Write the Procedure

Procedure: Briefly summarize what you did to perform this experiment and what equipment you used. Do not simply copy the procedure statement from the lab manualI need it after 4 hours02/12/201930chemistry

Unit 3 Assignment International Trade Barriers

InstructionsFor your Unit 3 assignment, please write a paper that argues either for or against government intervention in foreign trade. Describe both the benefits and the problems that can occur when governments interfere with foreign trade, describing the different barriers that governments can impose and also the steps they sometimes take to encourage international trade.Your paper should be at least three pages long and written in accordance with APA guidelines, with a cover page, double-spacing for the text,in-text citations, headings,and a reference page. You need to use at least three Scholarly resources for this paper.22/03/202015businessfinance

“Info Security &amp

Risk Mgmt”Please Read chapter2 In the Lesson 2 discussion forum, you identified the threat/vulnerability pair(s) along with the threat action. What risk assessment method (i.e., qualitative or quantitative) would you choose for your example and why.USE APA Format21/03/20204informationsystems

“Week 4 Response to Discussion 1 &amp

2 BUS 624/625″Please response to the two discussion on each document. The documents BUS 624 and BUS 625. BUS 624 as two discussion and BUS 625 as two discussion form two of my classmate that needs to be responded to. Please reading instruction very carefully it will confirm the number of word need for the Response22/03/202010businessfinance

Use of prayer and scripture in cognitive behavioral therapy

You will write 2 Journal Article Reviews (Modules/Weeks 1 and 5), which will be based upon your choice of articles from the professional, peer-reviewed journal articles provided in Blackboard. No outside articles will be accepted. Each Journal Article Summary must be 3–5 double-spaced pages (not including the title and reference pages) and created in a Microsoft Word document. Use the following guidelines to create your paper: 3 pqges22/03/20205biology

Reflection Reading 5

Submit “Reflection Reading” from Part 5 Organizational Culture. Book: The Manager’s Bookshelf.You may choose from the reading of your choice.You are to also provide a summary and personal reflection. 1-2 pages of context for the reflection reading.Each reflection is worth up to 80 points each.27/03/202010businessfinance

D9 Cyber

In a corporate, networked setting, should end users be allowed to install applications on their company workstations, whether the applications are on a DVD or downloaded from the Internet? Be sure to weigh security against usability.(500 Words APA format with references)18/03/20204businessfinance

Week 4 Discussion 1 and 2

These are two different discussions. please follow what is ask in the instruction. use the provide reading material for reference and cite. Discussion 1 has the reading the material adding in the instruction. Discussion 2 has the one reading material added and another uploaded. Please the instruction before do the discussionsPlease no plagiarism18/10/201915businessfinance

Week 1 primary care journal

Journal Entry that prompts you to reflect on your Practicum Experiences and how they relate to your Professional Goals and Self-Assessment of Clinical Skills. This week you will begin documenting your Practicum Experiences in your Practicum Journal.Somerville, D., Keeling, J. (2004). A practical approach to promote reflective practice within nursing. Nursing Times, 100(12), 42–45. Retrieved from http://www.nursingtimes.net/Journals/2012/11/30/v/l/x/040323A-practical-approach-to-promote-reflective-practice-within-nursing.pdfTo prepareFor this course’s Practicum Experience, address the following in your Practicum Journal: From your perspective, explain the role of nurse practitioners in clinical settings Develop goals and objectives for the Practicum Experience in this course Create a proposed timeline of practicum activities based on your practicum requirements.Setting is a internal medicine office adults patients only.2-3 referencesAPAjournal 1-2 pages14/03/201810nursing

Walmart financialasap

“if publicly traded provide financials, as many as you feel are appropriate to understand the status of the company. if not publicly traded make an estimated guess. cite your rational.”5-10 sentences need it asap.07/03/202010businessfinance

3 Qstnswebsecurity

1) watch below videos on secure passwords.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GPNWhO6XiAhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PHCAdw6Z8wThen pick three passwords: one not secure, one acceptable, and one very secure. Then write a brief description of the passwords you have chosen, indicating why they are secure or not secure. Answer should be of atleast 200 words.2) Learn About creating good password security. An IT Security consultant has made three primary recommendations regarding passwords:i) Prohibit guessable passwords– such as common names, real words, numbers only– require special characters and a mix of caps, lower case and numbers in passwordsii) Reauthenticate before changing passwords– user must enter old pw before creating new oneiii) Make authenticators unforgeable– do not allow email or user ID as passwordUsing WORD, write a brief paper with atleast 200 words explaining each of these security recommendations. Do you agree or disagree with these recommendations. Would you change, add or delete any of these? Add additional criteria as you see necesarry.3) Do a bit of research on JSON and AJAX. How do they relate to the the Same-Origin policy? write several short paragraphs on each. The post should be of atleast 200 words or more.09/03/202013computerscience

Simple projects regarding word powerpoint and excel

Please contact me if you are good in word, powerpoint and excel. These are simple projects that has an instruction file and a pre- made file. All you have to do is follow the steps and edit the pre-made file. I have total 11 projects. I am attaching a sample file.26/02/202080computerscience

Discussion 4 questions

1. Which cancer do you think is best to consider for gene therapy treatment? Explain your response.2.Which cancer do you think is best to consider for immunotherapy treatment? Explain your response.3. Which cancer do you think is best to consider for anti-angiogenesis treatment? Explain your response.4. Which secondary therapy do you think is most effective? Explain your response.26/02/20208biology

Nursing Standardized Simulation (David Montanari)

SCENARIO OVERVIEWDavid Montanari is a 19-year-old male who suffered a T4-T5 burst fracture and a right scapula fracture as a result of a motorcycle accident on Sunday. He underwent spinal fusion on Sunday evening and has had an uneventful recovery period. David has no sensation or movement below the nipple line and is bedbound. He is frustrated and anxious about his condition and is refusing postoperative interventions, including pain medication and use of the incentive spirometer.REVIEW AND COMPLETE PRIOR TO THE START OF PRE-BRIEFING:In order to prepare for the simulation, you are required to complete the pre-briefing questions below and submit to the faculty facilitating the simulation prior to the start of pre-briefing. If you do not complete the pre-briefing questions below and submit to faculty facilitating the simulation prior to the start of pre-briefing, you will not be permitted to participate in the simulation.Please keep in mind you will also be required to recognize a variety of signs and symptoms linked to abnormalities in these skills.Questions1. What are three nursing interventions for a post-operative patient?2. What patient findings might you notice for a patient with immobility issues?3. Describe complications that can occur as a result of immobility for all body systems.PLEASE USE APA FORMAT AND INCLUDE REFERENCES LESS THAN 5 YEARS OLD08/04/20194nursing

Weekly reports and final report

For the Weekly Reports I need 2. For the First two weeks they need to do the weekly report and the report must be a minimum of one page.For the Final Report Its only 1, But it’s pretty much putting all the weeks together to do one final report. It needs to be minimum 2 pages15/02/202015english

Week 5 Discussion 1 Response

This is just a response to two discussion from two of my classmate. Their discussions is on the instruction page down below. please read the guideline for the responses. Each discussion needs to be responded to13/02/20208businessfinance

Kering SA Case study

1) Apply financial analysis to identify the sources of the performance gap2) Evaluate Kering’s (corporate) strategy in 20153) Recommend strategic actions how Kering might close this performance gap.10/11/20185businessfinance

Short paper needed

I have a final paper and I need a short paper written up 2-3 pages long. I don’t have the time to write the paper, can someone look over the final paper for me and write up the paper? 2 pages if possible doesn’t have to be 3, needed by next Wednesday.I have attached the final paper and the guidelines with questions for review.19/02/202015appliedsciences

400 Word comparing two videos on YouTube for American national government

“Typhoid Mary” and “On Woolworth lunch counter” by clicking the blue word links below. Are these two issues the same? In the case of Typhoid Mary, do you think the Federal government has the right to violate the civil rights of one person in the interest of the majority. Why or Why not? (I will only accept the first submission09/02/202010history

Discussion Responses Required Sample Response attached for Reference 7 Hours

Write a 250-word response to the review that a classmate posts on your thread. In your response, address your classmate’s questions and suggestions, and explain how you plan to revise your abstract based on the feedback. If you choose not to revise based on a particular question or suggestion, explain why you are choosing not to.09/02/20206english

Assignment to be done

Using the Case study (Case 1.2) on page 31 or the Case study (Case 2.2) on page 67, write a 2-page paper addressing the questions in either Case you choose. Provide a minimum of one scholarly reference in your paper (cited and referenced in APA format).If you cannot locate this, select a case of your choosing from the Reading Material and be sure to meet these requirements.-Double space your paper-The paper must use APA format (6th edition)-Minimum of 2 pages, excluding any cover page. That is, the 2 pages must be content related.13/02/20186informationsystems

ANYONE GOOD in Modulo Mathematics

introduction to Modulo MathematicsAll numbers are integers.Definition: the modulo operator finds the remainder after the division of one number by another (sometimes called modulus). Given two positive numbers, A (the dividend) and p (the divisor), A modulo p (abbreviated as A mod p) is the remainder of the Euclidean division of A by p. Euclidean division is the process of division of two integers, which produces a quotient and a remainder smaller than the divisor.A mod p = C, where A, p, and C are integers, p is the divisor, and C is the remainder. So, we can writeA = k*p C; where is k is the quotient, also an integer. We discard k*pFor example, A=13, p = 3. If we divide 13 by 3 the remainder is 1 so C =113 = 4*3 1 we discard 4*3, the remainder is 1.One of the ways to calculate mod would be to use the calculator as follows:Divide A by p then discard the fraction. Save the quotient, an integer, say, k. Then calculateC = A – k*p.For the above example 13/3 is equal to 4.333333…, then k= 4C = 13 – 4*3 = 1Excel has a built-in mod function which is written as mod (A, p)The function works well when the number of digits is about 14 or less. If the number changes into a decimal form, then the results will not be right.Also, some OS’ such as MS-windows, have a scientific calculator that has a built-in mod function. This function is better than using Excel.Mac users, please search a calculator for your OS.The following are some identities you can useIdentity 1 for the sum of two integers:(A B) mod (p) = [A mod(p) B mod (p)] mod (p)Example:Left Hand Side (LHS): (37 41) mod (5) = 78 mod (5) = 3Right Hand Side: [37 mod (5) 41 mod (5)] mod (5)Substitute: 37 mod (5) = 2 and 41 mod (5) =1RHS = [1 2] mod (5) = 3Thus LHS = RHSIdentity 2 for the product of two integers:(A*B) mod (p) = [ A mod (p) * B mod (p)] mod (p)Example:p=42;A= 835 = 19*42 37;B= 577 = 13*42 31A*B = 835*577 = 481795 = 11471*42 1337*31 = 1147 = 27* 42 13A mod p = 835 mod (42) = 37;B mod p = 577 mod (42) = 31LHS : (A*B) mod (p) = (835*577) mod (42) = 481795 mod (42) = 13RHS: [835 mod (42) * 577 mod (42) ] mod (42)(37*31) mod (42) = 1147 mod (42) = 13LHS=RHSThe above identity can be extended to calculate A^n mod(p)Suppose we need to calculate 57^ 11 mod (67);LHS: Using Windows calculator 57^11 mod (67) = 38now 57^11 would be a big number. So, we break the power 11 into say 2*5 1; then first calculate 57^2 mod (67) = 33Now we reduced 57 ^ 11 mod (67)to calculate [(57^2 mod (67)] ^5 mod (67) * 57 mod (67)] mod (67)Using Windows calculator: 57^2 mod (67) = 33RHS: [(57^2 mod (67)] ^5mod (67) * 57 mod (67)] mod (67)= [33^5 mod (67) * 57] mod (67) {using Window’ calculator}= [23 *57] mod (67)= 1311 mod (67);=38 :For your understanding, you may try different combinations for 11= 3*3 2; if you use excel, avoid getting numbers in e format. If you get in e format, then the calculation would be wrong. Use Windows calculator or Mac equivalentFor your response:Choose two 4-digit numbers A and B and p two-digit divisor and calculateA mod(p) and B mod(p)(A B) mod (p) Calculate directly and using the identity and to prove the identity calculate the mod value of the sum: LHS = RHS3 (A*B) mod(p)= [Amod(p)*Bmod(p)] mod(p) to prove the identity calculate the mod value of the product LHS = RHS4. A^5 mod (p) using 5=2 2 1 or any other combination such as 4 1.To prove identities, you need to calculate the left-hand side and the right-hand side independently. Please let me know if you have any questions or need more clarificationPlease do not choose A or B such that A mod (p) is equal to 0; e.g.8888 mod (88) = 0Post your results in this forumSee attachedDue Fri Feb 7th07/02/202015mathematics

Easy response

Please outline two of the changes from APA 6th edition to the7th edition that you learned from the video or website I gave you that had the greatest impact on you. Explain why?07/02/20203psychology

Nursing question

Provide the potential benefits and drawbacks to clinical decision support systems (CDSSs) and how the CDSS can be used when a patient arrives to the ER in an unconscious state.about 200 wordsapa formatreference used has to be within the last five years07/02/20205nursing

5Minute oral presentation/interview questions ansered Need in 23 hours max

I need a 5 min oral prestation on the question below. and I need the interview questions answered with help of my resume. I will provide the documentation needed.As part of the interview process, you will need to create a presentation. Using the Ryan White Part B Manual and Ryan White Part B Legislation, explain caps or limitations on Ryan White fiscal expenditures and requirements for Ryan White programs to handle unobligated balances. The presentation should be no more than 5 minutes; please note this is oral.07/02/20205businessfinance

Agency and Ethics

The following is taken from the “Ethical Questions” section of Chapter 25:Devin Fink was the manager of Precision Tune Auto Care in Charlotte, North Carolina. Randall Stywall brought her car to the shop to have its rear shocks replaced. Fink filled out the service order, which included a cost estimate. Later, Stywall returned for her car, and Fink collected payment for the repair work. When Stywall started to drive away, however, the car performed as if the shocks had not been replaced. A complaint to Precision’s corporate office resulted in the discovery that, in fact, the repair work had not been done and that Fink had kept Stywall’s payment. Fink was charged with larceny against his employer. Fink argued that he had not committed this crime because Stywall was the victim, not Precision. Which agency principles support the larceny charge against Fink? What does Fink’s defense suggest about his ethics? Explain.Discuss the issues related to agency principles and ethics with your peers.14/05/20205businessfinance

Superbowl Discussion Board

I need some one to write a Discussion for me it due tomorrow at 11:45here are the details:1) Discuss which environmental factors most influenced your involvement in the Superbowl. If you are not interested in the Superbowl, then discuss which environmental factors most influenced your disinvolvement.2)List the steps in the decision making process for sport consumers. Reconstruct your most recent decision to attend a sport event. How did your experience compare with the decision making model?05/02/201915english

Threats and countermeasures

Compare and Contrast Internal and External Threats and Associated CountermeasuresMust be at least two good paragraphs in length. Must include citation from at least one peer-reviewed scholarly source.All citations must be in APA format.Posted: 5 hours agoDue: 31/01/2020Budget: $8Tags: threatsAnswers 0Bids 69Moen ZafarceterisRewrick PatandPHD doctoratePROF washington watsonAmanda SmithPaula HogMalik Tutorwriterlexmichael smithDr R Judy MarkDr Candice_2547brilliant answersprofessor mitchElprofessoriCatherine OwenskatetutorProf. KaylinlopezPhd christineJessica LuisEmily MichaelRey writerProf.MacQueenuniversity workcomputerscienceRESPECT WRITERDrNicNgaoRELIABLE PAPERSrunge-kutta acersmart-tutorMiss ProfessorWendy LewisDr.NickavitaBeaverlyTopanswerskim woodsAngelina Maynadia tutorprof avrilTerry RobertsbennetsandovaAll Works solverPROF. KATELYNUrgent TutorperfectoProCastrol01prof bradleyDexterMastersSamann060phyllis youngQuickstack001ansRohanChrisProfDr. ElahiCasey CeliaClytemnestraPapersGuruSaburBabdul_rehman_seniorwriterSaad FahimLiza_JulietTopAcademicTutorprofwachgraceQuickMentorSamantha001code wizardOneStopTutorsSupremeWorksOther questions 10can you finish before 2/7/16?An eassyHealthcare Department Analysis 6302 4-1ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND HUMAN RESOURCEScomputer scienceRespect WriterRESweek 6 part 4 – for Yhtomit onlyplease return in 19 hours from nowsignalsNot ratedPhysical securityCompare and Contrast Internal and External Threats and Associated CountermeasuresMust be at least two good paragraphs in length. Must include citation from at least one peer-reviewed …31/01/20208informationsystems

Threaded III Tm415

Threaded Discussion II22 unread replies.88 replies.Possible PointsCriteria for Initial Post20Excellent, well supported, complete answers which includes examples and references to the readings. Critical analysis of readings is apparent. No spelling or grammar errors.15-19Supported answers, missing some key points or components, minimal examples, 1- or 2 spelling or grammar errors. Critical analysis of readings is not readily apparent.10-14Non-supported incomplete answers, few references to readings, missing examples, 3 or 4 grammar errors0-9Missing questions, non-supported incomplete answers, no references to readings, missing examples, 5 or more grammar errors-55 Points deducted for not responding to another student’s posting if notedPossible PointsCriteria for Response Post5Thoughtful and sustained response to another students posting. Includes at least one citation to an outside source, as well a minimum of two insightful questions posed to the original poster. Post is a minimum of 250 words.2-4Post includes some of the elements aforementioned, but does not satisfy the minimum length requirement and/or at least one citation and two questions.1Response post is fragmented, not particularly insightful, and/or poorly constructed.Threaded Discussion IIOn pages 97-110 of ‘Strategy Bites Back’ Henry Mintzberg discusses some of the different types of strategies available to different organizations. Read through this byte and complete the following. Be sure to respond to another student’s posting for full credit, and to offer a thorough rationale for the strategies that you identify in questions 1-3.1) Tell us which of the strategies that relate to the products/services would be most useful to your organization given the organization’s current output and production processes. A list of these strategies (image differentiation, support differentiation, etc.) can be found on p. 100.2) Tell us which of the strategies that relate to expanding the range of products offered would be most useful to your organization given the organization’s current output and production processes. A list of these strategies (penetration strategy, bundling strategy, etc.) can be found on p. 101.3) Tell us which of the markets for the products offered best applies to your organization given the organization’s current output and production processes. A list of these strategies (mass market, segmented markets, etc.) can be found on p. 101.4) Lastly, pick a strategy from each of the first two lists, and a market from the last list, that you think your organization should consider pursuing. Explain why these choices are appropriate to your organization, and discuss what specific changes your organization would need to undergo in order to pursue these strategies and markets.30/01/20205businessfinance


A woman brings her teenage daughter into the emergency department. The teen is lethargic, dizzy, and hasbeen vomiting. While the teen is being examined and stabilized, the mother tells the nurse that her daughter told her that she and her friends used Cough Syrup to get high. The mother states,1-“How could Cough Syrup dothis?”2-What is the nurse’s Best answer?30/01/20205nursing

Come up with SIX questions with explanations

Come up with SIX questions with explanations.5-6 pages, double-spaced, Time New Roman 12You are expected to come up with six questions that are most relevant to understanding assigned reading in relation to the issue of sacrifice and demonstrate that you have read the readings.For each question, you are also required to provide an explanation. The attached file is the assigned reading.2 Questions from “The Martyred” Chapter 1- 14. (1-2pages)2 Questions from “The Martyred” Chapter 15-27. (1-2pages)2 Questions from “The Martyred” Chapter 28-41. (1-2pages)26/01/202030law

Infotech imports

Given the growth in telecommuting and other mobile work arrangements, how might offices physically change in the coming years? Will offices as we think of them today exist in the next ten years? Why or why not?22/01/202010computerscience

How To Start Earning On Facebook Marketplace Platform?

Have you decided to start working on Facebook Marketplace? Facebook is without a doubt one of the best platform offering marketplace facility to sell and buy different kind of products to the users. Doing so will get them a good amount of profit and they can enjoy their life without any kind of hassle.20/08/20211informationsystems

Contact Facebook Customer Service to customize notifications and friend settings?

Which notifications you want to receive, and which you don’t, it can be customized according to your needs on facebook. If you don’t know how to set notification preferences, and friend request settings, then we suggest you to take help from Facebook Customer Service experts. Friend request notification, comments, shares and many other preferences are easy to manage, and the team will let you know it better. 23/01/20200.01computerscience

Paraphrasing needed in 3 hours max

I have some work that I need paraphrased,Each needs to be reduced to about 1 page, as long as the key terms are captured.Also include at least two intexts for each and a list of bibliographies for each.Paraphrase only the highlighted sectionsIdentify suitable and related references and add, including intext, two references for eachI need it asap03/01/201815businessfinance