Music 241

Consider and listen to the excerpt. Here, does the string, whereby the collective alternative, assume the role of the significant motif and rhythm of the relocation act? Complete orchestraWhat excerpt was completed by Beethoven? The rhythm of the available topic defining the Beethoven excerpt is about five of them in the entire symphony segment.Whenever the personal transformations of the massive obligations are connected more differently and considerably, the pieces are considered to be significantly cyclical. During the early twenties, Beethoven began to drop his listening aspect.The assistance rendered to Beethoven came from Schindler, who argued that he found some form of themes in the pounding fate of the threshold.Something was being established at the beginning of the excerpt. This was a significant portion of rapid transformation defining the new undercurrents.What makes Beethoven compute in the trombones, piccolo, and contrabassoon considering his final transformation into the 5th symphony? This was targeted as enriching the outsider registry and enhancing the aspect of undercurrents.An irking excerpt voice is considered as menacing as a segment up to its final measure and is also projected softly to make you listen to it.What are how Schubert settings of the Goethe have contrasted the last background again? This is considered to be more extended and significantly musical in its variations.What is the best explanation for defining the modified strophes methods? The melody is considered to be the same as the stanzas projected for someone to listen. However, the kind of words being used contrasts the songs. Strophes are somewhat referred to as the stanza.How is the song referred to in other cases of the German melody? FibbedThroughout his life, Schubert considered incorporating a small but dedicated following.What about the Erlkonig excerpt you listen to, who composed it? GoetheHad Schubert communicating the voice of the father what had been registered and what someone can listen to? It was lowIs Erlkonig viewed as a sample of the various voice pieces someone can listen to? It is balladConsider and listen to the excerpt. Whenever the kid starts to sing or speak here, it is denoted by the novel strophes. What manner does Schubert initiate the modification of the melodies into a novel strophes? It is based on the transformation of the smaller modes, which eventually turns into forte undercurrents.Consider and listen to the excerpt. Who is singing or speaking, define the trait? It is ErlkingConsider and listen to the excerpt. How is the excerpt sector of the piano being evoked in the musical segment? It is based on a horse that runs through the forested area.The excerpt you listen to Berlioz and fantastique is considered as the best example of the love melodies since they capture the global aspect of the grotesque and gothic.The based melody segment, which unites the five fundamental transformations of the excerpt you listen to fantastique, considers Berlioz.Considering the excerpt you listen to’ fantastique, and the idea fixes signify the artists that were mostly cherished.The excerpt you listen, fantastique starts to be viewed as a form of the tale, which concludes as some other forms of story. Which are the paired types of tales? These are dreams and nightmaresThe kitchen full of noise is significantly the same compared to the dynamic dimension ff.The symphony’s fantastique is considered as a more extensive autobiography, which is a reflection of the Berlioz’s obsession evident from the perspective of Smithson Harriet.Among the fundamental segment of the orchestras, which Berlioz utilized significantly compared to the predecessors, included the percussion segment.Focus on the excerpt you listen to. Once the guillotine had been blown, the melodious tune represents the significantly paining head off to the bucket.Focus on the excerpt you listen to. What part of it forms that? A: the smaller, ferocious and gloomy segmentsIn the complete section of the Verdi La Traviata, it is seen that Alfredo chants while on the offstage.How did Verdi La Traviata premiere, including the many Verdi operas? Venice.Some similarities are seen between the tales of Verdi La Traviata’s individual lives, which includes the reasoning that the lady stated in the house before they got married.Violetta mediated on the phrase ‘your enjoying’ shows the ecstasy, which is being utilized as the virtuosic music 241 essay production style.In the choice act from Verdi La Traviata, it is evident that Violetta should choose the virtuosic choral formula.When choosing from the Verdi La Traviata, it is noted that Violetta has to select between affection and self-determination.Maria Calla is considered to be among those that sing and are known as divas.Verdi La Traviata represents the 19th-century opera in Italy due to the concentration of the voices and the orchestras.Whenever Violetta produces melodies at a significant level promptly and that incredibly shows the stand of being self-motivated to music.Whenever Violetta is not sure of herself and her actions, she focussed on the melodies, which are recitative.Focus on the excerpt you listen to. This form of music is regarded as virtuosic.Focus on the excerpt you listen to. The excerpt’s choices of the aria are together with the process of recitation.Focus on the excerpt. In this, Alfredo focusses on music by producing lyrics and other musical styles.Focus on the excerpt. It can be viewed as a loge, Leitmotif.Focus on the excerpt. A fanfare digit of the Leitmotif represents the blade.Focus on the excerpt. Paired Leitmotif considers the magic and fate of the flame.Wagner goes to the wonderland due to his constant participation during the early 18s and the kind of transformations that used to happen.In the scenery, Brunnhilde is subjected to the punishment due to disobedience to her parents.Leitmotif is considered as a short sentence connected to someone, perspective, and occurrence.Wagner considered that contemporary opera is placed significantly is based on the singer himself.What are the elements that are seen in both Tolkien and Wagner’s ring in the Master of the rings, which significantly provides significant power? However, this leads to considerable pain.Several contemporary issues deduced Wagner’s melody, just like the ear-splitting noisy sounds.The leitmotif for the Wotan spears is considered as confident and steady hence reflects the authorities.The voices and lines of Wagner are considered to be rhetorical to the people who are focused on understanding his writings.Throughout his life, Wagner is seen to be a liberal and choral phrase.Focus on the excerpt. What are among the fragments that cannot be deliberated in the passage? This is a slower figure that is characterized by three notes.Focus on the excerpt. Identify the general dynamic dimensions. Piano shifting to the forteFocus on the excerpt. The part considers the pentatonic scalesThe complete tone and scales obscure the tonal dimension because it is not incorporated with any vital steps.Just like paint of the poets and the impressionists’ symbols, Debussy is considered more to emphasize the timbre, which includes the sounds and colors.The fabric’s climax is accomplished based on the transition of the dynamics.The voiles heading signifies the veil and sailAs for the voiles, Debussy implies the complete pentatonic and tones scaleDue to how the voices are produced, a piano is termed as the percussion equipmentWhen he was alive, Debussy made an effort to focus on obscurity.What kind of melodic segment assists in the obscuring on the downbeats for some voiles? 2A gamelan is connected to the Indonesian.The moment it was projected, the ragtime was considered to be riskier to the behavioral fabric of the society.Even though Joplin created a piano excerpt of the Maple rag leaf, it produces some distinct sounds compared to the performance due to the rolls that might have significantly twisted Joplin, who constructed it.C trio or section of the Maple Rag Leaf considered the major transition.Focus on the excerpt, please. What are some of the parts here that can bass stride the patterns that you’ve heard? The second segment of this excerptFocus on the excerpt, please. In what parts here have you listed more about the quotation? A or BFocus on the excerpt, please. What are some of the sections that describe hemiola?The musical equipment using the excerpt that happens away from the beats is known to be the syncopations.Although a more complex rhythm characterizes the maple rag leaf, it is composed based on a specific meter. The dupleThe voice occurring when segment happen at one in collective groups is termed as hemiolaWhenever paired tunes in various definitions are closed woven or made, they are referred to as some form of the tune. What is it? CompoundWhat is the origin of the regimes? ChicagoMaple Rag Leaf incorporated the Joplin and received a lot of funds to cater for the significant lifetime expensesThe cotton trails have to produce his choral structures based on the American composes. GershwinWhen we consider Jazz, the prevailing rhythmic patterns are somewhat known as something. What is it? It is the grooveThe principal vocal of jazz is known as the headConsidering from the perspective of the composers, Ellington Duke was certainly famous as an orchestrator.Apart from that, Ellington Duke led the music group and played an excerpt known as the piano.Consider the excerpt critically. What are some of the segments that mention the chorus and have been heard for a long time? The introductionConsider the excerpt critically. What is the equipment that is considered to produce major tunes? Tenor and trumpet saxophonesFocus on the excerpt. At the start, a call-to-action phrase has been includedJazz melodies significantly harmonize but considered different and classical when played using the fourth chord. This is generally integrated with three notes, where chords are incorporated with more of it.In the cotton area, the white patron is the one that is allowed. However, the staffs remain dark.In the early 19s, the Harlem parts of New York City were witnessing the revolution of artwork, music, and literature.Different from the standard rodeo style, what is different from the radio types of the Copland off Rodeo? The significant melodies are not considered up to the second part.What about the rhythmic segments that follow? It is concerned with the hoe-down off the RodeoWhat are the means used by Copland to compose the widened spaces and sounds that are knownFocus critically on the excerpt. What are the most appreciated explanations on the activities of rhythms base on the quotations? The duplicated meters composed of an enhancing syncopation.Which represents the original fiddle tunes of the Copland base on the Hoedown ranging from Rodeo?As for the opera Einstein at the shores, the traits do not consider producing any kind of melodies. However, they stress the violin.The kind of melody is known as the knee scene 1 due to its combination with the dual sections in consideration to the knee jointsWhich among these are not based on the knee scene 1? The masculine chattererThe Glass Philip gets educated in various places. However, he doesn’t learn in Brazil.Critically focus on the excerpt. Here you learn of the soprano’s melodyCritically focus on the excerpt. What are some of the tumblers that have been heard concerning the quotation and the communal enfeeblement?Critically focus on the excerpt.Here, the phrases explain to the people reading thisMinimalism is featured by the minor details that vary or repeat significantly based on the significant timeframe.What are composition excerpts never utilized in the knee scene 1? PolytonalityThe glass believes in civilized tunes which have to be availed to the fans directly.

Numb by Linking Park

The precise definition of humanities is a bit controversial, to say the least but more or less its core has entailed of a number of subjects which might include something from literature, literary criticism as well as comparative literature and also includes the study of religion, law and jurisprudence, music and musicology and last but not the least culture and its different area studies.The song chosen for the discussion of humanities here is that of Linkin Park from their second album titled Meteora. The song’s name is Numb. The lyrics and music arrangement for the song are such that it gives a meaning of numbness on the part of the person delivering the message. (Meteora, 2006) There is a sense of connection between the person who is spelling the irony which is cast upon him and the society that is experiencing more or less the same kind of attitude. In fact, the manifestation has been shown to be true among different cultures of the world where suffering and pain are an inherent feature of their day to day lives. (Classen, 2006) The song is about not caring, being pushed to the end limits from where a sense of understanding and belief is thrown out of the window. There is so much pressure that as human beings, we have become numb to so much that has been happening around us. More on that, we see that the pressure leaves a lot of the people to get succumbed under easily but having said the same here we find that this person has a totally different perspective on what is the norm in a society, in civilization and just about anything that he experiences. The road ahead is full of potholes and craters and the pressure has taken so much toil on him that he starts feeling as if this pressure and pain are a part of him. There is no more pain than he can feel and the lyrics suggest that All I want to do/ Is be more like me/ And be less like you (Absolute Lyrics, 2007) which means that no matter how hard one tries, the pain is just not going to hurt him anymore as now he has become a stone-hearted individual, feeling nothing but pain and pain becoming a part of his self so to speak.

Personal Learning and Development Focusing on the Concepts

This exercise is more like self-analysis and learning.There are several ways of personal learning. A person can learn from university, practical learning, corporate training, workshops, seminars and audiovisual aids etc. As the topic suggests reflective learning is a process when learning takes place as a reaction to some incidence already happened. Like seeing a colleague taking coffee from dispenser new employee may learn this.The sources can be many of reflective learning. It can be peers, certain condition or situation, consequences of action, television a normal discussion or many other things. Sometimes we not even understand that we have learnt something new unless we apply it somewhere else. Learning is a life long process. It never stops. The learning curve can be sloppy or steep but it never flats till the man is alive. Every day we learn something, something which is new or maybe we knew in the past but have forgotten.After our initial learning years that are our childhood till the time we join the category of earners, we somehow are into a very protective environment. We go to school we learn something which has been decided earlier. A major portion of our learning constitutes that part only. We learn because someone else feels that is good for us. But as time passes, we ourselves start making decisions about what we want to learn and why, for example, I want to learn music because I like it or I see my future here.The organization, where we work, is itself an institute. The teachers are our colleagues, superiors, subordinates, culture, policies, pressure and circumstances. So far whatever we had been doing was for ourselves but in the organization, we become a part of the success or failure of combined efforts. The task is broken in pieces. We need to have more communication, clarity and team spirit to complete all the pieces of the task as desired.

Indigenous People Rights and Identities

Irreplaceable culture and heritage spin into oblivion as technological advancement is nurtured. Driven from the homeland of their forefathers they nurture the desire to regain their ancestral domain only to see its devastation. The environment has lost two of its precious resource: the natural habitat of a vast number of species and the heritage of an endangered cultural minority in place of a changing society that clamors to eradicate the trace of the natural bounty that lies beneath the verdant soil and the biological history of mankind.The strains of traditional African drums and kalimbas reverberate to make music for the traditionally nomadic Khoisan family of Southern Africa. For thousands of years, clans of twenty to fifty people lived together without any political leader and move from place to place along the vast lands to hunt for food. They are the genetically the closest surviving link to the original Homo Sapien core from which the black race emerged. Known as the Bushmen of Kalahari, the oldest African social structure has lived uncomplicated lives that revolved around the simple basic needs of humans throughout recorded history while utilizing the environment that was unsuitable for farming. The Botswana Government according to BBC1 in the guise of globalization has again recently forced the eviction of these tribes for commercial gains by withholding their water supplies and arrests of the group venturing into the land. This 17-year saga has seen the relocation of some 2,200 Sans out of the Kalahari Game Reserve due to the government’s effort to exploit the land for minerals and diamonds. Sylvain2 has complained that with globalization, the San are encouraged to promote a stereotypical image of themselves as isolated, pristine primitives…and culture is instrumentalized in local contexts of disorder and corruption.

The life of Bobby Brown

The life of Bobby Brown Born in February 5, 1969, the Bobby Brown had an objectionable lifestyle from the beginning. His birthplace was in Massachusetts, hardscrabble Orchard Park projects in the Roxbury, Boston area. His first name after birth was Robert Brown but later came to be known as Bobby Brown. Born to Herbert Brown, Bobby Brown was the second last among his seven siblings. Bobby Brown’s mother was Carol Brown, an elementary school teacher married to her husband, Herbert (a construction worker). Bobby Brown had undesirable experiences given the challenges of poverty during his early life, since his parents could hardly afford a high lifestyle status. This made Bobby Brown to adopt a thug life and turned to stealing with his colleagues of his age. His attempts to steal emanated from Bobby Brown’s desire to acquire what his parents could not provide him because of their low-income level. He desired to have attractive suits and nice pairs of shoes, which he stole from the store. Bobby Brown had a shot on his knees while stealing when he was ten years of age. The incidence occurred during violence breakout between Bobby Brown’s gang group and their rivals while they were attending a party. Bobby Brown also had a shoulder stabbing by knife from one of his acquaintances. The death of one of his friend, James Flint, after a stubbing, became a turning point of Bobby’s thug life. Flint died from the incidence during a party, an incidence that changed Bobby Brown’s life and made him quit his thug life and robbery. He gained determination, focused on his desires in life, and notably turned to hard work. He concentrated on making his lifetime dreams come true. Background From his tender age, Bobby Brown desired to be a musician. His role model was James Brown, whose performance thrilled Bobby Brown. In nurturing his dreams, Bobby Brown started singing in church and realized that he had a desirable voice for singing. Bobby Brown then formed a group with four comrades at the age of twelve, in which they began to sing. The group consisted of Ricky Bells and Ralph Tresvant. Present in the group, as well, were Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe. They named the group as New Edition and performed winning many titles in talent shows (Hallenbeck-Huber, 2010). Maurice Starr, a producer identified the group, New Edition and sponsored it. Starr offered the group a recording contract in 1983. The group produced their first album known as Candy Girl, which gained dominance and fame. Other albums that the group produced while with Bobby Brown included, Cool It Now and the famous Mr. Telephone Man. The fall out of Bobby Brown with his friends came in 1986 after the others could no longer tolerate his rude antics while on stage. He then released his solo album, King of Stage, the same year of the fallout. The album later shined, courtesy of the song, Girlfriend. His next release, the 1988’s Don’t Be Cruel, elevated him to high levels. Data collection methods Collection of data on the life of Bobby will mainly involve the use of reviewed articles about his biography. Sources that outline the various albums produced by Bobby in his music career from 1983 shall serve as credible sources for data collection. Data collection on the life of Bobby would be accessible through interviews attended. The interview of Bobby and Oprah Winfrey would offer an important source for data collecti

Scientific Breakthrough The Telephone

This was followed by his invention of the ‘Liquid Transmitter’ on the tenth March, 1876, which carried the memorable words, Mr. Watson, come here, I want you.In the list of scientific breakthroughs which have transformed the life of man through the ages, the invention of the telephone figures in letters of gold. The word telephone is derived from the Greek words ‘tele’ – from afar and ‘phone’ – voiced sound. While it was the indisputable genius of Alexander Graham Bell which made this miracle possible, the invention of the telephone was but the culmination of a long line of scientific creativity and innovation, pioneered over the decades. The beginning can be traced to 1729, when the English chemist, Stephen Gray, transmitted electricity over a wire. The next step was the discovery of electromagnetism by Christian Oersted in 1820, followed in the next year by Michael Faraday’s discovery of induction. In 1830, Joseph Henry invented an efficient electromagnet and demonstrated the transmission of the first electric signal. Next came Samuel Morse’s path-breaking telegraph in 1837. Bell attempted to refine Morse’s system so that multiple messages could be transmitted simultaneously over a single wire, which led to his invention of the telephone (Farley, 2006).Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on March 3, 1847, into a family of specialists in the mechanism of speech. His grandfather was the inventor of a system to rectify speech disabilities and his father authored a creative sign language called ‘Visible Speech,’ which was the first international phonetic alphabet. The spark of creativity was visible in Bell right from his boyhood, when he built a ‘speaking robot,’ made of gutta-percha and India rubber. Bell was educated at the universities of Edinburgh and London, gathering the rudiments of anatomy, music, electricity and telegraphy.

How music has influenced African American life 16192011

How Music Has Influenced African American Life, 1619 Here Here Here Here Music is a universal art form, inherent in the culture of any nation. It is closely connected with other creative forms of human behavior, such as dancing and singing. In such a way it becomes obvious that music has a special and important place in African American life. Thus, the question is too broad to be dealt in one page and the main purpose of this essay is to answer the question how music has influenced African American life, 1619-2011, using spirituals as example. First of all, it is necessary to mention that an important role in shaping African-American music played a conversion of slaves from Africa to Christian. African Americans did not object to the conversion to a new faith, because it gave them hope for liberation. It is well perceived by the dogmas of Christianity, adapting to the realities of slave life. The church treated them as an opportunity to escape from the terrible reality. For these and others reasons, music that sounds in the church for African Americans has carried the traits of canonical European church music, and various elements of the pagan cults that come from their historical homeland. The degree of penetration of the aesthetic and musical elements of African origin into church music depended on the variety of Christianity. Continuing the discussion of previous information it is necessary to say that North African American’s, the so-called ‘spirituals’ (call-and-response), have appeared in the USA since the second half of the XVIII century. Spirituals combine the distinctive elements of African performance traditions (collective improvisation, the characteristic rhythm of glissando, not tempered chords, specific emotionality) with the stylistic features of the Puritan hymns. Thus, they represented the Africans as thinking human beings, and were the first and most expressive means by which the whole world got to know African American music. To summarize, music allows African Americans to show themselves as creative people with own characters and traditions, to balance their inner world with surrounding reality, and to harmonize thin strings of their soul. Work cited: Allen, Ray. Singing in the Spirit: African-American Sacred Quartets in New York City. University of Pennsylvania Press, 1991.

Differences and Similitarities between Mozart and Beethovens early and late Symphonies

Personal differences, in terms of lifestyles also contributed to the differences in their symphonies. Thus, the following are the differences and Similarities between Mozart and Beethoven’s early and late Symphonies: Similarities between Mozart and Beethoven’s early Symphonies Mozart and Beethovens early Symphonies were similar in various ways. First, their early symphonies are characterized by the application of the Sonata form, which was the main musical structure that characterized the classical music era (Keefe, 66). The two composers applied Sonata form in almost every one of their works, only that it could be combined with other forms of music structure such as the Rondo and the various forms. The examples that can depict the use of the sonata form in their early works are the Mozart’s K 296 composition and Beethoven’s Piano quartets, also referred to as the WoO 36 (Will, 55). These are some of the earlier compositions by these two musical composers, which depict the application of sonata form, almost in a very identical way. The application of sonata form as a musical structure by the two composers in these two earlier works is depicted by the division of the compositions into three sections. Both the K-296 symphony, which was composed in 1781 by Mozart and the WoO36 Piano quartet’s symphony, which was composed by Beethoven before 1792, displays the classification of the composition into the exposition, a development and a recapitulation sections (Will, 44). These symphonies entail the presentation of a transition, from how the tonal material of the compositions are organized in harmony at the exposition section, then developed into elaboration and contrast at the development section, and finally harmonized and resolved to create a harmoniously integrated rhythm at the recapitulation section (Keefe, 68). This musical structure starts with a harmonized and simplified tonal stability at the exposition section, then enters the development section where more tension is build, and complex tonal textures, far-ranging key changes, and highly agitated rhythms are developed, to create the climax of the musical composition at the development section, and finally enters the recapitulation section, where the tension and tonal complexity is reduced, resulting to a cool harmonious finishing rhythm (Will, 41). These are the major characteristics of Mozart’s K 296 composition and Beethoven’s Piano quartets, which are some of their earlier works. Differences between Mozart and Beethoven’s early Symphonies There are notable differences between Mozart’s and Beethoven’s early symphonies. The difference emanates from the fact that while Mozart was a musical composer of his own making, Beethoven’s musical composition was a hybrid of Mozart’s and other artists’ styles. In developing his symphonies, Beethoven was particularly influenced by Mozart on one hand and Joseph Haydn on the other (Keefe, 72). Therefore, he combined their musical composition styles to create a hybrid, which he then gave his own personality. This led to the development of a unique stylistic composition that was different from those of his influencers.

Critical Analysis of Walsh’s Guarded by Mystery Meaning in a Postmodern Age

From the above works, David proved to be a very good author because he produced quality work that impressed many individuals. In the book, Guarded by Mystery: Meaning in a Postmodern Age, his work is considered to be an apologia about the reality of God. Furthermore, it also illustrates God’ grounding of the existence of human beings on both the socio-political and personal levels to justify in a period of postmodern. The book largely reveals an era of a great interest in spirituality. Most productions of music, books and paraphernalia support ways of spirit thus striking phenomenon. According to research, people have come to admit that the authority of science and rational thought are not enough proof to the sense of life. The research therefore has always been continuous. According to the research findings, fundamentalist and evangelical churches are the most growing churches worldwide. The main reason behind this growth is due to failure of the current forms of life. The current cultures have technical prowess and are experienced as void of confusion and misery. The only way of survival as elaborated in the book, is to leap over the whole perspective of modernism in order to identify oneself in a secure place filled with divinely revealed faith. According to the Author’s argument, the difficulty of dealing with such a situation is the fact that neither olden time religions nor the present time religions have successfully enable people to leap out of today’s world. However, the book, Guarded by Mystery: Meaning in a Postmodern Age, talks about the means of discovering a way in order to link the rational order of the modern world and a spirituality pointing ahead of it. The text is also regarded to be a current meditation on a matter that has been disturbing the condition of human beings for quite a while. The book was mainly likely meant for all individuals whom have always been confused by the disconnection between two confusing worlds that they live in. David describes how their knowledge of spiritual sincerity is very important in the modern world. He further explains how the world itself is dependent on the foundation of spiritual illumination that they had made within themselves. In the book, Guarded by Mystery, David tries to present a meaning to the post modern period. He also presents hope in a world full of hopelessness and relativism and, further claims that that is not all that is present in life. Additionally, he explained that there is something unique beyond life that humans look for and strive to achieve. David therefore presents a good summary of the post-modern thought by illustrating that there are a lot of things beside what is observed in the world. This book is interesting and very pleasant to read hence, is recommended to anybody. According to my view, it seems the book was written for the postmodern thinkers though it includes everyone. It is very important and useful for individuals who search for the real meaning of life. The book is well written regarding how the author places things in their perspective and makes them applicable to daily life. The author appears to be repetitive in his work. However, in every part repeated, the idea is approached from a dissimilar angle in order to make his point clearer. Considering the illustrations, descriptions and explanations of David


Reincarnation appears to have caught the thoughts of many and the notion receives frequent mentions in popular books, feature films and popular music.( Stevenson, 37) Discussion Written by Doctor Jim B. Tucker the book ‘Life before life’ is a scientific analysis of kids’ memories of former lives. The book brings forth an overview of over forty years of reincarnation investigation which was done at the University of Virginia division of personality studies. in addition the book also deliberates over birth defects and birthmarks that look like those of a departed person who is recognized in a child. Doctor Jim is an apprentice of the late Doctor Ian Stevenson who back in the 1960’s started printing case studies of kids who remembered alleged previous life memoirs. From then on Dr. Tucker, Dr. Stevenson and their associates have put together an incomparable number of study cases in which young kids usually between age 2 and 8 spontaneously analyzed experiences and memoirs of a post presence. The kids often delivered an extensive amount of evidence which included places and specific names from an alleged past life, birthmarks and facts of certain events from that life to back up the idea that a part of their awareness have somehow remained intact and have been passed on from a previous life to another. The cases became more captivating when a certain personality of a supposed past incarnation is successfully discovered normally by the child, family or neighbors. Dr. Tucker brings forth his findings clearly and systematically all the way through the book, for example in a specific chapter he would begin by summarizing a specific sequence of kid s’ cases with a similar character, e.g. occurrence of a birthmark on the kid that resemble to injuries of the kids’ previous character or even existence of printed records describing a kids reports that are dated earlier than the kids’ supposed previous character is recognized after thoroughly outlining the cases, he goes further to discuss the possible substitute explanations to reincarnation for those cases (ordinary explanations which include faulty memory, fraud, coincidence or paranormal explanation e.g. possession) and then he further goes to conclude if reincarnation offers the most convincing explanation for each individual case. He takes the reader on a universal voyage into regions of the globe with hugely differing views on reincarnation, into homes infiltrated by widely-differing socio-economic conditions and into the lives of kids with very diverse stories. Nevertheless, his assumption that reincarnation as he describes is the most conceivable explanation for most of precise cases and definitely in the frame of cases as a whole, remains unwavering all through the book. Of tuckers In most of Doctor Tuckers cases, the amount of material supposedly recalled by the kid in question is quite amazing. in one certain case, Doctor Tucker tells of a kid from whom even before he was three years old began telling her life as a vendor of incense in a community approximately a hundred and forty five miles away. For 4 years she stated specific details about the life she had led as this gentleman including the exact type of incense he had sold (a type unavailable to and somewhat unknown in the township where that girl lived), the exact location where he lived, the identity of his mother, names of his wife and the

Autism and the Effects of Massage Therapy

The numerous therapies such as music, touch, speech, physical, audio/visual, and drugs are designed to alleviate symptoms and the subject of debate as to their effectiveness in particular cases among those more knowledgeable of this affliction. While no therapy can cure autism, their use whether individual or combined has been shown to ease the debilitating effects of the ailment. Playing sports is recognized as beneficial for most growing youths but has traditionally been an activity discouraged for autistic children because they lack the social skills required to compete. Therefore, as critics attest, the autistic child is handed yet another psychological setback in their life. However, therapy choices can be as varied as the individual child. Parents who want their autistic child to reap some of the same benefits other children derive from playing sports are trying methods such as massage therapy in combination with the chosen sporting activity.Whether contracted in the early fetal development stage or inherited, autism is a disorder that affects cognitive brain functions thus impeding a person’s ability to communicate effectively. The disorder distorts not only how people perceive sensory information but how the brain processes it as well. Autism is the most prevalent developmental disorder affecting one in every 166 children (How Common?, 2006). Symptoms of the disorder can be generally described as the incapability to adequately interact socially along with a disinterested demeanor. It is an abnormality in the structure of the brain caused by genetic predispositions or from damage occurring during the development phase (Bryson Smith, 1998). The severity of autism varies widely among individuals as does its related symptoms but there are certain aspects relating to social interaction shared by all with the disorder. Avoiding direct eye contact, distinctive body posturing and facial expressions, as well as other nonverbal communication deficiencies, are a common trait.

Review of the film The Immortal Beloved

After this, Ludwig and Casper’s relationship was increasingly strained, and Ludwig continuously referred to Johanna as a whore, even going so far as to attempt to have her arrested. The implication was that the reason why he wanted her arrested was because she was a whore, and he burst into the room when Johanna and Casper were lying naked. The movie also portrayed Ludwig as relentlessly pushing his nephew Karl towards music, even though Karl could not play very well and desired to be a soldier. While there is some truth to these complicated relationships that he had with Casper, Johanna and Karl, there are also many inconsistencies with the historical truth, according to Maynard Solomon (1977). According to Solomon, there was some hostility between Ludwig and Casper, due to Casper’s marriage to Johanna, as he wrote my brother’s marriage was as much an indication of his immorality as of his folly (Solomon, 1977, p. 299). Solomon stated that the reason why Ludwig was against the marriage was because Casper and Johanna had premarital sex, as Johanna was pregnant with Casper’s child before they got married. … Solomon stated that Casper did small errands for Ludwig, and that Ludwig actually stated with Casper and Johanna when the French bombarded Vienna in 1809. Solomon also stated that the relationship between the brothers was on and off – After 1812, the brothers were in close contact, which, for them, consisted of furious conflicts alternating with passionate reconciliations (Solomon, 1977, p. 299). Solomon also stated that, in the conflict between the brothers, that Johanna played the part of the peacemaker. This is also in contrast to the film, as Johanna never played the part of the peacemaker, and it appears that her relationship with Ludwig was constantly stormy. In the end, the film stated that Johanna was the immortal beloved in the letter. This is in contrast to Solomon, who stated that, while Beethoven probably did have a secret attraction to Johanna, and theorized that Beethoven took his nephew Karl from Johanna to keep Johanna in his life, there was no indication that Beethoven and Johanna had an affair. The way that Solomon described Beethoven’s attraction to Johanna was that it was unacknowledged, even to himself – Solomon stated that Beethoven’s hostility and apparent hatred towards Johanna was a form of denial for his actual love and attraction for her – Feelings of love that have not yet become manifest express themselves to begin with by hostility and aggressive tendencies (Solomon, 1977, p. 306). This implies that Beethoven never actually stated, even to himself, that he was in love with Johanna, so she probably was not the immortal beloved. As for Beethoven’s relationship with his nephew, there is no indication in Solomon’s writings that Beethoven tried to push young Karl

Vocal Expression through Emotion and Physical Movement

For on-stage performance development, the singers should acknowledge the tone and emotion in music so that they can express them conformably through the voice and movement or body language for aesthetics and entertainment (Brett, 2000, p.21). These factors are very important to popular music and musicians in the music industry. When speaking of Popular Music, there are so many different genres and musical styles that the general public has access to, and liking a particular style or genre is wholly dependent on the perception of the audience. In Richard Middleton’s Study Popular Music, it says that popular music enabled society and was created to serve people’s needs, not artist own (1990, p.17).The impact a performer has on vocal expression, facial expression, gestures, and movement on stage, differs from individual to individual depending on their upbringing and the environment or background they come from. No one can tell what the right or wrong thing is in music performance even the critics, but they could tell which one is more appropriate in each music style (Parker, 2006). I noticed that many good musicians, who have high musical skills and techniques, are unable to convey the emotion in songs or communicate with the audience including entertaining them in the music performances as good as some performers/ entertainers, who have fewer musical skills. Thus, as a vocalist, I am interested in studying ‘The Expression in Singing Popular Music’ to develop my musical skills as a musician and expression as a performer and make the performance more interesting. To understand ‘the relationship between vocal expression, emotion, and physiology in singing performance, this study will examine how emotion, feeling, and expression of songs are portrayed in popular music performance through a performer’s voice, body language, facial expression, and gestures. I sincerely hope that this study would be useful and benefit not only musicians but also the general public.

Best Buy Company

Market study helps the company understand business opportunities or failures. Best Buy is a multinational company that carries consumer electronic devices, appliances, mobile phones, and services. It has been successfully operating in all the states and territories of the United States since 1986 but has only started international operations in 2002. Today, it operates in Europe, Mexico, Canada and China under different brands. The company has achieved growth thru mergers and acquisitions, particularly in its international segments. Cost of goods sold is reportedly high in these areas since it entails a lot of maintenance costs. For the past 2 years sales and income have been declining in the international segments while US sales are flat. Business opportunities are seen in the global atmosphere, while opportunities for domestic remain in technology and services. Competitions are taking advantage of their presence in the internet and continue to earn higher income and profits. Amazon and eBay for instance re online retailers that earns high income from internet sales. The declining income of BBC is an eye opener to look if its present business strategies need to be reviewed and changed. Market Report on Best Buy Company I. … Particularly, its goal is emphasized in its strategies: to increase market share, to attain international growth, increase efficiency and to connect to the world. 1.2 Products Best Buy’s stores sell the following items: Consumer electronics, home office, entertainment software, appliances, and services. Consumer electronics consist of video and audio products, TVs, and MP3 players. Home office products include personal computers, cell phones, cable and internet service plan. Entertainment software includes products such as video games, CDS, video games, and computer software. Technology, service and repair. Other segments that offers food and beverages. Source: United States SEC Best Buy Form 10-K Annual Report 1.3 Geographic location Company operates locally in all the states and territories of the United States, while its international scope consists of China, all of European territories, Mexico, and Canada. 1.4 Strategies Strategies that helped company grow are by acquisitions and expansion. The company was incorporated in 1966 with the name Sound of Music Inc. but changed name to Best Buy in 1983. From this beginning it has grown and expanded thru mergers and acquisitions that made an impact of its presence in electronics, entertainment and technological services in the United States. Organic growth began in 2009 when it took advantage of the bankruptcy of Circuit City to serve the market share of the electronics consumers of the industry which was left open by the bankrupt company (University of Oregon Investment Group , Jan 8, 2011 pdf). The international segment started in 2002 through acquisition of established brands in Canada. Its presence in China

A Close Analysis for a Single Scene in the Film Farewell My Concubine

10. Camera shifts back to Douzi in a close-up shot. He pauses as he realizes his error. This is a one second shot. 11. The next is a medium shot that is taken from behind Douzi as it shows his back. The camera focuses a medium shot at Mister Na as he gets up from his bench. The scene shows Mister Na deliberately walking past Douzi and progressing forward. 12. A close-up shot of Xiaolou standing with other performers with a very annoyed expression on his face. 1 second. 13. The camera shows medium shot in natural light as Mister Na progresses towards the veranda followed by Guan and performers. It also shows Douzi moving towards him as well. Mister Na progresses out of the frame. Xiaolou snatches a tobacco pipe from Master Lian’s hand. The camera now focuses on Xiaolou who spots Douzi and grabs him by the collar and shakes him. 14. The music becomes loud as Xiaolou keeps on shaking Douzi and drags him forward. 15. A 1 second shot of Mister Na, Guan and other elders stopping and looking at what is causing the commotion. 16. Another close-up shot of Douzi being shoved into a chair. 1 second 17. A sharp close-up shot of Xiaolou‘s face very angry and covered in tears. 2 seconds 18. A close-up of Douzi being shaken. Loud music with Xiaolou screaming at Douzi and asking him to open his mouth. Xiaolou shoves the hooked tip of the tobacco pipe towards it. 19. A medium 1 second shot of Mister Na and others staring horrified at the camera. 20. Next is a close-up of Douzi as he opens his mouth. A single frame shot of Xiaolou with his teeth clenched. The tobacco pipe is rammed into Douzi’s mouth and shoved back and forth like a toothbrush on the tongue. Douzi closes his eyes and tilts his head backward. 6 seconds 21. 1 second shot of Xiaolou struggling with the tobacco…Another character Mister Na is introduced in this scene who has been appointed to evaluate the performers of the opera for Zhag’s birthday celebration.The acting done by the boys at this age is very impressive and natural. Especially young Douzi’s role involved a lot of gestures and face expressions, which were delivered to perfection. The character Douzi appears to be central in this scene. However, character movement in this scene involves three central figures Mister Na, Douzi and Xiaolou. Mister Na’s character requires for him to move very rapidly in the scene with little attention to his surroundings, he appears to be a busy man who does not want to spare the time of the day for boys in Peking Opera. Xialou appears to be the bossy and ruthless character in this scene, his movement is purposeful and almost cruel as he attempts to protect the reputation of the Peking Opera. Douzi’s character shows a range of emotions. While delivering his lines as dan, he acts with the poise and gentleness that the role demands. Yet when Xiaolou punishes him for his error, Douzi shows extreme strength and tolerance and accepts the punishments as his fate.

Understanding the Development of Fashion

Punk fashion has greatly evolved from just a mere movement to a fashion statement that has inspired many designers. Currently the style is seen to be embraced by celebrities such as the pop star Lady Gaga. She once wore a safety pin dress that Liz Hurley once wore (Bestley and Loren, 2012).In the mid-1970s in London there was an anarchic and aggressive movement that led to the emergence of punk. Teenagers were the majority members of this movement. They were rebellious and followers of a new music style that was known as Punk. Malcolm McLaren together with Vivienne Westwood was part of the most popular music group known as Sex Pistols. Vivienne Westwood had a fashion shop known as Sex Pistols where the band wore clothes from. The store sold a lot of accessories and clothes to the punks and fans of the band (Sabin, 2002).The early ‘70s saw punk influence a lot of young people and the art world. Punk was used to express rebellion and self-rule mentality. In America the term punk was initially used to refer to music bands that had come up. These bands were perceived as the vanguard of the musical movement. The movement saw punk spread around the world in the form of visual art, music, and fashion (Sabin, 2002).Punk fashion is a very affordable type of fashion for the poor and the rich. The emergence of punk fashion saw it being mainly won by students. Students used old clothing that they found in the second-hand shops and in charity to make punk clothes. The source of material for these clothes was cheap to obtain and pointed out that status was not important. The low status associated with this kind of fashion brought out the students as rebellious especially the fact that they belonged to an enormous community (Colegrave and Sullivan, 2001).Punk fashion not only involves clothes but the hairstyle is also part of fashion. Male punk fanatics’ hairstyle was either long hair or a bald head. The dressing would consist of tight jeans, leather jackets, or ripped clothing.

Literary Analysis of Give Me the Splendid Silent Sun by Whitman

There is a complete differentiation with the views expressed with the declaration of the poetry collection, which comes to life the blast of the trumpet and the undertones of…comradeship and human love, with the clear notes of faith and triumph. (Bradley, 765).Through the literary analysis of Give Me the Splendid Silent Sun by Whitman, which was part and parcel of the Drum-Taps in 1865, it portrays a vivid description of the emotional attachment with the experiences in New York City during the Civil War. There were various discussions and examinations taking place geared towards the efforts by the different citizens. The work on the American Renaissance shows a rooted perception with the description of suffering from the quest to become a volunteer nurse amid the Civil War.It was through these acts that lead to the formation of the infamous poetry collection. Whitman’s stay in Manhattan introduces us to the sounds of the trumpets and drums’ line 30, while line 39 shows the rustle and clang of muskets. It also showcases the witness as per line (31) with the soldiers in companies and regiments with the dense brigade…with high piled military wagons’ (lines 34-35).The line paints a picture to give the struggles that existed between the Union and the Confederacy in relation to the state of slavery and rights. The difference sound Whitman faces plays a role in shifting his overall inclination with the city.The main theme, however, his collection does not center on military alone. There is a dedication concerning the military personnel captured under Beat! Beat! Drums! Two conflicting ideas are present in Give Me the Splendid Silent Sun by Whitman.On the one hand, there is the portrayal of the war with peacekeeping missions with silent nature achieved with the indifferences that exist under the sun with the war. On the other hand, Whitman also showcases the other side of the war filled with vile, chanting sounds, and military supremacy marching down the streets of Manhattan in a show of an aggressive attitude. It becomes Whitman’s goal in life to find a balance between the nature that comes with peace and the chaotic scenes filled with the military processions.There are two instances in the poetry collection, where Whitman uses rhetorical speech to emphasize the message further. One instance is from Song of Myself, while the other instance is through Give Me the Splendid Silent Sun. His interpretation of the line covers nature’s commands such as (line 3) Give me a field and (line 4) Give me fresh corn and (line 6) Give me nights perfectly quiet.The mixed reactions are shown in the lines Keep your woods O Nature (line 20), Keep your fields of clover (line 22) and Keep the blossoming buckwheat fields (line 24) are part and parcel of Whitman’s quest to be in the jubilations in the Manhattan streets showcasing his love for the city life. The lines show the slow departure of Whitmans natural silent life to the adoration of the new life present in Manhattan where he seeks to explore.The introductory line of Give Me the Splendid Silent Sun builds upon a musical theme that conveys the message of the poem while maintaining a sense of balance with the rhythm and tonal structure in nature. The dependence on music for existence by Whitman is shown through (lines 8-9) Give me to warble spontaneous songs recluse by myself, for my ears only. The need to improvise is shown through the use of spontaneous songs.He strives to maintain a splendid balance with nature, which Whitman finds with the chord that tunes to his spiritual self with the primal sanities that exist (line12). The new sounds Whitman comes into contact in silent nature shapes his overall take on the overall splendid experience in the new environment.With the end of the stanza, there is a reversal of Whitman’s role in (line, 17) still I adhere to my Day upon day and year upon year. The lust for the street life overpowers the need to find balance in nature. The city slowly replaces the envisioned ‘splendid sun’ with the beginning of the second stanza Give me faces and streets Give me women give me comrades and lovers by the thousand (line28) and (line 29) Give me Broadway.There is still a craving for nature despite the current adoration of street life. The revelation shows the delight in Whitman’s words as they describe the use of music to vocalize the streets and broadway shows. The adoration which Whitman feels is with the dancing and singing that describe the core of Manhattan.The start of the end of the second stanza carries forward the use of music to give rhythm throughout the poem. (Line, 29) shows the soldiers matching, the sound of trumpets and drums that take over the air in the streets. Such gestures give the epitome of Whitmans adoration with the military processions.The end of the rhythm structure within the poem is meet with (line, 36) People…with strong voices, Manhattan streets with their powerful throbs (line, 37) and the endless chorus…the turbulent musical chorus (line, 39) that describes New York City. The sounds and jubilations heard in the streets show a sign of victory. The victory which paves the way for the processions along the streets shows the falling of the Confederacy.The last stanza of Give Me the Splendid Silent Sun shows the dilemma which Whitman has to face moving forward between nature and the city. The main aim he hopes to achieve is to be given Manhattan faces and eyes forever. The beginning of the poem presents a different attitude that shows his efforts in maintaining his love for nature with the peace that comes with it.The mood remains the same as the profession of the poem as it builds up upon the theme. The influence of the Civil War alters the flow of the poem as a new world comes into play that depicts urban life. He then becomes part and parcel of New York City and all that comes with it. Without looking back, he sets his eyes on the new way of life marked with a chaotic and turbulent society that comes with Manhattan life.


This report paper will seek to describe my experience, challenges, and recommendations in my tasks and responsibilities while serving at Second Harvest food Bank. Second Harvest is an organization that deals with strategies and programs targeting local hunger. It operates in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Its operations began in 1974 and have grown over the years to the largest food store in the region. It supplies food to nearly a quarter of the county population of which almost half of the supply is fresh farm produce. The organization purposely advices families about nutrition and health food selections. It concentrates on distributing food to low income people effectively and efficiently through direct service program and collaborating with a network of non-profit agencies. Some of its partner agencies are shelters, pantries, children’s program, soup kitchen, residential programs, and senior meal sites. Volunteers contribute their hours to perform free service at the organization and get a reward in form of food supplies. On return, these hours save on high costs of personnel recruitment. Such a practice enables the volunteer to practice justice by giving back to the society. I was in a position to understand the struggles other peoples undergo in life, learn how to interact with less fortunate like orphans in the society and how to handle difficulty situations when assisting others. Duties and responsibilities Data entry 68.50 hours Food sorting 39.50 hours Arranging emergency bags 6 hours Helping Second Harvest bank set up its launch 5 hours. Filing paper 4 hours Downloading music 4 hours creating labels for salads 4 hours Working with second food bank needs very little sophistication and mental effort since it did not demand any technical effort. The tasks were straight forward, no need for experience, but basic computer knowledge for data entry were necessary. The tasks involved less of mental energy but more of physical energy. This is because I could file papers manually, sort food as well as arranging emergency bags. For purpose of neatness, little mental effort was essential. The preparation of the organization launch needed a lot of time and good planning for it to come out successful and commendable. This is because the organization has many guests and partners therefore. this event took a lot of attention both mentally and physically. My internship at second Harvest food bank exposed me to the world of reality when executing tasks (Barbur et al, 2011). It gave me the opportunity to manage my work and time effectively, ensuring that every task is completed within the set time. I prioritized my work and allocated time according to tasks’ complexity and lengthy. It also gave me an opportunity to improve and practice my computer skills. Working with a computer enabled me advance my basic computer knowledge, learn new programs and even create an interesting working environment, as I could not get bored. The use of computer made me appreciate the importance of new technology since I could enter data within short time, edit it, and retrieve information if necessary. The application of computer simplifies tasks since summaries are generated when necessary within the shortest time possible. Relating with people at work was my biggest opportunity to practice and enhance people and communication skills learned during my course work. I was able to resolve personal issues and conflicts between workers. It gave me the

Concert Report

The other show was from an Encentrics band that was performed in Jammin Java in Vienna, VA. The classical type of music is an art of music with its origins dated back to the 1700. Its roots are based in the West and since its establishment has had a variety of performances. This type of music also ranges from secular to liturgical. Symphony is a genre of music that employees a length form of musical composition to be performed. They are related to the classical type of music since they were discovered in the same era. These types of music got their boost during the 19th century which according to scholars is known as the romantic period. The music would be played in weddings and other romantic situations. Classical music is subjected to various characteristics which I found out after attending the classical music concert. The music has gone through a lot of improvements due to the different in time since when it was established to date which adds up to more than five hundred years. This has led to its broad variety, genres and forms of music. Before attending the music concerts, some of my friends had talked about classical music claiming it was ‘any type of music that lasts for a long time’. Other friends also talked about music where all types of musical instruments were used’. I did not believe at first until I attended the show. The show took an average of two hours. The classical team may have lasted more than one hour playing one song, an art that was done to perfection. Instruments in the orchestra included violins, pianos and bands. Another characteristic of the classical type of music is the type of literature that was used during the concert. The music or songs had been written as musical notations which lead to the creation of a score. In the concert’s case, the score determined the type f pitch and rhythm to be used in the song. It also contributed to the type of coordination from the performers. Another distinct characteristic is the type of instrumentation used to produce classical music. The band used a range of musical instruments date back to the 19th century. The concert band used instruments ranging from the piano, violin, guitar, bagpipes and trumpets. However, the most noticeable instrument was the acoustic guitar has been used since the 20th century. The wide range of instruments through the band provided soft cool music. They all worked together in harmony to provide the required pitches and tonal variations. The band was also dressed based on dressings from the 18th century. The music had not changed much as compared to other types of music. The type of notes, pitches and tonal variation had not change much as I could tell from my musical classes. I could also tell from the audience that this type of music is loved by the older generation. This is because the music is soothing and does not have a lot of variation in tones and pitches which may lead to noise (Morin 10). The form of music also differentiated the classical type of music from other genres which came up in the renaissance era. I could tell that this type of genre has sophisticated type of musical instruments. They include the sonata, opera, and concerto among others. In my case, it was a concerto. The classical composers seemed to have a close connection with their instruments. The close relationship brought up an emotional feeling. This later proved the fact that this type of musical genre was used to in romantic situations. The musical is

A Musical Event

7 July A Musical Event Carmens de la Calle is a comfy cafe at a drive of five minutes from San Antonio. The cafe was started in the year 2000 and since then, its services have been greatly admired by the consumers. Every weekend, this cafe provides p3ople with live entertainment. In this essay, I have discussed one of the musical events arranged by Carmens, which I had witnessed. The coziness of the ambiance created with the music was enriched with the vintage lamps and candle lights provided by the cafe administrator. The event that took place on 7 July, 2011 was NYC JAZZ GUITARIST TERRENCE McMANUS w/ Brennen Temple and Chris Thomas (Carmens). Start of the concert was scheduled at 8:30 pm. The cash cover was worth $10. The concert took place in a hall accommodating 500 people. The audience comprised people who had special interest in jazz. Guitarist Terrence McMans, who performed at this event is a famous jazz guitarist who is known for his improvisation skills pertinent to the contemporary music. Music can be improvised in terms of tempo, articulation, dynamics and emotional content in all styles, though maximum improvisation is experienced in jazz, thus allowing the jazz musicians increased freedom than other musicians. The chord sequence which accompanies the melody is employed as a characterization of harmony. It is the very progression of chord that increases jazz’s tendency towards improvisation. His sound quality is spotless and his approach to the guitar is unique. Terrence is popular not only among public, but also great guitarists like John Abercrombie and Bill Frisell have placed confidence in his guitar skills. The guitar icon Gene Bertoncini has referred to Terrence as a ‘visionary guitarist’. Guitarists with whom Terrence has performed include John Zorn, Ellery Eskelin, Don Byron, and Tim Berne. All great guitarists find a voice inside the instrument, but Terrence McManus hit on an entirely new language -Gambit (New Orleans cited in Terrence McManus). It did not take Terrence long to make the crowd lost in the humanities. The ambiance was spell binding and the audience was getting more energetic as they listened more. The chord progressions of jazz are more complicated as compared to the conventional music styles. The rhythms contained in jazz comprise many unexpected accents, and are thus syncopated. Jazz encourages the development of danceability and momentum among the audience through its unique swing. Terrence and his team played numerous melodies simultaneously making use of different rhythms. These melodies essentially used counterpoint. Together, the attributes of syncopation, swing, and counterpoint create a rich rhythmic background that is one of the most important elements of jazz (Sabatella). This was one of the most wonderful concerts I have attended so far in that it provided me with a unique combination of good food with good music. When I was returning home from the event, I not only felt relished with good food, but also my cravings for music had been satiated. I have a lot of good memories associated with this event and I plan to guest the oncoming concerts supported by Carmens to have more of good memories. Works Cited: Carmens. Events/Calendar. n.d. Web. 7 July 2011. . Sabatella, Marc. Rhythm. 2000. Web. 7 July 2011. . Terrence McManus. 2001. Web. 7 July 2011. .

Michael Jackson

The other four members of this group were his brothers, Sigmund ‘Jackie’, Toriano ‘Tito’, Jarmaine, and Marlon. They began playing at local bars and clubs in Indiana. They later moved to compete in bigger competitions. The Jackson five were discovered by the Vancouver and the Bobby Taylor in 1968 and got an audition for Berry Gordy. They later signed for Motown, hence moving to California. It was here that their first four singles made US number one hits. During this time, Jackson with Motown recoded four solo albums. The group stayed in Motown until 1976, when they needed more artistic freedom and decided to move on (Pratt 81). They dropped the name Jackson Five, since it was owned by Motown and adopted the name The Jacksons. At this time, they had a number of records and made six albums altogether between 1976 and 1984. Michael later teamed up with his producer for his first solo album. The album was titled Off The Wall, and was a tremendous success all over the world. It was the first album ever released that produced the four number-one singles in the United States. The world’s largest selling album was released by Michael in 1982. It was titled Thriller. It produced seven hit singles, once again breaking more previously established records (Pratt 81). It has been documented to have sold over fifty million copies across the world. Jackson was careful, as well as skillful, in using the music videos to promote his singles from the album. His success has, nevertheless, been attached to his directors and producers. They were the best, and made use of the latest technology coupled with choreography and fantastic dancing. The short film, Thriller, incorporated latest artists in the make-up technology to produce a video which lasted 14 minutes, with the beginning, the middle part and the end. This video was so successful that it became the world’s largest selling video. At the Motown 25-years anniversary show, Jackson performed his legendary moonwalk for the first time. It was this performance that set him into the realms of a superstar (George 98). Michael broke a record by winning 8 Grammy awards in a single night in the year of 1984. These awards were for his narrative for the ET Storybook and the Thriller album. On 9th December 1984, during his final performance of The Jackson’s Victory Tour, he declared that he was quitting the group and going solo. His third, and much awaited solo album titled Bad, was released in 1987. It was during this time that he launched his first solo world tour that was significantly record-breaking (Josh 1). He wrote his first autobiography, Moonwalk, where he talked for the first time about his career and childhood. Michael was soon to turn thirty when significant changes were observed in his outlook. He seemed to have undergone a facial surgery, which not only changed his facial features, but also his skin color and jaw line. This did not, however, affect his music career. By the end of 1980s, Michael was commonly known as the Artist of The Decade. This was as a result of his success in the Thriller and Bad albums. Michael signed the biggest ever recording agreement with Sony Music in 1991. It was during that time that he released his fourth album Dangerous. Touring the world in 1992, he brought his performances to the countries that had never received a pop artist. Other than his success in the


It has a customer base that runs into millions per week and expeditiously boasts of workforce of over 500,000 employees (Wrigley, 1988). Jack Cohen founded the company in 1919. The name Tesco appeared first in 1924, but it was not until 1929 when the first store started its operations. The store was originally a UK grocery retailer, but it has diversified increasingly geographically and into other areas including electronics, petrol, clothing, furniture, books retail, financial services, software, internet services, and music downloads, DVD rental and telecoms. Tesco repositioned itself in the 1990s to Tesco Finest ranges (Tesco). This inevitably led to successful chain growth of the store from five hundred stores in the nineties to two thousand five hundred stores in 2005. Tesco’s Values sits at the heart of its business and helps the store to deliver its core purpose, which is to generate value for its treasured customers in order to earn their lifetime loyalty. The store affirms that it tries to its level best for its customers, treat people, as they would love to be treated in order to, fully enjoy their work (Bell Reavis, 2003). The year 1997 was the year that these values were developed. Various touch ups have been done to perfect the values to align them to today’s business current trends. … These stores stock all range of Tesco’s products although some of the stores are in middle of inner-city locations and town centers. Tesco Superstores are large standard supermarkets, which stock groceries and a smaller range of non-food products in comparison with Extra stores. Tesco Metro stores are mainly located in the inner city, in city centers and on high streets of towns. They are in between Tesco Express stores and Tesco Superstores in terms of size. Tesco Express sores are notably the neighborhood convenience stores that are found in residential areas, in the city centre districts, small villages and towns and in various Esso petrol stations (Tesco). According to Bell Reavis (2003), One Stop stores do not have the Tesco brand name. The stores are to be found in smaller residential areas. There prices also differ from other Tesco stores. Tesco Homeplus are non-food only ventures, and there are 13 stores nationwide. The stores offer all of the Tesco’s items but with an exception of food. The stores have a style that is similar to a warehouse unit and are found in retail parks. Dobbies Garden Centers are 28 garden centers in total. This number is equally divided between the stores in England and Scotland. Tesco bought 65% shares of the Dobbies Garden Centers PLC in 2008. According to Woods (2012), other business activities that Tesco undertakes include Internet retailing, financial services, petrol stations, telecoms, photo shops, Tesco Tech Support, Technika, filmmaking, record label, video-on-demand, gold exchange, Tesco Tyres and beauty salon. The store made record profits of ?3.4 billion in the year 2010 despite the economy suffering the effects of recession. Tesco is


However, use of the word to denote a building housing cultural material has since been past with time. The emphasis given to the building has also declined after it started responding to society that created them. This paper gives a description of the Deyoung museum in San-Francisco its brief history and how it has evolved over the years. Deyoung Museum DE young was created as the fine art building, which was established in the park of California back in 1894 (Frank 11). It was named after some of its founder Michael H DE young. The building was designed in Egyptian style and decorated with statures of the cow goodness. Initially it was set up for individuals in San-Francisco but has gradually grown to become a major spot for tourist attraction. Officially it was opened a year later in 1895, and different from other museum practice it did not charge any entrance fee. However, doom befell it the infamous 1906, earthquake that ultimately led to its forceful closure. It has been 24 years since the Loma Prieta earthquake damaged the original structure. The building was designed again by Herzog and Meuron who both reside in Swaziland. They took a total of six years to construct and design the building. Museology is the study of concept of a museum. This was created as a result of noting the essential role of museum in the society. The development of this theory was as a result of the realization, that workers in the infrastructures had training only on precise collection. Thus they had little knowledge of the museum and its operation as a whole. These had negative impact in that safeguarding and exhibition of articles or elements were achieved through plagiarizing from other disciplines. With this in mind it is not clear if demands or expectations of individuals were met. Thus all these issues led to the birth of training for museum work that has gradually given rise to novel ideas and has also appealed interesting parties to join in the aid. Deyoung Museum has been a beloved museum for many years and offers fascinating objects telling a lot of the county town (Frank 19). The museum has won a Heritage Lottery Fund in the last years thereby making it possible to undertake major refurbishment. Deyoung Museum is among the museums running for the Art Fund Prize, which is the largest arts prize. The museum is competing against other big organizations such as British and VA Museums. The service will inform more people about the cause therefore make it possible for the museum to get the prestigious award. Every vote counts to this worthy cause. The University has therefore a considerable number of students who can boost the number of votes for the Deyoung Museum. Increasing awareness will make it possible for people to be aware and vote for the museum. All possible means of increasing awareness will be employed for the service. This service is aimed at increasing awareness to the public to vote for Deyoung Museum in order to win the big award. There is the need of informing the public through public events and websites to increase the number of voters. The aim for this is to create awareness of this amongst our fellow students and encourage them to vote for the museum on our behalf. It is a common custom to watch movies, listen to music and also read fictional materials. These are important sources of information to do with social issues and human history. Today human art has become a

Behind my instrument

What is meant by this is the fact that instrumental music ultimately came to be a type of music that was played in the absence of voice. Although dissertation length response would necessarily be required with regards to determining specifically when this change was first exhibited, the following analysis will instead focus upon the unique mechanisms through which instrumental music is presented. focusing specifically the manner through which instrumental music mimics voice-like qualities within the piece of Jervy Hou’s A Breathtaking Piano Piece. It is therefore the hope and goal of this author to present instrumental music, with regards to the piece in question, as a highly developed and non-simplistic style that requires the individual musician to be even more cognizant of unique nuances and the means through which musical technique can help to extend the body and that of the music in question. Further, by leveraging music theory and understanding the way in which key developments and ideas are represented throughout all types of music, the reader will be able to come to a more informed level of understanding concerning the core elements of how instrumental music is able to uniquely mimic vocal performance. … In almost an identical manner, the instrumental piece in question A Breathtaking Piano Piece allows for a series of pauses between melody and harmony and a series of dynamic brakes that help to mimic the voice like nature of the music that is being represented. Furthermore, the interplay between the left and the right hand of the piano solo allows for the listener to imagine that a type of cooperation between the accompaniment and the voice of the individual performer is taking place. In much the same way that a due West incorporates a series of pauses movements, breasts, nods, and facial expressions so that the duo can communicate nonverbally with regards to the passion, feeling, and pointed entry that the music must make, the same elements are represented with regards to the way in which an interplay is engaged between the melody and harmony of this specific piano piece (Gordon 33). Further, the relationship and the give and the give and take between melody and harmony within the piece closely represents the way in which such an interaction would take place between two or more musicians. Rather than belaboring this point with proof after proof, the reader can and should point to the way in which the harmony and melody flow together within the first 25 seconds of the piece. helping to emphasize the mechanisms through which a mimicry of voiced expression and melody within the instrumental approach exists alongside this. Furthermore, a level of mimicry with regards to the way in which harmony and melody coincide and/or a subtle level of communication between the left and the right hand of the pianist is only a very small portion of the way in which the particular piece tries to mimic


In 1997, Auto-by-Tel successfully sold their millionth car over the internet. As well, CommerceNet/Nielsen Media stated that they have attained more than 10 million people on the Web. According to Jupiter research the e-tailing has raised to $37 billion by 2002. Moreover, the e-tailing has also allowed the growth of e-tailware, software tools for producing online catalogs as well as dealing with business associates by performing e-tailing. In this scenario, a new movement is the price assessment sites that are able to rapidly compare prices from a number of dissimilar e-tailers as well as establish a connection between you and them (Schappell, 2000).This report will present a detailed analysis of a company that is specialized in e-retailing of business. This report will present a comprehensive analysis of some of main areas and aspects of the business’s e-retailing enhancement and establishment of more effective strategy for the potential management of business in a much better way. For this report I have chosen Maplin Electronics business. In this scenario, the main idea is about developing an expanded internet shopping capability for Maplin Electronics company website. Business Overview I have selected Maplin Electronics Corporation, which needs to improve its web based business and also create a better opportunity for the possible expansion in overall business and working arrangements. Maplin Electronics is one of the UK’s major corporate retailers of consumer electronics. Maplin Electronics business comprises a complete national network of 185 stores those are the main goldmine of valuable consumer technologies and gadgets. Maplin Electronics offers a variety of products including communication, cables, computing, components, music, home car, power, TV Satellite systems also Sat Navigational tools (Maplin Electronics2, 2011). In addition, Maplin Electronics is specialized in consumer electronics areas. Maplin Electronics is proud to present the most excellent and the majority informed customer recommendations on the high street. Additionally, the business encompasses a huge team of over 2,000 customer service support officers that facilitate thousands of customers to make informed selections regarding technology purchases each and every day. from technology fans to the entire novices. Moreover, this business was initiated by two technology devotees in 1972 who were irritated by the lack of high-quality electronics products and components. Soon after the establishment of the business the Maplin Electronics rapidly turned out to be the experts’ preference, with a standing for the most excellent product variety and skills. In fact, Maplin Electronics Corporation has developed with high speed since launching over 30 years ago, its standing as the United Kingdom’s simply true experts in consumer electronics is yet at the heart of Maplin Electronics nowadays (Maplin Electronics2, 2011). Furthermore, Maplin Electronics Corporation allows its customers to buy products from more than 185 stores located in United Kingdom and Ireland. Maplin Electronics also allows its custom

Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach, a talented musician and composer, was much less known inter vivos than, for example, Mozart or Beethoven. But he was probably the first musician who successfully combined the best of Italian, French and German music traditions. He did not become well known to the general public during his lifetime and was forgotten in half a century after his death. Surprisingly, Bach’s fame has been growing through years and nowadays he is recognized as one of the greatest composers of all time. Interest in Bach’s music revived and these days it is much more popular than it was during the composer’s life. It’s a paradox, but the composer who has become old-fashioned soon after his death has started to become more and more popular over two hundred and fifty years, moreover, in modern popular culture societies.Most musicologists agree that Bach’s music technique was brilliant and certainly better than the other great composers had. He was familiar with all the musical works of his time and used them perfectly. Nobody can compete with Bach in the art of counterpoint, when two or more different melodies are performed simultaneously. Bach’s creative works are admired for a diversity and conformity of orchestrations, clear expression of sounding themes and melodies.Bach was a prolific composer. His works include around 300 cantatas, compositions of 48 preludes, 140 other preludes, more than 100 works for harpsichord, 23 concerts, 4 overtures, 5 masses, 3 oratorios and many plays. He wrote more than 800 major musical works in all. Being a deeply religious Lutheran, Bach wanted his music to be played in church and dedicated most of his works to religious music. He did not try to discover new music forms, but brought to perfection the existing ones. He was the best organ and harpsichord performer among his contemporaries. And if Bach did not receive recognition during his lifetime as a composer, then his organ improvisation were unmatched. It had to admit even his rivals (Benstock, 1992, p. 18). In the last years of his life and after death Bach’s composer fame began to fade: his style was considered old-fashioned compared to blooming classicism. His was better known and remembered as a performer, teacher and father of Bach, Jr., primarily Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, whose music was widely known. However, many of the major composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin knew and loved the works of Johann Sebastian. For example, when visiting St. Thomas’ schools, Mozart heard one of the motets (BWV 225) and exclaimed: There is so much to learn! Later he asked the notes and studied them long and happily. Beethoven greatly appreciated Bach’s music. As a child he played preludes and fugues from The Well-Tempered Clavier and, later, called Bach a true father of harmony. It was also he who was so amazed by Bach’s music that exclaimed – not a brook, but a sea (the word Bach in German means brook). Chopin used to lock in a room and played music of Bach before his own concerts. The works of Johann Sebastian’s had an effect on many composers through ages. Some themes from the works of Bach, for example, the theme from Toccata and Fugue in D minor, were reused in music of the 20th century (Bridges, 2002, p. 35). The biography, written in 1802 by Johann Nikolaus Forkel who knew Bach personally, has spurred interest to Bach’s music in the general public. But a real revival of Bach’s music began with the performance of St. Matthew Passion in 1829, Berlin, organized by Felix Mendelssohn. The audience later called Bach a great true Protestant, brilliant and erudite genius. They learned to appreciate him in full measure again. Mendelssohn continued to promote Bach’s music in subsequent years, which resulted in a growth of the composer’s popularity. In 1850, the Bach Society was founded, which set the goal of collecting, deep

The changing nature of advertising from traditional print and broadcast to interactive and web based

This essay The changing nature of advertising from traditional print and broadcast to interactive and web based how advertisement is presented in various types of media, how it changed and how the advent of the Internet affected it. Traditional mass media involve advertising through the newspaper, books, magazines, radio and television. This type of advertising is one- to- many type of communication that does not allow direct feedback from the audiences. For instance when people read the magazines or turn on the television ,there is no way to directly respond to advertisements unless they write to or call the company themselves but this way they will be using another form of advertising.Radio advertising cost is very attractive advertising vehicle for many small business owners. Radio advertising has a wide scale appeal to consumers and it reaches thousand of target audience at the right time and right message. However, radio was primarily an entertainment medium and advertising is considered an interruption. This has resulted in an industry called satellite which provides entertainment without commercials because consumers are willing to pay for them. With the emergence of satellite radios the popularity of radio advertising is slowly decreasing. Radios have also evolved into entertainment source for background noise at work and for primarily driving. At homes, there has been a drop in radio use because people can play their CDs where they have the freedom to choose their music and programmes free of commercial interruption. This has led to low popularity in radio advertising. Television Advertising Television is a form of entertainment that brings the family together to enjoy public amusement without leaving home. Research has shown that an average person spends more time with the television than with newspaper and radio combined. This shows that television has a very huge audience making it the most powerful advertising choice for many manufacturers and retailers. This has been so for a very long time but all the same the television advertising is slowly dying. The television audience has been fragmented into few local channels where major companies would choose their advertiser but with the introduction of cable and satellite television the audience has further been fragmented into over 200 channels. This fragmentation has led to dramatic reduction of audience in the local channels. Television advertising has limited lifespan for any advertisement this makes the advertisers to not do their advertising on television because once the advertisement has aired its gone for good hence a viewer may not remember the advertisement after all. The television audience as well has a way of avoiding commercial interruption because there has been an introduction of TIVO, pay per view, public broadcasting stations and the multitude of satellite. This has seen a great number of audiences paying for those services because they are avoiding the commercial interruptions (Stafford, Ronald, 2001,65). At homes, families are opting to watch a common movie as a form of entertainment since they are free of interruption. Although television advertising has decreased for the small business for the big businesses it is now possible to make world -wide advertisement this show that television advertisement has developed and has is yielding more benefits for

The Beatle Side of Rock

Scott, and Andy Schwartz) The Beatles’ music and lyrics as compared to that of the Rolling Stones, has a certain amount of difference along with being linked to each other as well. By 1965, British pop music had reached its peak with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones on top of the charts, adorning the hits and making people aware of them. Both these groups helped to define music during that era and set the bar for other bands and singers and musical groups that were coming up. However, with time the Beatles grew apart and broke up within ten years of being together and making music with one another whereas the Stones remained tight and still worked together as a band creating music for people all around the world. (Lewisohn, M) The Stones were all about non conformity and thus did not give in to the sounds that bands around them were into producing. This is what set them apart from the Beatles and helped them to stay with each other unlike the Beatles that broke apart because of their differences with each other. However, during their stay as a band together, Lennon and McCartney produced some of the most amazing music the world has ever heard. intense lyrics with words that flowed like rhyme and rhythm along with in depth thinking gone into the making and stringing of each and every word together. The lyrics were mature and a product of the unconscious and daring mind of John Lennon mostly as he put together his artistic sense of profoundness and gave the world something new to utter on their lips. Paul McCartney has been termed to be a natural melodist who is able to create tunes with the most perfect harmonies ever heard by people. He has been constantly developing himself as he has gone ahead in his career, both with the band and otherwise, and has been able to… The Beatle Side of Rock The various members of the band, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison have become recognised as icons of music and peace by people as well. However, during the time the Beatles were active, so were a number of other bands and singers, trying to shoot to fame as well, with the help of their music and lyrics. Bands like Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones, as well as singer Bob Dylan were the contemporaries of the Beatles at the time. The Beatles rose to fame for a period of a decade between which they were able to produce a number of hit singles and top the charts almost all the time. They have been regarded as icons of rock that have changed the world as well as the face of music. In their initial incarnation as cheerful, wisecracking moptops, the Fab Four revolutionized the sound, style, and attitude of popular music and opened rock and roll’s doors to a tidal wave of British rock acts. Their initial impact would have been enough to establish the Beatles as one of their era’s most influential cultural forces, but they didn’t stop there. The Beatles have been able to establish themselves all over the world in the name of rock music and peace. They have been portrayed a number of times in films, art work as well as music composed by other singers and bands and have been greatly perceived by most of the world. There are several differences that lie between them and bands like the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin as discussed within the purview of this paper.

Technology Social Media Social Apps Music

MixPod is a music application that lets you create and embed your own playlist on Facebook profile. Music selection can be viewed at the MixPod site where you can choose among a large number of playlist styles. This also requires a MixPod account to set-up, thus you have to create one ( Challenge is a very popular music trivia application to have almost 3.4 million monthly users who are active. It is one of the best ways to put your knowledge of music into a challenge. This will let you and the other players answer the trivia of identifying the song based on the audio player ( Band is another famous music application tool in Facebook that is promotional in nature. It aims to enhance your page in Facebook providing information about gig schedules, mailing lists, music sales and analytics who are listening and sharing your uploaded tunes ( Song is a simple yet effective music application that helps you find and share music easily. It allows the users to search, listen and share tracks. If the track exists in Grooveshark database, the users can post it to their profile and share it with their friends ( is powered by Grooveshark’s P2P music sharing service which offers the users an enormous library of the song to choose from which can be shared through is another famous music application for Twitter users that allows you to connect to your twitter account and let you recreate your page to store your playlists, background, and avatar through an OAuth.

In the decade of 1970 women’s fashion trend reveals there had a strong intertwined relationship with political events and socia

Fashion and design changed from being an elite group associated culture, but developed to incorporate the different age groups and genders for nations’ population. The designers had to put an extra effort in their artistic and designed works, so that they could come up with appealing styles and produce more for the vast population within their nations, and across their boundaries where the demand existed. It was a spontaneous thing to do for the growing markets in America, Europe and British among others. Some designers could not keep up with the current trend of the time, others had to lose some of their authenticity and adjust to the new changes, while for other designers, it gave them an opportunity for entering the industry and popularizing their new ideas works. Fashion boosted women careers and confidence in their new changing roles in official positions and politics, gave feminists more vigor, played a key role in opposition towards the governments and their operations, influenced by music (hippies, punk and rock) and social cultures. Fashion and Women in Politics The period after the 1960s saw women venture in politics and official positions in the government. … Power clothes for women that expressed their new absorption and ability to perform in different careers that had been attached to masculininity became the new fashion, and career guide embraced by most working women at the time and later in the 80s (Hill 123). The power suit was the great design of the period that was tailored into different looks to distinguish it from the men’s suit style and looks. The variations of the power suits either with the men like pants or the ladies skirts as well as the make in different colors made the outfit even more diverse, and acceptable for women in high demand markets. The professional look was promoted by the influencing fashion that saw women dress in designer blazers and pants, official jackets and skits sets among other lines of power suits as designed by Karl Lagerfield (Fashion It demonstrated equality in work places and power opinion for the working women in their careers. While seeking their rights, liberation, and being free from male supremacy in their societies, the women’s movements in the 1970s gave an opportunity for women to dress in fashionable pants designed for women, as way of sending a political and social message to change the oppressive social structure and enhance equality. According to Coen, the 1970s second wave of feminism greatly contributed to power suit acceptance as female wear, with the suits exaggerating women’s shoulders, skirts and trousers worn with relaxed jackets indicated how women intended to climb the ladder of success and how their presences was a force to be reckoned ( The famous designs of Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) can demonstrate more with his influential work in

Religion Spirituality and Leadership class

However, there is much more to this inspirational performer, that goes beyond his gifts as a musician, but, also, as a strong supporter of activism, spirituality, and leadership and encouraged people do be active, bring about equality, and being grateful, as well as, positive, in the life that you have and all of the things that you do. What made Bob Marley so inspirational that his legacy, like his music, has survived long after him? Why did people perceive him as a potential leader of men? Much of what made the much of Bob Marley’s work so insightful is that he relied heavily on his spirituality. Marley was a Rastafarian. This religion is considered to be quite young. It was founded in Jamaica in the 1930s. The faith centers around a single god figure, called Jah. The ideology of Rastafarians is a very much its own faith, with elements of Christianity and elements of eastern meditation based faith mixed together. They incorporate into their ritual and ceremony drumming, chanting, the regular smoking of marijuana, and meditation. They abstain from alcohol and, very often, meat, particularly pork. They seek greater spiritual awareness and rely heavily on inner reflection as a mean of self and world understandings. Bob Marley was uniquely capable of fusing his spirituality into something that could inspire others to his cause. That said, he already had a very powerful tool for leading others spiritually. What makes a strong leader to begin with? Most experts today are in agreement that patriarchal styles of leadership will, ultimately, be unsuccessful. In fact, there may only be two, potential, outcomes from any form of patriarchal leadership.…one is submission, the other is rebellion.(Rebick, 2009) The kinds of leaders with the greatest chance of successfully inspiring those they lead are, often, spiritual leaders. Leaders with a strong spiritual element in goals and message grant higher meaning to the intentions to their words. Giving meaning is the surest way to motivate human beings. (Wheatley, 2005) People are, more likely, to do something if it matters, more so that if they are simply ordered to. Having meaning in your tasks keeps people motivated and focused. That said, this is probably one of the most important qualities of any leader. being able to keep people unified in a cause or course of action is paramount. Service-leadership is a leadership aspect that is, also, a wonderful way to motivate people, because it provides the ideals of doing for others even when there is no benefit to oneself. (Spears, 1995) Bob Marley was able to take his spiritual message and incorporate with the

Wizard of Oz Better as Book or Film

However, this seeming recent trend actually has a long history. Examples of this exist as far back as the beginning of the film industry with Hollywood’s early interpretation of Tennyson’s poem Enoch Arden in 1911. Unfortunately, film representations such as this struggle desperately to provide an accurate recreation of text originally presented in novel form. The many fans of the Harry Potter series are fully aware that film, while interesting and entertaining in its ability to bring out certain elements of the story that might have been missed in the reading, can never duplicate the full depth and artistry of the novel. Yet translating book to film is not always fully detractive. Sometimes, film can add artistic elements that may or may not help to inform the meanings intended within the book. Because more recent films are able to dazzle with amazing special effects and digital imagery, it is better to compare a film of the past which was more limited to simply telling the story. To illustrate the differences between film and novel, then, it is helpful to compare something like Victor Fleming’s 1939 filmic rendition of Frank L. Baum’s novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz both in terms of medium and zeitgeist of the age in which each were made. Numerous differences exist between the film and the novel, many of which can be said to be minor but which also tend to generalize significant details of the book. Clearly, the film is limited in its ability to tell the story because of time constraints. While the novel could be as long as it needed to be to properly tell the story, the film is limited to two or three hours at most before it starts losing the interest of the audience. It is for this reason that the more specific details of the book are lost within the film. However, the film adds additional components such as sound in the form of music and voice. This creates a stronger emotional draw than just reading the words. Throughout the film, the actors are also able to provide a greater sense of personality as they carry thoughts and emotions through facial expressions and actions rather than simply in narration. Some changes were made purely as part of the zeitgeist and change of medium, such as changing the silver slippers from the book to ruby red slippers for the film. This change was made to take advantage of the new color film technology that was then being introduced in Hollywood and used as a distinguishing feature between Kansas and Oz. Changes in wording, such as transitioning from the Tin Woodsman found in the novel to Tinman in the film are reflective of the changes in language that took place between 1900 England and 1937 America. However, even such a small change causes the story to lose some of the artistic wordplay present in the book. While these are all small changes, larger changes are also present. In both presentations, book and novel, the story begins in a gray and drab Kansas, but this depiction is quite different between the two mediums, again reflecting changing zeitgeist. In the book, Dorothy and her family are quite isolated to the point that Dorothy can see nothing but the great gray prairie on every side. Not a tree nor a house broke the broad sweep of flat country that reached to the edge of the sky in all directions (1-2). In the film, Dorothy is not quite as isolated as she is first seen making her way home from school along a dirt road on which she is able to interact with several other members of her community. Dorothy’s house has also been changed from the simple four walls, a floor and a roof described in the book to a comfortable frame house in the film in which Dorothy has her own room indicating the family exists in a comfortable middle class

CW1 &amp

CW3Reggae has always been associated with Rastafarianism, a culture where people wear dreadlocks hair covered with woollen hats in green, gold and red colours (Blake, 1997). Origin of Reggae Most of reggae’s original versions can be found in Mento, Ska and Rocky Steady. Reggae changed the original traditional patterns when they allowed guitar to play off-beat chords, while the bass guitar played melodic patterns (Waters, 1985). Music in the society was used to explain to the rest of the world the oppressions that the citizens were going through. The extreme pressures of lack of jobs, good houses and political unrest was becoming a menace at Kingston. This made many Rastafarians and singers to get into Rastafarianism as a way of escaping from the injustices that were being experienced in the society. Popular artists such as the wailers, Burning Spear, Bob (Andy), Gregory Isaacs, Culture and Marcia (Griffiths), became popular during this era and they all turned into Rastafarianism as a way of life (Knight Martnez-Vergne, 2005). Reggae music had also an impact to the politics of Jamaica. The opposition leader at one time spoke of how the message in the music is interwoven with politics and it’s a good avenue where information can be passed from one generation to another. Thus music and politics cannot be separated. Since reggae evolved in the 60’s, it has become among the most listened to music genres as the culture that is contained in it is really appreciated. Bob Marley and the Wailers are the biggest sellers of the gene ever and their hit Exodus was voted the best and most influential album of the twentieth century. Musicians and groups such as. Black Uhuru, Gregory Isaacs, UB40, Maxi Priest, Shabba Ranks, Super Cat Shaggy, Buju Banton, Chaka Demus Pliers, Beenie, Bounty, Sean Paul, TOK among others are the most influential artists that are spreading the music genre to many generations. They have earned a lot of cash and fame globally, an aspect that was not imagined to ever happen in the world of music (Longhurst, 2007). Impacts of Reggae in modern society The modern society is full of many social, political and economic issues. Music plays a greater role in spreading important information about what happens in any given societies. Gospel music, spreads the good news of God, patriotic songs talks about the love of one’s country, reggae music too has a message to pass to the rest of the world. Main themes that are found in most reggae songs are equality, justice, poverty, marriage, sex, drugs politics, religion among other many types of themes that the music spreads all over the world. It has been liked by most international audiences who views most African culture as being rich and of important lessons to their day to day lives (Potter, 1988). For a better understanding of the themes and message that the music brings forth, it is important to closely examine an artist who is commonly recognised as the father of reggae and Rastafarianism in Jamaica. The music of the late Bob Nesta Marley who introduced reggae music to international perspectives can be termed to combine a feel good of rhythm with militant call for justice and freedom from oppression. He was born in Jamaica’s countryside, but later moved to at a young age to Trench Town, Kingston, one of Jamaica’s most hopeless towns that one could imagine of living in. He abandoned school and left

Jazz by Toni Morrison

Jazz by Toni Morrison Symbolism is one of the defining features of the novel Jazz by Toni Morrison. Throughout the complex and fascinating plot, symbols recur with frequency leading us from one dramatic chapter to the next and creating an important consistency. Morrison is a master at developing these symbols Throughout the novel, the musical form of jazz itself is an important symbol. It stands in for the improvisational quality of African American experience during this period. Life, Morrison shows, is chaotic and does not always make immediate sense. Nor does jazz music which is often made up as it goes along. The steamy, melodrama of many of Morrison’s scenes and the interplay of love, violence, and sadness are also represented in jazz music which is such a powerful unifier. We especially see the relationship between Dorcas and Joe played out in this improvisational manner. The time in which this story is set—1920s Harlem—is key to the symbolism of the jazz music. This was a period of great change not only in the history of New York and the United States, but in the lives of African Americans. They were beginning to come into their own in a cultural sense. Jazz was to be one of their first and most successful cultural products. It revolutionized the way people thought of music and it also showed that musical talent, however chaotic, was inherent. You didn’t need to be from Vienna to be a good musician. So jazz was a symbol in the sense that it represented a cultural aspiration for African Americans, much as rap music may do so today for many young African American men. Overall, Jazz is a fascinating novel with a great deal of symbolism. Its main symbol is that of jazz music that appears throughout the story. It united the narrative and gives the book a timeless feel.

Rumi The art of loving

Ancient and medieval Persians are credited with having made a great contribution to modern day literature. Much of their literature is in verse as they had great love for poetry. Any Persian scholar, whether in literature or even metaphysics, medicine or science was expected to have sound literary knowledge and skill in poetry and was supposed to be able to write in verse form. Many of the works of these gifted literary icons continue to have as large an impact as when they were written, hundreds oif years ago. Many lovers of poetry concur that the middle ages Persian poet Jalaluddin Rumi is one of the greatest mystical poets of his time and of all time. His poems come in different literary styles such as odes, eulogies and quatrains. Many scholars who study the nature of Rumi’s poetry come to a conclusion that his teachings are universal and ecumenical. Unlike many literary figures of his time, the poet was convinced that religion was a personal experience that was not limited to logic. The open-mindedness of the poet makes his poems a great read. Rumi ably verbalizes the personality and personal growth and development of an individual in a manner that is clear and direct. His failure to offend anyone in his poetry is evident that even today, Rumi’s poems are read, recited and quoted everywhere. from churches to mosques to synagogues and even in music performances. In addition, his emphasis on the dignity of human life and bold approach to contemporary issues make him appeal greatly to many lovers of literature. The Art of Living Rumi visualizes love as the basis of existence. as the fuel that propels the engine of life. His poetry looks in depth the various purposes of love in life and comes to the conclusion that it is the source of sustainable joy, immense compassion, mystery and creativity. The book Rumi: The Art of Loving is an anthology of Rumi’s poems. It is an original translation of the poetry and hence not much is lost in the translation. The book is divided into two basic Parts. The first part, Messenger from the Sun, looks into the poet’s life while the second, The Path of Love in the Ocean of Life, gives the poet’s vision and thought. The reader therefore gets the ability to understand the context of the poetry better. The second part has 145 quatrains of Rumi which are broadly categorized into 12 chapters each of which is based on a different theme. The first chapter, On the Pain and Joy of Longing, looks in depth the pains that individuals go through in their daily lives. It also looks into the power of longing and the extremes that one may go for love and longing. The passion at which the poet expresses his ideas makes the chapter powerful and attractive. It is a chapter that generally brings out the general theme of the book. The Search. Who Am I? is the second chapter in the second part of the book. It aids the reader in self awareness and appreciation of self. Hough written hundreds of years back, the reader easily identifies with the setting of these poems and appreciates the fact that personality issues affecting people have been similar throughout history. The other chapters on the book are equally moving The Beloved’s Face is a collection of love poems as is Die to Yourself. The Art of Living gives the reader the reasons to appreciate life and the skills on how to live it. It portrays life as simple or complex as the liver would want to make it. It takes a peep into the challenges that many face in the living and different results of tackling the same differently. The subsequent chapters Night Secrets, Water of Life, Fire of Love, Unity and Union and Peaceful Mind look into different issues in everyday life and the poet’s take on the same. The poems are written in a unique Oriental style that makes the book especially interesting to a reader used to Western Poetry. The poems are a selection and translation of authenticated Persian edition of Jalaluddin Rumi’

Bonnie Raitt as a Part of the US Boom Generation

In 1945, the number was 2.8 million births. it marked the beginning of the Baby Boom. In 1946, the first year of the Baby Boom, new births in the U.S. skyrocketed to 3.47 million births!A contributing article on further detailed that new births continued to grow throughout the 1940s and 1950s, leading to a peak in the late 1950s with 4.3 million births in 1957 and 1961. (There was a dip to 4.2 million births in 1958) By the mid-sixties, the birth rate began to slowly fall. In 1964 (the final year of the Baby Boom), 4 million babies were born in the U.S. and 1965, there was a significant drop to 3.76 million births. From 1965 on, there was a plunge in the number of births to a low of 3.14 million births in 1973, lower than any year’s births since 1945!The Boom Generation produced children that would one day become leaders throughout their respective fields and leave long-lasting impacts among all who they have come across. Such examples of these people include George W. Bush and Bonnie Raitt. Bonnie Raitt was born November 8 1949 in Burbank, California, and raised in Los Angeles, in a climate of respect for the arts, Quaker traditions, and a commitment to social activism. The daughter of John Raitt, a famous Broadway star who featured in productions of ‘Carousel’, ‘Oklahoma!’ and ‘The Pajama Game’, and Marge Goddard, a skilled pianist and singer, she was exposed to music from a very young age. As such, she took up playing guitar at the age of eight, when she received one as a Christmas present. (, Biography: Bonnie Raitt)While growing up, though passionate about music from the start, she never considered that it would play a greater role than as one of her many growing interests. In the late 60s, restless in Los Angeles, she moved east to Cambridge, Massachusetts. As a Harvard/Radcliffe student majoring in Social Relations and African Studies, she attended classes and immersed herself in the city’s turbulent cultural and political activities.

How Classical Music Infulence Human Lives

Most homes had at least a musical instrument that was played with lesser or greater skill. Concerts were big events and the people who liked attending them were mostly the rich ones. The pieces prepared for the concerts were longer since people were merely dying to listen to the music. The people could not miss the concerts and wait to pick the cds from music stores the following day. A story is told of J.S. Bach who walked several miles to listen to a performance by a great organist called Buxtehude. Symphonies structured into works of many movements exposed listeners to a variety of intellectual experiences and moods. Music involving dance invited listeners to enjoy. Concerts were great events and these works were not performed all at the same time as they are these days. Originally, symphony movements were separated by other kinds of performances or pieces of music altogether. Today, the cultural, social and aesthetic realities are very different. The time constraints, needs and music availability are all different. One can easily turn of or change what they are listening to literally at any time of the day or night. There is need for a totally different approach. The music of today is neither worse nor better, but rather fits this place and time in history. Fortunately, there is always great classical works to return to for inspiration and pleasure. What’s the Connection between Classical Music and People’s Lives? Classical music has attracted varying perspectives worldwide. During the times of Bach and Mozart, classical music flourished, but today some people, especially the young, perceived it as boring and old fashioned. However, they are missing out since this music is beneficial for the human body and brain. Classical music makes humans… This essay approves that classical music continually developed and evolved from the time of Mozart and Beethoven. It is not about to stagnate anytime soon, but it is continually pushing the sound and music boundaries. Other genres are on constant influence by the advancements in classical music. For instance, Stockhausen’s music greatly influenced the Beatles. Many contemporary composers of jazz have employed freedoms and techniques that originated from classical music. Modern classical music has had influence on pop, rock and other genres of music. Rather than blocking the creative ability of contemporary musicians, classical music fertilises and enriches it. The music provides the tools necessary in innovation of other kinds of music. Out of this kind of music come many innovations like the twelve tone method and the ubiquitous staff notation system.This report makes a conclusion that regardless of whether or not one is classical music fan, he/she can always find something that inspires. It could be a specific piece of music, the music of specific composer, the passion and power of musicians performing collectively in perfect harmony or the heartbreaking drama of a particular opera. One can find his/her connection to this kind of music by listening with an open mind. A listener can also perform classical music. Several schools have orchestras and bands. Some cities have municipal bands or youth orchestras. Classical music is the backbone of music, although nowadays people do not appear to really appreciate or enjoy it as they should. People lose out on the benefits the music has on the human body. They need to embrace change and attempt new things, and they could realize that they love classical music. Classical music is among the oldest and most-loved music genres of all times, which can make people smarter.

Women interviews

However, as women grow older the purpose of their life becomes different. More so, that the life of women becomes interesting and intriguing when one looks at the life of other women in other countries. As a woman myself, it is interesting to know how other people were successful in living their life through their goals and outlook which is one of the essence of this paper. To have an in depth understanding of women’s life, an interview was conducted involving eight women aged 22, between 28 and 30, 50 and 54 from Syria, Kuwait and Bahrain in the Middle East. Although, they come from the same continent, they differ in backgrounds, religion, and ethnicity. My respondents are all from the Arab countries not far from my own background to make the questioning process easier owing to the fact that I can relate to them and I know how questions are thrown and done. The gathering of data was guided with prepared questionnaires revolving on the experiences of each respondent across their life span. The strategy employed was through phone and email interviews. Content Interviewee # 1, Amani, is a descent of a Kuwaiti father and a Ukranian mother. She is 22 years old and during the interview, she was located in Kuwait. She is single with a steady date. Because of her inclination to music, she is very good in playing piano and now enjoys being a pianist. Her talent and interest is not confined in that aspect alone but also had extended in sport making her a swimmer. Amani was my old time acquaintance during our high school days as we both attended the same school together. Considering the distance, interviewee # 1 was interviewed through email. The following are the responses of interviewee # 1 on the required and additional questions. 1. Tell me about yourself? Response: Right now, I work in a restaurant however it is on a part time basis. I am a student from Kuwait University majoring in Architecture. 2. What are the things your parents told you about being a woman? Response: My dad told me when I was still a young girl to dress appropriately at all times, always wearing the veil and having long sleeves or better yet the Abaya attire. My dad further reminded me to conform to the culture of my country regarding womanhood. 3. What are the most important issue facing women in our society? Response: I think, it has something to do with choosing our partners in life. This is an issue in my belief because in my culture, parents have to interfere with whom you are going to marry and not according to the dictate of your heart and will. 4. Additional questions: In your opinion, why do you think women mature faster than men? Response: I believe, it is because women give birth while men do not. Giving birth makes the body a year older because you give your nutrients to your baby while in uteru. Moreover, it is likely that a woman is subjected to stress of becoming a parent since she does all the caring of the children, caring for a husband, and keeping the house. 5. What are the qualities you look for in a man? Response: I am more concern on the mutual love and understanding. I care less on what the person has but care more on the personality of the person. Man is human with feelings. Summary I observed that interviewee # 1 has an independent thinking unique to a Kuwaiti woman and has the courage to stand on it specifically in her answer in number 5 where she followed her heart and not the dictate of her culture. The norm in Kuwaiti culture is to be in relationship with a man having a higher salary. This makes the life of most women in Arab countries more difficult. Women who find themselves caught to be involved with men belonging to the lower echelon of the

Narrative Exploring Being an African American

I belong to the African American group. As far as my status within the American society is concerned, I belong to the middle class as I am neither poor nor rich. In terms of my religious identity, I am a Christian who has firm belief in God and Jesus. In relation to my existence in the society, I want to be a good citizen as well as a good human being and all the values attached with a good human being are taught to me by my parents and my African American identity. I am fully aware that I live in a society that is multicultural and multilingual in which, people from different lands are accommodated. Being a part of such a society is a privilege in its own self. I am proud to be a part of such a society where I can enjoy equal rights and equal opportunities towards success. In my group, I find quite loving people who try to take care of each other. I am an African American and I am proud of it. Being an African American in my point of view is a blessing as I belong to a land that is regarded Holy by Orthodox Christians because of its being a Custodian of the Holy Ark of the covenant. My origin’s city Lalibela, which is located in Ethiopia, has a wide number of Ethiopian Orthodox Christians…. All those who have adopted this land as their own after leaving Africa are known as African Americans. I have an origin in Ethiopia, which is also called the Horn of Africa. Ethiopia is one of those lands that are not colonized historically. It is land of palm trees, high mountains and lots of sunshine. We have our own traditional dishes, music and gestures to please people such as we prepare a great recipe called injera, which is a sauce made of either meat, ground grains, beans or vegetables with plenty of spices. Similarly, our traditional music is wide in range such as Amharic and Tigrigna music, R and B, pop, mezmur (Gospel), and Hip Hop. We have our own festivals and events to celebrate in which, we feel pleasure to participate.We as a group believe in family life and continue being in families as through this custom of living together, we can share each other’s happiness and worries and we can help our fellow group members as we understand them better than any other person belonging to any other group. We love each other and give respect to our fellow group members and all other people around us and we also try to accommodate other people interested to share our experiences and customs. I as a Christian teach my children to be a good Christian by following all the duties of religion and by obeying the commands of the religion. My parents also taught me to be a good human being first and then be a good Christian. I follow my parents’ teaching and have transferred my acquired knowledge to my children. African American origin has enriched my being as a person who is related to people who are caring and loving and who try to help people with their good manners and care. They are usually good Christians and try to follow what is advised

Palettes of Sight and Sound The Auteurist Aesthetic in Vertigo and The Magnificent Ambersons

Both have influenced generations of filmmakers with the idea that film can be as expressive as painting or literature. Hitchcock’s Vertigo and Welles’ The Magnificent Ambersons are notable examples of how a director can affect a film’s style and tone. Welles’ painter’s sensibility and Hitchcock’s feel for shape, angles and architecture make Ambersons and Vertigo two of the most unique and artistically enriching films the genre has to offer. ‘Vertigo’ – Alfred Hitchcock No director has combined the formalist elements to create an impression of intangible mystery quite like Alfred Hitchcock. Music, lighting, mise-en-scene, even graphic elements and special effects all combine to create extraordinarily atmospheric effects that merge the best of the film noir, mystery and horror traditions. Vertigo is considered by many the apex of the Hitchcock canon, a masterpiece of mood and ambience that eschews traditional elements of narrative and suspense two-thirds through the film in favor of impressionistic representations of vulnerability and death (Cook, 1981). Hitchcock’s predilection for symmetry in form as well as function hovers over the story. A kindred symmetry of formal elements leading finally to dissonance and dissolution is enacted in Vertigo’s narrative line: in the way its action doubles back upon itself, constructing and deconstructing its own discourse on matters of similarity and Name 2 difference, innocence and guilt, past and present, illusion and reality (Gottlieb and Brookhouse, 2002). Hitchcock meshes a characteristically taut storyline with suggestive imagery that evokes what Gottlieb and Brookhouse call an uncanny feel, the manifestation of a story that hangs just on the edge of believability (2002). Scottie moves within a darkened world, ensnared in a web of diabolical deceit that appears to have no rhyme or reason until revealed late in the story. Scottie is a helpless victim of his own vulnerability as well as the machinations of Gavin Elster and his doppelganger female accomplice. The persistent themes of height and of falling reinforce Scottie’s vulnerability and the impression that he is a hapless dupe, a feature that is entirely within the tradition of Hitchcock’s wrongly oppressed or unjustly accused protagonists. Vertigo’s power lies in the feeling of the unknown manifesting itself in the life of a uniquely prone hero. In one of the film’s most eerie scenes, Hitchcock takes us to the Redwood forest, symbolic of a mysterious and distant past that lies beyond our ability to fully comprehend. Here, Madeline appears to disappear, wraithlike, leaving us to wonder for a moment if she was simply a product of our imaginations, or of Scottie’s. The ominous music and dark setting leave us feeling, if only briefly, that the story may be completely illusory as we lose sight of Madeline. Hitchcock’s unique visual form immerses us in something that we seem to recognize and yet remains something we can never truly know. Vertigo pulls us into a world of longing and fear even in seemingly innocuous scenes, such as that in which Elster convinces Scottie to follow his wife. A wealthy shipping tycoon, Elster holds confers with Scottie amid a web of industrial buildings and machines, a spider Name 3 spinning a web he knows will tempt and easily ensnare Scottie. Vertigo evinces Hitchcock’s fascination with architecture and the geometric quality of buildings, and with the ways in which shapes and angles can augment dramatic effect. The old house (McKittrick Hotel) to which Madeline leads Scottie establishes that Scottie has been led

Innovation and Tradition in French Music since 1920

The various elements which began to be incorporated into this style worked with new sounds and methodologies of the works while adding in a sense of innovation that broke from the musical traditions of the past. French Music in the 1920s The importance of Les Six in the 1920s of France was important not only because of the changes in classical music. There were also attempts to express the political and social changes that were occurring within France and at a global level. France was currently experiencing the political movements of revolution and war, specifically which began to emerge in the late 1800s. The time period which led to more experimentation was after World War I. The general ideology of those that were in France during this time was based on finding a sense of freedom from the past of politics with an understanding of the complexities from the suffering of war as well as the new philosophies based on freedom. This led to the exploratory nature of the music and the new expressions which showed the modern complexity of the time. The war, as well as the corruptions in politics was then able to guide in new philosophies and ideologies into a sense of modernism1. With the changes in politics, were also alterations in identity among the French culture. This was based on the ideas of nationalism, specifically which expressed a new ideology by understanding that France needed to regain an identity outside of the wars that were being fought. The ideal of patriotism of France, as well as the identity of changing the cultural aspects that were associated with France became the main objectives. This was combined with the concept of modernity, specifically which came from the growth of the industrial era. France created an ideology of identity based on moving into innovation and modernity, as well as placing this around the pride for the country. The reflection in the music was then based on the ideals of innovation and experimentation that could represent the new French style2. Background of Les Six Les Six began to develop in 1917, with the leader of the group, Jean Cocteau. This French composer took the names from the Russian and German movements which were also interested in experimentation and innovation. However, the ideals moved against the other experimentation aspects, such as from Richard Wagner. The individuals who made this group included Georges Auric, Louis Durey, Arthur Honegger, Darius Milhaud, Francis Poulenc and Germaine Taillefaire. It was noted that the importance of this group was based not only on the ideal of composition with a rebellion of other types of music. More important, there was a creation of commercial advertising and an understanding that the music made would be French and for those interested in creating a specialized type of music that represented the nation3. The basics of Les Six not only were based on the six individuals who held specific relationships to the music and what was occurring. There was also a direct association with the outside influences, which the group began to accept or reject as a part of their works. The first way in which this was done was through the outside influences and theories that began to enter Paris as it became a world – renowned place for travel. The World fair of 1894 as well as the fluctuation of individuals visiting the region from around the world began to move those interested in music into new theories. American, Russian and German influences were three of the strongest areas which began

Live Musical Performances Jason Mraz and Kelly Clarkson

The attitude of the audience was characterized by a loose spirit and good vibes which made the show even more appealing and distinct. Because many of the tracks were directed towards the more personal side of an individual, many of those who were watching were captured by the verses. Thus, the concert was able to successfully stir up favorable responses from the audience, including myself. Because the live performance was set up in an open venue, this added a more carefree and laidback feeling to the performers and the audience as well. they were also very open and receptive of the songs. Positive impressions were sure to be gathered from the concert goers along with fresh memories that could last a lifetime. The outdoor venue was beneficial in such a way that it could attract more attendees as it could accommodate more attendees. on the other hand, I think an indoor venue could be more useful as it could provide both the performers and the audience with the benefit of being protected from weather-related elements or other issues that could have a negative effect on performances in outdoor venues. The concert of Jason Mraz also exemplified a situation wherein trash removal and restrooms were an issue for some people that I have observed. if an indoor venue was selected for this performance, there will be fewer or no issues on the facilities. Nonetheless, majority of the audience, including myself, was more positively influenced by the actual music performance which evoked positive feelings and impressions among us. Another performance that I have been to was that of Kelly Clarkson that clearly expressed her strong personality and robust voice. The song arrangements were primarily comprised of string instruments, the… Live Musical Performances: Jason Mraz and Kelly ClarksonThe use of the horns was also demonstrated particularly through the songs from his We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things album. Majority of the songs were guitar-driven. for example, the song Details in the Fabric was played acoustic and although it had a slow pace, the performance of the song just moved along without becoming dull or boring. Other songs, such as the Dynamo of Volition, were delivered in a poppy and upbeat manner that reminded me of the tracks written in his first album. Actually, I observed that most of the tracks performed during the concert were interrelated with each other in such a way that their lyrics and rhythm created a balance among these songs. The artist’s cover of Summer Breeze expressed Jason’s sentimental and light rock appeal that spurred the crowd, especially the female members of the audience. Although the songs she performed had similar themes or meanings, Kelly and her group found a way to not make the arrangements sound too predictable or alike to each other. Songs from her previous albums, including Since U Been Gone, You Found Me, and Walk Away kept many of the audience members expecting for more hits while tracks from her latest album, such as Already Gone and All I Ever Wanted increased the interest levels among the attendees, especially from the younger ones.

Shikism Whirling Dervish

Mysticism is the part of a religion that touches on the supernatural and allows the worshiper to divide themselves from their mortal existence and reach into the divine in order to commune with God. The ability for the human being to separate themselves from the human plane and touch into something of the divine defies explanation and is part of what helps to construct the idea of faith. The following paper will examine the nature of Sufism and the way in which the practice of the Whirling Dervish provides a solemn, yet celebratory experience in which the initiate is able to transcend themselves and commune with God. The paper will discuss Sufism and its origins and then explain the experience of the Whirling Dervish as the initiate and the audience participate in a ceremony of dance, music, and poetry, as well as readings from the Qu’ran that complete an experience of immense spiritual transcendence. Through the discussion of the meaning of communion with God and the capacity for reaching beyond what is mortal and human, an understanding of mysticism and the way in which it contributes to religious experience will help to define and explore the nature of human and divine connectivity. The Muslim sect of the Sufi create a wondrous example of the nature of religious mysticism. Sufism. Tariqa Qadiriyya Boutchichiyya (2003) discusses the nature of Sufism and how it developed. It is written that they were not named as a separate sect during the time of the Prophet, but that they did exist. He was their living model and created a source from which they developed their spiritual worship. The first Sufis were called Ahl As ASuffa, or ‘the people of the Bench’. They were referred to by the Prophet when it was said Restrain yourself together with those who pray to their Lord morning and evening seeking His Face. Do not turn your eyes away from them in the quest for the good things of this life. nor obey any whose heart we have made heedless of Our remembrance who follows his own lust and gives loose reign to his desires ( Qur’an Al-Khahf (The Cave, verse 28), There are connections to the word Sufi from Arabic and other languages. The first is a connection to ‘purity’. There is also a connection to the word for wool, which describes the simple garments of the Sufi, thus this might have been a short way in which to reference the group (Stoutzenberger, 2006). There are other languages, however, from which some derivation might occur. The Greek word ‘sofoy’ means ‘the wise one’ which passed into the Arabic to the word ‘faylasuf’ which means ‘philosopher’. The Arabic term ‘murabit’ refers to a fortress with a garrison, which in turn was connected to the capital city in Morocco called Rabat. The term can also be used to describe moving from city to city and staying in hostels called Ribats, much the same way an army may move. Ribats were often comprised of solitary mystics or groups of mystics that would journey this way with the intention of finding a remote and unused home area. This would then be revered to as a Ribat, which was used as a place in which shelter was given to a variety of specialists in the religious sciences, where Madrassas is an example. These Ribats were associated with the Sufis where they practiced and developed their worship (Tariqa Qadiriyya B

Impact of Developing Technology on the Retail Industry

The need for shops is increasingly becoming obsolete with the changing technological trends. Online systems have led to the creation of virtual shops that are slowly replacing conventional shopping centers. This trend is expected to increase with the future predicting a possible phase off for shops. This revolution has been experienced in several sectors, Apple was one of the corporations that championed this paradigm shift through online marketing and the use of its applications. Many record shops have been closed in the near past because of the changing patterns in buying of movies and music as initiated by Apple. Purchase of music online has become so prevalent not only in the United States and in Canada but in other countries including the underdeveloped countries. This trend is gaining popularity in the sale of books, Amazon, eBay among others continue to expand for the convenience and efficiency that they give to their customers.Competition has enhanced advancement across retail markets worldwide. Technology has been the central focus of many retail outlets. Despite the fact that most of the retailers are still on profit, their margins continue to decline. This has prompted a game-changer that has helped them keep ahead of the competition. Home Depot, a company that deals with selling household items have been able to adopt technological changes. The company developed a mobile application that not only did it enhance the customer experience but also facilitated the associates in taking inventory. The company and its customers have received this strategy with a lot of optimism. Competitiveness has also facilitated research in strategies that are predicted to enhance sales as well as increase the customer base. The pressure from the competition will force the optimization of the supply chain in order to provide a better customer experience as well as remain on a profit-making trend. The number of physical stores is expected to dramatically reduce. The so-called ‘brick and mortar’ establishments are likely to remain but technological change has to be coupled with the change. However, the change will come with a drastic reduction in these outlets. Another phenomenon expected to be coupled with the reduction in the number of stores is the reduction in their sizes. The main reason for this is the increased business online capable of enhancing the decisions to lease, facilitating merchandising plans and transforming the physical layout. With the reduction of the physical locations and the size of the premises, diversification is of great essence (Sohl, 2012). The retail market can divert its activities online as well as diversifying to the other areas of the product supply chain. In addition, they can result in offering services. Technology will facilitate the retailers to refocus on customer loyalty while enhancing closeness with the customers. Loyal customers will keep on buying fro the same retailer irrespective of the change. However, in order to facilitate their shopping experience, it is obligatory that they keep abreast with the change, even loyal customers deserve quality and efficient services. Despite being top on the retail of household items, Home Depot developed a mobile application that facilitated the customers in finding the exact location of goods in the store.

The Convergence of Two Musical Styles

The pioneers who made rock and roll popular were obviously Little Richard, Bill Haley Elvis Presley, and Buddy Holly. Elvis Presley song, Blue Suede Shoes is considered as the first rockability (rock and Roll) record. This song was available in the newer 45-RPM format. The year 1960 was the period when America and other parts of the world were introduced to the British invasion, a famous one was Beatle. Beatles took what Elvis and others created in the 1950s and made it different. In this case, a new age of rock was born. After the Beatlemania started to sing rock, other popular psychedelic and hippy bands such as The Who, The Yardbirds, the Grateful Dead and others began to rule the world. Other genres of rock began to emerge including the progressive rock-experimental with other instruments like guitar, bass, and drums which were popularized by Pink Floyd, folk rock- tradition rock songs with a blues undertone popularized by Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan, and heavy metal-which is a thick, heavy, and highly improved type of Rock popularized by Black Sabbath. The world started to witness the power rock really had on society. The song Be My Baby in 1963 was recorded with a range of instruments including guitars, multiple pianos, saxophones and horns with innovative studio mixing and over-dubbing. The 1850s is most famous for hair bands. Heavy metal bands with soaring guitar solos, insane hair, and highly leathered pants characterize this time. Amid the pioneers include Guns and Roses, Van Helen, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Motley Crue. They are best remembered for their power ballads and great guitar solos. Artist such as Divo, Talking Heads, The B52’s and Blondie, made new wave-which is a genre that originated from punk, disco, and funk, popular. An alternative rock began to emerge in the late 1980s. Various artists including U2, R.E.M, The Cure, Sonic Youth, and The Smiths mainly pioneered this. The music was very popular with college students. Honesty by Billy Joel is a piano ballad with synthesized embellishments. This song opens up with sad and tender piano chords. The early 1990s were the era of grunge and alternative rock. This opens up into other forms of rock music that best suit the audience. The most known grunge bands of the 1990s were Nirvana. This grunge music originated from Seattle, Washington, this music can be described as strong guitar riffs and dirty guitar, with distortion and feedback. Grunge had dark lyrics and expressed teenage anguish. The popular grunge and alternative bands include Nirvana, Alice in Chains, pearl jam, and Jane’s Addiction. In Metallica song, Enter Sandman three rhythm guitar tracks of the same riff being played to create a ‘wall of sound’. Alternative rock is one of the most popular and broadcasted genres of rock in the present time. The Emo, a rock subgenre has intensely emotional lyric with hardcore punk roots. Bands such as sense fail, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, From First to Last, popularized them the used and softer bands including dashboard confessional Bright Eyes described as indie. Even though indie represents independence and refers to the name of bands part of the independent record label, indie has a new meaning currently. Indie is a miscellaneous category of sorts, mainly underground and softer type of alternative rock. The popular indie bands include. the strokes, The Decembrists, Elliott Smith, The Arcade Fire, and Death cap for Cutie. Sub-genres such as the black metal, thrash metal and death metal that are very loud, aggressive and fast were reached.

Retail Management in Business Expansion

An Umbrella strategy has a number of feasible steps, specific goals, assignments and sources that are integrated to form the strategy. Business decisions can then be taken in the logical framework that is created by the Umbrella strategy. The strategy helps the firm to reach the set short and long term goals and it helps to bring the business vision of the company closer to realization. The strategy is typically executed in different phases that run sequentially, one after another. There are also different analytical levels that form a matrix with the phases. The analytical levels are more important as they give teeth to the strategy while the phases give the overall framework and steps for the strategy. The analytical levels are the formation of the company, business units and departments, and the tactical and operational aspects. The following figure illustrates the different phases of the strategy (Littler, 2008).Migros – Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund is the largest retailer in Switzerland. It operates through 12 cooperative groups and its business comprises about 580 stores including supermarkets, convenience, and department stores. The company also operates banking and insurance business, a printing and publishing concern, restaurants, music, and computer software retailing, furniture business, holiday and travel arrangements, hotel business, and gasoline tank stations. In addition, it operates other businesses across Europe. Migros operates supermarkets in France and Germany and exports products to Austria, the UK, and the US. Retailing is the company’s core activity, which is supplemented by various related and unrelated businesses. In Switzerland, the company operates across various geographical markets.

Dealing with Culture Shock

However, it is imperative for anyone who plans to travel or live in a different country to understand that they may experience some level of culture shock in those countries due to unfamiliarity with the cultural aspects of that country. This calls for a better understanding of better ways of dealing with culture shock. This paper will explore the most appropriate ways of dealing with culture shock. However, it is imperative for anyone who plans to travel or live in a different country to understand that they may experience some level of culture shock in those countries due to unfamiliarity with the cultural aspects of that country. This calls for a better understanding of better ways of dealing with culture shock. This paper will explore the most appropriate ways of dealing with culture shock. Bayraktaroglu (2002) argues that culture is one of the most valuable tools that people use for survival. Broadly speaking, culture refers to the shared beliefs and values of a particular set of persons. Aspects of culture include language, attitudes, religion, race, beliefs, way of life, food, music, thoughts, and social habits among others. Research indicates that a majority of people tends to cling to their cultures since to them. a culture is a valuable tool for survival (Marx, 2001). As such, they are not always willing to leave it for a different culture. Such people are said to suffer the effects of culture shock the most. In addition, such people also find adjusting to a different culture extremely hard due to the differences in beliefs values and the way of life. Oberg (2012) defines culture shock as the reaction that occurs when an individual enters an unfamiliar culture usually causing disorientation and nervousness. As earlier mentioned, culture shock occurs mainly due to differences in cultural beliefs, values and the way of life. It is true that a majority of people who travel or live in different countries have experienced culture shock. However, to some, such experience causes a lot of enthusiasm to the extent that they do not feel the shock at all. Nonetheless, Marx (2001) notes that a majority of those who travel to a different country tend to experience the negative effects of culture shock. The effects may include homesickness, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, frustration, and feeling of being isolated from others because of misunderstanding. Such feelings are not good for an individual at all because as much as they are psychological in nature, they have the potential impacting on the health of an individual.

10 A Firstgrade Teacher Is Working On The Development Of Rhythmic Awareness For Students In The Initial Stages


10. A first-grade teacher is working on the development of rhythmic awareness. For students in the initial stages

of learning, which materials are most useful?

A. Records with voice instructions and use it for loc-motor skills.

B. Bamboo poles and music for timikling (a dance from the Philippine Islands)

C. Rhythm sticks or other percussion instruments

D. Simple line or circle dance records


At The Same Time He Is Proposing To Change The Sales Mix To The Following

Joyful Journeys Music School provides private music lessons for elementary students.Its operating costs are


2. Joyful Journeys Music School provides private music lessons for elementary students. Its operating costs are

as follows:

Rent on facilities $2,200 per month

Advertising $274 per month

Instrument Rent $750 per month

Teaching Instruction $40 per student

Books $5 per student

Other Costs $3 per student

Joyful Journeys charges $100 per student per month.


(a) Determine the company’s break-even point in (1) number of students taught per month and (2) dollars.

(b) Joyful Journeys has just received notice that the rent on their facilities will be increasing by $500 per month and the instrument rent will also be increasing $20 per month. (1) Determine the company’s break-even point in the number of students taught per month based on the new information. (2) Determine the amount to charge per student assuming that Joyful Journeys does not increase the number of students taught.

3. The Eatery is a restaurant in DeKalb, Illinois. It specializes in deluxe sandwiches in a moderate price range. Michael Raye, the manager of The Eatery, has determined that during the last 2 years the sales mix and contribution margin ratio of its offerings are as follows.

Percent of Contribution

Total Sales Margin Ratio

Appetizers 15% 60%

Main entrees 60% 25%

Desserts 10% 40%

Beverages 15% 80%

Michael is considering a variety of options to try to improve the profitability of the restaurant. His goal is to generate a target net income of $176,000. The company has fixed costs of $352,000 per year.


(a) Calculate the total restaurant sales and the sales of each product line that would be necessary to achieve the desired target net income.

(b)Michael believes the restaurant could greatly improve its profitability by reducing the complexity and selling price of its entrees to increase the number of clients that it serves. It would then more heavily market its appetizers and beverages. He is proposing to reduce the contribution margin ratio on the main entrees to 10% by dropping the average selling price and increasing the contribution margin ratio on desserts to 50% by reducing costs. He envisions an expansion of the restaurant that would increase fixed costs by 50%. At the same time, he is proposing to change the sales mix to the following.

Percent of Contribution

Mango Inc Headquartered In Carlsbad California Designs Manufactures And Markets Mobile Communication And


Mango Inc., headquartered in Carlsbad, California, designs, manufactures, and markets mobile communication and

media devices, personal computers, and portable digital music players and sells a variety of related software and services.

Assume that the following transactions (in millions) occurred during the next fiscal year (ending on September 29, 2018):

  1. Borrowed $40 from banks due in two years.
  2. Purchased additional investments for $210 cash; one-fifth were long term and the rest were short term.
  3. Purchased property, plant, and equipment; paid $12,000 in cash and signed a short-term note for 1,420
  4. Issued additional shares of common stock for $855 in cash; total par value was $1 and the rest was in excess of par value.
  5. Sold short-term investments costing $10,050 for $10,050 cash.
  6. Declared $46 in dividends to be paid at the beginning of the next fiscal year.


For each of the activities (a)-(f), indicate whether the activity is (1) investing or financing and (2) the direction and amount of the effect on cash flows (+ for increases; − for decreases). (If the activity does not affect the statement of cash flows, select No Effect. Enter your answer in millions.)

(a) Borrowed from banks

(b) Purchased investments

(c) Purchased property, plant, and equipment

(d) Issued additional stock

(e) Sold short-term investments

(f) Declared dividends

Financial Accounting

Analyze One Listening Example From This Week’S Course Materials In Terms Of Instrumentation Question Ullianalyze One Listening Example From This Week’S Course Materials In Terms Of Instrumentation (Categories Including Voices) Texture (Monophonic Homophonic Polyphonic Antiphonic) Rhythm/Meter (Rubato Metrical Which Meter Tempo Changes) Melodylyric Relationships (Melismatic Syllabic Ornamented Highlow) And Structure

ulgtltligtAnalyze one listening example from this week’s course materials in terms of Instrumentation


ulliAnalyze one listening example from this week’s course materials in terms of Instrumentation

(categories, including voices), Texture (monophonic, homophonic, polyphonic, anti-phonic), Rhythm/meter (rubato, metrical, which meter, tempo changes), Melody-lyric relationships (melismatic, syllabic, ornamented, high-low) and Structure. If there are distinct sections, how are they recognized?/li/ul


Which Of The Following Is Not True?A The Arrangement Of The Environment Can Influence How


Which of the following is NOT true?

A. The arrangement of the environment can influence how

easy it is for infants to communicate back and fourth a with adults

B. Because songs expose children to language, playing music in the background most of the time is a good way to encourage language understanding and use

C. as children learn language, they are building a foundation for later literacy skills

D. experience with books and print in the environment is an important aspect of helping infants starts on path of emergent literacy

E. Both C and D

Which of the following is NOT true?

A. when infants express a need a prompt responses from an adult teaches children the power of their communications

B. supporting language development also require carefully teaching children to master grammar and rules that guide communication

C. combining words along with nonverbal communication can really make a difference in children growing ability to understand and use language

D. when infants and toddlers initiate communication they have a clear purpose in mind


1 Define What Is Meant By Institutions And Explain The Three Pillars That Support Institutions Then


1. Define what is meant by institutions and explain the three pillars that support institutions. Then

explain how institutions reduce uncertainty for businesses.


2. Describe the differences between the three types of economies. Which type of economy applies to most of the countries in the world and why?


3. First, read the following article and second after you finish reading the article answer these questions (try to see piracy from the point of view of the creator of the music, movie etc.) What harm does piracy of IPR cause? What might be the long-term outcome to artists and consumers of being unable to protect IPR? What suggestion do you have to solve the piracy problem?

Copyright Piracy and the Entertainment Industries: Is the Effect Massive or Negligible?



Celebrity Study

Celebrities are characterised by fame, influence and in some cases financial success (Weber, 2014: 100). Inspiration personalities have huge audiences and it is the strategic reason businesses that seek to promote their brands have in the recent past involved them in advertisements. People understandably pay much attention on what celebrities do both fans and haters. As a matter of fact, music, from time immemorial, has been an essential part of human life. Artists who consistently produced high-quality music that attracted a wide audience in the society have gone down in history not only as celebrities but as ‘stars’ and legends. Evidently, Michael Jackson was a music legend whose life was a blessing to many people. This paper seeks to evaluate Michael Jackson as a celebrity and as a case study and comprehensively explore various social elements with regard to his life and contributions while counter-comparing this with theoretical frameworks to come up with an argument supported by practical examples.
Michael Jackson is a name that most people can recognise, whether young or old. Similarly, both men and women identify MJ as he is popularly known for his exhaustively lived 50 years. He was born in August 1958 and died 50 years later in June, 2009. He is famous for his influence in the pop music and dancing styles that have since been embraced. Michael Jackson climbed to become an international figure due to his dedicated work in the music industry. He had an enormous contribution in the arena of music and dance that made the world recognise him sincerely. Apparently, Jackson was born in a family that had a thing with music as he had several siblings sing along with him in what was known as Jackson 5. He did his career music in the year 1964 and about four decades late, the name Michael Jackson was known in every cranny of the society. He became an epitome of pop music. Even after his death, he

Music Appreciation (concert report)

2, "Air" from Orchestra Suite No.3 in D Major, BWV 1068, Serenade for strings in C Major, Op. 48, Serenade No. 13 in G Major, KV 525, “Eine klein Nachtmusik”, and Concerto No. 4 in F minor, Op.8, RV 297, “L’inverno”. The composers of the pieces are Gustav Holst, J. S. Bach, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, W. A. Mozart, and Antonio Vivaldi respectively.
W. A. Mozart composed this piece on 10th August 1787. He was a prominent writer who composed many songs in Italian but composed this one in his native German. This probably suggests that it must be a personal piece. This is one of the finest copies that he wrote as special- occasion music. He composed these works mainly for princely or wedding ceremonies for wealthy merchants. The piece has four movements, which includes Allegro, Romanza, Menuetto and Rondo.
This piece is a string quartet as it is a chamber that consists of first and second violins, viola and cello. The string orchestra performs it. It consists of four movements, which makes the concert appealing to the audience. The various movements take different forms to express different themes hence developing a sense of variety. Repetition of exposition with the subjects that are in the same key is conventional. The texture of the piece is polyphonic since it is a combination of both monophonic and homophonic.
The melody of the piece is satisfying since the notes keep on changing depending on the moods that the various movements express. The composer develops the piece by beginning with a D major, touching on C main and returns to G crucial for recapitulation. A crucial key dominates the four movements of the piece which modulate from one key to another.
The piece does not have a beat that one can tap the foot to it. The reason is that different movements have different beats. A triple beat, however, dominates the piece. It is not much rhythmic in comparison with the other pieces due to the changes that take place for every movement.
The dynamics

Cultures of Participation A Treatise on Genealogy Discourse Power and Globalisation Introduction

The underground movement and contemporary trends that are a part of marginalized cultures all use the knowledge base of popular culture and globalization to re-identify specific ideologies and to emerge contrasting values. The focus of this specific research study will be to identify the current trends with the underground culture as a marginalized culture as well as how the arts are continuing to express the identity of those in society. The knowledge base that is created through the artistic expressions has led to a sub – culture which creates identity and new trends within society that challenge the political powers and globalization as an establishment in contemporary times.
Changes in culture and interventions that oppose the alterations in the economy and political forces are relevant to creating social forces in society. The ability to use culture of music, film and other expressions as a way of expressing and stating different concepts is able to object to the other forces that are within society. The force of culture and the participation of various types of expression become essential in terms of creating a new discourse on society. The examination of how underground cultures, such as alternative music and film, begin to affect and change counter movements in society is one that is based on alternative expressions and growth. More important, the investigation of different types of cultures creates a deeper understanding of how societal changes and expressions affect other aspects of society.
There are several time periods in history that have noted counter movements in culture, all which have changed the focus within society. The concept of culture is one that begins with the individual and the beliefs which are achieved at a personal level. This leads into social movements that pertain to different groups which either accept or reject the popular notions within society. The culture that is created is one that either

Departures (2008)

1250 Departures (2008) Departures (2008) Departures, a 2008 drama film, was directed by a Japanese by the of Yojiro Takita. The filmrevolves around family, love, discovery, and hope. Daigo Kobayashi worked as a devoted cellist in a band or an orchestra that was dissolved leaving him jobless. This prompted him to go back to his home town of Sakata accompanied by his wife by the name of Mika mostly to look for employment. He finds a classified that was titled “Departures” with the impression that it may be the job entailed travel agencies only to discover that it involved preparing dead bodies for burial when he showed up for the interview which was completed after he was asked one question. whether he would work hard. His boss at this new job was Sasaki, who acted more forcefully towards Daigo when he showed up for the interview. He first lied to his wife about the job who later discovered and despised the job. While almost all people despised the job, Daigo took pride in his work and perfected the profession acting as a gatekeeper between the deceased and their families. The film follows a profound but comical journey as Daigo uncovers the joy, the wonder, and the absolute meaning of life, family and love. The music in this film is balanced. Here, the music balances with the tones of the actors and balanced with the scene being depicted. In addition, the sound effects were also in accordance with the mood of the scene. The overall sound track was analytical in that it had details that could take the audience in an instantaneous mood according to the intended mood of the scene. Overall, the editing of the film was carefully done to bring the intended view and perception for the audience.

Analyse the marketing strategies used by Starbucks

By the end of 2008, Starbucks had 16,680 stores, over 11,000 if which are in United States.
The range of products provided by starbucks is growing on regular basis. It currently sells brewed coffees, espresso and espresso based drinks, frappuccinos, different varieties of tea, ice creams and other hot and cold drinks. Starbucks also sells different types of snacks, including sandwiches at some of their stores. There are also mugs and other merchandize for sale at some of their stores.
Starbucks entertainment is also a very important part of their stores. it provide latest books, magazines and music albums to its customers in their selected stores. Starbucks stores are also connected with wireless internet facilities, so the customer can also enjoy free internet connection on his portable computer while enjoying his coffee.
Starbuck is part of the “Special eateries and Catering services industry” and is catering for the leisure sector (Hoover’s online). This is a well established industry and is relatively stable. It fits within the largest population segment of disposable income spending on food and beverages.
Steady growth in this industry has resulted in many new companies entering the competition. There are relatively few political influences and the industry is little effected by the small changes in the social and technological factors if the environment. Economic environment was solid but due to the current depression the situation is currently subdued. But according to the current requirement of convenience the demand of eating out has suffered relatively less, and the food service industry is growing steadily.
Political influence that most concern this industry is the government imposed changes in the minimum wages of the employees. Special eateries and catering services usually are able to easily train their employees to perform their jobs


History Propaganda The African-American Civil Rights Movement of the mid-1900s was not exclusively about the leadership of Rev.Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Music played a crucial part too. One factor of this projection is that African Americans used music as a way of articulating factors of their culture and the Civil Rights Movement (Reed 4). A growing socio-cultural framework dominated the mid-1900s wherein in blacks made music to voice their demands.
Voicing demands was the second way the African American Civil Rights Movement reached a white-dominated government (Reed 14). For instance, when nonviolent demonstrators gathered around Washington in 1960, they sang songs of freedom. This is also the reason African American music is considered the official “soundtrack” of the African-American Civil Rights Movement.
Thirdly, African-American churches were grounds and sources for participants of the movement to gather, pray, and sing. These songs were composed under the same church conditions. Clearly, religion influenced the type of songs the movement used for demonstration and driving their demands across (Reed 29). Songs composed from churches tackled themes about deliverance, faith, redemption, and liberation. A majority of these songs slowly adapted new meanings within the movement in an effort to address issues of social change and struggle.
Fourthly, the African-American civil-rights movement used music to conjure resistance. For instance, the renowned activist song “We Shall Not Be Moved” was challenging because of its rebellious theme even though it supported a strong idea of nonaggression (Reed 34). Discrimination of European Americans against African Americans used the African American community as a display on which to project suppressed feelings and ways of life, particularly gender and aggression.
Work Cited
Reed, T.V. Art of Protest: Culture and Activism from the Civil Rights Movement to the Streets of Seattle. Minnesota: University Of Minnesota Press. Print.

4 Short anwser for beyonce HBR

First Sur Mission ment It is not through our independence and freedom to produce content from inside our company that makes us exclusive and unique in the production industry. Our company combines active collaboration with big firms in the world, maintenance of exceptional content quality, strategic media releases, and maximization of the use of social media in realizing goals. Coupled with the element of speed in production and services spiced with variety and exceptional creativity, the company desires to transform the world’s music industry, using its unique workforce to set apart and elevate the company to the next competitive generation.
Provide a chance for uplifting marketing collaboration in all areas of entertainment for the fans seeking the best quality production in the entertainment industry through the reporting of positive news in entertainment, fashion and art as well as fresh experience in live social events.
Executive Summary of Marketing and Distribution Plan
Parkwood Company plans to use its independence in assembling able teams that can execute decisions precisely. The company uses its strategic placement in the American music industry to form joint ventures with some of the big recording firms in the world such as the Columbia Records. This makes the fans want to feel the unique piece and talent display emanating from a dual origin. The company uses brand partnership and makes use of sponsors in promoting her content. Additionally, the company organizes strategic launches through the assistance of big communication companies like Apple. This strategy draws many fans to like Beyoncé’s music and videos on the go. In addition, the intensive use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and others draws a good portion of the public attention.
Consistency of the Marketing and Distribution Plan with New Trends and
Competitive Strategy
The approach used by Parkwood Entertainment Company is in line with the contemporary trends and competitive strategies. Just as other entertainment fans embrace collaboration in marketing, the firm maximizes in the strategy through engaging some of the world’s best corporations such as Pepsi and Apple to establish a significant competitive advantage. In addition, Beyoncé’s capitalizes on the online social network marketing which draws the useful and youthful fans whose loyalty cannot waiver easily. This marketing trend conforms to the dominant online marketing that currently gives a competitive edge to (Krstic and Becic 118).
Work Cited
Krstic, Ivan, and Sonja Becic. Implementation of Marketing Strategy: Factor Of Competitive Advantage.&nbsp.Marketing&nbsp.42.2 (2011): 118-126. Web.

Development of Arab Film

Development of Arab film
Reasons for cinema decline in Arab after 1970s
Hammond cites cultural diversity, political instability and poverty as the primary reasons for the decline of Arab cinema. The cultural and ideologies of Islam religion challenged directors and filmmaker in Arab world from creating aliterary work that was against Islam teaching. Arab world faced political stability because nations such as Egypt were still going to civilization after World War II. The diversity of the culture was defined by people who had legitimate Islamic origin and the non-islands who were looked down upon by the natives.
Views about effect of Islam on Arab cinema
Shafik holds the view that Islamic prohibited the depiction of creatures such as man and beast because they carried a soul (p. 48). However, the Quran does not have instructions on the subject giving Arab cinema creators a chance to come up with pieces that include man and beast character. The cinema producers are prohibited by Islam from using images that are works of Satan. The minor religious objection led to the development of film in Arab.
Role of symbolism in Arab films and extent to which its use is influenced by western films
Symbolism is used to develop relations between characters and the plot of the films. Traditional Arab culture did not recognize symbolism in both fine arts and literary genres such as classical poetry ( Shafik61).Lack of symbolism recognition in Arab films then paved way for western film influence. The films began to integrate symbols into Arab’s literary creations. The process brought meaning to symbols used in Arab fills that would depend on different elements to fix images. The influence of western films came in to teach the directors how to come up with symbols with unambiguous statements.
Major forms/elements of popular theatre in Arab films
The major forms or elements of popular theatre in Arab films include performers, audience, director, theatre space, design elements, and dramatic action personified in text. The elements were initially developed by the activities of the actors, actresses and directors who combined effort to create plays with public appeal. For instance, a play such as Kish Kishbey was adapted for film but the play was a success due to combined effort of the stars (Shafik72). The films were directed for Arab and international audience after World War II. The dramatic actions, design elements and arrangement of theatre space were influenced by elements of European theatre
Reasons why music played a role in the development of Arab cinema
Music played a significant role in the development of Arab cinema because it was one form of export that producers could use to sell music beyond local borders (Shafik 107)music was used by cinema producers to relate with the local audience. The producers did not want to come up with pieces that would appear as Hollywood variations. The music in the films gave Arab films a distinct identity to both Arab and international audience. In addition, music perpetuated the popular Arab culture of connecting songs and language. The connection resulted in vocal interpretation in films and became a commercial mechanism for Arab cinemas.
Work Cited
Shafik, Viola. Arab Cinema. Cairo: American University in Cairo Press, 1998. Print.

PhysicianAssisted Suicide for Alzheimer Patients

Alzheimer Patients "vs" Physician Assisted Suicide
Approximately three and two thirds millions of individuals are suffering from the Alzheimer Disease (AD), which considerably accounts and comprises of approximately half the cases of adult dementia in America. In order to help the Alzheimer patients have a good ending, various controls, among PAS, are popular for this purpose. Physicians as Jack Kevorkian’s support it completely (Knickerbocker, 2011). However, there are alternatives to PAS, since most people and patients strongly criticize it as a method of helping patients kill themselves. I concentrate on four alternatives, which include, pain control, hospice care, terminal sedation and palliative care.
There are alternatives to physician-assisted suicide for Alzheimer patients and dementia victims. One of them is palliative care. However, some opinion polls indicate support for PAS when it is administered only as a relief for a dying patient under extreme pain. Besides, Americans prefer an alternative such as ensuring control of pain and offering compassionate care for such Alzheimer patients, not helping them to die (Rhymes et al). Moreover, this preference is firmer among the patients of Alzheimer. A past study found out that numerous patients under pain preferred palliative care to PAS more than the public who also support palliative care. Masses still prefer pain relief and palliative care more than euthanasia or PAS though the latter method is not as popular as the PAS. This is because PAS underplays proper pain management practices. This therefore disputes Jack Kevorkian’s suicide assisted demise (Knickerbocker, 2011).
Secondly, hospice care is yet another option for patients with Alzheimer ailment. This is a method that has increasingly been seen as an end of life choice for individuals with this deadly disease. Furthermore, this alternative applies activities such as pet therapy which offers reassurance and compassionate care for them. Additionally, the patients can be read to or listen to music, which is believed to elicit long forgotten emotion, regardless of the fact that they may not be apt to communicate effectively. However, some aspects of hospice care may seem not to effectively help patients with serious dementia (Rhymes et al). For instance, counselling at the end of life may not be effectual for those patients with communication drawbacks.
Thirdly, patients with Alzheimer disease may make a decision to undergo pain control procedures disputed to the renowned PAS that Jack Kevorkian endorses as the best method of helping Alzheimer patients. Besides, pain is underrated and difficult to reduce in Alzheimer patients under dementia. Therefore, pain control aims at. at least reducing the pain than terminating it through PAS (Knickerbocker, 2011). This regards the fact that these patients are unable to describe, talk or rate pain. Additionally, the identification and treatment of pain becomes dependent on caregiver ability to recognize non-verbal signs of pain. Therefore, clinicians assess and respectively report pain at every contact with their patient. This is recurrent and helps control the pain that the patient experiences.
The fourth alternative to PAS for patients with Alzheimer dementia is terminal sedation. This method has received criticism that it is just an alternative form of PAS. However, apparently, most physicians no longer find PAS to be an effective medical necessity for patients fighting this deadly ailment and that the solution to that quandary would be terminal sedation. To physicians and ethicists, there is a distinction between denying a patient fluids and food and giving pain relief to the patient to the point of terminally sedating a patient to consciousness when they have suffered too much. This helps them to die in comfort, to evade the pain (Rhymes et al).

Knickerbocker, B. (2011). Jack Kevorkian drove the debate on physician-assisted suicide. Retrieved from Rhymes J. A, et al. Good care of dying patients: the alternative to physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia. J Am Geriatr Soc 1995.43:553-62.

What impact has the evolution of social media had on our society in regards to the products we buy and how we receive information

Impact of the Evolution of Social Media Social media have moved from the status of a “buzz word” to a strategic tool for communication. More people in the society are acquiring skills in relation to this way of communicating online. Social media have become an important factor in the day to day activities. It is extensively used in advertising, public relations industries, political campaigning, and other several areas in the society (Al-deen and Hendricks 4). This essay will discuss the basic elements of social media. It will also discuss the impact of the evolution of social media in the society. These impacts are in regard to the products bought and how information is received.Consequently, it will discuss the influence that social media has on the decisions that people make.
The elements of social media are digital objects. They vary in sizes and are of different types. Twitter post also known as tweets have a limitation of up to 40 characters, while email messages are only a few lines of a few paragraphs in length. The variation in sizes causes dramatic patterns of interaction.MediaWiki, gives support to six levels of headers and automatically generates a table of contents, easing the creation of large pages. Social media have developed around a significant kind of a digital object. These objects include You Tube videos, Flickr photos, bookmarks at delicious, books on Amazon, music or podcast at iTunes, TV shows at Hulu, and people at facebook.Tweet at twitter, messages at discussion forums or email lists, pages at Wikipedia, products at eBay, presentations at Slide Share, 3D objects in Second life, and career professionals at LinkedIn are also some of the digital objects (Hansen, Shneiderman and Smith 15).
Social media provide avenues for people to take part in presenting their identity themselves (Al-deen and Hendricks 4).There is a great difference between online social interactions and one on one interaction in offline social networks. They offer avenues for expressing minimal restrictions. Those, that use online social networks, can give their views and ideas quite freely than in conversing one on one. The internet has improved buying and purchase power and reduced costs, reduced the barriers to enter markets, increased competition on a globally and reduced intermediation. The Internet has made every company regardless of its location easy to enter the competitive market. The internet has made it easy and less costly to advertise and for various firms to connect with their suppliers and customers (Muller 2).Users go to social media to seek information, share information and experiences. These exchanges of information and experiences between different people who could be consumers of certain products, raises a likelihood of people recommending products to others and hence making it popular. This in turn increases the sales of the said products. Social media have greatly enhanced the way people think and how they act and make decisions.

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Film Analysis and Breakdown

The filming is a spectacular mix of close up and panoramic shots that encapsulate life before and after the Hurricane. No shot is wasted during the opening sequence, as the view is taken on a journey through two different time periods.
Documentaries are often designed to elicit emotion and to tell a story. This opening sequence certainly accomplishes this aim. While there is nothing spoken, the music tells the story. There are great editing features employed here that cut between the massive flooding that occurred when the levees broke, yet we are then cut back to an earlier time when the area was beautiful and life was good. This editing technique provides a comparison and contrast that make the film effective in communicating its intended message. The music itself appears to be carefully chosen as well. Rather than shifting its message and tone, the jazz played during the opening sequence is a consistent representation and reminder of what the Gulf Region was, and hopes to once again become.
Finally, the opening sequence has a cut in action that takes us to the present time to begin telling the story that forms the foundation of the film. Two images truly dissolve into one another as the region of old and the region of today is meshed together to pain a vivid picture in the mind of the viewer. That opening sequence is designed to serve as the introduction to a story. It captivates the viewer and leaves them wanting to know more. That is the essence of a good

Google’s elibrary

Four fair use factors affiliation Fair use factors Fair use is an "affirmative defense to what would otherwise be an infringing act,such as reproducing a copyright work 17 U.S.C &amp. 107 (200). Campbell. Acuff-rose Music, Inc (1985). People think Google should be punished for scanning these books without authors’ permission, while others believe that it should consider the law of fair use as Crews (1993) points out "fair use doctrine helps to prevent the copyright owners exclusive right from interfering with the frames stated purpose of the promotion of learning" as cited in Cohen, 2001, p. 170). Google has to satisfy each criteria of the fair use four factors test. There are four factors to scanning or copying books according to the fair use principle.
Fair use is the most significant limitation on the copyright holders exclusive rights (United States Copyright Office, 2010, para. 1). “The four factors are: the purpose and character of the use, the nature of the copyrighted work, the amount and substantiality of the portion used and the effect to the use on the potential market Value of the Work (Hanratty, 2005).”
The first factor is about the purpose of copying commercial or educational purpose. Google says that it is not making profit from scanning. therefore, it is not commercial making profit by advertising. "Google also gave a copy to the library and allows authors to chose if they want their books scanned or not. For example Google also has this option policy where by the copyright holder can select not to get his/her book digitized" (Prasad and Agarwala. 2008.258). In order not to cause any effect or harm in commercial benefit therefore Google project will provide snippets only Moreover, Google will share the digitals copies for all libraries. Merely "coping a book into a digital format would not be deemed transformative because all that Google is changing in the medium print to digital see Kirkwood, 150 F.3d at 108, n.2."
The law states that whether the use is for non-profitable or commercial nature, this analysis should be taken into consideration. In circumstances where the analysis is for business purposes, presumption deliberates in contradiction to fair use. Practically, the court has found that commerciality is of no significant use to determine fair use. This can be attributed to the commercialization of secondary sources of copyright materials inclusive of the legal preamble. The root of this inquiry is to note whether the users profit by exploiting the copyrighted material devoid of customary price payment.
The offset of the commercial aspect of the use character is determined by whether or not the use is transformative. This transformative use changes or adds the copyrighted work to give it a new meaning, message, and expression. For this reason, the more the work is transformative, the more there will be a shift in the balance to fair use, and something new must be created from the transformation. Thus in this analysis the commercial factor deliberates against Google due to its nature of copying books to enhance its service value to their customers and selling of advertisement space that is similar to the copyrighted work (HANRATTY, 2005).
The second factor is the nature of the copyrighted bookwork. There are two types, which are factual work and creative work "the more creative the expression embodied in a work, the more likely a copy will not be fair use" cabbell. Acuff-rose Music, Inc. 510 U.S. 569,586 (1994). Google does not allow users to copy or scan the entire book. it only displays the bibliographic information that makes finding books easier for people. On the other hand "copyright office is preparing recommendation to Congress on how to address the orphan works problem- how to enable uses of works whose owners cannot be identified and/or located" (Band, 2006).
In this analysis, the more the manifestation of creativeness undergoes personification in the work, the higher the chances that the copy of the work will not be fair use. Additionally, the copyright system is meant to provide monopoly to authors thus providing an encouragement to create. Congruently, by replicating the facts, as well as the factual elements of creative works, there is a more likelihood of it being fair use. Additionally, whether work is published is also an important characteristic. Additionally, in the parody, even pure original uses can be fair. In this analysis, Google creates exact duplicates of works, some of which will blend unique fact and expression while others will be pure original expression. As a result, Google fails to show some accepted fair use reason and thus this factor will weigh against Google.
The third factor refers to the quantity and the quality, how much scanning can harm the market. Google only scan the entire books that depending of the type of the book and just displays part of it. "in the context of internet searching engines, there are two cases in which reproduction and archiving of the entirety of copyrighted content found on web sites have been deemed a fair use" (Kelly v. Arriba soft, 336 f.3d 816, 822 (2003).
Making of duplicates that are not significant in their dimensions might prevent fair use if the copy captures the work’s essence substantively. On one end of the spectrum, copying the whole work might prevent the finding of fair use. Typically, when an individual replicates the whole work and uses it for its creative purpose with no added benefits to the public, the fair use policy is inapplicable. As well, a copy of a completely original work can be still fair use in the right conditions. In Google case, investigations of sustainability and amount appear to deliberate besides a fair use finding. Google is replicating books in their totality thus preventing fair use unless justifying factors are found. For this reason, by observing Google in this light, this analysis weighs in favor of fair use.
Last but the least the fourth factor is the effect of copyright project in the market “it encompasses within its fold not only the existing and potential market of the work but also its derivatives" (Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc. 464 U.S 417 (1984). The above-mentioned factors are most important and critical for Google’s e-library project, because with the help or understand of the mentioned factor Google will be able to identify whether this project goes under fair use or not.
In the analysis of fair use, this factor is considered to be the single most significant. It relates to the result that the possibly infringing use has on the prospective market for, or the importance of, the copyrighted work. Markets considered are the existing ones and any potential market for the derivative or original works creators might license others to develop or improve themselves.
Furthermore, usage that substitutes for original is not considered as fair use since it affects the market for the original. Thus, making consumers turn away from the original. This factor does not comprise only the loss of value: even though the use makes the proprietor of the copyright gain, this factor can still weigh against fair use. For this reason, the appropriate query is not on the effect of Google’s project in the market but also the impact on the market if there were myriad websites carrying out the same service. Lastly, due to the grouping of incredible grasp of Google’s project and the amount of copyright holders harmed by the project. Moreover, with the fact that Google is a for-profit company that generates revenue from this venture, it appears the project is commercial and affects the copyright holder’s potential licensing rights. As a result, this factor would deliberate against a finding of fair use.
Hanratty, E. (2005). Google Library: Beyond Fair Use? Duke Law &amp. Technology Review, 1- 18.

Music Contract Negotiations and Publishing

Music publishers have diverse roles such as working on a creative entity with the songwriters in composing of new songs, enforcing as well as protecting copyrights, seeking licensees for the song, entering into arrangements with regard to licensing, and collecting as well as disbursing the income among others. Just as the songwriters, copyright laws, and collecting societies have changed, advancements in technology has changed ways in which music publishers operate. It has led to enlargement of potential sources of profit, making the industry lucrative and at the same time complex (Biederman 2007). Therefore, this essay discusses in length on the role of music publishers, the history as well as the changes in the music publishing industry, and how publishers can realize their future potential.
Music publishers play an essential role in ensuring that the career of songwriters is successful. Whether or not songwriters are establishing their name or developing talents, publishers are invaluable to them since they guarantee that they are protected and their songs are not exploited. To some extent, music publishers facilitate earning prospects for songwriters and artists whose professions are not lucrative. Although most of the artists do not have ownership rights, one of the key components in the relationship between publishers and songwriters is the division as far as copyright ownership is concerned. This means that the more services the publisher offers such as licensing and being creative, the more ownership they have. Over the years, music publishers have made tremendous improvement in the music industry. They ensure successful synch licensing, demo recording and exemplary creativity. For instant, the Kobalt music Group is an independent publisher that has advanced technological systems that has redefined the industry. Although it does not have ownership of copyrights, it incorporates innovative elements

Does different music tempos affect the arithmetic and writing performance of college students

A quick observation of students in campus, especially during exams periods paints a picture of students with headphones on while writing a paper or reading a book. Most often, the music tunes that they might be listening to usually range from slow, lyrical, instrumental, to dance, heavy metal, or loud music. Over the years a lot of debates have been initiated with regards to whether or not studying while listening to music was disadvantageous or beneficial. however, none of those debates have been able to yield any definite answer. is a given tempo of music more distracting than others? Is music in general a distraction to learner?
Numerous researches have been conducted in this regard, specifically, to test whether different music tempos or different types of music have some impact on student’s cognitive performance, such as writing, memory, arithmetic, and comprehension. For instance, a study by Furnham &amp. Stephenson (2007) found that lullaby-like, or soft music had the effect of improving people’s cognitive ability and that high tempo or more upbeat music has the effect of decreasing people’s cognitive ability. In that research by Furnham and Stephenson (2007), 118 elementary level students were given four different tasks, which entailed free recall, mental arithmetic, reading comprehension, and verbal reasoning, to complete. The results suggested that students listening to less upbeat or soft music performed better than the students who were listening to high tempo music. Thus, the study concluded that students perform tasks better when listening to relaxing, soft music such as low tempo classical music. These findings cloud possibly be explained by the fact that calming, soft music relaxed the participants and assisted them in calming their nerves. The slow tempo, relaxing, and calming music was not more of a distracter as the high tempo, upbeat music. it did not interfere with the

It’s the Law or is it

Just because internet technology is available doesn’t mean we have a right to it The invention of internet technology has immensely revolutionized information technology in the contemporary society. The internet has numerous informative materials that help in carrying out enquiries in any aspect of life like political, social, technological, and cultural. Online materials are easily accessed by people all over the world so long as there is a computer and internet connection. The online materials may be educational or artistic in nature, and constitutes the original work of other people and as such should be respected. The fact that the materials are readily available does not give people the right to use them as they want. There exist set rules and laws that are useful in curbing the misuse of other people’s work found in the web. The paper will briefly explore copyright laws governing internet information and the penalties for contravening them. There are numerous laws and regulations governing the use of internet information, but the paper will particularly look at copyright laws. In 1998, the then United States president Bill Clinton signed the digital millennium copyright Act (Scott). The act provides guidelines that should be adhered to by the users of the internet when accessing other people’s work that may include, music and intellectual work among others. Further, Scott documents that some of the copyright laws and regulations include: fair use, unauthorized access and copying, file sharing and liability. Let us examine liability. As stipulated in the copyright Act, one is not allowed to produce and distribute unauthorized copies from the internet. In the event that production is to be done, consent of the producer is supposed to be sought. Failure to do the same amounts to a breach of the law and the offender is liable for the legal consequences. When the breach occurs, the plaintiff can sue the actual offender or the internet service provider in a court of law. The complainant is also at liberty to seek an injunction from the court (Lesley). The purpose of the injunction is to prevent the offender from continual violation of the copyright rights. Lesley further documents that the copyright holder has the right to seek compensation from the offender in the court in form of monetary or statutory damages. The court of law is charged with the responsibility of establishing the guilt or innocence of the accused. If one is found guilty of violation the copyright act, he or she must take criminal responsibility. The violation can attract a fine of up to $ 500,000 or five years imprisonment for first offenders (Lesley). Note that penalties for copyright Act violations are stiffer for subsequent offenders. The internet is a very vital tool for intellectual empowerment and entertainment but that does not mean that people can use the information the way they want. Great caution should be taken by the users and the service provides to ensure that copyright laws, and other laws and regulations governing online information are strictly adhered to. This is important not only to be safe from the severe penalties, but also to enhance talents and personal development of the copyright right holders. The laws and regulations that govern the online information are available, but many people seem to be ignorant about them. Ignorance cannot be used in a court of law as a defense whatsoever. hence internet users should use the technology to understand legal and illegal practices when using online information. The copyright right holders and authorities do not have the capacity to speedily and efficiently follow up on those breaching the internet information laws. More still needs to be done on sensitization and enforcement.
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Charater profile

Character Profile: Meaning of Nick Age: Sex: birth: Place of birth: Occupation: Work place/ of Qualification:
Current location:
Type of Hair:
Hair colour:
Body built:
Skin tone:
Quality of voice:
Predominant features:
Distinguishing marks:
Overall attractiveness:
Favourite dress (style, colours)
Description of home:
Currently living with:
Dominant character trait:
Childhood hero:
First memory:
Most important childhood memory:
Dream job:
Name of best friend:
Other friends:
Enemies and why:
What kind of person are you?
Sense of humour:
Favourite quote:
Philosophy of life:
Strong points:
Weak points:
Favourite cuisine:
Favourite movie:
Most prized possession:
Mode of transportation:
Favourite car:
Favourite sport:
Most favourite colour:
Least favourite colour:
Favourite Music:
What things can you do to make your writing more insightful? Be specific.
While writing you should make sure that the titles and headings are catchy, so that you grab the attention of your reader. Always try to come up with something new and interesting , try to write about the things on which only few people have written in past. Come up with new and interesting ideas, keep your thoughts organized and always proceed in a step wise manner so that your readers do not get confused .It should be written in clear wording and in an easily understandable language.
"Good writers are generous to their readers”. Why is this true statement?
Indeed, good writers are generous as they deliver a great deal of knowledge to you just through a single story or article which they might have gathered in weeks or months. They always share their thoughts which enhance your thinking ability too. This is really a great generosity to share your piece of works with other so that everyone gets benefitted.

Cross Cultural Trends

Art trends Art trends Introduction The list of five trends and art forms that have originated in another country and diffused into American culture are Dadaism, impressionism, Harlem renaissance, neoclassical painting and expressionism.
Dadaism reached United States in the 1950s but originally came from Europe as reaction to World War I and a movement to reject any form of structure and rationality in art. It sought the free form and more egalitarian approach in art. It also sought to break away from the traditional art and make an art out of everyday things (Smithsonian, nd).
Impressionism also came from France and also came into being as a departure from the rigor of rules of academic painting. Artists from the United States who studied and stayed in France such as Mary Cassatt brought the Impressionist art in the United States in the 1860s where it was readily accepted (Arthistory, nd)
Harlem Renaissance on the other hand is an art movement led by Langston Hughes in the United States during the civil rights movement that aimed to promote Afro American art and literature. It included paintings, drawings, music poem that included the works of Langston Hughes (Hughes, nd) which is now integrated in the American culture particularly among the Afro-American population.
NeoClassical art also known as the academic approach in painting originating in Greece and Rome where the strict rules of order and reason in rendering the art is followed (, nd). This approach originated in Europe but was later adopted not only in the United States but elsewhere in the world due to its methodological approach and beauty in rendering art.
Expressionism is the use of light and shapes in forming artworks in a variety of color came to United States from Europe and eventually became a part of its mainstream art.
One of the trends/art forms that has directly affected me is Dadaism. Dadaism has affected me because it widened my perspective in art. Through Dadaism, I realized that everything around us can become objects of art if we are creative enough to transform them
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Study case questions

The "Blurred Lines" Lawsuit: Study Questions Q The discussion between the Gayes and the Sony music company is a good example of a Negotiation ADR. In Negotiation method, the parties enter into a discussion on their will without the involvement of a third party. In this case, for example, Gaye turned down Sonys offer. One of the reasons as to why Gayes rejected this offer could be that they anticipated a much better compensation from the judges verdict should the case proceed to trial.
Q.2: Although the California constitution guarantees the right to a jury trial, parties in the "Blurred Lines" suit would not bring the issue to the jury because the matter in question is equitable. The right to a jury trial in the declaratory judgment is only available to legal titles. However, the issue of copyrights in this case falls under equitable titles.
Q.3: In the lawsuit of the "Blurred Lines", California Courts have both personal and subject matter jurisdiction. Firstly, both the complainant and defendant reside and operate businesses in California the court. therefore, the court has powers over the two parties. In addition, the court has jurisdiction over the claim since the petitioner applied for a declaration under the copyright Act.
Q.3: At the beginning of the counterclaim, the parties had sought for a jury trial. Jury trial at that juncture was appropriate to clear the contested facts, saving the cost of going into a full trial.
Q4: If I were the Gayes, I would request the defendant to supply the written lyrics that were done in the initial stages of compiling the song ahead of the recording. I would also ask for the names of some of the people who were close to the defendant during the period within which the song was compiled. Such witness would give account of how often the defendant accessed the copyrighted song in question. Lastly, I would request for a witness from the recording studio where the defendants did their recording.
Q.4: In early January, 204, Sony (EM) and the Gayes entered into a negotiation ADR yet again. This time, however, the two reached a settlement and resolved their participation in the case. Parties are allowed to enter into ADR while the case is ongoing because it is in the courts and every partys best interest that the case is resolved amicably without undue waste of time and resources.
Q.5: In my opinion, the attorney had Thicke admit that he reviewed his answers to the interrogatories to add weight to Thicke’s deposition. He can use the reviewed statement to develop his case while discrediting Thicke’s self-confessed plagiarism.
Q.6: Since the motion for summary judgment was denied in the “Blurred Lines” lawsuit, Thicke and William have no option but to face the Gayes in a full trial. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, the trial is scheduled for February, 10 2015 (Lewis,
Work Cited
Lewis, Randy. “Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams lose first round in Blurred Lines case.” &nbsp.Los Angeles Times. October 30, 2014. Web. December 15, 2014.

Connections in Middle Eastern Music and Religion

The use of music in the Jewish theory made profound success as a means of attracting youths into the synagogues. This led to creation of folk, jazz and rock forms of music. Jewish women participated in music either as composers or cantors and brought new dimension on ancient view points of the Jewish religion. The role of sacred music led to greater flowering of the music theory, which had been initially thought to be immoral .Middle eastern Jewish folks majorly used the maqam system, which was Arabic classical music (Randel, 550).
(Isaacson, 185) notes that when individuals think about Jewish music, what comes into their minds are hymns, holiday songs, and prayer settings that are associated with synagogues. Modern cantors acquire their nusach in sacred music schools from 19th and 20th century cantor educators such as Katchko and Baer. Word painting was carried out by cantor, who learned different modulates, one after another. Two cantors chanting similar prayers using the same nusach created contrasting emotional responses in formation of the song. They also employed the use of Scarbova or Misinai, that meant anonymous. unattributed folk melodies. These melodies were well versed by the members of the congregation and in fact believed to descend from Moses in Mount Sinai. Scarbova Is Latin for Sacred. Songs were the essence of tradition and culture and comfort of hearing them had strong ties to the Jewish religion.
Traditionally Yiddish music was played by use of string instruments.

The Impact of Media Technologies on Child Development and Wellbeing

The impact of technology and the media on the growth and development of children remains philosophical. This explains why physicians and the rest of the society largely need to evaluate the exposure of children to the media. In the process, parents also need to offer regulation on the right age for children to use the media among them a radio, television, music, the internet, and video games. This paper aims at exploring both harmful and beneficial influences of technology and the media on the physical and mental health of children. Apart from other members of the society, the discourse identifies various ways through which physicians can counsel families and families with the aim of enhancing the appropriate use of the media and technology by children in their environments.
The developments in the media sector come from the developments in the information and communication technology. Video, television, games, mobile phones, and music, as well as the internet, continue to bring substantial changes experienced by children in the present society. In most cases, the changes find parents and guardians in addition to the society largely unprepared to handle the challenges accompanying the use of media technology (Bernard-Bonnin, 1991, p. 50). In the end, parents do not comprehend various ways and levels of regulating the use of the media by the children. Today, substantial evidence from health practitioners proofs the effects of the media on the health of children. Research across many countries including Australia and Canada shows that families prefer what media technologies provide. Educational programs offered by the media contribute a lot to the improvement of academic abilities and knowledge of children. This starts early and physicians encourage parents and guardians to introduce them to their children while they are young. Choosing programs for children makes a big difference to the knowledge and skills of children when they start schooling.

La ci darem la mano a song fro the opera Don Giovanni

An Operatic Mating Dance Analysis of La Ci Darem la Mano by Mozart In the duet, La Ci Darem La Mano, Mozart showed his mastery of musical style. He used a 2/4 time signature, creating a quick little dance rhythm. Just as birds do a mating dance, Don Giovanni uses music and poetry to seduce Zerlina (and the audience). This duet is the highlight of the opera, Don Giovanni. Don Giovanis part begins with two perfectly balanced phrases, and they are answered in kind, except that Zerlinas reply, the melody rises up a pitch at the end, creating an imbalance and signaling that she does not trust him. He replies with a louder and more forceful phrase, quite insistent. The rhythm of this duet is very much like a sophisticated minuet, and in listening, we can imagine the coquettish movements of the female dancers.
Mozart established a mood of gaiety and tryst with the accelerating tempo of the duet, even though this scene follows directly on the off stage rape of another young woman by Don Giovanni (Don Juan). The music requires a strong baritone for the male part and a female voice of strong timbre without losing the light quality required by the part of Zerlina, who may be strong and certainly quite excitable, but not “girlish”, as Zerlina, though somewhat innocent, is certainly a woman.
The melody begins on a lower register and rises in pitch to add excitement. It is structured like a finely choreographed mating dance. The strong baritone opens with a gentle invitation. Zerlina’s reply is finished off with a lovely broken chord to the higher register and then tempered with a gentle melodic finish. The bridge is a quickening exchange that picks up the tempo and includes a triple reputation for punctuation. As the tempo accelerates the singers overlap each other until they reach a climax in the music together. Once Zerlina becomes interested in Don Giovanni’s proposition, she almost turns the tables on him, quite insistent, and each phrase near the end falls in pitch and gathers strength. The trills repeat and become a melodic harmony, followed by short phrases in accelerating tempo. The vocal trills get faster and the final phrase rises and falls quickly in a musical orgasm of wonder harmony.
This is definitely one of the finest duets ever written. It almost defies classification, due to the mixture of styles and the catchy tunefulness of the melody. Some critics point out the differences in class among the characters and cite this as the reason for Mozart’s almost fusion opera.
“When we moved to the lower class characters, especially Zerlina and Masetto, we noted some very different musical characteristics. The music seemed much more evocative of dance-rhythms (much more “oom-pah” than what we heard from the nobles), and the melodies themselves, especially by Zerlina, are much more step-wise (and easier to hum along with!) than the often angular melodies of Donna Anna and Donna Elvira. The duet between Don Giovanni and Zerlina (“Là ci darem la mano”) was clearly part of this “lower class” music, yet Don Giovanni is obviously a nobleman. what’s he doing? Mozart gives Don Giovanni a remarkable aptitude in appropriating the music of those around him, including the melody of Donna Anna after he kills her father, and the peasant style of Zerlina, who can’t help but be effectually moved by his singing.” (Zbikowski, 2004)
Sources Cited
1. Brown, Stephen, January 25, 2006, What Mozart and Sid Vicious have in common, Times Online,
2. Zbikowski, Lawrence, Music 10400, Introduction to Music Analysis and Criticism. University of Chicago Department of Music, Autumn Quarter 2004,

How do MUSIC and DANCE help to define and differentiate cultural identities in contemporary Colombia In your answer remember to consider the importance of both popular and traditional music in establishing a particular type of national identity

The variations in composition are as a result of African and European influence, and more recent American and Caribbean forms of music such as Trinnidian, Cuban and Jamaican. Oral tradition is characteristic of folk music in Columbia although composers may choose to use CDs or broadsheets. However, the original type is retained even with the use of these apparatuses. Songs are used to denote a variety of annual celebrations. Other commemorative functions such as weddings, funerals or birthdays are conducted using specific songs and decor. As the country continues to expand, musicians tend to combine traditional forms with more recent secular ones making the hybrid genre lack its culture. Music authenticity is then lost and tends to be associated with the culture from which the mixed form comes from. It can be argued that traditional music has its roots before the trade era (Anderson W Campbell, 2011).
It can be defined as self- recognition or actualization that a given group of people embraces and portrays. The cultural identity of a community is reflected by the majority of people who stand out to be recognized from the minority ones with whom they share the same location and resources within that region. These groups share the same characteristics. share the same values, religion and beliefs as well as perceptions about life and death, marriage, births, children and nature. Their cultural behavior shapes their lifestyles and the way they work towards accomplishing their basic needs. On the other hand, cultural identity can be viewed as how an individual identifies with a particular culture. Culture influences an individual’s personality and how he relates with others. Identity shapes ones personal character. When one calls himself as an African, Indian, Christian or Mary, he is implying a pattern of images that are recognizable by others. Erickson asserts that all

Internet and Its Effects on Education

With the internet, it is also easier to get any information you may need. However, there are various communication options in the school set up in the given scenario and other options are more viable than the others. In the event that a school is attempting to set up a communication network, the following options are available but some have great advantages than the others. Blogs, wikis, threaded discussions, listservs, cell phones, and emails are some of the options available.

A blog is essentially an online journal or diary where one can post messages, photos, music, and video on their own mini-website. They have become very popular in recent years and are excellent for personal and up-to-date opinions and information. However, blogs cannot be used effectively for internal communication purposes by the school since they are designed to provide information about a particular person or company not for direct communication among members of staff, especially in this particular case.

Wikis are simple forms of websites that provide generalized information about any particular subject. For research purposes, they are quite helpful as they can provide information on any particular subject. However, though they are becoming popular these days, they, unfortunately, cannot be used as the official channel of communication in the school. They are used for the purpose of providing research information and other data, not for direct communication purposes.

Cell phones are very fast in terms of direct personal communication but the main disadvantage with this form of communication is the aspect of cost. The tariffs are high and exorbitant especially during peak hours which may be costly for the school to make this form of communication their official channel of communication during the business day. The cell phone would be proper and convenient to use during other periods especially when another member of the staff is away from the premises.


Law of Tort Kazim Rizvi Vicarious liability, professional negligence and contributory negligence are the two key factors that have been discussed in the issues presented here. In both the cases, Simon takes up action in order to come to a conclusion as to how he can indeed seek compensation and get remitted for the damages faced by him in the following civil cases.
Keywords: liability, negligence.
Issue 1
Simon can take up action against his Company Doctor under the rule of vicarious liability. The doctor is liable for professional negligence, and should award damages to Simon for the loss suffered by him after listening to his advice.
Simon had a dizzy neck after his car accident and had gone to see the doctor who diagnosed him of whiplash. After hearing that he has a vital presentation to present before the final of the programme, he advised Simon to return to the gym and work out through the pain. This was a wrong advice on the part of the Company doctor. After listening to his advice, he worked through the pain, and as a consequence, Simon passed out during the presentation and was taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with trapped nerves in his neck and as a consequence, was unable to appear in the finale.
Applying the rule of law laid down in the Boman Case, the Company doctor is liable for Simon passing out in the presentation and the subsequent diagnosis in the hospital. Simon would not have gone and worked out if he was not advised by his doctor to do so.
Therefore, applying the tort of professional negligence, we come to the conclusion that the Company doctor is liable for the injuries which happened subsequent to training after getting diagnosed of whiplash. Looking at the remedy available to Simon, the doctor is liable to pay for the damages which occurred after he worked out at the gym, which includes the cost of treatment for getting diagnosed at the hospital, but not the losses incurred due the failure of Simon to attend the finale.These costs must be paid by the doctor to Simon as damages for the tort he committed,. He was negligent in his services and deserves to pay a price for such inefficient and nonprofessional advice.
Issue 2
In the second issue, the case is whether Simon has a defence against the claim of the pedestrian for the damage to her laptop, her loss of book and her illness. The answer to this problem is yes Simon does have absolute defence against the claim of the pedestrian. The pedestrian was not remotely anywhere close to Simon’s responsibility of duty of care while the accident occurred. Simon does not owe her any duty of care in the first place, and subsequent to this, he was not completely negligent in his driving, but there was contributory negligence from the guy who hit him from behind and the pedestrian himself.
Contributory negligence says that if a person who is injured due to the negligent act of another, himself contributes to such a negligent act, and fails to grab the opportunity to avoid injury arising out of such negligence, then he is liable for contributory negligence.
Applying the law to the facts, we see that the pedestrian was busy listening to the music on his iPod and failed to spot Simon coming in the opposite direction. Under normal circumstances a pedestrian would have moved over, but this one failed to do that. On top of this, Simon got hit by a car from behind, and he himself faced losses due to the negligence of the pedestrian.
Therefore, we can conclude that Simon is not liable for the injury caused to the pedestrian, which in fact and law was caused by his own fault.
Work Cited
1. Donoghue v. Stevenson [1932] AC 532
2. Bolam v Friern Hospital Management Committee [1957] 1 WLR 583

Genre Gothic

All through the story, there is no evidence of natural calamities such as hunger, war or diseases that are evident in other communities. Also, the residents in this community lack the ability to see color. there is no suffering, sex music, or love. Everything in the community is controlled by "the elders" as Lowry calls them, ‘the elders control who to marry, what job on is to do and who ones receive as a child. Everyone in this specific society is like anyone else, and the each persons identity has gone the way the cassette tapes go (Hanson).
Through reading the book, it is evident that no one has ever left the area except when visiting the neighboring communities (Lowry). According to the author "getting released" is a big deal, this only happens to the sick people including the sick infants and those that break the rules. From the communitys residents point of view outside the community is ‘the worst place to be and no one would like to leave the communities perimeter.
Once one is about twelve years of age, then he or she is ready to get assigned a job (profession).During the assignment of jobs the community usually holds a very big ceremony, during the ceremony in the book Jonas watches all his friends get jobs from caretaker of the old to even recreation director, but Jonah is skipped over. The chief ‘elder and the one responsible for assigning jobs to the children, ends the ceremony and assigns Jonas the duty of being a receiver which according to the community is a great deal. Same as Jonas, the receiver before him an old man has light eyes, which as per the author. only a few people have light eyes. The author also attempts to describe Jonas family, who at the point of the story are taking care of a sick baby who does not get better and is possibly going to be released from the community (Hanson).
As a receiver Jonas needs to follow new rules assigned to him by the receiver, from the rules Jonas is not allowed to

The Purpose and Value of Music in Human History

What are your thoughts about the purpose and value of music in human history? The sound of music appeals to every sort of human emotions. Not only the Western but also Eastern countries of the world are rich in musical history. Humans are made of different emotions such as love, anger, sympathy, passion and so on. To express such emotions, people use the sound of music to convey their message to someone. Additionally, the sound of music has a natural touch that can either satisfy the needs of some particular feelings or augment a certain type of emotional appeal. In addition, the sound of music has some spiritual touch, in which people find internal peace, serenity and tranquility, and it has been an internal part of certain traditions, cultures found in Eastern countries.
In the Eastern countries, people consider music as a way to develop and grow certain emotional feelings that would bring closer them to their Lord. And, at the same time, they become softer while communicating with humans as well.
Is it important that we study history and try to understand the important lessons of the past or is our culture fascinated by history to an unhealthy degree? Explain your reasoning?
There is music in all things if men had ears (Byron, n.d).Music finds its history in both parts of the world- Eastern and Western culture. Additionally, music has been a valid component of human history throughout different ages for human growth and development.
Various reasons require studying the history of music. First, nowadays, globally, people only hear the news of killings, rape, violence, lawlessness and chaos. Humans in these times do not avail peaceful time. Second, many authors believe that the message of music is to spread peace, and harmony, not violence or hatred. Third, the music has strange but strong power to attach and bring together people belonging to different sect, caste, and color. it has unique attaching frequency, bringing people closer to one other. For example, if we go to a music program, we meet people belonging to different segments of society. On the other hand, if we go into a religious program, we hardly find such diversity.
The Sunken Cathedral by Debussy
This prelude is based on the legend city of Ys, which was engulfed in the sea. Once in a year, the city was allowed to rise out of the sea as a reminder of city. The prelude starts with the sound of music. And, slowly and gradually, it increases its sound of music, showing something is emerging. Till the point of full emergence, the sound of music keeps maintaining the same rhythm. Then, the sound of music stops for a few moments, giving some feelings that city stays above the sea for a while. And the city of Ys remain above the sea level for a few moments. Slowly and gradually, that sound of music begins to fall, providing a feel that something is decreasing or going down. The city of Ys is starting to go down into the sea. While decreasing the sound of music, it gives the feelings the city has began to drown slowly again into the sea. The sound of music maintains a very slow pace with every single step showing a declining pattern.
Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copeland
‘Fanfare for the common man ‘was one of ten fanfares commissioned by Eugene Goossens for Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in 1942 for fostering patriotic spirit during World War II. The program of music begins with the sound of music showing that something is emerging from a scene in the initial part of Aaron Copland’s patriotic song. The sound of music remains constant with the same sound, slowly and gradually, it moves with the same sound. It represents as someone has appeared. For a moment, the tune pauses in a way to show a sign of respect for someone. In the next minute, the tune maintains the same rhythm showing or praising someone for their work done. Before ending, the tune again changes its rhythm in a higher sound, thanking the war fighters for the courageous and bold role in the War against the enemy. Aggregately, this tune increases patriotic feelings for the soldiers.
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Analysis of The Race Poem by Karen Gershon

The Race The Race by Karen Gershon is, of a poetry ified within segment of literature considered as Jewish. This is typified by the theme of Jewish experience of persecution especially during the Holocaust. In ordinary circumstances, calling a poem "Jewish" or classifying it in that context maybe absurd. But the "Jewish poems" have the same situational predicament and this is reflected in Gershons poems. The Race talks about concepts of hate, death, identity and race intertwined into one tragic narrative. This theme is easily understood because they are supported by the elements of poetry employed.
Figures of speech were used to emphasize the Jewish predicament. For instance, there was the unknown body in the mass-graves as the poets and seen on every German face. The metaphors included effectively captured and conveyed deep insights and expressions of associations, emotions and circumstances. The poem is quite short: only two stanzas. But the metaphors used spoke volumes and narrated hundreds of pages of Jewish history.
Then, of course, there was the rhythm. The cadence intimated a particular pensiveness, sadness, solitude, even guilt and finally punctuated by a grim determination. What this means is that the way lines were arranged to be spoken depicted the emotion that infects the reader. One will be reminded of an uninterrupted train of thought that contained discourses of pain, reflection and resolution. The rhythm made it easy to associate The Race with the concept of music or imagery. For the former, the race would be a song associated with odes and eulogies. And as an image, it would be that of solitude captured in black and white.
Rhyming sounds and diction also depict a clear character that is identical to the concept of bareness. Words, forms and sounds were written without any embellishments. No punctuations to emphasize points and themes, no compression and so forth. This is not unlike many poems written about the Holocaust or related themes in the wider Jewish discourse. It is effective because the understated wordings and sounds underscore the chaos, the pain, the hysteria and the tragedy. In this particular poem, rhyming and diction reinforces a kind of imagery that is not literary. It is appropriately realistic, which also highlights the poems poetic sequence, which is – again – typical of Jewish poetry. The first is a personal lament of the poet. In The Race, this is the first stanza. Here, Gershon talked about her circumstance as she was overwhelmed by her ancestry and her historical reality. The next element in the sequence (realized in the second stanza) contained the reflection or vision or other versions of this concept. Gershon pondered about her life and what she can do in response to her laments.
So the poetic elements enable the reader to say that this is a Jewish poem. This is not because of the wordings that scream a Jewish writer and Jewish experience but the identity and character typical of this genre. It is ancestral but also exilic including the memories of joys, the tragedy and themes of vision caught in between them.

The Art of Science

The artist for the first time precisely recorded their mathematical observations through their graphical paintings and illustrations, which gave the people a pictorial representation that became the basis for mathematical studies.
Nineteenth-century has seen major breakthroughs in the domain of natural sciences. One of the fundamental concepts in this field is the survival of animals, which is an elementary unit of living things. On the other hand, it was for the first time in the history of arts that concept of realism came under implementation through the artwork of Audubon’s World (AAU, 2011). Artists (Shlain, Chapter 12) focused on drawing the real-life and nature images of animals, specifically, birds. portraying their observations and experiences without making alterations based on their imaginations. Realism also focused on architecture, music, dance, and literature.
Man’s insatiable thirst for knowledge has to lead to innumerable inventions and discoveries in the twentieth century and is in continuation to date. In particular, the light remained a significant notion of attraction during the nineteenth century. In contrast, the scope of art embraced a new form of painting namely Earth art (AAU, 2011). This form of art facilitated the artists to paint down mysteries and different aspects of Mother Nature (Shlain, Chapter 13), as it does not require figures and shapes.
Considering the trends of scientific discoveries and artistic creations, it can come under the conclusion that next key discovery in the area of science might come from the branch of health sciences in the form of cure for lethal diseases. In the field of arts, the next invention can be in the form of paintings, which can mark an end to the biggest enormity of the present time that is terrorism.

Strategic Issues Faced by Nokia

The strategy depends on the dimensions of the environment where it operates in, as mentioned earlier, which depends on the overall objectives of an organization.
Currently, Nokia operates in the mobile phone industry, which belongs to a larger portable consumer electronics industry. In order to find a key strategic issue for the company, we first analyze the first dimension of the environment: capacity.
Capacity is about the relative abundance versus scarcity in the company’s environment. In the case of Nokia, the mobile phone industry supports a huge capacity for growth, as the demand that determines the industry’s market potential is made by the increasing reliance of people on better electronic devices. Being part of the larger industry which is the portable music industry, the environment is abundant as the demand for consumer electronics is driven by greater reliance of people in electronic devices for their day-to-day lives.
This is a key strategic issue for Nokia: strategic marketing. As the environment provides more opportunities especially for incorporating other features to the mobile phone industry, Nokia is set to enter an overlapping industry within the portable consumer electronics industry as music has been included in the features mobile phone manufacturer offers.
With Nokia’s adoption of innovation strategy for its business-level strategy, the company is set to pursue innovation by constantly changing its products by adding more features, constantly redefining what a mobile phone is comprised of. However, this strategy pushes the company to compete indirectly in other markets within the portable consumer electronics industry, such as the market for music devices and markets for digital cameras.
The second dimension in the model is volatility, which is about the relative dynamism and stability in the environment.&nbsp.&nbsp.

Personal letter of reference for scholarship

December 6, Re Cambridge Gates Scholarship To Whom It May Concern: Dear Sir or Madam, I am pleased to submit this letter in support of Sahar Zohouri’s application for the Cambridge Gates Scholarship. I have known the applicant for the past seven years as she began her teaching career at the same time that I was concluding my teaching practicum. I have worked with Sahar as an English teacher for two years. This gave me the opportunity to observe Sahara in a professional capacity. During this time Sahar demonstrated her commitment to education, learning, excellence, achievement, and to improving the lives of others while developing her leadership skills.
One of Sahar’s strengths is her dedication to education and lifelong learning which she models by her constant attention to research, analysis and literacy. Her many achievements include qualifying as the youngest Ontario certified fitness instructor in 1998, a Nationally certified gymnastics and trampoline coach, and an Ontario certified teacher with a Masters in the philosophy of education. She pursued these qualifications with her goal in mind to be an advocate for education as a solution to global problems and problems with humanity. Consequently Sahar’s aims fit perfectly with the Cambridge mission to contribute to society through education. She embarked on her path to give back to society very early in life when at the age of 19 she began attending the University of Toronto both as a student and as a teacher of fitness classes there.
Sahar is an incredibly well-rounded individual who does not limit herself in the areas of her pursuits. She displays expertise in poetry, athleticism, art, and mathematics. She is a very creative, emotionally intelligent, physically fit, and logically astute individual. She has won the Sir John A MacDonald Fitness Award, the Environmental Art Award, and volunteers for Amnesty International to promote human rights and political activism. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle became one of her practices that students aspire to. In addition, she was a very vocal and recognized feminist, trying to bring awareness and understanding to this often misunderstood term. Her varied, eclectic, and unique passions and perspectives bring new insight to any educational discussion she engages in.
Sahar’s passion and creativity are not confined to the cognitive aspects of education. She also contributes to the social aspects of any environment she works in. While working at A.Y. Jackson, concerned by the fact that there wasn’t any celebration commemorating the Persian New Year, especially considering the huge Persian population there, Sahar took the initiative to create a school-wide New Year’s Bash for everyone. The event gave others the opportunity to become informed about this culture while celebrating and enjoying great food and music. Presently at her new school, Sir Oliver Mowat C.I., she is taking on the challenge of raising awareness of diversity since she noticed that they only celebrate “Christmas Cheer” and that Kwanzaa and Hanukah are not recognized.. She single -handedly set up a debate between the administrative team and concerned minority students at her school to share ideas on what needs to change and why. She was not deterred by the social backlash she suffered, and has continued to move forward with her efforts to protect minorities and to get her school culture more inclusive. Sahar demonstrates courage and determination when she pushes forward with a just cause.
Sahar is committed to improving the lives of others not just on a day –to-day basis with simple gestures, but also on a long-term basis. In her personal life, she is committed to taking care of her mentally ill mother who has schizophrenia, and committed to financially taking care of her family who couldn’t afford housing when she was in school. Sahar has a desire to contribute to creating healthy societies by improving the mental health of individuals. She fervently believes schools and education play a great part in developing emotionally intelligent individuals who will help to create a mentally positive and healthy world through their ability to love and be compassionate to others and to themselves.
Sahar’s philosophy is: there is no higher calling than serving one’s society and making it better. Her research interest reflects her philosophy. In addition, her aspiration to research the issue of creating ethical and emotionally stable human beings who will have the capacity to be heroes is also in line with the Cambridge mission of contributing to society through research. Sahar lives her philosophy in her hard work to impact positively on the lives of everyone she is in contact with.
. It is my pleasure to recommend Sahar Zohouri for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship as she fits the four criteria and I can’t imagine a more deserving and grateful recipient.
If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or at 1-416-258-3117.
Lisa McCalla-Grigorian
TDSB Teacher

The Film Baraka as a Collage of Images from Around the World

41000 And there are filmmakers who bring this real-life environment without any pre-written script, capturing the real-life happenings as it is. These novels attempts by the filmmakers The filmmaker’s mind is like a visual interpreter, which translates and interprets the ideas, incidents, happenings, environment, culture etc into cinematic form with the aid of ‘aides’. When the filmmaker mind does this, he/she will be able to bring to reel life the real-life happenings and environment. comes loaded with fetes and critics, giving different perspectives. Baraka, directed and ‘canned’ by Ron Fricke is a purely cinematic visual film shot in high definition widescreen format. Being a visual film, it has no verbal sounds with only music for accompaniment. Shot in 24 countries, it contains footage of people from different countries, in places, where there is mass conglomeration. That is, the visuals are mainly composed of people en masse doing some kind of activity in different locations of the world. The different locations include various landscapes, urban places, places of religious importance, in total mostly natural locations. The camera was used like a person’s eye, capturing every movement of humanity as they are indulging in their day to day activities like a father riding his son in a bicycle in India to an Indonesian women working in a cigarette factory. The film apart from showcasing the beautiful side of the natural and artificial elements featured in it also focuses on the locations with a darker side like Auschwitz in Poland. The naturalness and authenticity of the film are further optimized by the addition of natural sounds like the onsite recordings of The Monks Of The Dip Tse Chok Ling Monastery, which flows along with the background score.

Pride and Prejudice

Research Proposal Outline on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice I. Introduce thesis: By conveying her ideas and perceptions of human behavior through her novel, Jane Austen shows that men and women have different motivations for marriage in the 19th century as influenced by various factors.
II. Women have the disadvantage of economic inequality.
a. Society dictates that women need to marry even undesirable men in order to gain financial security.
1. “Mr. Collins… was neither sensible not agreeable… But still he would be her husband… marriage had always been her object. it was the only honorable provision for well-educated young women of small fortune” (Austen).
2. “She believes in the practicality of marriage as happiness is entirely a matter of chance” (Bhattacharyya 23).
b. Women of the “genteel” classes equate marriage to economic stability.
1. “In Jane Austen’s society, wedlock was the expected means for single young “genteel” women to gain or retain social and economic security” (Gast 3).
c. There are few job opportunities for women since their formal education is limited.
1. “…such of us as wished to learn, never wanted the means. We were always encouraged to read, and had all the masters that were necessary. Those who chose to be idle certainly might” (Austen).
2. Darcy criticizes the contemporary idea that music and needlework alone are sufficient accomplishments and lays emphasis on the improvement of mind by extensive reading. (Bhattacharyya 24).
III. Financially-abled men have the ability to choose a wife for personal needs other than social and economic factors.
a. Men freely choose a wife out of fancy.
1. “A single woman of no fortune is the one in want of a husband… A single man with money wants nothing at all to complete his happiness” (Blackwell 49).
2. “Her father, captivated by youth and beauty… had married a woman whose weak understanding and liberal mind had very early in their marriage put an end to all real affection for her” (Austen).
b. Men marry for convenience.
1. “First… it is a right thing for every clergyman in easy circumstances to set the example of matrimony in his parish. Secondly… it will add very greatly to my happiness, and thirdly… that is particular advice and recommendation of the very noble lady whom I have the honor of calling patroness” (Austen).
IV. Men and women marry because of mutual love, respect and understanding.
a. “One interpretation of Austen’s spinsterhood frames it is her strongest testimony to the belief that one should marry only for love…” (Blackwell 47).
b. “Certainly it is undeniable that she pays enormous attention to the incomes and potential earnings of her marriageable characters and that while her heroines loudly disdain the vulgar bargain of marrying for money, nonetheless they have the very good luck to marry rich men for love” (Blackwell 40).
V. Conclusion: In Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, economic inequality, personal needs and mutual love, respect and understanding are the motivations of men and women for marriage.
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Music in Society

Jazz, being based on improvisation, was for them a synonym of freedom, which is not what was needed for an authoritarian regime. As a result, all three dictators prohibited jazz and other western music in their countries.

The favorite composers of Hitler were Ludwig van Beethoven, Richard Wagner, and Anton Bruckner. Their powerful, heroic, and especially marshal pieces were inspiring the dictator and, finally, he promoted the three composers as examples of great artists of Nazi Germany. As a result, it came out that Hitler was supporting the German musical tradition, but suppressed creativity – everything was to be close to the set standards.

The situation in the Soviet Union was quite similar. However, the emphasis of Stalin was not on classical music, but on ‘soviet’ music instead. Composers and songwriters were to write only ‘politically correct’ compositions that supported the ideology of the USSR. Most of those willing to create freely did not survive the regime.

Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award

In life, I know that one has to sacrifice and work hard in order to achieve ones goals. I take this ment seriously. I have always been an extremely hard worker and a person who is dedicated to improving myself through academic study, music, and everyday experience. I respond to any setbacks I have had by working even harder and increasing my determination.
My name is Juree and I was born in South Korea. I lived there throughout my childhood with my family with whom I am very close. I am very proud of where I have come from and I am also very proud of how far I have come. While living in Korea I always excelled in academics and music. My passion and hunger for music is what has brought me here to America today. Last year I had to make one of the toughest decisions I have ever made. I left my family to travel half way across the world and stay with a wonderful home-stay family. Though I miss my Korean family every single day I am very grateful for the opportunities I am being given in America. I have had to make many adjustments to living in a new country, and even a new continent, but I know that it is all worth it. I know that I am lucky to be here working further on my goals as a flutist.
I have devoted every ounce of my being to my flute. While doing so I have always maintained excellent grades, high standings in all fields, and close relationships with those that I love. I believe that my passion and desire for musical growth and opportunity will continue to be my driving force to the top. I can not imagine a life without music. When Ive been prompted with the question, “What would you do if you couldnt play your music anymore?” I have no answer. Instead, I immediately envision a slate of pure darkness. I literally breathe and dream music. It is as much an essential in life to me as is food and water.
I have written this application letter because despite my hunger, passion, desire and dedication to the flute I need financial assistance in order to go forward. My family has given up so much for me. They make a small salary as Korean teachers. They have invested some of their life savings in order to help me fulfill some of my dreams here in America. My father never had the opportunities they have given me. He also shares a passion for music. He is a clarinet teacher. He has done everything that he could do to see that I was a given an opportunity that he was not. However, there is only so much he can do and I would love to be able to take the financial burden off of my family. This award would mean so much to me. Not only would it affect my life here in America but it would also positively affect 3 other lives back in Korea. My younger sister also plays music and I would love to be the example that a young girl can not only have big dreams but she can achieve them at the same time.
I thank you for your time and consideration for the Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award. It is impossible for me to show you in words how much this award would mean to me and how much this award could help. It is also impossible for me to show you in this document how far I have come in life and how truly passionate I am about my music. I do hope that this letter does however give you a glimpse of my passion, determination, dedication, and gratefulness.

Reasons for choosing Christie’s Education your qualification goals and practical experience in the arts or auction world

This includes but is not limited to visiting museums, galleries, auction houses and out of the way venues that local patrons guide me to. I view art is the source of beauty in my own life.
Art for me is not a mere vision. It is not a gratuitous answer to an invitation. Rather, it is a feeling or a reaction. It is personal and can only be shared with those that have the same keen understanding of it that I do. It is the ability to embrace someone else’s interpretation and yet know that you feel at peace only with your own. It comes in so many different forms. For example, I enjoy all types of dance, from the traditional, to folk to ritualistic expression. What elevates my ability to view and interpret art is that I do not need to find the artistic expression in whatever it is I am viewing, it shows itself to me. It is like a beacon in the night guiding me and I am compelled to respond.
Indeed, I find myself employing art as a my special form of communication. Art plays a large role in the expresion of my inner thoughts and in acknowledging the beauty in my life. From dance to music to abstract art our concept of life is shown through the various ways in which we interpret it. Art has always allowed me to be as specific or as abstract as I wish. I also employ art as my own form of communication. I may not be able to express to a loved one verbally how I feel at the moment, but I do so through expressions of art. I don’t know why this is so, all I know is that art is my comfort zone. Art has taught me how to communicate through creative expression. It has taught me how to undestand human experience including the past and present.
As for my own personal interests, music, opera singing, dancing, poetry and sketching are just a few of the different forms of art that I personally employ to express myself and apply my

Texting While Driving A Life at Risk Behind the Wheels

Setting aside the social and work-related aspects, the incessant use of mobile phones regardless of the situation has already been putting lives at risk – especially, if it is done behind the wheels. Using mobile phones, or at the very least, texting while driving is outright dangerous and should be stopped. There is a number of studies and policies done on this matter which proves that this is more than just a bias observation but is something based on facts.

To argue the existence of the problem requires establishing the cause. In this case, the cause of the problem is the relentless use of mobile phones while driving. In a research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2011, it was reported that 31.2% of drivers in the United States aged 18-64 years admitted to texting or accessing email while driving (Naumann 179). Though at a lower percentage than in the United States, the incidence of such behavior among seven European countries surveyed ranged from 15.1% to 31.3% (Naumann 179) – figures which are difficult to ignore. This means that this problem is not unique to the United States alone but is probably being faced by many other countries wherein researches have yet to be conducted.

In a separate report by the U.S. Department of Transportation, it was found that the percentage of drivers who text or manipulate mobile devices even increased from 1.3 percent in 2011 to 1.5 percent in 2012 (Pickrell 1). Further comparisons included the years prior – as early as 2004 – and surprisingly, an increasing trend in the use of electronic devices was evident. It is important to reiterate that these statistics pertains to texting alone and do not yet even cover other mobile phone related activities done while driving such as making a call, surfing the internet, listening to music, etc.

Nevertheless, the figures go to show that a lot of people have not realized the danger of texting while driving.

Personal Health Assessment According to the Holistic Wellness Questionnaire

&nbsp.I stay physically active in my daily life through random means, such as walking, swimming, and finding ways to involve more physical activity in my daily routine – walking stairs, etc. In addition to these physical activities, I have a great interest in music. I have an interest in piano and play on occasion. I also DJ when opportunities become available. I have a series of goals. I would like to first complete my Bachelor of Science Degree. I would then like to become an elementary school teacher, and ultimately ensure that I am physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy.
My score for the self-care and safety category is an 82. This was not surprising as I make the best effort to avoid alcohol and am completely drug-free. I also feel that self-care and safety are aspects that are integrated into one’s daily life choices, including physical activity, risk-taking activities, and even hygiene. I ultimately realize that even as I pay considerable attention to this aspect of my life, there are some aspects of it that I could still improve, such as ensuring that I receive adequate sleep, exercise, and always maintain a proper diet.
My environmental wellness score of 62 constitutes my lowest score out of the wellness categories. I recognize that I have much room for improvement in this category, and plan on making a more conscientious effort to improve my conduct in this category. I realize that I can improve by recycling more, and just making a better general effort to observe my interaction with my environmental surroundings.
My social awareness score is 74. While I believe I have adequate social wellness, I recognize that there are areas of my life that I could improve upon in this category. In these regards, I must make a more concerted effort to balance my social life with my work and educational responsibilities. I also need to work on developing better boundaries in my personal relationships.

Critically evaluate the contribution that music can make to health and wellbeing

People with mental health issues can benefit from music because it takes them away from thinking of themselves as patients by promoting their self-esteem, social recognition, confidence and status especially when they participate in singing (Bradt &amp. Dileo, 2009:2, Music for stress and anxiety reduction in coronary heart disease patients). The relationship between arts and health has been a topical issue for a long time. The linkage between arts participation and health has been developed for instance the influence of sports on physical health and the influence of music on mental health. It is indeed true that arts participation has an effect on key health indicators. Music, health, and well-being: A review by Raymond and Macdonald (2013) asserts that musical participation as part of arts participation has a direct influence on the mental health and well being in people.
Research has indicated that music contributes to mental health and wellbeing of people in different stages of life for instance children and the elderly. Rose Perkins and Aaron Williamon (2013) in their article Learning to make music in older adulthood: A mixed-methods exploration of impacts on wellbeing explore the links between older adulthood, wellbeing lifelong learning and music and posit that music has an important aspect for healthy ageing (Unkefer &amp. Thaut, Eds. 2009:23). By healthy ageing, Unkefer &amp. Thaut, Eds. (2009) refer to the absence of illnesses in old age in terms of social, physical and mental health. In this respect Unkefer &amp. Thaut, Eds. (2009) acknowledge the fact that, “There is a growing body of literature exploring the relationships between music and wellbeing in the ageing population, and we know that music is a powerful part of many older adults’ lives” (Perkins &amp. Williamon, 2013:551). While citing other sources, Downey,, (2013)

British Invasion and the Folk Revival

As it may be, the most significant reason of this onslaught proves to be the decline of the power of American music during the era of the 1960s. The American rock ‘n’ roll was already facing a steady downfall in caliber and quality since the major record companies, supported and abetted by few of the top outlets of the time disregarded the music type.
&nbsp.Major radio channels also betrayed it and considered releasing other products over it, which further deteriorated the condition of American rock ’n’ roll. The area of authority in pop music enjoyed by teen idols like Fabian and Frankie Avalon had directed numerous youth to commercial folk and jazz. While an ostensibly everlasting stream of modernity songs and dance crazes added up to be a failed attempt at developing a durable core following for rock ‘n’ roll. (Gillett 32)
&nbsp.The Beatles played an important and significant role in the American music history and it’s difficult to think of the British invasion taking place without them. An abundant number of bands sailed along to the top standards of American charts, did not prove to possess more talent than the uninspiring teen idols they had taken place of. However, the Beatles demonstrated to be an exceptional case. They were talented and were admired by the critics as well as the crowd. Beatles, after a short period of time producing American r &amp. b-pop, and country music carried on to compose rock classics. Their new taste and production turned out to be extremely admirable, which was destined to be carried through many generations to come. Performing in small clubs in England and Germany trained all the Beatles band members to be excellent musicians. There artistic quality and equally convincing vocals helped them promote their talent and achieve success.

Hallow International School

Why I Chose Hallow International School: Hong Kong
Hallow international school is my first choice for my son’s education. a decisional informed by the fact that I believe that it will provide more than just the normal school experience for him. I have enquired extensively about the school through the website as well as friends whose children have studied there and I am convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that there is no better place for my son. I firmly believe that education should serve as a doorway for a multiplicity of social cultural and curricular avenues in addition to the formal learning. This diversity is well represented in the Hallow Group of Schools where a tableau of educational experiences, inclusive of intensive sports, music drama and others that are invaluable to a child’s holistic growth are offered. In addition, I take cognizance on the fact that Hong Kong is a highly cosmopolitan country where people from numerous global cultures interact in the course of business and work. The cultural diversity that the school allows due to the multicultural student and staff population is therefore a major incentive. I would like my son to appreciatethe experience of living and interacting with people from other cultures so that he can effectively function both professionally and socially without being limited by social cultural boarders. Finally, the school’s reputation precedes it. everyone I talked to and who has had a child in any of the institutions under Hallow International Schools was very positive about it and they assured me that having my son admitted there would be the best thing I could do for him academically and socially. Given the strength of these compliments and what I have found out for myself, I feel that it is my responsibility as a parent to give my son the best foundation possible and Hallows easily fits and exceeds the bill.

Analyse an existing food and wine festival in Australia 2750 Words

“The festival celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2007. With the theme Celebrate the Blend the festival showcases the rich diversity of the Barossa region and celebrates the food, the wine and the people. Today, the Barossa is South Australias leading wine tourism asset along with the Barossa Vintage Fest.” (Barossa valley events 2000).
Variety of wine products is available in the festival, some of them rare. The ‘Rare and Distinguished wine auction is a peculiar event in the festival. We can meet the manufacturers of the wine through the “legends behind the barrel” program. Many types of family programs and entertainment activities are arranged in the event. The event commencing from Easter Saturday lasts over nine days. All of the Barossa community take part in the event. More than 100 stage events are presented by many groups of the community. Along with food and wine, arts, crafts, music an historical events are also staged.
The vintage festival encompasses all the aspects of the Barossa community such as businesses, civic groups, churches and individuals. They all participate by engaging in different activities and this is the major factor for success of the event. (Barossa vintage festival n.d.).
In this report the potential tourism development opportunities related to the Barossa Vintage Festival are discussed. The report first discusses the potential opportunities of the destination as a food and wine and event tourism location in connection with the festival. Vision, Planning, SWOT analysis, marketing and sponsorship, legal and risk management and evaluation relating to the event are analyzed in order to find out its current marketing position for providing appropriate recommendations for improvement.
Tourism is an important sector of the economy of Australia. There are many special events conducted in the country as part of their tourism development activities.

West indian literature

Language in the poem Survivor Inserts His/Her Inserts Grade Inserts inserts Language in the poem Survivor
Survivor assumes a notable position is the poetry of Lorna Goodison as it involves a very good language and the presentation of its theme. Critical analysis of the poems that belong to particular age and it is self explanatory of its language and other prominent features. Regarding the poems of Lorna Goodison, the effect of western culture has had caused for increasing the wonder of the poet when she observed it. As a poet of Caribbean culture, Lorna Goodison uses a language, which contains vivid prose, Creole speech, and she weaves her ideas blend with memory and mythology. Poet uses a language blends with her native language with enormous simplicity and the Caribbean have the view that their language is something differ from other language. The language of the poem reveals the suppression and sufferings of Caribbean people with all its emotional conflicts. In his article, entitled ‘Selected poems by Lorna Goddison’ Almendarez shares similar views about the Goddison’s language. He rightly puts it as: “Many of Goodison’s poems express a deep connection to Jamaica with all of its open wounds and beauty scars.”(Almendarez, Ayme, 2006). Her images are related with harsh realities of colonization and the suffering women folk in Caribbean countries. In her poem, Survivor Goddison uses free verse with an extensive use of words. The repetition of consonant sounds constitutes rhythmic quality of the poem.
When analyzing the poem one can identify themes like the inner feelings and identity crisis, yearnings of the heart, and the clamors and temptations of the rough world are explored the following lines. The poet sings: “They took most living things/ even some rare species/ with extended wings” (Goodison, 4-6). The excellent use of figure of speech is another significant feature of Goddison’s poetry. The use of metaphor is apt to the situation when the poet remarks about her ancestors who sacrificed themselves for attaining their birth rights. Poet says, “So, here the wind plays/mourning notes/ on bones that once were ribs.”(Goodison, 11-13). The movement of the wind has been attributed as playing ‘mourning notes’ with a musical touch. There is a note of simile when she writes, ‘barrel of rain.’ The poem Survivor filled with rich images and word pictures. The survival of Caribbean woman can see such as ‘bear feet and bound hair’. The words of Chamberlin make it clear when he rightly says, “This freedom, along with the love and language of their islands, has been nourished by West Indian poets” (Chamberlin, 1993). Reading of the poem, ‘Survivor’ brings the same feeling of love and language to one’s mind.
From the world of defense and suppression, the poet makes a journey to the world of reconciliation and self-realization. One can find numerous examples for Goodison’s language usage when one goes through, ‘…how creative/God is with the ribs’ (Goodison, 16-17), ‘born flute music’ (Goodison, 28), and so on. The words and images pave the way for the reader to reach an assumption that Goddison’s language reveals the very culture of their nation. The phrase ‘bone flute music’ is an excellent example of symbolism and imagery. Poet consumes language as a best way for conveying her sincere defenses and distress. Though one cannot find a specific rhyme scheme for the poem, it illustrates many situations of clarity and gives a chance for the reader to get pleasure from Goddison’s amazing use of language, word pictures, and rhythm to define casual moments and reflections in an innovative way is purely Goddison’s mannerisms.

Works Cited:
Almendarez, Ayme. "Selected Poems by Lorna Goodison". Regents of the University of
25 June 2009
Chamberlin, J. Edward. Come Back to Me My Language. University of Illinois Press:, 1993.

The Mariinsky Orchestra Concert Report

3750 The Mariinsky Orchestra Concert Report 11, Oct Time. 8pm-10.30pm Venue. Carnegie Hall’s Stern Auditorium Introduction Eleventh, Oct is perhaps one of the most memorable days of my life. I had a chance to attend the Mariinsky Orchestra concert held at Carnegie Hall’s Stern Auditorium. The whole town was waiting in anticipation and people were passing it as a joke that Russia was coming to New York. According to the tour program, we were among the first to have a taste of Mariinsky flavor. This is a concert report accounting for the events and experience with Mariinsky Orchestra concert. Mariinsky Orchestra I had done beforehand personal investigations on Mariinsky Orchestra. The Symphony orchestra is arguably the oldest Russian performing Orchestra. Valery Gergiev, the leader, and performance conductor has been instrumental in making Mariinsky a success (Thomas 1). The theatre was well prepared and certainly customized for this particular performance. Arrangement of the hall, lighting, stage sound system, decorations and curtains were all-perfect for the performance. The overall performance was astounding. Contrary to the modern music, concerts performed by young contemporary rock or reggae artists this performance was characterized by great deal of experience and originality in playing instruments. As the ensemble performed Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, and Shostakovich, every instrument was played with impeccable clarity and finesse. Stage presence and good use of onstage space was observable. The performance reminded me of the first time I read the book Romeo and Juliet. Amazingly, the ensemble could tell the whole story by use of instruments and stage performance without speaking a word. Prokofiev arguably took the longest time to perform. Every aspect of this performance was amazing. The drumbeats corresponded with a rise and fall of tempo and tone variation. Profokiev performance consisted of three mini performances Friar Lawrence, Masks, as well as Montagues and Capulets. The music from the different types of violins, piano cornets, harps, and flutes produced an impeccable tone and tempo variation that gave the music and the performance a great perspicacity of taste. Daniil Trifonov displayed his talent with the piano. Arguably, no one could play it better than him. I particularly enjoyed the Tchaikovsky Piano Concert number one, which was conducted by Valery Gergiev himself. It was amazing to see how a single man could make the whole ensemble produce such artistic piece of music by careful articulation of his movement. Daniil Trifonov artistically and calculate strokes each key on the piano to produce a tune in which other instruments joined in. Starting with a low tone, almost incomprehensible, the music then grew slowly by slowly as dictated by the conductor. The energy in the music was particularly dictated by the gusto in his directional movement. Although I was seated at the far end, I could tell that the ensemble were playing the instruments from experience rather than following him as he conducted the piece of music. They were hardly looking at him. Silence, suspense, and muteness and sections of stillness-permeated sections of the performance made it feel like several songs intertwined together. Shostakovich piano performance left me stunned. Although I was not so sure, I felt they played shostakovich Symphony No. 1in G-sharp Minor. This piece dates back to 1920s when Shostakovich came up with the work as a graduation presentation at Leningrad. The Shostakovich began with a low pitch and the pianist had no difficulty playing his instrument. However, as the performance progressed, the tempo kept on increasing and I could not understand how Trifonov could play the syllables at such a high rate. It was as if he was playing a hundred keys in a second. It showed a great deal of experience with instruments. I could tell from the audience that everybody wanted to join in and participate with Gergiev as he directed this piece of music. Slow movements that increased with each increase in tempo, a touch of climax, and then everything goes down to the original calmness. The three performances were all performed well and were characterized by years of experience in playing different types of musical instruments. Although Gergiev seemed to be overly enthusiastic as he led the team, the whole team never made a flop anywhere. Since the role of the lead is to direct the play of music, the ensemble playing Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky ought to be periodically looking at the conductor. This would create cohesion between the movements of the music conductor, tone, tempo, and the instrumentalists. Additionally, some calm moments were so calm and slow that the sound from the string instruments sounded whiny. Conclusion The experience with Mariinsky Orchestra concert was one of a lifetime. I came to understand why this ensemble is the worlds’ oldest and best performing. It was a real Russian masterwork. They presented three unique performances Prokofiev, tchaikovsky and Shostakovich. Prokofiev was the longest but most captivating. Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich were more stunning due to the unique talent and expertise required to play the instruments. Compared to contemporary music performances, this type of performance is great, original and worth watching. It would be highly recommended for someone to have a taste of Mariinsky Orchestra. Given another chance, I would watch such a performance once again. Works Cited Thomas, Robert. Overnight Review: Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra at Valley Performing Arts Center. 2011. Web 11, Nov 2011.

Intership PAPER

I was blessed with good people to work with who supported me throughout my internship.
The Creative Activity &amp. Fitness Center was established in 1990 initially as a play group for very young children. As the children grew up, more and more classes were offered to develop their creative skills such as workshops in Art, Music, Dance, etc. Parents were delighted to have a place to bring their children where they learn skills and enjoy at the same time. Over the years, the population of enrolees grew and more workshops were offered, that there was a need to expand the business. Enrolment to the center was like membership where parents renew their children’s membership in order to avail of the services and use the facilities. The owners bought the huge land beside it and built a larger dance studio, a swimming pool, a theatre for recitals and performances, a large playground and more rooms for the varied workshops offered. Because of the new facilities, the center has gained a great reputation and attracted more members since it now accepted teenagers and even adults. There are also workshops for adults such as Sculpting, Painting and Photography as well as some dance classes.
The center is busiest in the afternoons after school when the children come for their workshops and tutorial sessions and during summer when all the workshops are fully-booked. Currently, there are some playgroups and preschool classes offered in the mornings and day care service the whole day, with some night shifts for children whose parents work at night. Weekends are particularly heavy, as multiple workshops are ongoing for all age brackets as well as the use of the facilities is maximized.
The population of the members is comprised of various nationalities and ages. The center is staffed by about 50 people occupying positions in administration, teaching, public relations, program management, maintenance and security,

Analysis of the Character Lucinda from the Story Running out of Music

The writer portrayed this character, quite well to represent the unrest of the children from the prevailing norms of the society and in the process they often come across the new norms of their own, so as a matter of mentioning children are likely to follow their own judgments until they get old and crude enough to follow the culture of the society and feel fear in speaking, their mind. Lucinda in this story followed her passion for the songs scattered across the wide range of genres, and broke some rules along the way, while elders in this story are attempting to uphold the obsolete image of discipline and harmony, through suppression of each others’ feelings and emotions (Constance).
Another facet of the personality of the character under concern, is the respect of laws and regulations, in the light of, that she decided not to go inside the residential area of military personnel, that points out the high morality within her personality, but this decision was soon overruled by her elder, that highlights the flaw in his character as well, thus the writer is trying to mention one of many ways, in which the seniors destroy the sense of right and wrong in their juniors, by just breaking the laws and thus covertly encouraging them to do so as well (Constance).
Another aspect of the personality of this particular character is the ever increasing respect for the humanity that is highlighted, when she got embarrassed, while going inside the area that is basically forbidden for her, in the process she apologized to the soldier as well. The soldier that was supposed to duplicate the music for her, somehow suppressed her choice and forced his own on her and just got over with the undesirable encounter with his commanding officer’s daughter, but when Lucinda heard the records, she was not amused, by them, therefore she took a bold decision to go to the camp and ask that soldier to provide some more material and this time she fabricated a list of what she would desire, but she did not cater for the ramifications of her action, and went through with her plan, but soon she realized, her mistake, when the people present in that facility laughed at her and accused their colleague of pursuing romantic relations with her, in this part the writer creatively made the audience well aware of the place women had in the minds of the men of that time. The purpose of this encounter in the tale is to make the readers evaluate, their own behavior when confronted with the opposite sex (Constance). However, the main theme of this character is the striving need to give her own personal meaning to the world surrounding her, therefore she could not be contented with the standard of music, that was given to her in the first place, and the annoying behavior of elders towards the spiritual needs of their young is also conveyed successfully with all the realism intact. The need and energy in this character to get recognized and the passion to fulfill her needs are admirable, because this kind of behavior for little girl in those days was hard to imagine, the exquisite details of that era are communicated excellently, especially the subliminal hatred for humans with colored skin is the cream of this narrative. The message this writer communicated to her audience, is the lack of originality in the attitude of everybody surrounding the character under the microscope currently, everybody else was attempting to make their superiors happy, at an expense of the innocent wish of a child, stemming for her passion for music, this attitude could also be found in the society of this period, when parents neglect their child’

Health History and Screening of Adolescent

Health History and Screening of Adolescent Introduction Health screening is a strategy used to identify or detect unrecognized diseases in individuals before they start showing symptoms. These screens are intended to identify disease in the community at an early stage such that measures are taken to manage and contain them with an aim of reducing suffering and mortality (Center for Disease Control, 2012). In this paper, we are going to conduct a health history and screening on a young adolescent adult.
Biographical Data
Patient Initials: T.R. Phone No: +1-34-58748
Address: 5785, Massachusetts
Birth Date: 09/11/1990 Age: 25 Sex: Female
Birthplace: Illinois Marital Status: Single
Ethnic Origin: American
Occupation: Student, Massachusetts College
Financial Status: Low income
Present Health or History
General Health: Feels tired because of vomiting.
Reaction: None
Current medications: None
Last Exam Date: June 10 2012
Immunizations: all immunizations are up to date
Childhood illness: chickenpox when 8 years old
Serious or Chronic illness: None
Past health Screening History
Past Hospitalizations: Admitted 3 months ago because of voting food poisoning
Past operations: None
Family history
Allergies: None
Asthma: None
Arthritis: None
Blood Disorders: Sister
Breast Cancer: None
Cancer (other) None
High Blood Pressure: Father
Kidney Disease: Sister
Heart Disease: None
Obesity: Brother
Tuberculosis: None
Obstetrics History:
Gravida: None Preterm: None Ab/incomplete: None
Well Young Adult Behavioral Health Screening History
Socio-Demographic Questions and Content:
What activities or organizations are you involved in? (Church, profession, sports, school)
How do you regard your community? I live in rental house in town. It is a good neighborhood with many business people.
What are skills, hobbies, and interests? Reading, playing football, listening to music and hiking
Any family member who has last 3 months: None
Military service: Yes_______ No__X_____
Marital status: Single____X__ Married________Divorced_________Separated_________
In serious relationship_____Yes___ Length of time_1 month_
Have you worked before? No, I am in college and will finish the end of the year.
Chief Concern:
What is your chief complaint? I like coming for checkups after every 3 months to check on my overall body condition.
Review of Systems
General: I have gained 1 kgs in the last 3 months.
Respiratory: None
Cardiovascular: None
Homoeotic: I donate blood back at college last month.
Nursing Diagnosis:
Actual Diagnosis:
Patient has fluid deficit caused by vomiting. She has been trying rehydrating herself by taking pedialyte. However, her skin shows no symptoms of dehydration but the lips are dry and cracked.
Wellness Plan
Patient is on pedialyte to avoid dehydration. She has also promised to visit a dietician to recommend appropriate foods her.
At risk diagnosis
Patient has not been taking diet rich in vitamins to help boost her immunity. With the cracked and dry lips, the patient can get an infection. patient is thus advised to maintain general body cleanness to avoid infection.
Center for Disease Control. (2012). Key statistics from the national survey of family
growth. Retrieved from [Accessed: 17 March 2014].