1. In comparison with a system that uses a single, volume-based cost driver, an activity-based costing system is preferred when a company has:a large proportion of non-unit-level activities.minimal product-line diversity and a small proportion of non-unit-level activities.product-line diversity.product-line diversity and a large proportion of non-unit-level activities.existing variances from budgeted amounts.2.The salaries of a manufacturing plant’s management are said to arise from:product-sustaining activities.facility-level activities.unit-level activities.batch-level activities.direct-cost activities.The following tasks are associated with an activity-based costing system:1— Assignment of cost to products2— Calculation of pool rates3— Identification of cost drivers4— Identification of cost poolsWhich of the following choices correctly expresses the proper order of the preceding tasks?4, 3, 2, 1.4, 2, 1, 3.1, 2, 3, 4.3, 4, 2, 1.2, 4, 1, 3.5. In an activity-based costing system, direct materials used would typically be classified as a:matrix-level cost.facility-level cost.product-sustaining cost.batch-level cost.unit-level cost.6.Which of the following isnota broad, cost classification category typically used in activity-based costing?Batch-level.Facility-level.Management-level.Unit-level.Product-sustaining level.7. Generally speaking, companies prefer doing business with customers who:need specialized engineering design changes.request normal delivery times.order small quantities rather than large quantities.often change their orders.require special packaging or handling.8. Magnolia Industries combines all manufacturing overhead into a single cost pool and allocates this overhead to products by using machine hours. Activity-based costing would likely show that with Magnolia’s current procedures that:the company’s low-volume products are overcosted.the company’s high-volume products are overcosted.the company’s high-volume products are undercosted.all of the company’s products are undercosted.all of the company’s products are overcosted.9. Which of the following statements is (are) true about non-value-added activities?I. Non-value-added activities are often unnecessary and dispensable.II. Non-value-added activities may be necessary but are being performed in an inefficient and improvable manner.III. Non-value-added activities can be eliminated without deterioration of product quality, performance, or perceived value.II only.III only.I and II.I, II, and III.I only10. Consider the following statements regarding traditional costing systems:I. Overhead costs are applied to products on the basis of volume-related measures.II. All manufacturing costs are easily traceable to the goods produced.III. Traditional costing systems tend to distort unit manufacturing costs when numerous goods are made that have widely varying production requirements.Which of the above statements is (are) true?I only.I and III.II only.II and III.III only.11. Motor Mike builds recreational motor homes. All of the following activities add value to the finished productexcept:final painting and polishing.assembly of the frame to the chassis.installation of carpet.storage of the vehicle in the sales area.addition of exterior lights.12. Of the following organizations, activity-based costing (ABC)cannotbe used by:hotels.book publishers.financial-services firms.None of these are correct, as all these organizations can use ABC.manufacturers.13. Consumption ratios are useful in determining:overhead that is incurred at the unit level.the existence of product-line diversity.if overhead-producing activities are being utilized efficiently.if overhead costs are being applied to products.if overhead-producing activities are being utilized effectively.14. Overton Enterprises is converting to an activity-based costing system. It wishes to depict the various activities in its manufacturing process along with the activities’ relationships. Which of the following is a tool that the company can use to accomplish this task?Decision trees.Process organizers.Storyboards.Activity relationship charts (ARCs).Simulation games.15. Baxter customer service department follows up on customer complaints by telephone inquiry. During a recent period, the department initiated 10,000 calls and incurred costs of $312,000. Of these calls, 3,800 were for the company’s wholesale operation; the remainder was for the retail division. Costs allocated to the retail division are:$118,560.$203,000.$31,200.$193,440.$0.16. Willow Springs produces various wooden bookcases, tables, storage units, and chairs. Which of the following would be included in a listing of the company’s non-value-added activities?Transfer of chairs from the assembly line to the staining facility.Storage of completed bookcases in inventory.Transfer of chairs from the assembly line to the staining facility and storage of completed bookcases in inventory.Assembly of tables.Staining of storage units.17.  Pound Industries’ customer service department follows up on customer complaints by telephone inquiry. During a recent period, the department initiated 10,000 calls and incurred costs of $312,000. Of these calls, 3,800 were for the company’s wholesale operation; the remainder was for the retail division. Costs allocated to the wholesale operation are:$31,200.$203,000.$118,560.$0.$193,440.18. Activity-based costing systems:often reveal products that were under- or over-costed by traditional costing systems.assign overhead to products based on the products’ relative usage of direct labor.use a single, volume-based cost driver.typically use fewer cost drivers than more traditional costing systems.have a tendency to distort product costs.19. Which of the following cost drivers would best be associated with the activity of physician time in a medical clinic?Physician minutes with a patient.Number of continuing patient visits.The number of accreditations held by the clinic.Number of line items on the clinic’s bill.Number of new patient visits.20. During a recent accounting period, Falcon Express’ shipping department processed 26 orders. Each order typically takes four hours to complete. However, the average time increased to five hours because of various departmental inefficiencies. If shipping labor is paid $14 per hour, the company’s non-value-added cost would be:$0.$1,820.$1,456.$56.$364.


Applying the Four Principles: Case StudyPart 1: Chart (60 points)Based on the “Healing and Autonomy” case study, fill out all the relevant boxes below. Provide the information by means of bullet points or a well-structured paragraph in the box. Gather as much data as possible. Medical Indications Beneficence and Nonmaleficence Patient Preferences Autonomy Medical indications are the clinical data that is required to diagnose a patient and the extent of severity relating the medical problem thus determining the treatment options. Beneficence indicates acting with the best intentions in mind while non-beneficence emphasizes on do not harm. The parents of James were acting in his best interests despite the medical indications that James’s conditions would get worse if not treated. They had no intention of harming him and came back when his condition did not improve. Patient preferences refer to the expressed choice of the patient or the substitute decision maker. Autonomy emphasizes on the right of a person to make his/her own decision (Beever, 2016). James is an underage kid that is 8 years old thus cannot exercise autonomy rights. However, the parents should have consulted James before making their decision despite his age to know whether he was comfortable with their decision. The physician could hardly impact this decision but could have at least talked to the parents. Quality of Life Beneficence, Nonmaleficence, Autonomy Contextual Features Justice and Fairness Quality of life refers to the relevant medical features of the life of a patient before and after the treatment. James condition before treatment was worse but after constantly undergoing dialysis his condition improved. However, he needs a kidney transplant to effectively address his condition and his father is thinking his brother should give him the kidney or they should rely on faith. Based on the previous encounter, the parents should first consult James and listen to his views regarding the issue. The last time they depended on their faith, the condition of James got worse, thus they should act with his best interests in mind and allow him to get a kidney transplant from his brother. Contextual features determine the legal, social and familial setting that influences one’s medical decisions (Gillon, 2018). The faith of James’s parents that he can be healed through prayers influenced their medical decisions. They are also considering on depending on their faith instead of allowing James to have a kidney transplant from his brother. Justice and fairness emphasizes on equality. The conflict of interest came up when the ideal tissue match was identified as that of his brother. The parents therefore were willing to allow other people including themselves to donate a kidney for James but are not willing for his brother to do so. Part 2: EvaluationAnswer each of the following questions about how principlism would be applied:1. In 200-250 words answer the following: According to the Christian worldview, which of the four principles is most pressing in this case? Explain why. (45 points) According to the Christian worldview, beneficence is the principle that is most pressing. This is because the parents are acting with the best of intentions in mind about their son. They have faith that their son will be healed through intensive prayers. They therefore prefer prayers more compared to treatment because of the faith. We cannot put a blame on them because of the deteriorating health of their son because they acted in good faith and as soon as they noticed his condition was getting worse they brought him back to the hospital. 2. In 200-250 words answer the following: According to the Christian worldview, how might a Christian rank the priority of the four principles? Explain why. (45 points) A Christian can rank the priority of the four principles in such a manner that beneficence comes first then non-maleficence followed by justice and fairness and lastly autonomy. This is because according to Christians, parents should show love to their children by acting in their best interests which is associated to the principle of autonomy. Parents should also ensure that no matter what, they should not harm their children which relates to the principle of non-maleficence (Carr, 2017). Christians are supposed to practice justice and fairness in all their encounters and experiences. Lastly, Christians should also give one another a chance to indicate they thought regarding a certain decision which is associated with the principle of autonomy. References:Beever, J., & Brightman, A. O. (2016). Reflexive principlism as an effective approach for developing ethical reasoning in engineering. Science and engineering ethics, 22(1), 275-291.Gillon, R. (2018). Principlism, virtuism, and the spirit of oneness. In Healthcare Ethics, Law and Professionalism (pp. 45-59). Routledge.Carr, M. F., & Winslow, G. R. (2017). From conceptual to concrete. In World Religions for Healthcare Professionals (pp. 31-45). Routledge.


ENGL 3430 SPRING 2019 EXAMExam A3 pagesPlease read carefully and respond to all three cases presented below.  You have two hours to complete the three documents.  All three cases count equally toward your grade on the exam.  You may invent needed information, such as addresses or compensation for lost services, but ensure that it is pertinent and realistic. You will be evaluated on your writing style and tone, as well as the formatting for each type of correspondence.Case 1: Negative Correspondence You work at Deckard State Bank and have some bad news to give some of your customers.  During a recent trip, one of your account managers lost a laptop with customer information, including sensitive information like birthdates. The laptop had a number of software security mechanisms in place, so it’s unlikely, but not entirely impossible, that whoever found the laptop will be able to access the sensitive information.  Only a few of your customers (fewer than 3%) will be affected by this loss.  Your procedures dictate that affected customers will be given a new account (a new debit card with a new credit card number will be sent to them) and the old account will be closed (so customers will have to destroy their current debit cards and checks and register the new card/account with any automatic online payments they have set up). The current balances and current credit limits will be transferred to the new accounts.  Customers will have to order new blank checks with the new account numbers on them. Some of your customers will be inconvenienced by this process.Although you can’t force your customers to, you think it would be a wise idea for them to contact the three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) and put an identity theft or fraud watch request on their accounts.  Write a letter to those customers who were affected and let them know that the laptop was lost and what will happen with their accounts.Case 2: Positive/Informative CorrespondenceYou are the office manager of the Crunchy Granola Café at the local community college.  Generally, the café sells breakfast from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. (including breakfast tacos, biscuit sandwiches, and a variety of pastries) and lunch from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (including sandwiches, salads, hamburgers, pizza, and a daily hot lunch special).  It also sells coffee, soft drinks, and a large variety of snacks all day.  The café provides excellent service, and your students, staff, and faculty like to eat in the friendly environment.  Indeed, it’s not unusual to see impromptu meetings between faculty members or students hosting small study groups.  However, the café is in desperate need of some updates and improvements, and you need to shut it down for about three weeks during the renovation. While the renovation is ongoing, you plan to open up a temporary facility close to the original café, but you won’t be able to serve hot items for either breakfast or lunch for three weeks and the space you do have will be much smaller. When the renovation is complete, your students, faculty, and staff will have access to a newly designed café —designed by students in the engineering department and decorated with art from students in the art department.  It will also feature wireless Internet access and a wide selection of specialty coffees. Write an email to students, faculty, and staff informing them of the renovation and providing them with information they need to act.Case 3: Persuasive CorrespondenceYou’re the public relations director at NSB Office Solutions, an international organization with its corporate offices in California.  Every year, regardless of your annual performance review results, your company guarantees you a 3% cost of living raise. When reviewing your compensation while doing your taxes, you noticed that you did not receive the raise. You were supposed to have an extra 3% salary on your pay beginning January 1. Furthermore, you had dinner with a fellow employee and this person told you that he received his performance review raise in addition to his cost of 3% living raise.You believe the cost of living pay raise was a computer error or an oversight by the human resources department. You received an excellent performance review from the company president for last year’s work, and your paychecks beginning January 1 do reflect the merit raise. However, you would like to how to rectify the problem of three paychecks that do not reflect the proper 3% cost of living raise.Write a memo to the president of the company and the human resources director asking them to review your paycheck and salary.


ProjectName:Institutional Affiliation:Course:Date:ProjectPart 1Projects are usually selected by organizations to help in managing some tasks and improving the performance. There are several stages that go hand in and are sequence to follow each other consistently. There is a particular time that is usually set to complete a particular task, and resources as well are set for the purpose of the projects. After the human resource has allocated several resources, the project manager takes the responsibility of allocating the resources accordingly to the weight of the stages that are supposed to be undergone to finish the project successfully (Morais & Grygiel, 1994 August).Project is a sequence and series of tasks that need to be completed in order to achieve specific objectives. It can further be referred to as inputs and outputs that are used to perform a certain goal. Some projects are usually simple while others are complex, and in all that they are managed according to the amount of work available, for instance, a complex project can be managed by hundreds while a simple can be managed by one person. When are divided into stages so that tasks can be tackled with a lot of accuracy and knowledge for better results? This can be achieved when the team members have a division of labor and specialization. Division of labor is the ability to distribute work equally, for instance, distribution, packaging, and manufacturing to employees that are better at that particular task for efficient and excellent work. Specialization is the ability of an expert to concentrate on one particular skill and pursuing it. This enables workers to be more effective in the work they partake as they have enough knowledge of what they are doing (Bouet, 2009).Ongoing operations are activities that have neither been completed nor abandoned, that means that they are under construction. This is a type of operation that is most crucial as it is under activities that take place in a project. Operations usually follow a direction from the management or project manager. It is conducted with relevant procedures that enable results to be produced systematically. Operations are usually permanent, for instance, production, manufacturing, processing, packaging, and distributing. The task that currently being handled is the one that is usually known as an ongoing operation. Ongoing operations help not to produce new things but to sustain a particular system or project, so that is completed successfully. The main identification of an ongoing operation is resulted by making a profit at the end of the process, though at times, to results in a loss that has been made.There is a huge difference between ongoing operations and projects, some people tend to confuse the two and even label them as the same, but that is not usually the case. Projects are executed to initiate a new business idea; it acts as a test to enable planners to know what to expect while ongoing operation does not yield to anything new. Furthermore, when project managers plan for projects, they make a budget that remains fixed while ongoing operations result in a profit that can be used to run an organization or company. Ongoing operation is controlled by a particular process that is fixed until it is updated, while projects are usually controlled and supervised by the project management department. Projects are unique since each project is able to produce its own new goods, services and result while ongoing operations are entitled to produce the same product each time, that can result to a profit and be able to be useful and help run the business (Thiry, 2002).Part 2There are several examples of projects that an organization can engage in. For example, a company can be industrial in nature that involves the construction of the building of any kind. The company will need architectures and engineers to be able to facilitate this project, and it will be guided by a project manager. The work will need to be broken down into different stages so that it can be systematic. After the whole project is finished, it will then be handed back to their client. The project can be; to build a church, a normal house, or even an industry. Another example is one that consists of the development of a new product or service. For example, Microsoft Windows Company producing Windows 10 was a project that they were working on, and it eventually was finished after a particular period of time. This was a project that was meant to solve a particular problem, and it enhanced better serves and faster and easier ways to use their computers (Adler, 1995).The first example of an operation is the manufacturing of cars in an industry; cars will be produced daily depending on the demand and the timetable that will be set. An industry will run because of the manufacturing of cars that will be set in place. This industry will be repeating the same task daily, and it will define it as their operation that will be their ongoing operation. Manufacturing is a process that is usually done daily in an industry, and that makes it their operation. Secondly, a company that produces milk can be high on demand, and it requires more than what they produce during the normal days. They will be forced to do processing and distribution so that the demand and supply can be at an equilibrium eventually. In summary, ongoing operations are done with the aim of bringing out profits from the sales they will make. Both of them have a vital significant to an organization in one way or the other (Winch, 2009).ReferencesAdler, P. S. (1995). Interdepartmental interdependence and coordination: The case of the design/manufacturing interface.Organization Science,6(2), 147-167.Bouet, S. (2009).U.S. Patent No. 7,640,350. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.Morais, B. G., & Grygiel, M. (1994, August). Application of Systems Engineering into an Ongoing Operation. InINCOSE International Symposium(Vol. 4, No. 1, pp. 787-792).Thiry, M. (2002). Combining value and project management into an effective programme management model.International journal of project management,20(3), 221-227.Winch, G. M. (2009).Managing construction projects. John Wiley & Sons.


Project – Fall 2019GUIDELINES FOR MUTUAL FUNDS PROJECTProject topic:Investing in mutual funds: Select one mutual fund from each of three different firms. Acquire information about the funds, their policies, their costs, etc. Track and graph the value(s) of the funds from 9/11/2019 through 11/27/2019. Determine your before-tax rate of return on each of the funds for the investment period (including your costs of investment). Assess the relative performance of each of the fundsNote: There are a number of sites on the Internet or printed sources (such as the business section of newspapers) from which information and guidance can be acquired regarding both of these topics:APPROACH TO PREPARING THIS PROJECT1. Select your three funds.2. Discuss each of the three funds.  Give a background of the fund investment strategy(s); the historical performances; and current costs related to the investments.3. Determine a reasonable amount that you will invest in each fund4. Identify if there are any costs to purchase the funds.  This may lower your initial investment (or not).5. Create a graph of the value of your investment each week or each month (depending on the data that is available from your sources).  The date range is 9/11/2019 thru 11/27/2019.6. On 11/27/2019, determine the selling price of each of the three investments.  You will have to deduct any final fees and other costs to sell each of the investments.  You may need to research this information and discuss it in the section for each mutual fund.7. Calculate the before tax Rate of Return for the period of the investment8. Calculate the before tax annualized Rate of Return.FINAL PROJECT REPORTThe final Project Report is due on 12/3/2019, and will be posted online.  It must include:Description of Purpose (a Problem Statement for the project) (maximum one to two paragraphs describing the assignment and it’s purpose)Statement of Theory and Process (one to two pages explaining how Engineering Economy is applied to the Purpose of the project)Presentation and Discussion of data, results and conclusions (minimum of 3 pages but graded on how thoroughly the data is discussed and how complete are the conclusions)Appendixes (to include copy of status report plus supporting documentation, including references as appropriate)The report must be typed, double-spaced, using an easily-read font with standard margins, on 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper.It is expected that proper English grammar, spelling and sentence structure will be used. Spreadsheets should be used for data analysis, and graphical representations must be computer-generated.It is a fundamental principle of academic integrity that the authorship of the intellectual content of work that is submitted as part of a class assignment must be fairly represented. Contributions of language and thought must be appropriately credited; submissions that do not do so are not acceptable.Mutual Fund TerminologyNet asset value refers to the total value of the investments in a mutual fund divided by the number of outstanding shares. Capital gains, which are generated when a fund manager sells an investment at a profit, are often paid out annually.Calculating the Rate of Return on your InvestmentMutual Funds are investments that hopefully will go up in value. This movement is reflected in the fund’s NAV. For example, if your fund’s NAV moves from $10 per share to $11 per share, you’ve generated a $1 per share profit, for a 10 percent return. This gain is unrealized — you don’t have to pay taxes on it until you sell the shares at a profit. When a fund’s income and capital gains distributions are added to this NAV movement, you have the total return of the mutual fund.To calculate a mutual fund’s total return, add the fund’s distributions to the difference in the fund’s NAV over the course of the year:The Mutual Funds ROR over this project: Example calculation: Final NAV: $12 per share Income Distributions: $0.50 per share Capital Gains Distributions: $0.75 per share Original NAV: $10 per shareROR = ($12 + $0.50 + $0.75 – $10) / ($10) x 100 = = ($13.25 – $10) / ($10) x 100 = 3.25 / ($10) x 100 = 32.5 percent total returnDifference From Stock Return CalculationStocks don’t technically have a NAV, although a stock’s share price is similar in concept. Since stocks are not funds, they don’t pay out capital gains distributions like funds. Thus, the formula is slightly different when calculating stock returns:Total Stock Return = (Final Stock Price – Original Stock Price) + Dividends / Original Stock PriceExample ROR for Stocks: Final Stock Price: $42 Original Stock Price: $35 Dividends: $1 per shareUsing the formula, here’s how you’d calculate a stock’s total return:($42 – $35) + $1 / $35 = $8 / $35 = 22.857 percent total returnAbsolute ReturnsThis method is common when the holding period of your investment is less than 12 months. It helps you calculate the simple returns on your initial investment.Absolute Returns refers to the returns that a fund achieves over a period of time.It measures the percentage appreciation or depreciation in the value of the NAV over a certain time frame.To calculate absolute returns, all you need is the current NAV and the initial NAV of your investment.Example of Absolute Return on Mutual FundsIf the current NAV is 15 and the previous NAV was 13.5, the return would be (15 – 13.5) x 100/13.5 = 150/13.5 = 11.11% over the time period.If the time period is in months say 3 months or in years say 2, or in days say 100, in that case, the above formula can be used asThe above example will produce returns of 11.11 x 4 = 44.44% (for 3 months); or 5.55% for 2 years or 40.55% for a period of 100 days.Example for calculation of the absolute returns of a Mutual Fund:If you have purchased it at Rs.11 per unit and after 3 years, if NAV appreciates to Rs. 15 per unit, here the absolute return is 36.36% as calculated below:(15 – 11) x 100 / 11 = 36.36%Mutual Fund Costs to Buy and SellYou could hire an advisor to purchase your funds and annual investment fees may range from .75% to 1.5% on your assets.  There may be additional charges.  In this project, we assume you did not use an advisor.  It is still important to understand the fees and expenses you’ll be charged by the mutual fund company. No-load does not mean “free.” Management and operating expenses are always charged by the fund company and should be considered in your calculations if it affected (reduced) the dollar amount you invested.In addition to the management and operating expenses, if you buy a no-load mutual fund, you may pay a transaction fee through the discount broker or mutual fund company. These fees range from $0 to $75 depending on the size of the transaction and the particular mutual fund purchased. It’s also important to note that many funds will charge a redemption fee of 2% if you sell your shares in the fund within 90 days of purchase.There are many options available to you to purchase your funds. There are discount brokers and mutual fund companies that offer direct investment opportunities and many are even available online.


CIVE 4273 – Construction Engineering &  Project Management – News Article Name:  Click or tap here to enter text. Article # _ Title of Article: Click or tap here to enter text. Type of Industry: ☐Public           ☐Private Industry Sector: ☐Residential    ☐Commercial    ☐Heavy Civil    ☐Industrial Project Participants: Owner: Enter text here. Designer: Enter text here. Contractor: Enter text here. Other: Enter text here. Summary: Click or tap here to enter text. Link to Article: Note: Limit your article to one page******Remove the following section when submitting the article*************Grading Rubrics: Grade Criteria 10 The project demographics are properly identified. The topic is perfectly relevant to construction projects. The length is decent, around 250 words. The summary is well written and free of grammar errors. The summary includes your own thoughts and critics 8 The summary is well written and free of grammar errors, but there are no personal thoughts included. The length is decent, around 250 words. The topic is somewhat relevant to the construction industry. The project demographics are partially identified <=7 The article is properly summarized with minor grammar errors. The length is too short (less than 200 words). The topic is tangentially related to construction. 0 The article is not turned in or not turned in on time; or The article is a direct “copy and paste”; or The topic is irrelevant


CASE STUDY: EAST CHESTNUT REGIONAL HEALTH SYSTEM      HistoryWithin the last 10 years, East Chestnut Regional Health System (ECRH) was formed from the merger of three organizations: the East River Medical Center, the Northern Mountain Hospital Consortium, and the Archway Hospital. East River Medical Center (ERMC)ERMC is the anchor hospital for the system. The medical center resides along the east side of the Chestnut River. Historically, ERMC was recognized as the location of choice for medical care. However, this reputation has deteriorated over the last 3 to 5 years. As the city of Chestnut has grown, ERMC has found itself on the edge of an urban blight. Safety has been a concern for patients, visitors, and physicians who use and serve the medical center. The technology offered at the medical center has been maintained at an excellent level of proficiency. At the same time, the medical staff is aging with the average age of the physicians being 57. There are younger primary care physicians who serve the specialists, but the specialists are aging as well. ERMC boasts a Level 1 Trauma Center with an air service. The total number of licensed beds for ERMC is 550. On any given day, the occupancy rate is 300 heads on the beds. Northern Mountain Hospital Consortium (NMHC)NMHC was originally formed in response to the migration of patients to Chestnut. Due to the rather aggressive strategies carried out by the hospitals in Chestnut, these rural hospitals decided to create a consortium of rural hospitals so that they could gain economies of scale in a number of areas, which include group purchasing, benefit administration, and physician and staff recruitment. Additionally, they worked together to stem any further deterioration of their market share. Patients were selecting to go to the larger community for services and leaving the smaller communities that collared the Chestnut metropolitan area. NMHC represented individual hospitals in four counties that circled Chestnut County: Walnut, Butternut, Oak, and Maple. Walnut and Butternut Counties had good employment with Oak and Maple Counties being mostly rural. In each county, the inpatient facilities averaged about 20 years of age. The upkeep of these facilities has been sketchy. No facility needs any major upgrades, but modernization is needed. The state does not have a Certificate of Need (CON) process. The medical staff makeup varies each location. The hospitals in Oak and Maple Counties are critical access hospitals. Further details will be provided regarding these organizations later in the case study.Archway Hospital (AH)AH is located directly in the community of Chestnut. It fully resides in the urban area of the community. The hospital has 200 registered beds, but on any given day there are only 50 to 75 patients in this facility. This hospital was a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) hospital; therefore, most of the physicians that worked out of this facility were DOs. The payer mix for this hospital was heavily burdened with Medicare and Medicaid. This payer mix composed nearly 85% of the reimbursement. The facility is aging and needs considerable repairs. It is questionable if it will be worth the investment in this facility.Leadership and Organizational CultureThe original merger that created the East Chestnut Regional Health System (ECRH) occurred 10 years ago. This merger was between ERMC and AH. AH had a rather dynamic leader who was about 57 years old at the time of the merger. The AH CEO became the new President and Chief Executive Officer of ECRH after the merger. Since this CEO had only worked in a smaller organization, he had not experienced the cultural changes and demands that occur after the merging of a large organization. Additionally, he began to change the culture of the organization such that decisions were made on a decentralized basis. He trusted the management team at AH to do the right things and make the right decisions with low supervision. However, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) who was put in charge was originally from AH but left 2 years after the merger with a new COO being put in place. This COO developed a rather poor reputation and was known to want to build his own empire at AH and to be dishonest at times. This reputation created a culture within the traditional AH that lacked a cohesive team effort to create a system. This positioning of the COO was left unattended by the President and CEO of ECRH since he was actively pursuing the acquisition of NMHC. The hospitals of NMHC were doing okay, but those in the consortium realized that their ability to stand alone was becoming difficult in today’s market. When the leadership of the consortium assessed the market as to a partnership, they decided that ECRH would be the best choice. The other option was to develop a for-profit hospital that also resided in Chestnut. The leadership was attracted to what they saw happen with AH. They liked that the central leadership of the system allowed AH to continue on as their own entity without a lot of centralized control. By the time all of this was put together, the President and CEO of ECRH was near retirement. He retired about three years after all of the merger activity was complete. During those three years, he became lax in his leadership role. ECRH deteriorated in market share and profitability during this time. Upon his retirement, the Board of ECRH performed a national search for a replacement. They employed Hunter Brown as the new President and CEO. Mr. Brown was the CEO of a smaller health system and had been in that position for nearly 10 years. Therefore, he had limited experience from other markets in the art of strategic implementation. However, he was also well trained, bright, and articulate in expressing his knowledge. He has now been the President/CEO of ECRH for nine months. As for the remainder of the leadership team for ECRH, there is a newly hired corporate counsel. She has 15 years of experience and is extremely competent in the work that she does.The CEO also hired a new Chief Financial Officer. He has taken good strides in managing the accounts receivable throughout the system as well as extracting exceptional dollars from high quality supply chain management.The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is new and has three years of previous experience from the same organization where the CEO departed.The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has been retained from the old leadership team. His reputation is excellent, and he works well with other physicians, including the medical staff and the employed physicians.The Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) is three years away from retirement. She is known for not getting along with the medical staff and will always defend nursing when at times this is not appropriate. The Senior Vice President for Human Resources is competent and respected by management and staff throughout the organization.The remainder of the leadership team was retained from the old regime. This included information technology, employed physician group leadership, marketing, human resources, and other vice presidents or directors responsible for varying service lines. It should be noted that the IT leadership is just completing the implementation of the EPIC system. The future for this team depends on how well the overall implementation of the system goes. Likewise those in the marketing department will need to be stellar in senior leadership advisement regarding the marketing of complex issues that will be encountered ahead. They have been told if marketing misses the target, then replacements will occur within this department. The new CEO inherited the management team of AH and NMHC. For NMHC the organizational structure was left intact with the COOs for each of the individual hospitals being retained. It was agreed that this traditional structure would be left intact for at least five years. This agreement was near its end and the new CEO had plans to change the existing structure as well as management. This change was being considered for this year’s strategic plan development. Even if the structure of NMHC was going to be changed to a more direct relationship with corporate leadership, all of the existing COO’s would be retained as they have performed well since the merger. As for the COO of AH, he had been recently terminated. An interim COO is now in place pending the board approved closure of this hospital.Competitive AssessmentECRH was not the only provider of care in the community. There was a for-profit hospital, Banford Medical Center (BMC), that had been purchased by a large publicly traded for-profit health system about 10 years ago. The for-profit health system was the largest in the country. The CEO of this hospital was good at optimizing performance as a result of the weaknesses of ECRH and its leadership. He was an effective opportunist. BMC has 400 registered beds with a current occupancy rate of 85%. They have been effective at taking market share away from ECRH. For each loss of service line market share by ECRH, BMC has shown proportional gains. After the acquisition of BMC, the for-profit immediately moved to build a new facility. This new facility is located on the growing wealthy edge of the community. Additionally, at the time that this new facility was developed, the for-profit syndicated ownership to the physicians. The highest level of syndication occurred with the obstetrics and gynecology physicians in the community. Therefore, women’s services deteriorated at ECRH. It should be noted that this physician syndication occurred before the Affordable Care Act was passed, which precluded hospital ownership by physicians.It is important that additional information is provided regarding ECRH. ECRH recently purchased 100 acres of land across the interstate from BMC. This land is located northwest of Chester. The intention is to eventually build a new medical center on this location. The initial planning of this land has occurred and it has been approved to build a regional oncology center on this site. The construction of the project is already underway with an anticipated completion in 6 months. In addition, ECRH has an orthopedic hospital attached to the current ERMC site and a behavioral health hospital at this same location. ECRH also has two ambulatory surgical centers that are conveniently located on the growing northwest and southwest side in the community. The one surgical center is located on the 100 acre development site. The orthopedic hospital has done well and has been listed in the top 100 orthopedic hospitals. However, the behavioral health hospital is losing significant dollars, so the Board of Directors for ECRH has decided to close down this hospital. ECRH has also developed a joint venture imaging center with the radiologists. This center resides across from a major shopping area in the community. It is conveniently located near heavily populated neighborhoods and shopping. The only downside is the location is not close to physician offices that would refer to this center. However, if a new facility is built on the 100 acres, which would include physician offices, the imaging center will be in an ideal location. Leadership is developing a free standing emergency center on the 100 acre site, which is on the northwest side of Chestnut.The last competitive issue is the location of a medical school and hospital in the city of Chestnut. The facility resides in a downtown location. This medical school had been established by the state nearly 45 years ago and is associated with Greenbranch University. It mostly serves the indigent community in Chestnut and the surrounding area. This academic center has a rather negative reputation in the surrounding area. There are four other medical academic centers in the state as well as a medical center with a world renowned reputation. There have been ongoing rumors that this world renowned organization was planning on assuming the responsibility of the Chestnut academic center. This change would substantially alter the complexion of the local medical community if it were to occur. Speed in ECRH dealing with some of its market issues is an imperative.Additional Market Information: Population DemographicsChestnut CountyWith 433,689 people, Chestnut County is the 6th most populated county in the state. The largest Chestnut County racial/ethnic groups are Caucasian (70.1%), African American (18.5%), and Hispanic (6.5%).In 2015, the median household income of Chestnut County residents was $41,777. However, 21.1% of Chestnut County residents live in poverty.The median age for Chestnut County residents is 37.7 years old.Employment is strong in Chestnut County. Unemployment resides at 4.5%. Employer diversity is strong since the community is not dependent on singular large employers. Employment includes some high-tech jobs, general manufacturing to support the automobile industry, and there is a large university, Greenbranch University, located in the community. The university has 25,000 students and offers most majors, which includes engineering and nursing.Walnut CountyWith 42,537 people, Walnut County is the 57th most populated county in the state. The largest Walnut County racial/ethnic groups are Caucasian (89.8%), followed by Hispanic (7.2%) and African American (3%).In 2015, the median household income of Walnut County residents was $55,120. However, 10.8% of Walnut County residents live in poverty. The median age for Walnut County residents is 39.8 years old.Butternut CountyWith 38,352 people, Butternut County is the 65th most populated county in the state.The largest Butternut County racial/ethnic groups are White (87.0%), Hispanic (9.5%), and African American (1.7%).In 2015, the median household income of Butternut County residents was $50,663. However, 13.4% of Butternut County residents live in poverty.The median age for Butternut County residents is 39.7 years old.Oak CountyWith 37,120 people, Oak County is the 66th most populated county in the state. The largest Oak County racial/ethnic groups are Caucasian (93.3%), Hispanic (4.0%), and African American (1.1%).In 2015, the median household income of Oak County residents was $42,492. However, 14.9% of Oak County residents live in poverty.The median age for Oak County residents is 46.6 years old.Maple CountyWith 27,816 people, Maple County is the 79th most populated county in the state. The largest Maple County racial/ethnic groups are Caucasian (90.8%), Hispanic (7.1%), and African American (1.0%).In 2015, the median household income of Maple County residents was $39,353. However, 15.4% of Maple County residents live in poverty.The median age for Maple County residents is 48.2 years old.Both Oak and Maple Counties are rural with an older population. Many patients have Medicare and Medicaid that come from these two counties. Likewise the hospitals located in each of these counties have been designated as critical access. Like many rural counties, Oak and Maple have been blighted with younger people using drugs, including methamphetamine. Employed Physicians ECRH employs 400 physicians throughout its system. The breakdown for each location is as follows:Chestnut County135 primary care 100 specialistsWalnut County40 primary care10 specialistsButternut County30 primary care12 specialistsOak County27 primary care10 specialistsMaple County25 primary care11 specialistsThere have been ongoing complaints from the newly recruited physicians that their practices have not been marketed well; thus, their patient volumes have been slow to grow.Service Line Performance InformationThe following is a list of bullet points regarding service line performance by ECRH and issues of operational concern.1. Women’s health services deteriorated significantly since the syndication by Banford Medical Center. Obstetrical deliveries are down 20% across the system. BMC has done an excellent job of creating attractive facility and services for women. This includes nurse navigation, women’s breast center, and a series of other amenities. BMC has also started a neonatal intensive care unit, which rivals the services of ECRH.2. The cardiologists at ECRH are aging. This has been a traditionally strong service for ECRH, but 50% of the cardiologists will be retiring within the next 3 to 5 years. All cardiologists who serve ERCH are employed by the health system. Cardiology is a service that is gaining strength within the Greenbranch Medical Center, particularly since they brought in a renowned cardiologist to rebuild their program.3. The orthopedic volumes are down 7%. ECRH does jointly operate an orthopedic hospital with an independent orthopedic group located in the community. There have been some internal problems within the orthopedic group where the old guard of orthopedic surgeons has forced a low retention with younger, and to some degree better trained, surgeons. Retention is becoming a growing concern regarding the status of this group with consideration of ECRH hiring their own surgeons. The joint venture hospital does not exclude other surgeons from working in this hospital.4. Emergency department (ED) volumes are down 5%. The hospital uses an emergency physician group to supply physicians to cover all of the EDs within ERCH. These physicians are known for poor customer service and making rude comments to patients who are self-pay or Medicaid.5. The ambulatory visits and services are up 3%. This volume increase is from the younger primary care physicians who have been employed by ECRH. This young group of physicians has become great support for ECRH and refer patients loyally to the organization.6. General surgery cases are down 4%. The aging surgeons are starting to retire and it is difficult to recruit new surgeons to replace past demand. Some of this work is going to Greenbranch since they have good general surgeons.7. The oncology services for ECRH have increased in volume and revenue by 4%. ECRH’s development of the new oncology center has created a magnet for referrals to the oncologists. The oncologists are very enthusiastic about the development of this new center and have begun to shift work to ECRH.8. ECRH has the regional burn center. ECRH works with Greenbranch Medical Center for training residence in the burn setting. This includes the plastic and general surgeons. The downside of this service is that it is losing money. A decision has been made to close down this service with Greenbranch starting their burn center.9. ECRH is a Level 1 Trauma Center, and this designation has been a historical positive for the system. The helicopter service is well recognized by the community as well as first responder professionals found in the region. They historically have been top of mind for major trauma cases. The usage of this service is down 5% since the for-profit has established a similar service. BMC however only has a Level 2 Trauma Center. They have worked diligently to acquire ambulance services in some of the outlying communities. This has helped feed patients to BMC.10. The ECRH Board of Directors decided to close down the behavioral health hospital. It is uncertain where patients will be able to receive inpatient care. An active out-patient service will still be provided by ECRH.Payer MixThe payer mix for ECRH has deteriorated. The current inpatient payer mix for the entire system is as follows:55% Medicare15% Medicaid30% CommercialThere has been a long standing joint venture relationship with a national insurance company for commercial insurance. Administratively this venture has not developed as anticipated; however, in some of the regional markets, the Chestnut Care insurance has a strong presence. Of the 30% commercial pay, 20% is Chestnut Care based. The national insurance company in the venture is Aetna. The next strongest product is Anthem. It is the expectation of the CEO that Chestnut Care be leveraged and positioned for growth.The 15% Medicaid has helped the hospital gain additional disproportionate share dollars, which does help the bottom line of the hospital.Historical Strategic InitiativesAccountable Care OrganizationWhen the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, ECRH decided to get into the one-sided model of an accountable care organization (ACO). This venture has not gone well, and ECRH has decided to leave the ACO business. However, they are concerned about the public image of this decision. The details of the termination are under discussion with a need to determine how to minimize the public perception of termination, particularly since there was so much marketing of their getting in this venture. The regulatory requirements of the government regarding the timing of terminating an ACO venture further complicate this decision.Primary Care Medical HomeThe employed primary care group has been active in establishing accredited primary care medical homes within all of the primary care offices throughout the ECRH system. This initiative is a positive emerging strategy for ECRH. It has also been an attractive draw for the family practitioners from Greenbranch Medical Center residency program since Greenbranch has established an accredited medical home for their family practice residency program.American Nursing Credential Center Status (ANCC)ECRH has been working on becoming a magnet status for ERMC. This work has stalled out as an initiative. Some of this is due to the nursing leadership within ERMC. The CEO intends to move this priority up in the organization’s goals.Information TechnologyECRH has invested heavily in their information technology infrastructure. This investment became a requirement just to be able to gather the data needed for the ACO development. This cost has become significantly greater than anticipated. ECRH fully implemented EPIC as their core information technology system. There have been implementation problems since the ECRH was operating off of multiple systems before the decision to consolidate to one platform. The implementation of EPIC required considerable retraining for the staff and physicians. Data conversions have gone well. The difficulties have been more human-related relative to the effective use of the system. One of the major issues has been the lack of ECRH not meeting meaningful use requirements which has cost ECRH significant lost revenue from not meeting these goals.Legal Actions Pending for ECRHFederal Trade Commission InvestigationWith the merger and acquisition of NMHC, questions of antitrust have been raised. In the service lines of cardiology and oncology it has been found that ECRH controls 60% of the cardiology market and 52% of the oncology market. Chestnut Care in some markets has been strong in steering patient volumes to ERMC. Union leaders for the varying trades were instrumental in precipitating this investigation. At the time that this issue was raised, the President and Executive Branch of the federal government were very pro-labor, thus, their interest in pursuing this matter.As to the projected disposition of this case, it is anticipated that a negative determination will be made due to the market share control in oncology and cardiology. This could force ECRH to divest their ownership in the Chestnut Care insurance venture. Another option might be that certain hospitals of NMHC be divested. It is not anticipated that both determinations would occur. This case has cost ECRH considerable money to stave off investigation of this allegation.Predatory Collections and the Loss of Not-for-profit Tax Status for NMHCNMHC negotiated that they would continue to act independently. The consortium leadership set policies that included predatory collections for the patients that would be served in the NMHC hospitals. In a recent evening news report, an investigative reporter interviewed an elderly patient that had her home taken from her to pay for her medical bills. This home had been in her family for over 100 years. This story prompted the state’s Attorney General’s Office to investigate the predatory collection policies of ECRH and NMHC. The state has already taken an aggressive stance to investigate the status of not-for-profits not fulfilling requirements (e.g., charity care, research, and education). The state is in economic trouble and is seeking revenue from wherever they can find it. The outlook is dim regarding the anticipated final decision of the Attorney General’s Office. If NMHC is required to pay taxes, this would wipe out the bottom line for these hospitals and many of the needed services supplied to the indigent population by ECRH would be reduced or eliminated.Faith & Main Consultants Report Within the last year, ECRH contracted with Faith & Main to study the market perception of their women’s services. The following is a summation of the findings of Faith & Main.Interest in a Women’s Center Crosses County Lines36% of women in the service area would travel across county lines to receive excellent women’s health services72% of women in Chestnut County would consider using the women’s services of East Chestnut Regional Medical Center Women in all counties were most interested in these services:o Breast careo General gynecology serviceso Female doctorso Services in one areao Physicals for womenInterest in a Heart Care and a Health Information LineA physician approved source of informationA nurse help line that could be a resource for women’s care in heart health as well be a source for health navigation.Clear Expectations Regarding Getting Appointments with Their Primary Care PhysicianWomen expect same-day appointmentso In the collar counties to Chestnut County, women ranked this in the top 28.7%o Chestnut County women ranked this in the top 37.7% o Expectation of same-day appointments ranked highest for women of childbearing agePercent expecting same-day appointmentso 42.9 % of Chestnut County women of childbearing ageo 31.3% of collar county women of childbearing ageWillingness to be Seen by a Nurse Practitioner Overwhelmingly “Yes”o 75.7% of Chestnut County women of childbearing ageo 76.1% of collar county women of childbearing ageRespondents Expressed How Health Care Could Be Improved24% of all Chestnut County women, and 26% of all collar county women named adding more primary care doctors and more children’s care with urgent care outranking any other single topic.Respondents of Childbearing Age Widely Represented in Study:86% of women respondents of childbearing age in Chestnut County had children under the age of 18 76% of women respondents of childbearing age in the collar counties had children under the age of 18Willingness to be seen by nurse practitioner was viewed as favorable by those in this study.This data from Faith & Main will be used to ramp up improvements in the women’s services for ECRH.Strategic Plan Goals for the Upcoming YearWomen’s service line improvemento Increase obstetrical deliveries by 20% over 3 years o Establish nurse navigation system for the entire systemo Facility improvement and development for women’s serviceso Improve access standards for women’s care§ Assist in the marketing of the implementation of the consultant’s report regarding women’s servicesOncology Center grand openingMature the retail strategy with the primary care employed physician groupAssess the market impact of the lawsuits and develop marketing strategy to counteract the negative impact if decisions are made against ECRHAggressively recruit new physicians to reduce the average age of the medical staff and strategically enhance service line development  Use lean management processes to correct service issues found in the ED. Improve ED visits by 6%.o Review physician contracts to enhance physician service performanceo Investigate the fast track ED concept o Implement the free standing ED strategy Abandon the Accountable Care Organization (ACO)Re-establish relationships with regional emergency medical services to raise the utilization of the medical air service. Growth goal is to get back to the previous level of utilization within 18 monthsDecision to close the regional burn unit and let those cases go to the academic medical centerImplement the decision to close the behavioral health services of ECRHImplement the decision to close AHCEO Instruction to Marketing TeamThe marketing department for East Chestnut Regional Health System will be asked to step up their game to develop a marketing plan for the regional health system. The CEO has had some concerns regarding the ability of the marketing department to keep up with the rapidly moving strategic environment that he has created. So he established a time line for the department to develop a system wide marketing plan over the next six weeks. The VP of marketing has been in all of the senior leadership cabinet meetings so she is aware of all of the details. Therefore, the learning curve regarding the institutional strategic goals is of no concern. The following are elements that the CEO wants in the marketing plan.1. A consultant, Faith & Main, was used to test the impression of the women in the key service markets for East Chestnut Health System. The summary of the consultant’s report can be seen above. The survey covered all aspects of women’s care. The marketing department will need to develop a marketing campaign to match the recommendations of the consultant’s report.a. It is recognized that the age span for communicating with women consumers will be quite variable. On one end of the spectrum you have the younger child bearing age women,  next are the women that are middle aged followed by women that are pre-elederly then those that are elderly.  Therefore, a communication plan using social media to conventional marketing techniques will be required.2. A communication plan will need to be developed for the closure of the regional burn center as well the exiting the accountable care organization and the closure of the behavioral health hospital.3. A communication plan will be needed to deal with the closure of AH.4. A branding strategy will need to be developed to overcome the current weak brand identity that is in place for the combined ECRH entities.5. Develop marketing strategy for new physicians being recruited to the system. The ideal situation would be to have a common identity for all marketing material. In the past the marketing material has been local hospital based.6. Develop marketing plan for the Primary Care Medical Home strategy as well the retail strategy for the primary care network.7. Proactively lay out a framework of communication to manage any negative outcomes of the legal matters that the health system is now confronting.a. The Federal Trade Commission investigation of the anti-trust issues for ECRH.b. The predatory collections occurred as part of NMHC. It is felt that this case will force these rural hospitals to move to a taxable entity with the loss of their not-for-profit status. The development of this problem came as a result of poor leadership within the consortium.8. Develop advertising campaign for the opening of the new oncology center.9. Develop advertising campaign for the ED/Trauma services of ECRH.


Engineering Mathematics-1 (MASC 0009.2) – Spring – 2020– CW (Assignment-1) – All – QP ` IN SEMESTER INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT Module Code: MASC 0009.2 Module Name: Engineering Mathematics-1 Instructions to Student: • Answer all questions. • Deadline of submission: 18/05/2020 (23:59)  • Formative feedback on the complete assignment draft will be provided if the draft is submitted at least 10 days before the final submission date. • Feedback after final evaluation will be provided by 25/05/2020 Module Learning Outcomes The following LOs are achieved by the student by completing the assignment successfully 1) Compute Limit and derivative of a function 2) Able to apply derivatives in finding extreme values Assignment Objective To test the Knowledge and understanding of the student for the above mentioned LO Assignment Tasks: 1. a. Evaluate the following limit: x→4lim (2x√x−2 3−128 ) (8 marks) b. Find the number k such that x→−2lim (3x2x+kx+k+3 2+x−2 ) exists, then find the limit (7 marks) MEC_AMO_TEM_034_01 Page 1 of 7 Engineering Mathematics-1 (MASC 0009.2) – Spring – 2020– CW (Assignment-1) – All – QP 2. a. A particle moves in a straight line along with the x − axis its displacement is given by the equation s(t) = 5t3 − 8t2 + 12t + 6,t ≥ 0, where t is measured in seconds and s is measured in meters. Find: i. The velocity function of the particle at time t (2marks) ii. The acceleration function of the particle at time t. (2marks) iii. The acceleration after 5 seconds (1marks) b. Find the derivative of y = 5cos3(x) sin (3−2x) + tan2(3×2 − 4x) − csc (√2x − 1 )and express your answer in terms of sin and cos only (15marks) 3. Find the derivative of f(x) = tan (5x + 7), by first principle of differentiation (10 marks) 4. Find the points of local maxima and minima for the function f(x) = x4 − 18×2 − 9 (10 marks) 5. a. For which value of n, does the y→2 lim −ny32−y4+16n 5 = 2 (5 marks) b. Evaluate the following limits: x→0 lim 7xcos(5xx22 )−7x − x→0lim [sin(−2x)sin 2x3cos (5x)sin (x) MEC_AMO_TEM_034_01 Page 2 of 7 (7x) ] (10 marks) 6. Evaluate x→2lim f(x), where f is defined by f(x) = { x2, x ≤ 0 2x − 2, 0 < x ≤ 3 3x , 3 < x < 4 9, x ≥ 4 (5 marks) 7. Find the second derivative of the following function: y = ex2 +ln(7e−x + 5×3) − 52x + 3x 3 √x 5√x (15 marks) 8. Find dydx implicitly, if ex(ey − 1) + sin(2x + 5y) = ln(√7) − y+2 5− cot (2x) (10 marks) . Engineering Mathematics-1 (MASC 0009.2) – Spring – 2020– CW (Assignment-1) – All – QP Rules & Regulations: • The final assignment must have a Title page, Table of Contents, References/ bibliography using CU Harvard Style and page numbers. • Title Page must have Assignment Name, Module name, Session, your name, ID, and the name of the faculty. • Softcopy in word format is to be submitted through Turnitin link on Moodle. • Viva will be conducted after the assignment submission as per the dates informed earlier. Guidelines: • Assignment must be computer typed. ➢ Font – Times New Roman ➢ Font – Style – Regular ➢ Font – Size – 12 ➢ Heading should be with Font Size 14, Bold, Capital and Underline. • Explain with suitable diagrams wherever required. Diagrams must be drawn using suitable software or by pencil. • Each student has to do the assignment individually . • You can refer books in e-Library or use internet resource. But you should not cut and paste material from internet nor provide photocopied material from books. The assignment answers should be in your own words after understanding the matter from the above resources. Important Policies to be followed 1. Student Academic Integrity Policy*: MEC upholds the spirit of academic integrity in all forms of academic work and any form of violation of academic integrity shall invite severe penalty. Any benefit obtained by indulging in the act of violation of academic integrity shall be cancelled. All cases of violation of academic integrity on the part of the student shall fall under any of the below mentioned categories: 1. Plagiarism 2. Malpractice 3. Ghost Writing 4. Collusion 5. Other cases MEC_AMO_TEM_034_01 Page 3 of 7 Engineering Mathematics-1 (MASC 0009.2) – Spring – 2020– CW (Assignment-1) – All – QP If the student fails a module and has a proven case of academic integrity violation in this module, the student is required to re-register the module. This is applicable to first and second offenders of plagiarism. 1. Plagiarism A. First offence of plagiarism I. If a student is caught first time in an act of plagiarism during his/her course of study in any assignment other than project work, the student will be allowed to re-submit the assignment once, within a maximum period of one week. However, a penalty of deduction of 25% of the marks obtained for the resubmitted work will be imposed. II. Period of re-submission: The student will have to re-submit the work one week from the date he or she is advised to re-submit. III. If the re-submitted work is also found to be plagiarized, then that assessment will be awarded a zero mark. Re-submission of the work beyond the maximum period of one week will not be accepted and the assessment will be awarded a zero mark. B. Second offence of plagiarism If any student is caught second time in an act of plagiarism during his/her course of study (in a subsequent semester), the student will directly be awarded zero for the work in which plagiarism is detected. In such cases, the student will not be allowed to resubmit the work. A warning of suspension shall be issued, and student has to sign an undertaking and undergo counselling session in such cases. 2. Malpractice/Ghostwriting/Collusion A. First offence of Malpractice/Ghostwriting/Collusion If a student is caught in an act of Malpractice/Ghostwriting/Collusion for an assessment component irrespective of coursework or end semester, the student shall fail the module and shall be required to re-register the module B. Second Offence of Malpractice/Ghostwriting/Collusion If a student is caught a second time in an act of Malpractice/Ghostwriting/Collusion for an assessment component irrespective of coursework or end semester, the student shall fail the module. A warning of suspension shall be issued, and student has to sign an undertaking and undergo counselling session in such cases. 3. Third Offence of Academic Integrity Violation If a student is caught a third time in an act of Academic Integrity Violation for an assessment component irrespective of coursework or end semester (in a subsequent semester), the student shall fail the module and also shall be suspended for one semester from the College, as recommended by institutional level academic committee, Chaired by the Associate Dean, Academic Affairs. 4. Fourth Offence of Academic Integrity Violation: If a student is caught a fourth time in an act of Academic Integrity Violation for an assessment component irrespective of coursework or end semester (in a subsequent semester), the student shall fail the module MEC_AMO_TEM_034_01 Page 4 of 7 Engineering Mathematics-1 (MASC 0009.2) – Spring – 2020– CW (Assignment-1) – All – QP and also shall be expelled from the College, as recommended by institutional level academic committee, Chaired by the Associate Dean, Academic Affairs. 5. Other cases If a student commits an act of academic integrity violation as per the definition of “other cases” mentioned in the previous section or of a different nature, student’s case shall be forwarded to an institutional level academic committee, Chaired by the Associate Dean, Academic Affairs. The committee shall investigate the case by means of a viva and/or a disciplinary hearing and shall take appropriate decision. The penalty that can be granted to a proven case of academic integrity violation which falls in this category of “other cases” can be a warning/component zero/ module fail/suspension/expulsion depending on the nature and gravity of the offence. 6. Types/Variations of Cases: I. If plagiarism is detected in any component of one assessment, the deduction in marks will be applicable for the whole assessment, even if only the component or part submission alone needs to be resubmitted. II. If plagiarism is detected in a group assessment, all students of the group will be considered as having committed an act of plagiarism and the policy will then be applied to all students III. If plagiarism is detected in any component of a group assessment, the deduction in marks will be applicable for the whole assessment even if only the component or part submission alone needs to be resubmitted. All students of the group would be considered as having committed an act of plagiarism and the policy will then be applied to all the students of the group. IV. If the assessment consists of components or part submissions that could be a group assessment component (e.g. group assignment) and an individual assessment component (e.g. individual reflection), the following will be applicable: a. If plagiarism is detected in the group assessment component, all students of the group will be considered as having committed an act of plagiarism, The policy will then be applied to all students of the group. Group assessment component will be resubmitted as per the policy. b. If plagiarism is detected in the individual assessment component, the individual assessment component will be resubmitted and the policy will then be applied to that student alone. c. For both (a) and/or (b), the deduction in marks will be applicable for the whole assessment. * for further details Refer to MEC Student Academic Integrity Policy in Student Handbook. 2. Late Submission Regulations: It is the students’ responsibility to check all relevant timelines related to assessments. As per the Assessment Policy at MEC, late submissions are allowed for one week (5 working days) for all UG modules with a penalty. In such cases, a deduction of 5% of the marks obtained for the submitted work shall be imposed for each working day following the last date of submission till the date of MEC_AMO_TEM_034_01 Page 5 of 7 Engineering Mathematics-1 (MASC 0009.2) – Spring – 2020– CW (Assignment-1) – All – QP actual submission. Assessment documents submitted beyond a period of one week (5 working days) after the last date of submission will not be accepted and will be awarded a zero for that assessment. In cases where the submission has been delayed due to extenuating circumstances, the student may be permitted to submit the work without imposing the late submission policy stated above. The extended period of submission will be one week from the original last date of submission. In such cases, the student is expected to submit the supporting certificates on or before the original last date of submission of the assessment and the decision of extension rests with faculty responsible for the assessment .The late submission policy shall be applied if the student fails to submit the work within one week of the original last date of submission. Students may contact their teachers for clarification on specific details of the submission time if required. 3. Research Ethics and Biosafety Policy To protect and respect the rights, dignity, health, safety, and privacy of research subjects involved including the welfare of animals and the integrity of environment, all student projects are expected to be undertaken as per the MEC Research Ethics and Biosafety Policy. Accordingly the following shall apply. • Research and other enterprise activities shall be conducted by maintaining the high ethical standards consistent with national and international standards and conventions. • Any research at MEC that is categorized as high-risk research shall be subject to review and approval by the Research Ethics and Biosafety Committee. • Research activities involving collection of human or animal tissues and manipulation of microbial, animal or plant cells shall be subject to review and approval by the Research Ethics and Biosafety Committee. • Participants involved in research must be informed about the purpose of research and intended uses of research findings. Written consent must be obtained from people involved prior to the commencement of research. • Data obtained from participants must be treated with high confidence and should be used only for the intended purpose of research. Assessment Evaluation Criteria Classification And % Range <to be given as per requirement< MEC_AMO_TEM_034_01 Page 6 of 7 Reflection and critical Knowledge analysis. and Understanding/ Application of Theory Evidence of Reading Referencing and Bibliography Presentation, Grammar and Spelling Outstanding Highly competent analytical skills and reflective practice, demonstrating personal learning and growth, insight into required professional values and principles and professional development planning. Extensive knowledge and depth of understanding of principles and concepts and /or outstanding application of theory in practice. Evidence of reading an extensive range of educational literature/research and where applicable workplace strategies, policies and procedures. Accurate referencing and bibliography correctly using appropriate referencing style Excellent presentation, logically structured, using correct grammar and spelling, excellent cross- referencing and links to supporting evidence Engineering Mathematics-1 (MASC 0009.2) – Spring - 2020– CW (Assignment-1) – All – QP Strong analytical skills and Excellent knowledge and reflective practice used, understanding of principles demonstrating personal and concepts and /or learning and growth, insight excellent knowledge and into required professional understanding of the values, principles and application of theory in competencies and practice professional development planning. MEC_AMO_TEM_034_01 Page 7 of 7 Evidence of reading a wide range of educational literature/research and where applicable, workplace strategies, policies and procedures. Appropriate referencing and bibliography correctly using appropriate referencing style Good presentation, competently structured, Excellent using correct grammar and spelling, clear and easy to use links to supporting evidence Very Good Quality Good use of analytical skills and reflective practice demonstrating personal learning and growth, insight into required professional values, principles and competencies and professional development planning. Good knowledge or key principles and concepts and/or good knowledge of the application of theory in practice Evidence of reading a good range of educational literature/research and where applicable workplace strategies, policies and procedures. Generally well referenced with correct use of the appropriate referencing style Reasonable presentation, completely structured, acceptable grammar and spelling, acceptable links to supporting evidence Good (Acceptable) Acceptable use of analytical skills and reflective practice demonstrating personal learning and growth, insight into required professional values, principles and competencies and professional development planning. Acceptable knowledge of key principles and concepts and/or knowledge of the application of theory in practice Evidence of reading an appropriate range of educational literature/research and where applicable, relevant workplace policies and procedures Adequate referencing. Generally accurate use of appropriate referencing style Adequate presentation and structure, acceptable grammar and spelling, adequate links to supporting evidence Adequate/ Satisfactory Adequate use of analytical skills and reflective practice demonstrating personal learning and growth, insight into required professional values, principles and competencies and professional development planning. Adequate knowledge of key principles and concepts and/or satisfactory evidence of the application of theory in practice. Evidence of minimal reading of educational literature/research and where applicable relevant workplace policies and procedures Adequate referencing. Appropriate referencing style used but may contain some inaccuracies. Weak presentation , satisfactory structure, grammar and spelling, links to supporting evidence Weak /Poor (all learning outcomes not adequately met) Little use of analytical skills and reflective practice demonstrating personal learning and growth, insight into required competencies and/or professional development planning. Professional values and principles not reflected in the submission. and/or Insufficient/no use of analytical skills and reflective practice demonstrating personal learning and growth, insight into required competencies and professional development planning Little evidence of knowledge of key principles or concepts and/or little evidence of the application of theory in practice and/or No evidence of knowledge of key principles or concepts and/or no evidence of application of theory in practice Little or no evidence of reading outside of the course textbook and/or reference to relevant work place policies and procedures and/or No evidence of reading outside of the course textbook and/or reference to relevant workplace policies and procedures Little or no referencing, incorrect style, or very inaccurate use of appropriate referencing style Poor presentation, grammar and spelling, links to supporting evidence and/or Unacceptable presentation, grammar and spelling, structure is very poor, links to supporting evidence


Best Location and Best CandidateKyami ClarkeUniversity of Maryland University CollegeWritten Assignment 5 | Paper C1BMGT 364 6387 Management and Organization Theory  (2188)Professor Rachel ClaySpring 2019IntroductionThe new infant formula manufacturing plant needs to be located in a region that has a high demand for organic products. The location should also have a population that can provide relatively cheap labour but should sufficiently be knowledgeable. Further, the location needs to have good infrastructure, and land policies should be favourable to foreign investors. Among Ohio, Malaysia, and China, Malaysia is the most suitable country since it values resource sustainability; has good infrastructure; has a relatively cheap but qualified labour force, and land policies are favourable to foreign investors. The best candidate for the position is Sloan since she has more knowledge in biotechnology, and her interests are aligned with the company’s mission and vision.Best LocationOhioThe state of Ohio covers approximately 116,100 km2. It has a total population of 11.4 million people. The number of infants can be estimated at a third of the total population. The people of Ohio put high priority to consumption of healthy organic food. The majority of farmers in the state prefer farming methods that do not degrade the environment, and they grow foods that they believe are good for human consumption. The people of Ohio also value organic food and prefer manufactured food products and dietary supplements to be as natural as possible. Ohio Farmers Association have are increasingly, Environmental Protection Agencies, and self-help groups in Ohio are encouraging the residents to avoid consuming artificially manufactured food products and instead embrace products that contain natural products (Black, 2015). There is also enough supply of the raw materials needed for the production of the infant formula. MalaysiaMalaysia is an Asian country with a population of about 32.1 million people by 2017. The country occupies a total surface area of about 330,803 km2. It is among the countries that are on the forefront concerning resource conservation and the protection of biodiversity. Malaysia is a signatory to the Rio Convention on Biological Diversity, which has guided it to form the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan. This and other environmental protection policies have enabled the country to put environmental conservation activities on high priority. The Malaysian cuisine consists mainly of organic foods, with minimally processed foods. This has greatly been influenced by the culture of its people who highly value organic foods and products made from natural formulas. As such, the infant product can readily be appreciated both by the country’s health agencies and environment watchdogs since the infant formula is made from natural ingredients, and the new production plant will utilise green production methods.ChinaChina is an Asian country in the Far Eastern part of the globe. It is the most populated country in the world, with a population of approximately 1.386 million, which is about 18% of the total world population. The country’s economy is among the fastest growing economies in the world. The country is rich regarding the availability of raw materials since the majority of people rely on farming as a source of living (Lu et al., 2015). As such, it will be easy to get raw materials, and with the high population, it is possible to get cheap labour. However, most of the labourers in China are not as highly skilled as may be expected for the new company that is in need of innovative minds. Most Chinese entrepreneurs copy or imitate the technologies of other companies. Nevertheless, the country’s environmental protection policies are not as effective as required since China is among the biggest polluters of the environment due to heavy reliance on coal, and absence of real laws that can govern environmental pollution.The Most Suitable Location Out of the four locations, Malaysia is the best country for the company to create the infant manufacturing plant. Although China has a significant population, there are high rates of counterfeiting, and trade policies do not favour foreign investors since investors are sometimes forced by Chinese government agencies to reveal their trade secrets in order to be allowed to operate in the country (Wang & Wing, 2018). The land is also a limiting factor in China due to the country’s high population and government unfavourable land policies. Although the US is highly developed, it is not quite the best choice for the new manufacturing plant. This is because the environmental policies are too harsh for a starting company, and there are also well-established companies that are likely to give high competition to the new company. The land is also expensive in the US as compared to the other locations. Ohio is also a suitable location for the new manufacturing plant. However, there are many well-established competitors in Ohio, which will provide significant challenges for the new manufacturing company to kick off. The price of land in Ohio is also higher as compared to Malaysia. Malaysia is the most suitable location for the new manufacturing plant. This is because the country has well established environmental protection laws, and the number of companies manufacturing infant formulas is not as high as those in other countries. This means that it will be easy for the new manufacturing plant to pick up and quickly establish a market base in Malaysia as compared to the other countries. The price of land and land policies in Malaysia are also the most suitable than in other countries, meaning that it will be easy for the company to acquire land in Malaysia. There are also efficient and effective transport infrastructures that reach the rural centres, which will facilitate the secure distribution of raw materials and final products. The country also has relatively cheap but knowledgeable labour as compared to with the US and Ohio that have skilled but expensive labour.Best CandidateSloanSloan has been an Executive Director of the company’s branch in Europe. This means that she is capable of taking up managerial roles in the new company without difficulties since she has sufficiently worked as the branch leader. Sloan has been liked by the employees she worked with since she is considerate and inclusive. This means that she has the capability of making employees work passionately and like their work. The practice in which managers become inclusive and allow employees to come up with new ideas has been shown to increase employees’ innovativeness (Honkaniemi, Lehtonen & Hasu, 2015). Sloan’s interests also align with Biotech’s mission, vision, and philosophy since she is concerned with issues of environmental-friendliness, and products that are good both for human and animal health. Although she does not have marketing experience, she can effectively run the company. Maddie CooperCooper has 25 years of experience in running an infant formula company. This gives her an advantage over Sloan who has 12 years of experience in managerial issues. Cooper can thus run the new branch of the infant formula effectively due to her many years of experience. However, her leadership approach is the bureaucratic hands-on approach, which tends to be dictatorial at best. This means that the employees will not be given enough opportunities to express their ideas freely for consideration, and the employees will highly likely to work under pressure. This is likely to reduce their motivation and creativity.Further, Maddie’s perspective does not align well with the company’s interests since she is against the company’s idea of sustainability and green production initiatives. Maddie is not the best candidate to lead the new branch. This is because her interests conflict with the company’s objectives, and her leadership style does not encourage employee innovativeness, which is against Biotech’s policies.Bentley Hughes Hughes has been the owner of the newly acquired plant and has run the company effectively with advancement in sales. However, he is more suited for performing logistics functions rather than overseeing green production methods and fostering innovativeness. The main point that makes him be considered is the sales agreement rather than his qualifications. There is no evidence that he can effectively encourage employees’ innovativeness, and that he has skills regarding issues to do with biotechnology. This means that he can face significant challenges and experience difficulties when it comes to manufacturing or improvising diverse brands of the infant formula. For these reasons, Sloan is the best candidate for the position. A sales and marketing manager can be appointed to take care of sales and marketing. ConclusionThe best location for the new infant formula manufacturing firm among the four regions in Malaysia. This is because, among the four countries, it is the one with relatively cheap labour that is highly skilled. The cost of land is also fair, and there is no stiff competition. The best candidate for the leadership position in the new manufacturing plant is Sloan. This is because her interests are aligned with the company’s, and she is qualified on issues regarding biotechnology.ReferencesBlack, K. J. (2016).The Relationship of Food Security to Health Parameters of Women Using  
Free Cervical Screening Sites in Appalachian Ohio(Doctoral dissertation, Ohio            University). 1-17. Homer, C., Dewitz, J., Yang, L., Jin, S., Danielson, P., Xian, G., … & Megown, K. (2015).      Completion of the 2011 National Land Cover Database for the conterminous United     States–representing a decade of land cover change information.Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing,81(5), 345-354. Honkaniemi, L., Lehtonen, M. H., & Hasu, M. (2015). Well-being and innovativeness:  
motivational trigger points for mutual enhancement.European journal of training and
development,39(5), 393-408.Lu, Y., Jenkins, A., Ferrier, R. C., Bailey, M., Gordon, I. J., Song, S., … & Feng, Z. (2015).     Addressing China’s grand challenge of achieving food security while ensuring  environmental sustainability. Science advances,1(1), 1-6.Wang, Z., & Wing, M. (2018). Asymmetry and helplessness: the copyright ecology of online  literature writers in China.Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property,8(4), 348-357.   


Abstract:(WRITE MORE, EXPLAIN EVERYTHING IN ABSTRACT) DO IT HALF PAGE. Discuss results This experiment was mainly aimed at determining the impacts of stress on photo elasticity The purpose of this experiment is to find introduce photo elasticity and its application to stress as well as to introduce finite element analysis and its application. Using 3 different methods and also to become familiar with FEA the value is found by using results from FEA through hand calculations and by using proper engineering decision making.Table of contents: Abstract…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………1 Introduction…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..3 Methods………………………………………………………………………….……………………………………………..4 Results…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..5 Discussion and Conclusion………………………………………………………..…………………………………..7 Appendix……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….8 Introduction:
(need background information +write about the machine and what is the final analysis, write what we will in the experiment. Stress concentration within a given part can be observed by use of photoelasticity, whereby light is projected onto the given part and the emerging reflection is then viewed through a Polari scope to view the fringe count on the surface. Leven, M. M. (Ed.). (2013). We usually neglect stress concentrations that are at pinned ends under a constant tensile load but rather use plate of plastic that is sufficient in length to distribute the tensile load evenly before getting to the region of interest. That is where we want to find stress concentrations. By using the dimensions away from the supplied tensile force ensures accuracy of our measurements is of high percentage.Doing this experiment is to introduce photoelasticity and its application to stress as well as to introduce and find finite element analysis (FEA) and to find the Kt by Using 3 different methods. The value is found by using results from FEA through hand calculations and by using proper engineering decisions making.The governing equations were:F/A+…../Istress from axial and moment force….(F/A+…../I)maximum stress value at critical point. Figure 1: shows the model drawing and dimensions. Figure 2: Shows the Polariscope device. Methods:  (WRITE MORE AND CHECK MY FRIENDS REPORTS)+ write about the equations + and how did we used the machine) write that we are 5 members in a group and each of us did a reading and like this ) Our specimen was measured and the points of nominal stress marked.  The polascope was turned on after which the cell was loaded and adjusted to 30% and the load cell zeroed. We then attached the specimen to Polari scope of specimen in a manner parallel with plane and lens. This was particularly done with polariscope at “M” position, together with which a load was added to ensure it doesn’t break. We had to hold the fringe compensator’s longitudinal axis parallel to us. Figure 3:  Shows the 2-D dimensions for the prototype. The fringe was then zero ordered until around 240 and we did it 10 times. During which we recorded the dial and repeated the step 10 times on marked nominal stress point then we unloaded the specimen and consequently removed the polariscope.Figure 5: Shows the design in FEA with the applying loads.Figure 6: Shows the stress in the design in FEA.Results:  (CHECK MY Friend’s work, the last attachment as word file) – and then write here more in the results, write the calculation as words, – Table for the data collection Compensator Dial Reading Point 1 Point 2 Point 3 60 51 107 65 52 114 55 46 108 56 49 106 57 49 103 This table shows the 5 readings for each point that was done by the group members.-The average for the data collection:  1. Point 1:   2. Point 2:          3. Point 3:    Discussion and Conclusion: Write about the introduction + discuss the result + what we found + your opinion + write how you could improve the experiment in the future) Appendix:(References & original data)ReferencesLeven, M. M. (Ed.). (2013).Photoelasticity: The Selected Scientific Papers of MM Frocht. Elsevier.


Design Considerations Now and in the FutureRefer to the module readings and this article retrieved from the Hunt Library,Towards Virtual Ergonomics: Aviation and Aerospace(Links to an external site.). You can choose between the text or PDF file.Submit atwo-page paper(not including cover and reference pages) on applying ergonomics and the human factors concepts and considerations in engineering and design, with the human in mind in the aviation and aerospace industry.Apply APA formatting. Determine what issues in engineering and design problems exist today.Review what is meant by “systems thinking, design thinking, humanistic thinking, and scientific thinking”; provide examples on how this thinking could improve human performance and aviation safety.Explore automation and its impact on human performance.Finally, identify new technology being used in design efficiency and human performance in all aspects of the aviation industry.Your paper will automatically be evaluated through Turnitin when you submit your assignment in this activity. Turnitin is a service that checks your work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against a database of web pages, student papers, and articles from academic books and publications. Ensure that your work is entirely your own and that you have not plagiarized any material!Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number. Do not add punctuation or special characters.RubricSFTY 320 8.2 Writing Assignments Rubric V2 SFTY 320 8.2 Writing Assignments Rubric V2 Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganization and Context Should provide an effective and concise overview/introduction; develops a coherent, central theme that is expressed in a structured, organized, and logical manner. 20.0pts Exceeds Standards 17.0pts Meets Standards 14.0pts Does Not Meet Standards 20.0pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeKnowledge and Comprehension Should address given assignment requirements; there should be evidence from course content and from valid, external sources should be used. 30.0pts Exceeds Standards 17.0pts Meets Standards 14.0pts Does Not Meet Standards 30.0pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAnalysis, Evaluation, and Application Should identify and analyze issues and relationships between factors with examples; supports argument based upon solid body of evidence; should apply to real-life situations and defined, if required. 30.0pts Exceeds Standards 17.0pts Meets Standards 14.0pts Does Not Meet Standards 30.0pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeStyle and Mechanics Mechanics of style should enhance content understanding, and writing skillfully supports the message and is in required format. Citations and references present and IAW APA. 20.0pts Exceeds Standards 19.0pts Meets Standards 14.0pts Does Not Meet Standards 20.0pts Total Points:100.0 PreviousNext

CIS 555 Discusssion Responses

There are three discussions here that need to be responded to thoroughly. Responses must be on APA format 150 words 1-2 legitimate verifiable sources per response.CIS555 discussion 1 post responses.Respond to the colleagues posts regarding:”Obstacle Categories and Prevention” Please respond to the following:• Suppose that you are performing an obstacle analysis of the software that you developed for the self-parking car discussed previously. Determine which of the following obstacle categories you would apply during the analysis: hazard obstacles, threat obstacles, dissatisfaction obstacles, misinformation obstacles, inaccuracy obstacles, and usability obstacles. Defend the selected category that you selected with two examples.• The alternative techniques for obstacle prevention are goal weakening, obstacle reduction, goal restoration, obstacle mitigation, and doing nothing. Examine the alternative techniques and select the one that you would use for obstacle presentation. Defend your selection.YMs post states the following:”Obstacle Categories and Prevention”• Suppose that you are performing an obstacle analysis of the software that you developed for the self-parking car discussed previously. Determine which of the following obstacle categories you would apply during the analysis: hazard obstacles, threat obstacles, dissatisfaction obstacles, misinformation obstacles, inaccuracy obstacles, and usability obstacles. Defend the selected category that you selected with two examples.Reliably and accurately detecting obstacles is the core problem that need to be solved to enable autonomous navigation for self driving vehicles. The obstacle category I would apply during the analysis is inaccuracy obstacle where the state of objects in the environment and state of their representation in the software should be consistent .For example :- while parking if there is inaccuracy in the gap between the object behind the car in the environment and the gap shown in the software their would be a collision.The other example is in camera images if the product can not work in wide range of weather and lightning condition in accuracy obstacle would happen .• The alternative techniques for obstacle prevention are goal weakening, obstacle reduction, goal restoration, obstacle mitigation, and doing nothing. Examine the alternative techniques and select the one that you would use for obstacle presentation. Defend your selection.The range of strategies to consider and the selection of specific strategy to apply depends on the likelihood of occurrence of the obstacle and consequence of such occurrence . the most effective way of resolving an obstacle for our scenario is to identify an alternative goal refinement for some higher level goal in which the obstructed goal and obstructing obstacles are no longer present.This strategy resolves the obstruction by adding a new goal requiring that the obstacle be avoided.Referencehttps://inf.ethz.ch/personal/pomarc/pubs/HaeneIROS15.pdfhttps://www.info.ucl.ac.be/~avl/files/TSE-Obstacles.pdfCIS555 discussion 2 post responses.Respond to the colleagues posts regarding:”Obstacle Diagrams and Obstacle Identification” Please respond to the following:• From the e-Activity, determine any similarities or dissimilarities between the goal model diagrams and obstacles diagrams.• Provide one example of when you would use the tautology-based refinement technique. Provide one example of when you would use the obstructed target technique. Defend why you chose to use each technique in the examples that you did.MH’s post states the following:”Obstacle Diagrams and Obstacle Identification” Please respond to the following: From the e-Activity, determine any similarities or dissimilarities between the goal model diagrams and obstacle diagrams.Obstacle models are very similar to goal models, however, the main difference is that goal filtering is impossible. Also, only the obstacle tree is shown, and obstacles refine to obstacles, instead of goals (Goals, Requirements, and Obstacles, 2020).Provide one example of when you would use the tautology-based refinement technique. Provide one example of when you would use the obstructed target technique. Defend why you chose to use each technique in the examples that you did.Tautology-based refinement is a technique that shows the effectiveness of a proposed solution as compared to the ineffectiveness of alternative solutions (Supakkul, 2012). For example, should electronic cigarettes be allowed in buildings? The tautology-based refinement technique will reveal the absurdity to prove that the proposed solution will work.Obstructed-technique could be used in music. As you know, music has bass, tremble, etc. In most cases, they play at different intervals. When one stops, the other one starts. References:Goals, Requirements, and Obstacles. (2020). Retrieved from https://cairis.readthedocs.io/en/latest/gro.htmlSupakkul, S. (2012). Creating a KAOS obstacle model.CIS555 discussion 3 post responses.Respond to the colleagues posts regarding:”Term Paper Discussion” Please respond to the following:• In preparation for the Term Paper: Reengineering the Course Enrollment Process due in Week 10 of this course, read the project statement provide for the term paper: “Consider Strayer University’s current process of enrolling for courses through the use of the Web. Suppose that the University has contracted you to reengineer the enrollment process that considers the Web and other modes of input. The expectation is that you will gather information from current system users, analyze the collected data, propose a solution, and provide a requirements document. Assume that your professor has been tasked by the University to be the stakeholder for the reengineering of the enrollment process.• Assume further that you are the analyst that will propose and document the system-as-is and system-to-be.” This discussion thread has been setup by your professor so that you will post questions for the professor as the stakeholder for questions pertaining to this project.o Summarize the proposed system-as-is that will be used in your term paper. Create at least five questions for the stakeholder (your professor) with regard to the current system and reasons for selecting them.o Create at least five questions for the stakeholder (your professor) with regard to the proposed system and reasons for selecting them.o Describe how you will use the elicited responses in your term paper.o List at least five quality resources you plan to use in the term paper. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.MHs post states the following:Summarize the proposed system-as-is that will be used in your term paper.Strayer University will, upon request, automatically enroll the student in their next course(s) “when the academic schedule for a future terms [sic] is available and [the student is] eligible to register for courses” (Strayer, n.d., Enrollment Profile). The student’s success coach will enroll the student in their course(s), authorize a payment plan, and then notify the student. The student is then responsible for making a deposit of at least 10% and setting up the payment plan. Once the deposit is made, the student’s success coach will finalize their registration.RegistrationProcessDiagram.pngCreate at least five questions for the stakeholder (your professor) with regard to the current system and reasons for selecting them.1. The primary objective of the following list of questions is to rapidly establish an understanding of the current system, its strengths, and its deficits.1. Please review the system-as-is description above; a high-level diagram is also attached. Is the description above an accurate representation of the current system? If not, what corrections are needed to fully capture the system-as-is? 2. What works well in the current system?3. What does not work well in the current system?4. What, if any, administrative features are in the current system?5. What systems—internal and external—does the current system interface with?6. To obtain a thorough understanding of the current system, which stakeholders should be consulted?7. What documentation is available for review about the current system?8. What is the current technology stack?Create at least five questions for the stakeholder (your professor) with regard to the proposed system and reasons for selecting them.1. The objective of the following list of questions is to establish an understanding of the project’s needs and goals. This information will be helpful when decomposing goals into requirements, identifying risks, making design decisions, and prioritizing requirements.1. Please briefly state the project vision.2. In descending order of priority, what are the high-level goals and objectives of the project?3. What problems or drawbacks does the university hope to solve with the system-to-be?4. What opportunities does the university want to take advantage of using the system-to-be?5. Are there regulatory or legal requirements that must be adhered to? If so, what are they?6. How will success be measured? What metrics will be used? Which stakeholders7. Who will be responsible for maintaining the system?8. What, if any, administrative features are needed?9. Are there prescribed technologies or design approaches that must be respected?10. What are the long-term plans for the system? How might it grow over time?Describe how you will use the elicited responses in your term paper.Every answer will be used in some way for my term paper. For example, the questions 2.1 and 2.2 will be used to determine the strategic objectives. Questions 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 2.3, and 2.4 will be helpful in determining the functional services needed in the system-to-be. Question 1.5 and 2.5 will be helpful in describing the system environment.List at least five quality resources you plan to use in the term paper. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.1. Strayer University. (no date). Enrollment Profile. Retrieved from https://icampus.strayer.edu/academic-support/enrollment-profile2. Strayer University. (no date). Academic Support. Retrieved from https://icampus.strayer.edu/new-student-orientation/academic-support3. Fairley, R. E. (2009). Managing and leading software projects. [Strayer University Bookshelf]. Retrieved from https://strayer.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781118245279/4. Lamsweerde, A. van. (2009). Requirements engineering: From system goals to UML models to software specifications. West Sussex, England: John Wiley.5. International Institute of Business Analysis. (2015). BABOK: A guide to the business analysis body of knowledge v3 [Adobe PDF]. Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Author.6. Karl Wiegers. 2013. Software Requirements, Third Edition. https://www.academia.edu/31604577/Karl_Wiegers_Joy_Beatty_Software_Requirements7. Robertson, S., & Robertson, J. (2013). Mastering the requirements process: Getting requirements right (3rd ed). Addison-Wesley.10/05/20205informationsystems

Cis 598 dB 5

“Information Management and Software Development”Please respond to the following: According to your point of view, which of the defined criteria of measurement is considered as most important for evaluation and monitoring of information systems? How does computer-aided software engineering (CASE) aid in analyzing and evaluating characteristics of a project? Discuss howIT is impacting the business processes and applications ofe-Business? How does the system development life cycle (SDLC) assist in accomplishing essential tasks and objectives of an organization?09/05/202010informationsystems

VIII assessment

1.Discuss the engineering options available, the mode of action for capturing particle-phase pollutants from air, and the advantages and disadvantages of each as an option in air quality system designs. Your response must be at least 300 words in length.08/05/20205engineering

Software engineering assignment

Question: A problem in testing interactive systems is to anticipate all unexpected behaviour the users may do. Consider the SATM system discussed in our lectures and make a list of at least 10 unexpected user behavior that might be observed in practice. (One example of such behavior is when a customer enters 3 digits for the pin code and then leaves.) Then explain how these unexpected behaviours can be tested using threads. (for example, when a customer leaves after entering 3 digits for the pin code, how can this be detected and what kind of an action/error report should be expected from the SATM system?)13/05/202020computerscience

HRD Comprehensive Exam Questions

1. As one of the top HR people at your organization, you are being asked to lead a Reduction In Force (RIF) project which will eliminate 25% of the workforce across multiple company US locations. Describe the steps and project plan in-depth including some of the project challenges and how you might overcome them.2. You are negotiating an offer with a mid-career Systems Engineering candidate that your organization really wants, but your start up organization can’t afford to pay what he/she is currently earning. The market salary for the role is typically between $60 – $80K and the candidate is currently working for a much larger organization at $85K. The position has been open for over 3 months and the business manager has turned down candidate after candidate and only agrees to meet with candidates who are overqualified. Describe your strategy and preparation for the conversation with the candidate as well as the business manager. You had originally had some reservations about presenting this candidate and now the business line is counting on you to close the deal.3. As you consider High Performance Work Systems (HPWS), how does aligning people, technology, and organizational design create optimal business results? Be specific in discussing expected outcomes and results when creating a High Performing Organization (HPO).25/04/20204humanresource-management

Read the lecture and explain

Based on the lecture 5, explain “The purpose of using engineering standards”Follow Apa formatting and style guide for the report ( include table of contents, abstracts, introduction, conclusion, references etc)The main body of the report can be 2-3 pages18/05/202010english

“3 Separate Discussion&#x27

s “Subject: Computer and Network SecurityDiscussion 1Total word count must be 250 to 300 words in your posting.Do not cut and paste, please post original work.Please provide references for your original postings in APA format.1. What or who do you think is the greatest threat to the security of information today? What computer security incidents have been in the news recently?2. What policies govern your behavior currently, in school, work, or in other organizations? Are those policies enforced/followed? Why or why not?Subject: Computer and Network SecurityDiscussion 2:Total word count must be 250 to 300 words in your posting.Do not cut and paste, please post original work.Please provide references for your original postings in APA format.1. Who ultimately has ultimate responsibility for the computer security policies and organization implements and why? Consider the data owner, system owner, executive management, CIO, CEO, and the company’s Board members?2. Which of the social engineering scams do you find the most interesting? Have any you ever been the victim of a social engineering scam?Discussion 3Subject: MBA 5013 Organizational CommunicationIn preparation for this discussion board, keep Chapter 9 of Brewer and Westerman (2018) in mind. On page 166 of the text, Brewer and Westerman offer a Case Study about Southwest Airlines. Read the Case Study carefully. Respond to the questions at the end of the Case Study (below). Additionally, your response should include direct connections to research within the chapter.Please provide references for your original postings in APA format.Yourour original post should be 300 words. Further, you should respond to, at least, two classmates’ posts.Questions to consider:Chapter 9:1. Would you be happy in such an organizational environment?2. How much structure do you need to be comfortable?3. What do you think of the idea of employees coming first?4. How do you directly apply research on team/group characteristics to the Southwest Airlines Case Study?17/05/202010computerscience

Safety and Accident

OSHA published a comprehensive ergonomics standard that was subsequently rescinded by Congress using the Congressional Review Act (CRA). Since that time, OSHA has been prohibited from passing another ergonomics standard. OSHA’s current approach is to publish ergonomic guidelines, which are not legally enforceable, for industries with high incidence rates of MSDs and CTDs.What is your opinion of OSHA’s current approach to ergonomic issues in workplaces? Can you propose an approach that you believe would better address ergonomic issues?Please respond to one posts from your peers. Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, “Tom’s response to Susan’s comment.”ALSO PLEASE REPLY TO ANOTHER STUDENTS COMMENT BELOWWilliam:When functioning in a highly charged political environment as well as being subject to congressional approval for rule and law changes. The reality is OSHA can only make recommendations and let lawmakers decide on mandatory versus voluntary or recommended practices. Dudley (2001) argues that OSHA’s research was inadequate and did not provide both the numbers of musculo-skeletal disorders (MSD’s) and how the program would reduce those injuries as well as what casts versus saving would occur for businesses. OSHA indicated that businesses were underreporting these types of injuries and if reporting was accurate the number of incidents would be much higher. This likely supports the assumption that these standards will not become law unless additional research could support the true value as well as the true problem.OSHA’s current enforcement mechanism outside of voluntary compliance is the use of the general duty clause. While this may be effective in some ways it does not give specific requirements as to the violations that should be accepted as law. One way to address the ergonomic issue could be system engineering as well as coordination with other agencies involved in the improvement of ergonomics. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is an organization that supports voluntary standards and conformity and has over 270,000 businesses listed as partners and is an international organization (ANSI, 2020). The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) brings together experts to share knowledge and develop voluntary, consensus-based, market relevant International Standards that support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges (ISO, 2020).I point out these organizations since they could follow a model of either an Alliance Program or an OSHA Strategic Partnership Program with OSHA. Understanding that many companies conduct business internationally or buy equipment from foreign partners, starting to take on more of a global awareness could create an efficiency for OSHA. It also has the benefit of bringing in experts who work in the field of ergonomics and have credibility and insight to develop standards. From earlier studies it was noted that OSHA can be slow to react to changing environments and outside influences. Expanding this into a Voluntary Participation Program (VPP) begins to place even more onus on businesses for compliance. This not only frees up OSHA personnel involved in inspections but opens up another potential model of accreditation. Many accreditation agencies utilize other agencies as checkpoints for evaluation of their current model. Accredited organizations have been through a process of self-evaluation and have been inspected and reviewed by other agencies who were already accredited. Accreditation can be used to evaluate best business practices, seek favorable insurance and financing options, and also keep an organization competitive among its peers. This wholly funded by participating organizations or grants and keeps OSHA directly out of the development process but still engaged as an inspection and enforcement agency as needed.ReferencesANSI. (n.d.). About ANSI.Retrieved fromhttps://www.ansi.org/about_ansi/overview/overview?menuid=1ISO, (n.d.). About us. (n.d.). Retrieved fromhttps://www.iso.org/about-us.htmlDudley, S. E. (2001). The Benefits and Costs of OSHA’s Proposed Ergonomics Program Standard.Journal of Labor Research,22(1), 95. Retrieved from http://eds.b.ebscohost.com.libraryresources.columbiasouthern.edu/eds/detail/detail?vid=11&sid=e473a82f-bde6-41c9-b2fb-e9e33fdd64f4@pdc-v-sessmgr03&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWRzLWxpdmUmc2NvcGU9c2l0ZQ==#AN=4031454&db=edb15/05/20205environmentalscience

CIS555 Assignment

Assignment 4: Air Traffic Control SystemConsider the following goal model fragment for an air traffic control system shown below. (See attached) The parent goal roughly states that aircraft routes should be sufficiently separated. The refinement is intended to produce sub-goals for continually separating routes based on different kinds of conflict among routes.Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:1. Analyze the parent goal of the Maintain [SufficientRouteSeparation] node.2. Restructure and redraw the provided model fragment, by use of the decomposition-by-case and milestone-driven patterns, so that the use of both patterns are explicit and separated. Use Visio or an equivalent such as Dia. Note: The graphically depicted solution is not included in the required page length.3. Determine the incompleteness in the provided model fragment and fix the anomaly. Explain what the anomaly is and propose a way for it to be rectified.4. Determine the goals, in your completed diagram, that require further refinement and explain why.5. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:• Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.• Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.• Include charts or diagrams created in Visio or an equivalent such as Dia. The completed diagrams/charts must be imported into the Word document before the paper is submitted.The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:• Describe the process and develop a system behavioral model based on requirements gathered.• Use technology and information resources to research issues in requirements engineering.• Write clearly and concisely about topics related to Requirements Engineering using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions.18/05/202015informationsystems

Productivity And Performance

International journal of productivity and performance management,Why do employees take more initiatives to improve their performance after co-developing performance measures?Overcoming resistance to change in engineering and construction:Journal of Environmental Economics and managementExperimental evidence on the role of management control systems.Decentralised decision-making with information sharing vs. centralised decision-making in supply chains.15/05/20205english

Penetration testing techniques

1. Do a bit of research on penetration testing techniques. Investigate and document the following (i).Five network penetration testing techniques (ii).Advantages and disadvantages of each (iii).One notable social engineering test (iv).Possible negative implications of penetration testing13/05/20203computerscience

Need a scholarly activity written

Instructions:Design a Comprehensive Learning and Development Leadership ProgramAs the executive learning and development director for a midsized global petroleum organization, you have been asked by the chief human resources officer (CHRO) to create a report on how you envision the design of a new leadership program for the organization’s 50 management and executives in leadership teams across four different departments: sales, marketing, finance, and engineering. These teams span three countries: the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In your report, please include the elements below. Include an introductory paragraph with the name of your fictitious company, where the home office is located (you choose this), how long the company has been in business, and some background information. Do not use the name of or information about a real company. Discuss your leadership development strategy, and give a vision to this strategy. For example, what are the outcomes of having a leadership development program for the organization? Discuss how you plan to assess leadership capabilities. Explain two to three assessment tools that you will use to identify leadership capabilities for each department. Explain two to three leadership development methods for each department, taking into consideration cultures in each region—the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Then, conclude your report by describing the benefits that a formal leadership development program will have on the organization. For example, explain why a leadership development program is important and how it enhances the organization’s competitiveness.Your completed scholarly activity must be at least two pages in length and include at least three outside sources. Adhere to APA guidelines when constructing this assignment, and include in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed12/05/202025english


Ulga’s research is just about complete. Now, comes the worrying. She is concerned that the multiple studies she conducted over the course of six months might produce inconsistent and less-than-stable results. What is Ulga concerned about?a. the generalizability of her researchb. the reliability of her researchc. the correlation of her researchd. the validity of her researchYou are conducting a study on the role of Baptist church leaders in determining voter patterns in small rural communities. Which one of these theoretical frameworks would best fit your project?a. ethnographic researchb. social learning theoryc. multistep flowd. survey researchWhich of these scenarios provides the best example of a problem uses and gratifications theory would address?a. An analysis of how documentary filmmaking represents indigenous tribes.b. An analysis of the impact of violent video games on teenagers.c. An analysis of why housewives watch soap operas in the afternoon.d. An analysis of radio’s negative effects on childhood attention spans.The effects of media violence are one of the most enduring topics in the annals of media effects research.a. Trueb. FalseThe small and unrepresentative samples used in experimental studies, which often consist of college students in introductory classes or the children of university professors, raise questions about generalizability.a. Trueb. FalseThrough research, it is clear that people’s intended use the media is for which of the following purposes?a. to get more work accomplishedb. to entertain and relax themselvesc. to invest in new technologiesd. to further educate themselvesWhich of these definitions best encapsulates the goal of media effects research?a. To help individuals understand how hegemony is produced and maintained through media.b. To help individuals understand how they can use media to enrich their daily lives.c. To help understand how media exposure can produce certain behavioral or attitude change.d. To help understand how technological innovations create massive social changes.Julia’s management team is conducting research in which they’ll create profiles of media content and identify trends in content over time. Their main objective is to find out how much sexually explicit content there is in prime-time cable television. Their task will be time-consuming, and so they will only be taking a limited sample (probably one week’s worth). What type of research are Julia and her management team conducting?a. content analysisb. surveyc. big datad. ethnographicWhich of the following BEST explains Joshua’s avoidance of long hours of video game play so that his mother does not take away his PlayStation altogether?a. cultivation theoryb. the theory of limited effectsc. social learning theoryd. uses and gratificationsThe degree to which we are actually measuring what we intend to measure is the ________ of the research.a. reliabilityb. validityc. generalizabilityd. correlationYour research team is trying to develop a comprehensive report on how often local television news talks about the Republican candidate for state governor. How would you investigate this problem?a. You would hold a focus group to have television viewers talk about which candidate they supported.b. You would use quantitative methods that counted the number of times Republican candidates are mentioned.c. You would use a quantitative survey to determine which candidate viewers of each television station preferred.d. You would use qualitative methods to determine which political party television news staff and reporters supported.The impact of new media on psychological well-being remains _________.a. unknownb. controversialc. very negatived. very positiveWhich of the following is TRUE of inductive research methods?a. Critical theorists disfavor them.b. They cannot be interpretive.c. They are often deductive.d. They can also be interpretive.One type of content analysis (qualitative) counts the acts, and another type of content analysis (quantitative) examines how the acts should be regarded.a. Trueb. FalseThe theory of limited effects holds that the effects of the mass media on individuals are _______.a. unlimitedb. insignificantc. slightd. greatYou have been assigned to research behaviors related to various reactions to different types of media. The one firm directive you have been given is that you must observe the subjects in their natural settings. Which of the following is TRUE about the research you will be conducting?a. It must not include either qualitative or quantitative methods.b. It must include quantitative methods.c. It must include both qualitative and quantitative methods.d. It must include qualitative methods.Which of the following is TRUE of studies conducted on media’s effect on violent behavior?a. No study has ever effectively correlated media exposure to violent behavior.b. Researchers disagree over the validity of methods used and studies conducted on media exposure and violent behavior.c. All studies point to a correlation of media exposure and violent behavior.d. Researchers almost unanimously agree on the validity of methods used and studies conducted on media exposure and violent behavior.Which of the following is TRUE of experimental research?a. It cannot rule out competing explanations for the results.b. It studies media effects under carefully controlled conditions.c. There is never a question about generalizability.d. The division into groups of experimental subjects must not be random.Some social scientists use quantitative methods to enumerate their findings and analyze statistical relationships between dependent and independent variables.a. Trueb. FalseWhich of the following is TRUE of administrative research?a. It utilizes inductive methods.b. It can result in a “criticism” of the media.c. It critiques the basic foundations of existing media institutions.d. It is interpretive.Roberta has come up with an idea for a gadget that will prevent headphone wires from tangling up into knots inside of users’ pockets. She is so excited about the idea, that she decided to get a patent for it. How long does Roberta have before others can start using her idea for this gadget?a. 5 yearsb. 10 yearsc. 50 yearsd. 20 yearsIntellectual property laws protect the original ideas of individuals and institutions through patents, copyrights, and trademarks.a. Trueb. FalseWhich of the following would NOT be protected by the First Amendment’s Free Speech clause?a. watching adult pornography in the privacy of your homeb. broadcasting a swear-filled political speech over the radio wavesc. walking door-to-door “selling” your religious views to othersd. speaking out in protest against a celebrity’s stance on marijuanaMargot’s company is a huge player in its industry of recording musical artists. Her company, combined with just three others of similar size and importance, control about 95% of the entire industry. Which of the following can be said about this situation?a. It is an example of a monopoly. b. It is an example of an oligopoly.c. It is in violation of the First Amendment.d. It is in violation of the fair use doctrine.Jeremy’s real estate investment company has divisions that cover sales, rentals, inspections, renovation, financing, real estate legal services. Which of the following terms applies to Jeremy’s company?a. horizontal integrationb. monopolyc. oligopolyd. vertical integrationWhich of the following BEST encapsulates the concept of fair use?a. Jennifer, an aspiring politician, has borrowed a large segment from a former candidate’s copyrighted advertisement for use in her opening statements in the debate.b. John, a high school English teacher, has photocopied a chapter from a copyrighted nonfiction book for his classroom to read and discuss.c. Janet, an advertising executive, has borrowed a tag line from another product’s copyrighted marketing materials for use in a TV ad for a competing product.d. Joaquin, a successful musician and talented artist, has used a small portion of a copyrighted song for use in his newly released single.Copyrights are superior to a mere patent.a. Trueb. FalseLimited frequencies and high initial costs pose ________ so that few people can actually participate in the “marketplace of ideas.”a. barriers to entryb. cross-ownership issuesc. violations of fair used. freedom of speech violationsWhich of the following is TRUE of the Supreme Court?a. It plays an important role in the enforcement of general laws that apply to communications (such as the Sherman Antitrust Act).b. It serves as the regulatory body charged with domestic trade policy, such as monitoring trade practices such as deceptive advertising.c. It interprets challenges to laws written by Congress and rules made by the FCC and other federal agencies to see whether they are consistent with the U.S. Constitution.d. It ultimately writes and rewrites the communications laws of the land and involves itself in various committees and subcommittees regarding such laws.Which Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…”?a. The First Amendmentb. The Fourth Amendmentc. The Second Amendmentd. The Eighth AmendmentThe NTIA was established within the Department of Commerce to _________.a. enforce the Sherman Antitrust Actb. interpret First Amendment Rightsc. advise on telecommunications policyd. prosecute deceptive advertising practicesWhy are cable television, satellite radio, and streaming media not covered by obscenity laws?a. because Congress has no legal authority over these institutionsb. because they are enterprises that began after the obscenity laws were writtenc. because Congress had to draw the line somewhere, and that is where it was drawnd. because they require an extra fee and thus do not enter the home “unbidden”Which of the following principles prevents media giant Xfinity from sifting through all of the content that passes through their portals in an attempt to favor their own content?a. the First Amendmentb. network neutralityc. cross-ownershipd. fair useDawn wrote her newspaper article about the local bank CEO’s alleged transgressions without the final approval from her editor. Days later, it was proven that the allegations of transgressions were false. Now, three weeks after the fact, she and her newspaper are being sued by the CEO. Dawn is very surprised to know that the words in her article may not be protected by the First Amendment. Why should she NOT be surprised?a. because her article was plagiarized, and therefore is not protected by the First Amendmentb. because defamation (in this case, in the form of libel) is not protected by the First Amendmentc. because her article was considered obscene, and therefore is not protected by the First Amendmentd. because her article incited insurrection, and therefore is not protected by the First AmendmentKiana’s sewing supplies company just purchased five of the only six existing sewing supply companies other than her own. Which of the following now exists in the sewing supply company industry?a. an oligopolyb. a monopolyc. horizontal integrationd. vertical integrationBoth vertical integration and horizontal integration violate the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.a. Trueb. FalseWhich of the following concepts was first established by the Graham Act of 1921?a. universal serviceb. fair usec. cross-ownershipd. barriers to entryMediaNet, a dominant media firm, charges excessive amounts for their products, withholds many of its innovations, and regularly discourages new competitors by flexing their “corporate muscles.” Which of the following are they MOST LIKELY in violation of?a. The Copyright Alert Systemb. The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890c. The Constitution’s First Amendmentd. The 1996 Telecommunications ActWhat does it mean to say that patents protect against reverse engineering?a. Patents protect against making an invention that performs the same functions but uses different underlying technology or instruction.b. Patents protect against making an invention that, although quite dissimilar, is sold through the same media channels.c. Patents protect against making an invention that performs the exact opposite function as one already invented and patented.d. Patents protect against making an invention that, while wholly different, appeals to the same general audience of users.When a single company controls an industry, an oligopoly exists.a. Trueb. FalsePosted: a year agoDue: 23/05/2019Budget: $14Answers 1A Team_here5.0 (202)5.0 (775)ChatDoneAnswer rating:5Stars out of1ratingsa year agoPurchase the answer to view itSolutions.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $15Bids 52A Team_hereTutor_MBATalentedtutorMukul5078Professor LizzRESPECT WRITERwizard kimProf.MacQueenwangang_aTerry RobertsExpert Essay WriterCatherine OwensnyamaimuleJessica LuisTiny ChrisperfectoRey writerkatetutorChrisProfprof avrilwork solutionsDrNicNgaokristine tutorMalik Tutorimhmd.fnadia tutorkim woodsbrilliant answerskite_solMiss ProfessorWendy LewisDr Candice_2547phyllis youngAngelina MayBill_WilliamsJenny BoomAdrian MonroeENS. writeransRohanPROFJUMAAAPh.D A GradeKIBBZMORIAsarapaul2013RihAN_MendozaimtrqhasibDR LOYDGOprofwachgraceEmily Clarechamgei2doctor alidanSara Waynesuniversity workOther questions 109 hoursdavid786 onlyI have done half of the project, Just finish it. IT Planning at ModMeters (Mini Case, p. 55-57). Review the IT Planning at ModMeters mini case in your course text. In a two to three page APA paper (excluding title and reference pages), develop an IT planning process for ModMeters which will accompliCIS 558 w2GovernmentWrite briefly in response to the following, using your text and one other reference (preferably from the APUS online library) and citing both in APA format. This assignment should be approximately 1200-1500 words long. 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Conducting an internal environmental scan or organizational assessment, …”,”id”:9118113,”title”:”For \”Dr Clover\” Only”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2016-04-13T16:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:35,”fieldOfStudyId”:6700,”userId”:406322,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-04-12T00:44:39.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:6700,”name”:”Business Finance – Management”,”anchor”:”Management”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886227,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-management”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1061242,”path”:”/content/dr-clover-only-9118113-2″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”},”rating”:{“id”:1075413,”grade”:100,”num”:2,”createdAt”:”2018-03-18T08:20:56.000Z”}},”9120655″:{“body”:”…”,”id”:9120655,”title”:”Assignment”,”isTutorial”:true,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2016-04-01T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:3,”fieldOfStudyId”:2300,”userId”:334877,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-04-12T05:36:09.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:2300,”name”:”Business Finance – Economics”,”anchor”:”Economics”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886187,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-economics”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1061488,”path”:”/content/assignment-9120655-2″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”9121443″:{“body”:””,”id”:9121443,”title”:”due in 4 hours”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2016-04-12T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:15,”fieldOfStudyId”:4700,”userId”:609173,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-04-12T07:40:44.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:4700,”name”:”Engineering – Electrical Engineering”,”anchor”:”Electrical Engineering”,”fieldOfStudyId”:4702,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886213,”path”:”/fields/engineering-electrical-engineering”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1061574,”path”:”/content/due-4-hours-9121443-2″,”sitemap”:false,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”9123367″:{“body”:”Write briefly in response to the following, using your text and one other reference (preferably from the APUS online library) and citing both in APA format. This assignmentshouldbe …”,”id”:9123367,”title”:”Write briefly in response to the following, using your text and one other reference (preferably from the APUS online library) and citing both in APA format. This assignment should be approximately 1200-1500 words long. Assignment 3: Seven year old Dann”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:true,”due”:”2016-04-17T11:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:20,”fieldOfStudyId”:200,”userId”:452792,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-04-12T10:37:44.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:200,”name”:”English”,”anchor”:”English”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886117,”path”:”/fields/english”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1061758,”path”:”/content/write-briefly-response-following-using-your-text-and-one-other-reference-preferably-apus-o-1″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”9124243″:{“body”:”\”Policy Arguments\” Please respond to the following:From the case study, Case 8.1, use the argument mapping procedures presented in the chapter and provide two pros and two cons (or strengths and …”,”id”:9124243,”title”:”Government”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:true,”due”:”2016-04-13T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:10,”fieldOfStudyId”:1100,”userId”:203451,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-04-12T11:30:21.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:1100,”name”:”Government”,”anchor”:”Government”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886167,”path”:”/fields/government”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1061834,”path”:”/content/government-9124243-2″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”9124765″:{“body”:”\”Developing an ERM plan\”Please respond to the following:From a management perspective, decide which key policies and procedures one should consider as the starting point when developing …”,”id”:9124765,”title”:”CIS 558 w2″,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”budget”:5,”fieldOfStudyId”:2000,”userId”:403057,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-04-12T12:04:29.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:2000,”name”:”Information Systems”,”anchor”:”Information Systems”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886185,”path”:”/fields/information-systems”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1061876,”path”:”/content/cis-558-w2″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”9126957″:{“body”:”IT Planning at ModMeters (Mini Case, p. 55-57). Review the IT Planning at ModMeters mini case in your course text. In a two to three page APA paper (excluding title and reference pages), …”,”id”:9126957,”title”:”IT Planning at ModMeters (Mini Case, p. 55-57). Review the IT Planning at ModMeters mini case in your course text. In a two to three page APA paper (excluding title and reference pages), develop an IT planning process for ModMeters which will accompli”,”isTutorial”:true,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2016-04-13T02:21:00.000Z”,”budget”:5,”fieldOfStudyId”:2000,”userId”:502724,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-04-12T14:22:55.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:2000,”name”:”Information Systems”,”anchor”:”Information Systems”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886185,”path”:”/fields/information-systems”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1062048,”path”:”/content/it-planning-modmeters-mini-case-p-55-57-review-it-planning-modmeters-mini-case-your-course-t”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”9128087″:{“body”:”I want you to do what is in the word file exaxtly.”,”id”:9128087,”title”:”I have done half of the project, Just finish it. “,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2016-04-14T03:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:3,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”userId”:351859,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-04-12T16:01:06.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:900,”name”:”Business & Finance”,”anchor”:”Business & Finance”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886163,”path”:”/fields/business-finance”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1062134,”path”:”/content/i-have-done-half-project-just-finish-it”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”9137541″:{“body”:””,”id”:9137541,”title”:”david786 only”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:true,”budget”:20,”fieldOfStudyId”:2600,”userId”:625629,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-04-13T01:30:07.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:2600,”name”:”Human Resource Management”,”anchor”:”Human Resource Management”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886191,”path”:”/fields/human-resource-management”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1062978,”path”:”/content/david786-only”,”sitemap”:false,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”9139111″:{“body”:”Case studyProject management, Case study.Attached in the case, go to last page, page 381 and answer the questions. (therefore, the second case on page 381)I nstructions are:Instead of …23/05/201914businessfinance

Risk Threat and Vulnerability Management 12pages PowerPoint in two days =120

Many companies and agencies conduct IT audits to test and assess the rigor of IT security controls in order to mitigate risks to IT networks. Such audits meet compliance mandates by regulatory organizations. Federal IT systems follow Federal Information System Management Act (FISMA) guidelines and report security compliance to US-CERT, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, which handles defense and response to cyberattacks as part of the Department of Homeland Security. In addition, the Control Objective for Information Technology (COBIT) is a set of IT security guidelines that provides a framework for IT security for IT systems in the commercial sector.These audits are comprehensive and rigorous, and negative findings can lead to significant fines and other penalties. Therefore, industry and federal entities conduct internal self-audits in preparation for actual external IT audits, and compile security assessment reports.In this project, you will develop a 12-page written security assessment report and executive briefing (slide presentation) for a company and submit the report to the leadership of that company.There are six steps to complete the project. Most steps in this project should take no more than two hours to complete, and the project as a whole should take no more than three weeks to complete. Begin with the workplace scenario, and then continue to Step 1.Step 1: Conduct a Security Analysis BaselineIn the first step of the project, you will conduct a security analysis baseline of the IT systems, which will include a data-flow diagram of connections and endpoints, and all types of access points, including wireless. The baseline report will be part of the overall security assessment report (SAR).You will get your information from a data-flow diagram and report from the Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool 2016. The scope should include network IT security for the whole organization. Click the following to view the data-flow diagram: [diagram and report]Include the following areas in this portion of the SAR: Security requirements and goals for the preliminary security baseline activity. Typical attacks to enterprise networks and their descriptions. Include Trojans, viruses, worms, denial of service, session hijacking, and social engineering. Include the impacts these attacks have on an organization. Network infrastructure and diagram, including configuration and connections. Describe the security posture with respect to these components and the security employed: LAN, MAN, WAN, enterprise. Use these questions to guide you: What are the security risks and concerns? What are ways to get real-time understanding of the security posture at any time? How regularly should the security of the enterprise network be tested, and what type of tests should be used? What are the processes in play, or to be established to respond to an incident? Workforce skill is a critical success factor in any security program, and any security assessment must also review this component. Lack of a skilled workforce could also be a security vulnerability. Does the security workforce have the requisite technical skills and command of the necessary toolsets to do the job required? Is there an adequate professional development roadmap in place to maintain and/or improve the skill set as needed? Describe the ways to detect these malicious code and what tactics bad actors use for evading detection. Public and private access areas, web access points. Include in the network diagram the delineation of open and closed networks, where they co-exist. In the open network and closed network portion, show the connections to the Internet. Physical hardware components. Include routers and switches. What security weaknesses or vulnerabilities are within these devices? Operating systems, servers, network management systems. data in transit vulnerabilities endpoint access vulnerabilities external storage vulnerabilities virtual private network vulnerabilities media access control vulnerabilities ethernet vulnerabilities Possible applications. This network will incorporate a BYOD (bring your own device) policy in the near future. The IT auditing team and leadership need to understand current mobile applications and possible future applications and other wireless integrations. You will use some of this information in Project 2 and also in Project 5.The overall SAR should detail the security measures needed, or implementations status of those in progress, to address the identified vulnerabilities. Include: remediation mitigation countermeasure recoveryThrough your research, provide the methods used to provide the protections and defenses.From the identification of risk factors in the risk model, identify the appropriate security controls from NIST SP 800-53A and determine their applicability to the risks identified.The baseline should make up at least three of the 12 pages of the overall report.When you have completed your security analysis baseline, move on to the next step, in which you will use testing procedures that will help determine the company’s overall network defense strategy.Step 2: Determine a Network Defense StrategyYou’ve completed your initial assessment of the company’s security with your baseline analysis. Now it’s time to determine the best defenses for your network.Start by reading a publication by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST-SP-800-115 Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment, and outline how you would test violations. Identify how you will assess the effectiveness of these controls and write test procedures that could be used to test for effectiveness. Write them in a manner to allow a future information systems security officer to use them in preparing for an IT security audit or IT certification and accreditation. Within this portion of the SAR, explain the different testing types (black box testing, white box testing).Include these test plans in the SAR. The strategy should take up at least two of the 12 pages of the overall report.Click the following link to learn more about cybersecurity for process control systems: Cybersecurity for Process Control SystemsAfter you’ve completed this step, it’s time to define the process of penetration testing. In the next step, you’ll develop rules of engagement (ROE).Step 3: Plan the Penetration Testing EngagementNow that you’ve completed your test plans, it’s time to define your penetration testing process. Include all involved processes, people, and timeframe. Develop a letter of intent to the organization, and within the letter, include some formal rules of engagement (ROE). The process and any documents can be notional or can refer to actual use cases. If actual use cases are included, cite them using APA format.This portion should be about two pages of the overall 12-page report.After you have outlined the steps of a penetration testing process, in the next step you will perform penetration testing. During the testing, you will determine if the security components are updated and if the latest patches are implemented, and if not, determine where the security gaps are.Step 5: Complete a Risk Management Cost Benefit AnalysisYou’ve completed the penetration testing, and now it’s time to complete your SAR with a risk management cost benefit analysis. Within this analysis, think about the cost of violations and other areas if you do not add the controls. Then add in the cost for implementing your controls.When you have finished with the cost benefit analysis, which should be at least one page of your overall report, move to the final step, which is the completed SAR. As part of the final assignment, remember that you will need to create a slide presentation as part of the executive briefing, and submit that along with the SAR.Step 6: Compile the SAR, Executive Briefing, and Lab ReportYou have completed comprehensive testing in preparation for this audit, provided recommended remediations, and developed a set of recommendations. Now you are ready to submit your SAR and executive briefing.The requirements for Project 1 are as follows: Executive briefing: A three- to five-slide visual presentation for business executives and board members. Security assessment report (SAR): Your report should be 12 pages minimum, double-spaced with citations in APA format. The page count does not include figures, diagrams, tables or citations.Step 6: Compile the SAR, Executive Briefing, and Lab ReportYou have completed comprehensive testing in preparation for this audit, provided recommended remediations, and developed a set of recommendations. Now you are ready to submit your SAR and executive briefing.The requirements for Project 1 are as follows: Executive briefing: A three- to five-slide visual presentation for business executives and board members. Security assessment report (SAR): Your report should be 12 pages minimum, double-spaced with citations in APA format. The page count does not include figures, diagrams, tables or citations.ScreenShot2020-04-12at9.21.25AM.pngScreenShot2020-04-12at9.21.34AM.pngScreenShot2020-04-12at9.21.11AM.pngPosted: an hour agoDue: 14/04/2020Budget: $120Tags: POWERPOINTurgent Answers 1smart-tutor4.6 (57)4.7 (831)Chatan hour agoPurchase the answer to view itDiscussionQuestions.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $120Bids 89Dr. Michelle_KMGrace GradesMiss HilaryMath GuruuMukul5078Dr. ElahiMusyokionesabdul_rehman_KATHERINE BECKSDr. AmeerahQuickly answer hassan0906Rosie SeptemberWIZARD_KIMbennetsandovaAsad UllahHomework Prowizard kimMBA MASTERDexterMastersRESPECT WRITERProCastrol01PROF. ANNuniversity workMathStat GeniusBrilliant GeekDr WillymartinsEmily MichaelBrainy BrianPaula HogAgher Editorquality work for allCatherine OwensMichelle OwensJenny BoomTiny Chrissleek-writersarapaul2013Jessica Luisbrilliant answersprof avrilCasey CeliaTutorJoeKimProf. ClariseDr Candice_2547ChrisProfNursing_MissansRohanSaburBimhmd.fsmart-tutorDrNicNgaoEva Greenjuliusmu33Miss ProfessorWendy LewisANN HARRISDr R Judy MarkGuruu MathProf.MacQueenTutor Cyrus Kenwork solutionskim woodsAmerican TutorperfectoSaad FahimAcademic MentorAbdullah AnwarCotton CandyRELIABLE PAPERSJen Tech1A-Grade WriterMiss Emily BluntkatetutorExpert Essay WriterProff work phd phyllis youngPROFJUMAAAElprofessorisuniyaziaQuickMentorMiss Lily J.Raphael j.k.Avryle Katherineexpro254Amelia IrisTop Notch AnswerSolution_voltkatty_julietOther questions 10Opening a New Factorymanaging employee preformance 5For Prof.Goodman Only Law factorised_factsFOR PHYLLIS YOUNGFinal Paper, FOR WIZARD KIM ONLYneed assignment doneModule 5 AssignmentUnit 5 DBNot ratedProjectMany companies and agencies conduct IT audits to test and assess the rigor of IT security controls in order to mitigate risks to IT networks. Such audits meet compliance mandates by …Not ratedworkThe requirements for Project 1 are as follows: Executive briefing: A three- to five-slide visual presentation for business executives and board members. Security assessment report (SAR): …Blog ArchiveCopyright © 2019 HomeworkMarket.com Read MoreApplied SciencesArchitecture and DesignBiologyBusiness & FinanceChemistryComputer ScienceGeographyGeologyEducationEngineeringEnglishEnvironmental scienceSpanishGovernmentHistoryHuman Resource ManagementInformation SystemsLawLiteratureMathematicsNursingPhysicsPolitical SciencePsychologyReadingScienceSocial Science window.__REDUX__STATE__ = ‘{“appMeta”:{“serverRendered”:true},”apiRequests”:{“pendingRequestCount”:0,”succeededRequestCount”:4,”failedRequestCount”:0,”requestCounters”:{“GET_FIELDS_PENDING”:0,”GET_ENTITY_PENDING”:0,”GET_FIELDS_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_ENTITY_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_SIMILAR_QUESTIONS_PENDING”:0,”GET_OTHER_QUESTIONS_PENDING”:0,”GET_SIMILAR_QUESTIONS_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_OTHER_QUESTIONS_SUCCESS”:1}},”currentUserMeta”:{“id”:0,”isGuest”:true,”isReceivingEmails”:null,”authMethod”:null,”approvalTicket”:null,”fees”:null,”disputesAmount”:null,”earningsStats”:{“questions”:{“totalPurchases”:0,”totalIncome”:0},”tutorials”:{“totalPurchases”:0,”totalIncome”:0}}},”modal”:{},”joyride”:{“steps”:[]},”users”:{“guest-0”:{“role”:”student”,”isGuest”:true}},”usersStatuses”:{},”usersThreads”:{},”usersReviews”:{},”usersQuestions”:{},”reviewsPage”:{“results”:[]},”reviews”:{},”answersReviews”:{},”threads”:{},”questions”:{“11016241”:{“body”:”Based on your past experiences and the knowledge gained during your course work, consider the following question, and post a substantive initial post:Kotter’s 8 steps of change focus on introducing …”,”id”:11016241,”title”:”Unit 5 DB”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:true,”due”:”2016-08-09T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:5,”fieldOfStudyId”:2600,”userId”:45413,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-08-05T16:44:16.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:2600,”name”:”Human Resource Management”,”anchor”:”Human Resource Management”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886191,”path”:”/fields/human-resource-management”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1205026,”path”:”/content/unit-5-db-11016241-2″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”},”rating”:{“id”:1098997,”grade”:100,”num”:2,”createdAt”:”2018-03-18T08:20:56.000Z”}},”11019511″:{“body”:”Module 5 Homework Assignment1. Find the critical value or values of χ2based on the given information. H1: σ < 26.1, n = 9, α = 0.01Solution:Instructor Comments:2. …","id":11019511,"title":"Module 5 Assignment","isTutorial":false,"isEssay":false,"due":"2016-08-07T21:00:00.000Z","budget":5,"fieldOfStudyId":100,"userId":211176,"published":true,"newBids":0,"createdAt":"2016-08-06T02:14:31.000Z","fieldOfStudy":{"id":100,"name":"Mathematics","anchor":"Mathematics","createdAt":"2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z","path":{"id":5886107,"path":"/fields/mathematics","sitemap":true,"amp":false,"createdAt":"2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z"}},"path":{"id":1205314,"path":"/content/module-5-assignment-11019511-2","sitemap":true,"amp":true,"createdAt":"2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z"}},"11019661":{"body":"Read the article titled, “Enterprise IT shops now choose SSD storage,” located here and at http://searchsolidstatestorage.techtarget.com/feature/Enterprise-IT-shops-now-choose-SSD-storage.Use the …","id":11019661,"title":"need assignment done","isTutorial":false,"isEssay":false,"due":"2016-08-13T00:00:00.000Z","budget":15,"fieldOfStudyId":2000,"userId":528709,"published":true,"newBids":0,"createdAt":"2016-08-06T02:45:18.000Z","fieldOfStudy":{"id":2000,"name":"Information Systems","anchor":"Information Systems","createdAt":"2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z","path":{"id":5886185,"path":"/fields/information-systems","sitemap":true,"amp":false,"createdAt":"2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z"}},"path":{"id":1205332,"path":"/content/need-assignment-done-11019661-2","sitemap":true,"amp":true,"createdAt":"2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z"}},"11028001":{"body":"This paper will be an application of the leadership practice concepts learned throughout your degree program to a real-world situation. In an eight- to ten-page paper, discuss one significant …","id":11028001,"title":"Final Paper, FOR WIZARD KIM ONLY","isTutorial":false,"isEssay":false,"due":"2016-08-10T00:00:00.000Z","budget":75,"fieldOfStudyId":6700,"userId":662063,"published":true,"newBids":0,"createdAt":"2016-08-06T17:41:04.000Z","fieldOfStudy":{"id":6700,"name":"Business Finance - Management","anchor":"Management","fieldOfStudyId":900,"createdAt":"2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z","path":{"id":5886227,"path":"/fields/business-finance-management","sitemap":true,"amp":false,"createdAt":"2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z"}},"path":{"id":1205784,"path":"/content/final-paper-wizard-kim-only","sitemap":true,"amp":true,"createdAt":"2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z"}},"11032697":{"body":"Culturally Competent Training for Health ProfessionalsFor this discussion:Discuss, as a leader in nursing, how you could assist in providing culturally competent health education on CAM, …","id":11032697,"title":"FOR PHYLLIS YOUNG","isTutorial":false,"isEssay":true,"due":"2016-08-18T00:00:00.000Z","budget":4,"fieldOfStudyId":6900,"userId":213592,"published":true,"newBids":0,"createdAt":"2016-08-07T02:31:09.000Z","fieldOfStudy":{"id":6900,"name":"Nursing","anchor":"Nursing","createdAt":"2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z","path":{"id":5886229,"path":"/fields/nursing","sitemap":true,"amp":false,"createdAt":"2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z"}},"path":{"id":1206132,"path":"/content/phyllis-young-11032697-2","sitemap":true,"amp":true,"createdAt":"2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z"}},"11032727":{"body":"APA referencing academic sources or books onlydiscuss and evaluate harmonisation of IFRS","id":11032727,"title":"factorised_facts","isTutorial":false,"isEssay":false,"due":"2016-08-11T12:00:00.000Z","budget":50,"fieldOfStudyId":1900,"userId":638489,"published":true,"newBids":0,"createdAt":"2016-08-07T02:38:33.000Z","fieldOfStudy":{"id":1900,"name":"Business Finance - Accounting","anchor":"Accounting","fieldOfStudyId":900,"createdAt":"2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z","path":{"id":5886183,"path":"/fields/business-finance-accounting","sitemap":true,"amp":false,"createdAt":"2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z"}},"path":{"id":1206138,"path":"/content/factorisedfacts-1","sitemap":true,"amp":true,"createdAt":"2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z"}},"11033513":{"body":"Please reread the case of Branham v. Ford Motor Co. on Page 302,answer the following questions,and submit to the digital drop box.Since the injured plaintiff was not wearing a seatbelt, …","id":11033513,"title":"Law ","isTutorial":false,"isEssay":false,"due":"2016-08-07T00:00:00.000Z","budget":7,"fieldOfStudyId":2700,"userId":635441,"published":true,"newBids":0,"createdAt":"2016-08-07T05:58:17.000Z","fieldOfStudy":{"id":2700,"name":"Law","anchor":"Law","createdAt":"2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z","path":{"id":5886193,"path":"/fields/law","sitemap":true,"amp":false,"createdAt":"2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z"}},"path":{"id":1206180,"path":"/content/law-11033513-2","sitemap":true,"amp":true,"createdAt":"2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z"}},"11037633":{"body":"Dear Prof ,You just have to answer the yellow marked bullet point .( 100 words )You are assigned to work on a team in the workplace with a person who has a different …14/04/2020120computerscience

Unit VII Journal

InstructionsProject management is essential for the operations in various industries such as information technology, hospitality, engineering, and others. Discuss a project you were involved in that was not successful. Explain why the project failed and what you think needed to be done to make it successful. This can be a project from work or a personal project.10/04/20205humanresource-management

Based on the case study we need to explain the two question mentioned in description

1. What other factors should Marvin and his team consider?2. Should they bid on the job?TO BID OR NOT TO BID2Marvin was the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of his company.The decision of whether or not to bid on a job above a certain dollarvalue rested entirely upon his shoulders. In the past, his company would bid on all jobs thatwere a good fit with his company’s strategic objectives and the company’s win-to-loss ratio wasexcellent. But to bid on this job would be difficult. The client was requesting certain informationin the request for proposal (RFP) that Marvin did not want to release. If Marvin didnot comply with the requirements of the RFP, his company’s bid would be considered asnonresponsive.Marvin’s company was highly successful at winning contracts throughcompetitive bidding. The company was project-driven and all of the revenuethat came into the company came through winning contracts. Almost all of the clients providedthe company with long-term contracts as well as follow-on contracts. Almost all of thecontracts were firm-fixed-price contracts. Business was certainly good, at least up until now.Marvin established a policy whereby 5 percent of sales would be used for responding toRFPs. This was referred to as a bid-and-proposal (B&P) budget. The cost for bidding on contractswas quite high and clients knew that requiring the company to spend a great deal ofmoney bidding on a job might force a no-bid on the job. That could eventually hurt the industryby reducing the number of bidders in the marketplace.Marvin’s company used parametric and analogy estimating on all contracts. This allowedMarvin’s people to estimate the work at level 1 or level 2 of the work breakdown structure(WBS). From a financial perspective, this was the most cost-effective way to bid on a projectknowing full well that there were risks with the accuracy of the estimates at these levels of theWBS. But over the years continuous improvements to the company’s estimating processreduced much of the uncertainty in the estimates.One of Marvin’s most important clients announced it would be going outfor bids for a potential ten-year contract. This contract was larger than anyother contract that Marvin’s company had ever received and could provide an excellent cash flowstream for ten years or even longer. Winning the contract was essential.Because most of the previous contracts were firm-fixed-price, only summary-level pricingat the top two levels of the WBS was provided in the proposal. That was usually sufficient forthe company’s clients to evaluate the cost portion of the bid.The RFP was finally released. For this project, the contract type would be cost-reimbursable.A WBS created by the client was included in the RFP, and the WBS was broken downinto five levels. Each bidder had to provide pricing information for each work package in theWBS. By doing this, the client could compare the cost of each work package from each bidder.The client would then be comparing apples and apples from each bidder rather than apples andoranges. To make matters worse, each bidder had to agree to use the WBS created by the clientduring project execution and to report costs according to the WBS.Case Studies 10112. © 2010 by Harold Kerzner. Reproduced by permission. All rights reserved.BackgroundBidding ProcessNew RFPMarvin saw the risks right away. If Marvin decided to bid on the job, the company wouldbe releasing its detailed cost structure to the client. All costs would then be clearly exposed tothe client. If Marvin were to bid on this project, releasing the detailed cost information couldhave a serious impact on future bids even if the contracts in the future were firm-fixed-price.Marvin convened a team composed of his senior officers. During the discussions whichfollowed, the team identified the pros and cons of bidding on the job:● Pros:● A lucrative ten-year (or longer) contract● The ability to have the client treat Marvin’s company as a strategic partner ratherthan just a supplier● Possibly lower profit margins on this and other future contracts but greater overallprofits and earnings per share because of the larger business base● Establishment of a workable standard for winning more large contracts● Cons:● Release of the company’s cost structure● Risk that competitors will see the cost structure and hire away some of the company’stalented people by offering them more pay● Inability to compete on price and having entire cost structure exposed could be alimiting factor on future bids● If the company does not bid on this job, the company could be removed from theclient’s bidder list● Clients must force Marvin’s company to accept lower profit marginsMarvin then asked the team, “Should we bid on the job?”TextBookKerzner_h_project_management_a_systems_a.pdf.pdfPosted: a day agoDue: 27/03/2020Budget: $5Tags: urgent fast Answers 1Rosie September4.8 (138)4.8 (1k )Chat13 hours agoPurchase the answer to view itCASE_STUDY_ON_BIDDING.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $10Bids 62The QuA lityRosie SeptemberKATHERINE BECKShassan0906PROF. ANNRanju LewisAmerican TutorCatherine Owensrunge-kutta acerEssaySupremoProf.MacQueenprofessor mitchsarapaul2013Emily MichaelRESPECT WRITERDr shamille ClaraBrainy BrianANN HARRISJessica LuisChrisProfTerry RobertsElprofessoriMalik Tutorbrilliant answersRey writerCasey CeliaEva GreenDrNicNgaoJenny BoomNursing_MissMiss Lynnkim woodsBRENDAH LEEAngelina MaySaburBDr. Smith Harveyprof avrilLisa-Randallwriter respect seniorwritermbithehphyllis youngSaad FahimSuper ProffUrgent TutorTutor Cyrus KenJudithTutorPROFJUMAAAResearchGuru555Proff work phd ansRohanfirstclass tutorHarris KhanAbdullah AnwarsuniyaziaMiss Emily BluntCotton CandyTutor-paulaMiss Lily J.Expert_ChristinegeraldwaitaTop Notch AnswerOther questions 10VOIPAshford HSM 305 Full Week 4: Assignment DiscussionsAshford HSM 305 Full Week 1: Assignment, Quiz, DiscussionsSOLIDWORKSlabaccoutning 302for phylis young (2 worksheets, a brochure and a presentation w/ talking points)for expert_researcherPSY350 w1 assignmentVerilog HDL assignmentRated 1 timesInformation Systems Security, Project ManagementInformation Systems Security:-Week 5 Discussion QuestionWeek 6 Discussion QuestionWeek 6 Written Assignmenttextbook – Principles_of_Computer_Security_Fourth_EProject Management:-Discussion 3Rated 1 timesproject managementneed help with the assignmentRated 1 timesProject ManagementRead the case study “McRoy Aerospace” on page 332 and answer questions 4 and 5 on page 333.please write minimum of 550 words with 0% plagarism in API format.Rated 1 timesPM:Discussion-6 Must read the case study “Communication Failures” starting on page 329 and answer the questions on page 332. This primary post should be at least 300 words in length. …Rated 1 timesproject managementneed help with below assignmentRated 1 timesProject ManagementRead the case study “Communication Failures” starting on page 329 and answer the questions on page 332.Please find the attachment for Text book and write minimum of 600 words wih 0 % …Rated 1 timesMinimum of 150 words each questionTask 1:Read the case study “The Estimating Problem” on page 734 and then answer the questions on page 735.Task 2:Read the case study “Teloxy Engineering (A)” on page 948 and answer …Not ratedPM DiscussionStudents must read the case study “The Invisible Sponsor” on page 658 and then pick one (1) of the following sets of three (3) questions to answer on page 660:Set 1 – questions 1-3Set 2 – …Not ratedassignment I have attached files. need to complete 3 of them.1) Discussion Question — assignment.docx2) Need to response1 to classmates discussion.3) Need to response2 to classmates …Not ratedDiscussionRead the case study “Creating a Methodology” on page 108 and then answer one (1) of the questions on page 110.Around 250 words along with References.27/03/20205businessfinance


(Your name)Problem I – (50 points)Steve Smith is a restaurant owner who wants to spend his $10,000 to modernize his restaurant by adapting it more closely to the preferences of his repeat customers. Keeping track of his customers’ likes and dislikes. Information such as where they like to sit, what they like to eat, when they normally arrive at the restaurant are all items of interest to him, since he believes that in this way he can better serve his customers. Steve has asked you to develop a system for him that will help make his customers happy while increasing his business.You have heard what Steve had to say about his customers. There are certainly more preferences that he can keep track of.Develop a problem definition for Steve…Next define each area.Be sure to include several possibilities and not just the minimum: (10pts. per section)Problem DefinitionIssuesObjectivesRequirementsConstraintsProblem II- (50 points) A. Please label each question as either closed question or open-ended question.1. How many personal computers do you have in this department? 2. How is this task performed? 3. Why do you perform the task that way? 4. How many hours of training does a clerk receive? 5. How many customers ordered products from the Web site last month? 6. What are users saying about the new system? 7. How are the checks reconciled? 8. What added features would you like to have in the newbilling system? 9. Is the calculation procedure described in the manual? 10. Is there anything else you can tell me about this topic?B. You are going to interview the local manager of LDI, a national tire retailer, who has asked you to work as a system analyst on a management information system to provide inventory information. (45pts…15pts. per pyramid, funnel & diamond shape)Here are five questions you wrote to prepare for the meeting:1. What are the five physical strengths and five limitations of the end users with respect to performing the national retail inventory processing on a daily basis?2. What are the top ten high-level needs to make the new inventory system user-friendly, accurate, reliable, and secure?3. Do you have year-to-date demand and supply metrics that were gathered in the last three months?4. How often do you update your tire inventories?5. How many retail stores do you currently have that carry your tire inventory?List each above listed question in the proper sequence(1) pyramid structure(2) funnel structure, and(3) diamond-shaped structureC. You are a project manager at L & D Inc., specialized in information technology and network engineering. One of your junior systems analyst came to you for an advice of a technology to capture user information requirements. He described to you that he had talked with his client several times in the past week to define user information requirements. Each time he thought he had captured user information requirements, they’ve already changed. Finally, he thinks his clients do not even know what they want for their system.Give your junior systems analyst an advice of several types of technology that he could use to capture user information requirements and explain to him how this technology can help him to better define users’ information requirements.Problem III- (50 points)1. What are six fact finding techniques and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?2. What are the types of facts a systems analyst is required to collect?3. What is a fact-find strategy that will make the most of your time with end-users?4. How do you develop an interview agenda and a questionnaire?5. What is the role of ethics in the process of fact finding?Problem IV – (50 points)Perfect Pizza wants to install a system to recordorders for pizza and chicken wings. When regular customers call Perfect Pizza on the phone, they are asked their phone number. When the number is typed into a computer, the name, address, and last order date is automatically brought up on the screen. Oncethe order is taken, the total, including tax and delivery, is calculated. Then the order is given to the cook. A receipt is printed. Occasionally, special offers (coupons) are printed so the customer can get a discount. Drivers who make deliveries give customers a copy of the receipt and a coupon (if any). Weekly totals are kept for comparison with last year’s performance. A summary of business activities for taking an order at Perfect Pizza is as follows:1. Draw a context-level data flow diagram for Perfect Pizza using the following items. Explode the above context-level diagram by drawing the logical data flow diagram 0 showing all the major processes using the following items:Process names:(1) Find and display customer record(2) Take customer order(3) Send order to cook(4) Print customer receipt(5) Deliver customer order(6) Print weekly totalsData stores:(1) Customer master(2) Product file(3) Coupons(4) Sale historyEntities:(1) Customer(2) Management(3) CookProblem V: (50 points)In the following proposed DFD design, there are some typical errors among external entities (E), processes (P) and data stores (DS).1. Identify and explain errors in the above design. (Use a narrative explanation)2. Propose design modifications. (Use anarrative explanation)22/03/202050informationsystems

11 Test 2

Do a bit of research onpenetration testing techniques.Investigate and document the following Five network penetration testing techniques Advantages and disadvantages of each One notable social engineering test Possible negative implications of penetration tesingPlease write between 200 and 300 words03/03/20205computerscience

Research (Effect energy storage on co2 emissions )

I need research in this topic it’s Electrical engineering major 5 pages it should be your own words situations are required ( Do Not use Wikipedia no news paper or website)23/03/202035engineering

Civility and mass media 20 question multiple choice quiz

Which of the following is TRUE of magazines?a. They target only mass audiences.b. They target only segmented audiences.c. They target neither segmented nor mass audiences.d. They target either segmented or mass audiences.Any publication that is less than _______ years old has to be checked for its copyright status.a. 100b. 200c. 50d. 125Which of the following is TRUE of magazines and revenue?a. For most magazine advertisers, who reads the magazine being advertised in is unimportant.b. Advertising is a crucial source of revenue for magazines.c. The mix of revenue for magazines varies greatly among different types of magazines.d. Subscriptions account for less than one-third of magazine revenue, on average.How did the Postal Act of 1879 change the magazine industry?a. It gave magazines a special, lower mailing rate.b. It allowed magazines to be shipped overseas.c. It required federal approval for any mailings.d. It required special packaging for magazine mailing.Why was offset printing an important development?a. because “onset printing” had become too cumbersome and costly for the dayb. because the printing press would no longer be needed in the process of printingc. because an entire page of print could now be transferred to a plate that was inked and printedd. because publishing companies could now work in conjunction with one anotherHow did lithography speed the printing of illustrated pages?a. by changing the type of paper that was utilizedb. by replacing engraving with a type of chemical etchingc. by eliminating the need for costly electricityd. by eliminating the need for manpower or human oversightMagazines that are aimed at specific professional demographic or vocation such as journalism, computer programming, or engineering are generally called _______.a. trade magazinesb. consumer-oriented magazinesc. instructional magazinesd. professional magazinesTo whom did miscellanies appeal?a. a small, far-flung, and diverse audienceb. those who considered themselves highly politicalc. a professional, elitist segment of the nationd. those favoring separation from BritainWhy can magazines with large audiences charge more for advertising?a. because the magazines themselves are more expensiveb. because more people will see the advertisementsc. because those magazines are usually monthly publicationsd. because the readers of those magazines have more moneyThe computerization of the layout and paste-up process further complicated printing, as did the digitizing of photographs.a. Trueb. FalseIn recent years, publishers of magazines and academic (research) journals have cracked down on students who use material that has been copyrighted.a. Trueb. FalseWhich of the following is TRUE of muckraking?a. It has, today, continued to grow in importance.b. It was, in its early days, associated with newspapers and not magazines.c. It has, today, lost much of its crusading political meaning.d. It was, in its early days, used more to investigate sexual scandals.magazines started out as publications for those who could not afford newspapers.a. Trueb. FalseAfter competing with television for mass audiences, magazines targeted specialized audiences—ages and interest—and have prospered as a whole through the years.a. Trueb. FalseAfter you have submitted the quiz, click the to view feedback next to any incorrect response.Which of the following happened to magazines in the American colonies during the American Revolution?a. They expanded to Britain.b. They ceased their publication.c. They became more political.d. They became “dailies.”According to current intellectual property regulation, which of these scenarios would be considered a violation?a. You cite large chunks of an article published on Wikipedia on your online news site without offering financial compensation.b. You take a picture of President Barack Obama at a news briefing for your online news site.c. You reprint part of a 2012 news story on the War on Terror in a 2014 piece on the same topic without giving attribution.d. You cut and paste a photo from a magazine like People on to your online news site and don’t pay royalties to the magazine.Which of the following is among the most published interest categories for new magazines in the United States today?a. literary/review/writingb. fashion/beauty/groomingc. crafts/games/hobbiesd. comic technique/comicsWhat did the emergence of desktop publishing in the 1990s do for the magazine industry?a. It created a new internationalism for it.b. It lowered the barriers for entry into it.c. It blocked “instant access” into it.d. It increased readers’ interest in it.Which of the following is TRUE of magazines in the United States recently?a. Today, most magazines enjoy ten or more years of publication.b. Survival rate for magazines has dropped considerably in recent years.c. New magazines are seldom launched in the United States today.d. Recently, there has been a proliferation of more specialized magazines.Why have new intellectual property rules changed as electronic distribution has increased?a. because those who consult magazine content are more and more likely to steal itb. because publishers and authors are determined to collect royalties from reproduction and usec. because the government has weighed in on intellectual property rights and rulesd. because advertisers are hesitant to advertise in magazine where such violations persist19/04/201910businessfinance

Pkease revise the document attached based on feedback from professor will attach template

No matter what students get for a grade in Week 6, they must make significant improvements to their draft in Week 7.Here are a few suggestions, but please remember these are only examples. I did not edit your paper or address every item that needs improvement, I only provide examples to demonstrate areas that need the most attention.* to improve paragraph structure, review the FEET model I describe in the APA Template I provided you in Week 1. Applying this information will help you create more effective, balanced paragraphs. For example, ending a paragraph with a citation usually means failing to provide a transition sentence. When a transition sentence is not provided, paragraphs are not linked together to provide an effective flow of the document.* continue to develop your ability to write clear and concise sentences by deleting unnecessary words, combining sentences, and constantly and consistently rewriting sentences.* you need to address APA Style rules including spacing, paragraph indents, and formatting the reference list.* the articles were supposed to come from peer-reviewed psychology journals. This was an important part of the assignment.Continue to improve this paper for Week 7 by using Graduate Online Writing Studio feedback, student feedback, feedback I gave you throughout this class, and carefully proofread your paper to make final revisions. Doing these things will help you create a high-quality paper. Try to do your best work! This is what I will assume after you submit your final draft.Dr. DanWeeksixLiteraturereview_Maclure1.docxAPATEMPLATE1.docxPosted: 43 minutes agoDue: 19/12/2019Budget: $20Answers 0Bids 53Mukul5078Talented WriterProf. NicholasbennetsandovaMath GuruuLilliana_SmithPaula HogJamie AckerJessica LuisWendy LewisProf.MacQueenprof avrilkim woodsCatherine Owensbrilliant answersRey writerprofessor mitchansRohanimhmd.fperfectoDr Ava_MiaassignmentgradeDr Candice_2547Terry RobertsTalentedtutorGradeSaverAngelina MaySamann060ChrisProfUltimate GEEKMiss ProfessorRESPECT WRITERhassan0906magz64Emily Michaelsarapaul2013DrNicNgaouniversity workjim clairephyllis youngUrgent TutorProff work phd Umair_ArifSaad FahimKaya Scodelariofastestwriter1Liza_JulietJenny BoomUnique TeacherDr R Judy MarkSaburBAZHARAKRAM300Unique_ProfOther questions 10ENG 3 HPI633 Discussion 2History Small PaperI have English homework ENGINEERING REPORT due 3 pm pacific time on 9/9/17Write reposne about this discussion (200words)BS Unit VI Discussion Board Question for youNot ratedapa formatting REVISIONFor this assignment, review your APA manual and watch the video below on how to properly set up a document using APA style. Create a Word document using the appropriate margins, font, and …19/12/201920psychology

Analysis of Perceptual Visual Elements

Choose one of the four following visuals: Image courtesy of: Nike® 2013 advertisement Image courtesy of: Parents magazine June 2011 Image courtesy of: Harley Davidson® advertisement Image courtesy of: Bank of America advertisementIn a 2-page APA formatted paper with an additional reference page (template here), analyze the strategic use of perceptual visual communication: Analyze how specific semiotic visuals in your chosen image affect different cultural perceptions (age, ethnicity, social group, etc.). Describe how each culture’s cognitive memories and experiences may affect how they perceive this image. Explain why cultural perception is important to consider when working with international or global cultures. Discuss why it is important to consider cultural perception when interacting with different age cultures and different social groupings.Support the items above by including relevant quotes and paraphrases from academic/scholarly sources.Posted: a year agoDue: 18/10/2018Budget: $10Answers 1brilliant answers4.8 (724)4.7 (12k )Chata year agoPurchase the answer to view itculturalperception.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $10Bids 72ProfRubbsThe grAdeRanju LewisDaisy ArabellaJamie AckerEpic Writer PhdPROF. ANNRima MakenzieDr. Claver-NNPROF washington watsonAngelina MayMiss Deannawork solutionsElprofessoriguru answersbrilliant answersProf. Dan.Catherine OwensComputer_Science_ExpertSasha SpencerKATHERINE BECKSProf. HadarvFirst-rate writerRey writerAmanda SmithMichelle OwensTheKingWriterMiss LynnperfectoLady Hawkinskim woodsCharandrySophia MilesResearchProYhtomitZeek the GeekMiss ProfessorFirst Class Expert Tutorphyllis youngEssay-tutorHarvardProfOne TouchAll Works solverMary TutorENS. writerWendy LewissmartwriterquerubohYoung Kim hoodscoco_soboGlass HouseHilary MantelMadam SarahUltimate_WriterTeacher SteveAs soon as PossibleGreat-WritersQuick-wittedThiagoKyla Watt PhDFinance & EconshaymitchellExemplaryTutorWittyAuthor001AcuteMorganRomolo proffDr.Qura-tul-ainMadni larybSamantha001Dr.ScofieldProfNjenga01hassanriaz123Other questions 10Business Law Assignment Vearth scienceHomeworkPersuasive assay Presentation of balance sheet between Yahoo and Google 3-4 page essay LEADING SOCIAL CHANGE PERSONAL PAPERdqin descriptionOil FirmsRated 1 timesModule 3Use Images AttachedIn a 2-3-page APA formatted paper with an additional reference page (template here), analyze the strategic use of perceptual visual communication: Analyze how specific …Rated 4 timessemiotic visualsIn a 2-3-page APA formatted paper with an additional reference page (template here), analyze the strategic use of perceptual visual communication: Analyze how specific semiotic visuals in …Not ratedAnalysis Of Perceptual Visual ElementsChoose one of the four following visuals: Image courtesy of: Nike® 2013 advertisement Image courtesy of: Parents magazine June 2011 Image courtesy of: Harley Davidson® …Not ratedModule 03 Written Assignment – Analysis of Perceptual Visual ElementsIn a 2-3-page APA formatted paper with an additional reference page (template here), analyze the strategic use of perceptual visual communication: Analyze how specific semiotic visuals in …Blog ArchiveCopyright © 2019 HomeworkMarket.com Read MoreApplied SciencesArchitecture and DesignBiologyBusiness & FinanceChemistryComputer ScienceGeographyGeologyEducationEngineeringEnglishEnvironmental scienceSpanishGovernmentHistoryHuman Resource ManagementInformation SystemsLawLiteratureMathematicsNursingPhysicsPolitical SciencePsychologyReadingScienceSocial Science window.__REDUX__STATE__ = ‘{“appMeta”:{“serverRendered”:true},”apiRequests”:{“pendingRequestCount”:0,”succeededRequestCount”:4,”failedRequestCount”:0,”requestCounters”:{“GET_FIELDS_PENDING”:0,”GET_ENTITY_PENDING”:0,”GET_FIELDS_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_ENTITY_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_SIMILAR_QUESTIONS_PENDING”:0,”GET_OTHER_QUESTIONS_PENDING”:0,”GET_SIMILAR_QUESTIONS_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_OTHER_QUESTIONS_SUCCESS”:1}},”currentUserMeta”:{“id”:0,”isGuest”:true,”isReceivingEmails”:null,”authMethod”:null,”approvalTicket”:null,”fees”:null,”disputesAmount”:null,”earningsStats”:{“questions”:{“totalPurchases”:0,”totalIncome”:0},”tutorials”:{“totalPurchases”:0,”totalIncome”:0}}},”modal”:{},”joyride”:{“steps”:[]},”users”:{“guest-0”:{“role”:”student”,”isGuest”:true}},”usersStatuses”:{},”usersThreads”:{},”usersReviews”:{},”usersQuestions”:{},”reviewsPage”:{“results”:[]},”reviews”:{},”answersReviews”:{},”threads”:{},”questions”:{“15447205”:{“body”:”Energy companies are avoiding expensive engineering projects.Why is there thisshift awayfrom their previous strategy of makinghuge,upfront investments that were paid …”,”id”:15447205,”title”:”Oil Firms”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:true,”due”:”2017-03-22T12:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:5,”fieldOfStudyId”:1500,”userId”:265059,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-03-20T17:52:55.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:1500,”name”:”Reading”,”anchor”:”Reading”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886175,”path”:”/fields/reading”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1488190,”path”:”/content/oil-firms”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”15450089″:{“body”:” Write a two-page paper (double-spaced, 12 pt. type) on the following question: \”By what method will Yang Xi marry a goddess, the Consort An, according to the account found in …”,”id”:15450089,”title”:”in description”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:true,”due”:”2017-03-21T21:18:00.000Z”,”budget”:15,”fieldOfStudyId”:800,”userId”:513073,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-03-20T20:21:03.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:800,”name”:”History”,”anchor”:”History”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886155,”path”:”/fields/history”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1488360,”path”:”/content/description-15450089-2″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”15450709″:{“body”:”1) First, study the materials presented in the course and text on classical conditioning. Initially familiarize yourself with the basic terminology. Next, think of an example in your …”,”id”:15450709,”title”:”dq”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:true,”due”:”2017-03-23T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:5,”fieldOfStudyId”:1000,”userId”:502406,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-03-20T20:35:17.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:1000,”name”:”Psychology”,”anchor”:”Psychology”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886165,”path”:”/fields/psychology”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1488386,”path”:”/content/dq-15450709-2″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”15460669″:{“body”:”See Attachment.Please follow directions carefully.Five pages, No sources.The paper will focus on YOU as a leader – your values and beliefs, your own present or …”,”id”:15460669,”title”:”LEADING SOCIAL CHANGE PERSONAL PAPER”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:true,”due”:”2017-03-21T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:3,”fieldOfStudyId”:4000,”userId”:733457,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-03-21T04:41:04.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:4000,”name”:”Social Science”,”anchor”:”Social Science”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886207,”path”:”/fields/social-science”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1488926,”path”:”/content/leading-social-change-personal-paper-0″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”15463391″:{“body”:”Imagine that you are an attorney specializing in juvenile justice cases. You receive a phone call from Mrs. Ingrim, whose 15-year old has been arrested for stealing a car, driving without a license, …”,”id”:15463391,”title”:”3-4 page essay “,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:true,”due”:”2017-03-21T11:59:00.000Z”,”budget”:15,”fieldOfStudyId”:2700,”userId”:667583,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-03-21T10:06:04.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:2700,”name”:”Law”,”anchor”:”Law”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886193,”path”:”/fields/law”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1489098,”path”:”/content/3-4-page-essay-15463391-2″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”15471599″:{“body”:”There is a presentation that compare the balance sheet of two different companies: Yahoo and Googlethe request I was posted at attchments”,”id”:15471599,”title”:”Presentation of balance sheet between Yahoo and Google “,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2017-03-25T22:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:20,”fieldOfStudyId”:1900,”userId”:577357,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-03-21T16:20:32.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:1900,”name”:”Business Finance – Accounting”,”anchor”:”Accounting”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886183,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-accounting”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1489448,”path”:”/content/presentation-balance-sheet-between-yahoo-and-google”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”15472201″:{“body”:”Write a persuasive essay that urges readers to accept your viewpoint on an issue and to take action on that issue. The essay should use at least one credible source to support your persuasive …”,”id”:15472201,”title”:”Persuasive assay “,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:true,”due”:”2017-03-23T08:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:5,”fieldOfStudyId”:200,”userId”:666137,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-03-21T16:51:33.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:200,”name”:”English”,”anchor”:”English”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886117,”path”:”/fields/english”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1489472,”path”:”/content/persuasive-assay-0″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”15479723″:{“body”:”Assignment 1: LASA 2: Effects of StressProvide a 1-page description of a stressful event currently occurring in your life. Then, referring to information you learned throughout this course, address …”,”id”:15479723,”title”:”Homework”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:true,”due”:”2017-03-22T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:50,”fieldOfStudyId”:1000,”userId”:671263,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-03-21T21:31:44.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:1000,”name”:”Psychology”,”anchor”:”Psychology”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886165,”path”:”/fields/psychology”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1489848,”path”:”/content/homework-15479723-2″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”15497957″:{“body”:”Ocean Acidification Activity – Davis StraitIn summer 2015, the United States Geological Survey Arctic Ocean Acidification team boarded the R/V Atlantis to study water parameters in the Davis …”,”id”:15497957,”title”:”earth science”,”isTutorial”:true,”isEssay”:false,”budget”:3,”fieldOfStudyId”:1800,”userId”:641775,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-03-22T16:43:13.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:1800,”name”:”Science”,”anchor”:”Science”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886181,”path”:”/fields/science”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1490836,”path”:”/content/earth-science-15497957-2″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”15504563″:{“body”:”Case Analysis Determine whether certain contract remedies exist in the following scenario: Forrest Gump is a famous table tennis player. He enters into a contract with Alabama Sports Marketing …18/10/201810humanresource-management

Week 10 Exam

This week, you will be assessed on the use of diagnosis, assessment, and intervention in a multiple-choice final exam. This exam is modeled in the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Exam (NCMHCE) format that is used in many states as their licensure exam and for the Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC) national certification. As opposed to other exams where you are asked to recall specific facts, this exam is based on case scenarios where you will apply your clinical problem-solving ability to assess, diagnose, and treat crisis and trauma situations. You will focus on identifying “the best answer”—as opposed to the “correct” answer. This means that each question contains more than one correct answer, but only one answer is the best. As “best answer” exams require a great deal of discernment, be sure to read each question carefully, look for the correct answers, and then discern the “best” answer. Taking a comprehensive exam in this format will pay off in the end when you sit for the NCMHCE in the future. I need this completed by 11/02/18 at 7pm. .QUESTION 11. Case #1 – JennaJenna is a six-year-old Caucasian female who currently resides with her foster parents, her older biological sister, and two foster brothers. Jenna and her siblings were taken from her biological parents because of suspected sexual abuse and neglect. It is reported that Jenna lived in a home without food, water, and utilities. Jenna’s foster parents report that her biological mother “may have some disabilities and has never had the financial means to take care of her children.” Jenna’s biological brother is in a separate foster home. He is suspected of sexually abusing both Jenna and her older sister. It has been reported that he sexually abused Jenna, while her sister was helplessly told to watch. Jenna has expressed this trauma with agitated behavior. The traumatic event is re-experienced by repetitive play where she stimulates herself on furniture. Jenna avoids the stimuli associated with the trauma by avoiding conversations associated with sexual abuse. Jenna avoids activities, places, and people associated with the trauma except for her sister who was also a victim. Jenna also has a sense of a foreshortened future. She frequently brings up death with her foster parents. Jenna has persistent symptoms of increased arousal that were not present before the trauma as indicated by irritability and outbursts of anger nearly every day with her biological sister and her foster father. Jenna is also hyper vigilant and does not want her foster father around. The disturbances have lasted for over a month and have caused clinically significant social impairment to the point she is unable to attend a full day of school due to emotional breakdowns.1) What intake information should be obtained and assessed to formulate a provisional DSM-5 diagnosis? Select AS MANY as you consider essential.a.History of learning disabilities.b.Length of time problematic behaviors have persisted.c.Changes in sleeping patterns.d.Substance use.e.Attention problems.f.Details of sexual trauma.g.Hypervigilance or increased arousal.2 points QUESTION 21. What assessment tools might offer meaningful information on this client? Select the ONE most appropriate option. (Refer to Case #1)a.Beck Anxiety Inventoryb.Attachment Questionnaire for Children (AQC)c.Clinician Administered PTSD Scale for Children and Adolescents (CAPS-CA)d.Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS)2 points QUESTION 31. Based on the available information, what would appear to be the most appropriate provisional DSM-5 diagnosis? Select the ONEmost appropriate primary diagnosis. (Refer to Case #1)a.Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (296.99)b.Postttraumatic Stress Disorder (309.81)c.Acute Stress Disorder (308.3)d.Adjustment Disorder with Mixed Disturbance of Emotions and Conduct (309.4)2 points QUESTION 41. Based on the provisional diagnosis, what interventions might work best as you begin to work with this client? Select AS MANY as you consider indicated. (Refer to Case #1)a.Group Therapyb.Behavioral Rehearsalc.Grounding Techniquesd.Play Therapye.Flooding Techniquesf.Medical Referral for Anxiety Medicationg.Assertiveness Training2 points QUESTION 51. In developing a collaborative treatment plan with the client, identify immediate goals to be addressed. Select AS MANY as you consider correct and necessary. (Refer to Case #1)a.Reunification with Biological Familyb.Addressing Sexualized Behaviorsc.Increasing Emotional Regulationd.Preventing Revictimizatione.Reenactment of Traumatic Events2 points QUESTION 61. Case #2 – MorganMorgan is staying at a local shelter after she experienced a natural disaster that destroyed her home three days ago. She is a 25-year-old lesbian female who was living with her partner. She has a flat affect and makes no eye contact as she talks about having to vacate her home in the middle of the night as the waters were filling her condo. Her partner did not make it out and drowned in the storm. She has not made contact with any of her other relatives who she says she has been distant from for “many years.” She mentions that before the storm she was taking “some meds to help with my moods” but is not sure of the medication name. Since she arrived at the shelter, she has laid in her cot, not taken any showers, eaten very little food, and avoided any contact with shelter workers or other families. She has a significant startle response when approached and has difficulty remembering basic information. She cries herself to sleep and has moments where she screams out at night after having “nightmares about drowning.”What intake information should be obtained and assessed to formulate a provisional DSM-5 diagnosis? Select AS MANY as you consider important.a.Substance abuse historyb.Medical historyc.Educational historyd.Military historye.Quality of family relationshipsf.Psychiatric historyg.Employment historyh.Threat to self or others2 points QUESTION 71. What assessment tools might offer meaningful information on this client? Select the ONE most appropriate option for your work while she is at the shelter. (Refer to Case #2)a.Beck Depression Inventoryb.Inventory of Complicated Griefc.Triage Assessment Formd.The Behavioral Assessment Rating Scales2 points QUESTION 81. Based on the available information, what is the most appropriate provisional DSM-5 diagnosis? Select the ONE most appropriate primary diagnosis. (Refer to Case #2)a.Major Depressive Disorder, Single episode, Mild (296.21)b.Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (309.81)c.Generalized Anxiety Disorder (300.02)d.Acute Stress Disorder (308.3)e.Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood (309.3)2 points QUESTION 91. Based on the intake data, identify immediate potential issues to be addressed as a crisis counselor while the client is in the shelter. Select AS MANY as are correct and necessary. (Refer to Case #2)a.Hygieneb.Impulse Controlc.Family Relationshipsd.Housinge.Suicidalityf.Medication complianceg.Employment issuesh.Stress management2 points QUESTION 101. Based on the provisional diagnosis, what theories or models will likely work best for the client? Select AS MANY as you consider correct and appropriate in working with the client while she is at the shelter. (Refer to Case #2)a.Group Therapyb.Psychological First Aidc.Existential Therapyd.Grief Therapye.Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs2 points QUESTION 111. Case #3 – BobBob is a 45 year old African American man. He was recently medically discharged from the US Navy due to extensive injuries he sustained during his last time in combat. He is separated from his wife and has two teenage children. He has a prescription for an opioid pain medication and discloses that he has been engaging in daily marijuana use and drinks about 5-6 beers a day “to cope.” He has an extensive history of childhood physical and emotional trauma. His mother was alcoholic and his father was physically abusive to him and his siblings. He says that he is struggling over the past few months with “what could have been” if he was not so “damaged.” He sounds very agitated, stating that the pain is unbearable and he “can’t stand it anymore.” He mentions that he might be better off dead.Based on the available information, what would appear to be the most appropriate provisional DSM-5 diagnosis? Select the ONEmost appropriate.a.Adjustment Disorder with Mixed Disturbance of Emotions and Conduct (309.4)b.Substance-Induced Anxiety Disorder (292.89)c.Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (309.81)d.Acute Stress Disorder (308.3)e.Generalized Anxiety Disorder (300.02)2 points QUESTION 121. To better determine the client’s current level of functioning and behavioral problems, what additional data may be helpful? Select AS MANY as are necessary. (Refer to Case #3)a.Collateral contact with the medical provider.b.Collateral contact with his spouse and children.c.Military record review.d.Substance abuse screening.e.Legal history review.2 points QUESTION 131. Which of the following risk factors are present in the case description? Select AS MANY as you consider indicated. (Refer to Case #3)a.History of previous attempts.b.Specific plan.c.History of drug and/or alcohol use.d.Cut off from others.e.Lack of belongingness.f.Feelings of helplessness.g.Financial loss.h.Access to firearms.i.Radical shifts in behaviors and mood.2 points QUESTION 141. Indicate the responses that would be most appropriate for addressing potential suicidal ideation. Select AS MANY as you consider correct. (Refer to Case#3)a.You say you are suicidal, but what’s really bothering you?b.You can tell me. I’m a professional and have been trained to be objective about these things.c.It seems like you’ve been suffering so much that hurting yourself seems like the only way you can make the pain go away.d.You have so much to live for, think about your wife and children.e.Tell me more about your suicidal feelings.f.You seem to be somewhat upset.2 points QUESTION 151. Based on the provisional diagnosis, what interventions and referrals might work best for the client? Select AS MANY as you consider indicated. (Refer to Case #3)a.Suicide Safety Planb.Create a No Harm Contractc.Family Counselingd.Medication Reviewe.Cognitive Reframingf.Vocational / Job TrainingPosted: a year agoDue: 02/11/2018Budget: $12Answers 1Catherine Owens4.7 (1k )4.8 (17k )ChatKindly rate the answerAnswer rating:1.5Stars out of2ratingsa year agoPurchase the answer to view itWEEK10EXAM1.docxBuy answer $12Bids 50Miss LynnFavouritewriterRima Makenzieprofessor HarveybennetsandovaProf. Dan.Michelle OwensFadia NawazWendy LewisDr. Claver-NNDr. Claver-NNRey writerPhd christineCharandryMich Michiebrilliant answerskim woodsCatherine Owensguru answersBrilliantEzzayZAsad UllahMiss EmilyLady Taylor PhDMiss ProfessorMelissa OwensChrisProfAplus-gameprof avrilAabish AabidahFLOVODOHwork solutionsphyllis youngPhilstevseniorwriterAngelo GrahamsYoung Kim hoodsDr.Qura-tul-ainMBA MASTEREliteExpertsPh.D A GradeENS. writerProf_ MiteiAs soon as PossibleFirst-Class Writerprofstanoh1DrNicNgaophyl doctorJona kloopcommittedshujatOther questions 10limo servicesstudents do not like schools in saudi arabiaManagerial Economics Questionneeded asapThe Great Waredu 645 wk3 db 1APA formatI need someone knows pythoneThe Importance of Impedance, Rise-Time, and BandwidthMK RP IVBlog ArchiveCopyright © 2019 HomeworkMarket.com Read MoreApplied SciencesArchitecture and DesignBiologyBusiness & FinanceChemistryComputer ScienceGeographyGeologyEducationEngineeringEnglishEnvironmental scienceSpanishGovernmentHistoryHuman Resource ManagementInformation SystemsLawLiteratureMathematicsNursingPhysicsPolitical SciencePsychologyReadingScienceSocial Science window.__REDUX__STATE__ = ‘{“appMeta”:{“serverRendered”:true},”apiRequests”:{“pendingRequestCount”:0,”succeededRequestCount”:4,”failedRequestCount”:0,”requestCounters”:{“GET_FIELDS_PENDING”:0,”GET_ENTITY_PENDING”:0,”GET_FIELDS_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_ENTITY_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_SIMILAR_QUESTIONS_PENDING”:0,”GET_OTHER_QUESTIONS_PENDING”:0,”GET_SIMILAR_QUESTIONS_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_OTHER_QUESTIONS_SUCCESS”:1}},”currentUserMeta”:{“id”:0,”isGuest”:true,”isReceivingEmails”:null,”authMethod”:null,”approvalTicket”:null,”fees”:null,”disputesAmount”:null,”earningsStats”:{“questions”:{“totalPurchases”:0,”totalIncome”:0},”tutorials”:{“totalPurchases”:0,”totalIncome”:0}}},”modal”:{},”joyride”:{“steps”:[]},”users”:{“guest-0”:{“role”:”student”,”isGuest”:true}},”usersStatuses”:{},”usersThreads”:{},”usersReviews”:{},”usersQuestions”:{},”reviewsPage”:{“results”:[]},”reviews”:{},”answersReviews”:{},”threads”:{},”questions”:{“5040607”:{“body”:”Unit IV Research ProjectMarketing PlanThis week you will continue your comprehensive marketing plan researching the SAME company that you …”,”id”:5040607,”title”:”MK RP IV”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2015-06-25T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:20,”fieldOfStudyId”:2400,”userId”:468915,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2015-06-20T17:30:51.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:2400,”name”:”Business & Finance – Marketing”,”anchor”:”Marketing”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886189,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-marketing”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:671634,”path”:”/content/mk-rp-iv”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”5040789″:{“body”:”Discuss why impedance matching is important in some systems.Provide examples of systems for which this is the case.Discuss the connection between rise-time and bandwidth in amplifier circuits.”,”id”:5040789,”title”:”The Importance of Impedance, Rise-Time, and Bandwidth”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2015-06-21T18:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:3,”fieldOfStudyId”:5200,”userId”:375787,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2015-06-20T17:45:49.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:5200,”name”:”Engineering – Electronic Engineering”,”anchor”:”Electronic Engineering”,”fieldOfStudyId”:4702,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886219,”path”:”/fields/engineering-electronic-engineering”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:671650,”path”:”/content/importance-impedance-rise-time-and-bandwidth”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”5041145″:{“body”:”I need someone knows how to programe in python. please email me if you know”,”id”:5041145,”title”:”I need someone knows pythone”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2015-06-20T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:20,”fieldOfStudyId”:1700,”userId”:415397,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2015-06-20T18:21:31.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:1700,”name”:”Computer Science”,”anchor”:”Computer Science”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886179,”path”:”/fields/computer-science”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:671686,”path”:”/content/i-need-someone-knows-pythone”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”5044119″:{“body”:”Sources must be cited in APA format. Part A Step 1 Complete the online activity. Go through all the pages of the activity below carefully. Federalism and Regulations Step 2 Write a paper summarizing …”,”id”:5044119,”title”:”APA format”,”isTutorial”:true,”isEssay”:false,”budget”:14,”fieldOfStudyId”:2300,”userId”:187669,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2015-06-21T04:21:00.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:2300,”name”:”Business Finance – Economics”,”anchor”:”Economics”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886187,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-economics”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:672012,”path”:”/content/apa-format-5044119-2″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”5044225″:{“body”:”Four aspects of family life are described that have been strongly tied to student academic achievement, and they are (a) family beliefs and expectations, (b) family patterns of emotional …”,”id”:5044225,”title”:”edu 645 wk3 db 1″,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2015-06-24T10:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:5,”fieldOfStudyId”:300,”userId”:282959,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2015-06-21T05:18:35.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:300,”name”:”Literature”,”anchor”:”Literature”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886121,”path”:”/fields/literature”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:672026,”path”:”/content/edu-645-wk3-db-1″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”5044345″:{“body”:”Unit 9 Assignment:This Assignment will give you an opportunity to apply techniques of art analysis to a work of art that catches your attention. You will investigate the main points and …02/11/201812psychology

Business Law needs to be done immediately

In the following situations, two parties claim the same goods. Who is most likely to prevail in each circumstance andbe sure to explain why.(a) Charlie steals David’s Ultra HD TV and sells it to Eddie, an innocent purchaser, for value. David learns that Eddie has the tv set and demands its return.(b) Gail takes her all terrain vehicle (ATV) for repair to Henry’s Sales & Repair, a merchant who fixes and sometimes sells used ATVs. By accident, one of Henry’s employees sells Gail’s ATV to John, an innocent purchaser and customer, who takes possession. Gail wants her ATV back fromJohn.AndersonsBusinessLawandtheLegalEnvironmentComprehensiveVolume23rded.pdfPosted: 2 years agoDue: 24/12/2017Budget: $40Answers 2BlessedTopWriter5.0 (21)4.8 (568)Chatbusiness lawAnswer rating:5Stars out of1ratings2 years agoPurchase the answer to view itbusinesslaw.docxBuy answer $40sirphilipjunior5.0 (1)3.5 (21)Chat2 years agoPurchase the answer to view itQuestions.docxBuy answer $30Bids 20prof Doris A sirphilipjuniorWAQAS1ACAProf. GoodwillTutorJuddy-PHDBlessedTopWriterPedagoguekim woodsHRM,ECON,PYSCHHonest Business WriterRey writerPHD.TerresaMichelle Lewis PhdRasWriterAcademicEssaysProphyllis youngPERFECT GENIUSProf. Kimsuraya_PhDAl-hamzaOther questions 10I need a paper for a case study analysis for a communication law classAbnormal Behavior, 2 PAGES MINIMUM, apa format, references neededManagement PaperDis1ENV-14Econn-08/DiscussionHello, need business stastistics guru please.Amazon & Walmart Locate a conceptual or theoretical framework reasons to read aerospace engineering at a universityNot ratedFor BlessedTopWritter2 questions attached. 1 page each double spaced. 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Make sure the framework has been used in at least five …”,”id”:9344207,”title”:”Locate a conceptual or theoretical framework “,”isTutorial”:true,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2016-04-25T11:54:00.000Z”,”budget”:10,”fieldOfStudyId”:1800,”userId”:108485,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-04-24T23:55:43.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:1800,”name”:”Science”,”anchor”:”Science”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886181,”path”:”/fields/science”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1081498,”path”:”/content/locate-conceptual-or-theoretical-framework”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”9347757″:{“body”:”3 slides power point”,”id”:9347757,”title”:”Amazon & Walmart “,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2016-04-25T13:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:5,”fieldOfStudyId”:1900,”userId”:604069,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-04-25T06:20:31.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:1900,”name”:”Business Finance – Accounting”,”anchor”:”Accounting”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886183,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-accounting”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1081808,”path”:”/content/amazon-walmart”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”9349685″:{“body”:”I need 7 out of 10 questions done and have to show proof of how you arrived at the answer. I need this done within 2 days.”,”id”:9349685,”title”:”Hello, need business stastistics guru please.”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2016-04-27T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:30,”fieldOfStudyId”:6700,”userId”:202816,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-04-25T09:49:34.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:6700,”name”:”Business Finance – Management”,”anchor”:”Management”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886227,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-management”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1081960,”path”:”/content/hello-need-business-stastistics-guru-please”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”},”rating”:{“id”:1078749,”grade”:100,”num”:2,”createdAt”:”2018-03-18T08:20:56.000Z”}},”9350877″:{“body”:”see all the attachements”,”id”:9350877,”title”:”Econn-08/Discussion”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2016-04-27T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:20,”fieldOfStudyId”:2300,”userId”:43091,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-04-25T11:15:04.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:2300,”name”:”Business Finance – Economics”,”anchor”:”Economics”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886187,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-economics”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1082058,”path”:”/content/econn-08discussion”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”9352609″:{“body”:”see the attchements note and slides”,”id”:9352609,”title”:”ENV-14″,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2016-04-27T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:20,”fieldOfStudyId”:2900,”userId”:43091,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-04-25T12:58:44.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:2900,”name”:”Environmental science”,”anchor”:”Environmental science”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886199,”path”:”/fields/environmental-science”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1082190,”path”:”/content/env-14″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”9353107″:{“body”:”The Discussion Board (DB) is part of the core of online learning. Classroom discussion in an online environment requires the active participation of students and the instructor to create robust …”,”id”:9353107,”title”:”Dis1″,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:true,”due”:”2016-04-26T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:10,”fieldOfStudyId”:200,”userId”:543831,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-04-25T13:37:26.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:200,”name”:”English”,”anchor”:”English”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886117,”path”:”/fields/english”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1082228,”path”:”/content/dis1-1″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”9353689″:{“body”:”You will be required to select a popular management book and will be responsible for writing a paper reviewing the material in the book. The paper should contain the following:(1) A brief statement …”,”id”:9353689,”title”:”Management Paper”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2016-04-25T22:05:00.000Z”,”budget”:20,”fieldOfStudyId”:6700,”userId”:600723,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-04-25T14:11:19.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:6700,”name”:”Business Finance – Management”,”anchor”:”Management”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886227,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-management”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1082288,”path”:”/content/management-paper-9353689-2″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”9353925″:{“body”:”Compare an anxiety disorder with an adjustment disorder (similarities and differences).Explain factors that complicate a diagnosis of anxiety versus an adjustment disorder.Using the case you …”,”id”:9353925,”title”:”Abnormal Behavior, 2 PAGES MINIMUM, apa format, references needed”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:true,”due”:”2016-04-26T07:27:00.000Z”,”budget”:12,”fieldOfStudyId”:1000,”userId”:524067,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-04-25T14:28:50.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:1000,”name”:”Psychology”,”anchor”:”Psychology”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886165,”path”:”/fields/psychology”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1082306,”path”:”/content/abnormal-behavior-2-pages-minimum-apa-format-references-needed”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”9354655″:{“body”:” CASE ANALYSIS:UNITED STATES V. MORRISON 529 U.S. 598 (2000) …24/12/201740businessfinance

Market research part 2

The only question that needs to be answered is…..Examine promotional methods that could be used to market your lemonade globally. see below for details and the attachment!Scenario:Using the same organization and the lemonade drink from the Week 4 Learning Team assignment, develop an analysis for the bank. The bank will be using this information to make their final decision on how, and if, to fund your company’s new and unique lemonade.Through your research, you have found that the bank you will be presenting to is favorable of socially-conscience companies that support local charitable endeavors.Developa minimum 350- to 525-word analysis that include the following: Select four of the following methods and explain how they should be used by your company to align best with your target segment and product definition: Advertising Public relations Traditional Digital marketing New Digital marketing techniques (describe) Direct marketing Event marketing Outdoor Advertising Select two of the following forms of sales promotion to promote your product and explain the reasoning for each of your choices: Coupons Deals Premiums Contests Sweepstakes Contests Samples Loyalty Programs Point-of-purchase displays Rebates Discuss ways you can demonstrate to the bank that this company is a socially-conscience organization and will be involved with local social endeavors. Discuss how your company could expand into the global market. Examine promotional methods that could be used to market your lemonade globally. Examine any ethical or moral issues you may encounter while developing and utilizing the various forms of sales promotion.Clickthe Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.MKT421_week4_marketing_lemonade1.docxPosted: 8 months agoDue: 23/03/2019Budget: $15Answers 1Zeek the Geek4.8 (127)4.7 (3k )Chat8 months agoPurchase the answer to view itMarketinglemonade530.docxBuy answer $15Bids 59ceterisGradesMaestroHilary MantelRanju LewisMichelle MalkProf. Eliud PetersonMath GuruuAmanda SmithGreat-WritersResearchProElprofessoriChrisProfsuraya_PhDGemSTARProCastrol01Dr.Qura-tul-ainCatherine Owensbonieta123FavouritewriterProf Allanprof avrilDr shamille ClaraZeek the GeekEllen ForbesMichelle Lewis PhdPROF. ANNAgher EditorperfectoAngelina MayDrNicNgaowriter respect Jenny BoomNo_Plagiarism_Quality_WorkDr_Aabirah_786brilliant answersWendy Lewiskite_solDr. Claver-NNRESPECT WRITERnyamaimuleProf.MacQueenCharandryAll Works solverimhmd.fphyllis youngDr. GRAHAM BELLUltimate GEEKMiss Professorwork solutionsEssay-tutorDr R Judy MarkPh.D A GradeDr Stuart SolsComputer_Science_ExpertPROFJUMAAADexterMastersfastestwriter1doctor alidansarapaul2013Other questions 10Prohibited Use3 to 5 pages: business editorial that presents your position on a timely business issueMarketing Hi there, I need help with COMMUNICATIONS THEORY homeworkDefine threat, vulnerability, safeguard and target. Support you answer with examples.B375 wk3 discussion2 Short Essays (Logistics)2 page pager on activist stock screening, 5 criteria for activisit stock screening, and stock screening procedureMAT201 doe Prof DBL RCIS 175 Discussions & Responses for Week 1-11Not ratedMarketing Group worksheet I need questions 5 and 6 filled out on the attached worksheet!Blog ArchiveCopyright © 2019 HomeworkMarket.com Read MoreApplied SciencesArchitecture and DesignBiologyBusiness & FinanceChemistryComputer ScienceGeographyGeologyEducationEngineeringEnglishEnvironmental scienceSpanishGovernmentHistoryHuman Resource ManagementInformation SystemsLawLiteratureMathematicsNursingPhysicsPolitical SciencePsychologyReadingScienceSocial Science window.__REDUX__STATE__ = ‘{“appMeta”:{“serverRendered”:true},”apiRequests”:{“pendingRequestCount”:0,”succeededRequestCount”:4,”failedRequestCount”:0,”requestCounters”:{“GET_FIELDS_PENDING”:0,”GET_ENTITY_PENDING”:0,”GET_FIELDS_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_ENTITY_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_SIMILAR_QUESTIONS_PENDING”:0,”GET_OTHER_QUESTIONS_PENDING”:0,”GET_SIMILAR_QUESTIONS_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_OTHER_QUESTIONS_SUCCESS”:1}},”currentUserMeta”:{“id”:0,”isGuest”:true,”isReceivingEmails”:null,”authMethod”:null,”approvalTicket”:null,”fees”:null,”disputesAmount”:null,”earningsStats”:{“questions”:{“totalPurchases”:0,”totalIncome”:0},”tutorials”:{“totalPurchases”:0,”totalIncome”:0}}},”modal”:{},”joyride”:{“steps”:[]},”users”:{“guest-0”:{“role”:”student”,”isGuest”:true}},”usersStatuses”:{},”usersThreads”:{},”usersReviews”:{},”usersQuestions”:{},”reviewsPage”:{“results”:[]},”reviews”:{},”answersReviews”:{},”threads”:{},”questions”:{“17789995”:{“body”:”Week 1 :[Question]:\”Topologies\”Please respond to the following:▪Per the text, network topologies are defined both …”,”id”:17789995,”title”:”CIS 175 Discussions & Responses for Week 1-11″,”isTutorial”:true,”isEssay”:false,”budget”:29.99,”fieldOfStudyId”:1700,”userId”:533817,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-07-22T08:41:55.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:1700,”name”:”Computer Science”,”anchor”:”Computer Science”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886179,”path”:”/fields/computer-science”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1646666,”path”:”/content/cis-175-discussions-responses-week-1-11-0″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”17792103″:{“body”:””,”id”:17792103,”title”:”MAT201 doe Prof DBL R”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2017-07-23T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:50,”fieldOfStudyId”:100,”userId”:772279,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-07-22T12:00:15.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:100,”name”:”Mathematics”,”anchor”:”Mathematics”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886107,”path”:”/fields/mathematics”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1646792,”path”:”/content/mat201-doe-prof-dbl-r”,”sitemap”:false,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”17795789″:{“body”:”Read Section 3.5 on Stock Screening. At the end of Chapter 3, complete the activity Apply Your Knowledge: Stock Screening. In a two-page paper (not including the title and reference pages) you …”,”id”:17795789,”title”:”2 page pager on activist stock screening, 5 criteria for activisit stock screening, and stock screening procedure”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:true,”budget”:15,”fieldOfStudyId”:6700,”userId”:773441,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-07-22T17:19:53.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:6700,”name”:”Business Finance – Management”,”anchor”:”Management”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886227,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-management”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1647000,”path”:”/content/2-page-pager-activist-stock-screening-5-criteria-activisit-stock-screening-and-stock-screeni”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”17796291″:{“body”:””,”id”:17796291,”title”:”2 Short Essays (Logistics)”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:true,”due”:”2017-07-26T17:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:45,”fieldOfStudyId”:4400,”userId”:746577,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-07-22T18:18:23.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:4400,”name”:”Business Finance – Operations Management”,”anchor”:”Operations Management”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886211,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-operations-management”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1647032,”path”:”/content/2-short-essays-logistics”,”sitemap”:false,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”},”rating”:{“id”:1175515,”grade”:100,”num”:1,”createdAt”:”2018-03-18T08:20:56.000Z”}},”17797371″:{“body”:”Last week, you were given the mantles of a project (Construction of a modern community library). You have properly defined your project. Now, it is time to estimate your budget.Describe …”,”id”:17797371,”title”:”B375 wk3 discussion”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2017-07-23T17:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:5,”fieldOfStudyId”:6700,”userId”:513147,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-07-22T21:00:08.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:6700,”name”:”Business Finance – Management”,”anchor”:”Management”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886227,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-management”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1647114,”path”:”/content/b375-wk3-discussion”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”},”rating”:{“id”:1175537,”grade”:100,”num”:2,”createdAt”:”2018-03-18T08:20:56.000Z”}},”17797415″:{“body”:”Response should be 200 words in length APA format”,”id”:17797415,”title”:”Define threat, vulnerability, safeguard and target. Support you answer with examples.”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2017-07-27T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:3,”fieldOfStudyId”:2000,”userId”:748223,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-07-22T21:01:37.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:2000,”name”:”Information Systems”,”anchor”:”Information Systems”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886185,”path”:”/fields/information-systems”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1647116,”path”:”/content/define-threat-vulnerability-safeguard-and-target-support-you-answer-examples”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”17798165″:{“body”:”Hi there, I need help with COMMUNICATIONS THEORY homework”,”id”:17798165,”title”:”Hi there, I need help with COMMUNICATIONS THEORY homework”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”budget”:999999.99,”fieldOfStudyId”:4700,”userId”:777155,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-07-22T22:05:55.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:4700,”name”:”Engineering – Electrical Engineering”,”anchor”:”Electrical Engineering”,”fieldOfStudyId”:4702,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886213,”path”:”/fields/engineering-electrical-engineering”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1647168,”path”:”/content/hi-there-i-need-help-communications-theory-homework”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”17800317″:{“body”:”Answer the essay question and make sure for the grammarbecausemy teacher focuson grammar”,”id”:17800317,”title”:”Marketing “,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:true,”due”:”2017-07-22T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:8,”fieldOfStudyId”:2400,”userId”:727533,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-07-23T02:05:37.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:2400,”name”:”Business & Finance – Marketing”,”anchor”:”Marketing”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886189,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-marketing”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1647310,”path”:”/content/marketing-17800317-2″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”17800391″:{“body”:”A clear statement of the issueA thorough discussion of each of the premisesCredible, supporting evidence for each of the premisesResponse to each of the counterarguments, including evidenceA …”,”id”:17800391,”title”:”3 to 5 pages: business editorial that presents your position on a timely business issue”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2017-07-23T15:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:20,”fieldOfStudyId”:6700,”userId”:716143,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-07-23T02:42:25.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:6700,”name”:”Business Finance – Management”,”anchor”:”Management”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886227,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-management”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1647314,”path”:”/content/3-5-pages-business-editorial-presents-your-position-timely-business-issue”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”},”rating”:{“id”:1175575,”grade”:100,”num”:2,”createdAt”:”2018-03-18T08:20:56.000Z”}},”17800889″:{“body”:”Security OperationsW3Lab:\”Prohibited Use\”Overview:
You are the Information Security Officer of Mahtmarg Manufacturing a small manufacturing company worth approximately $5 Million who …23/03/201915businessfinance


the HW questions are attached in 2 pictures ( 5 ) questionsEx 7.1Ex 7.2Ex. 7.10Ex 7.12Ex 7.15IFT102lab4.docxHW4.JPGHW42.JPG7.15.jpgPosted: 2 years agoDue: 02/03/2018Budget: $25Answers 1Computer_Science_Expert4.4 (258)4.3 (441)Chat2 years agoPurchase the answer to view itlab.zipexercises.zipBuy answer $25Bids 14Computer_Science_ExpertDr shamille ClaraSteve JobsDr.NickavitaBusiness_ExpertAzmin EdwardsAsma RahimMiss ProfessorSaba AbdullahTutorJuddy-PHDNdiithisrijithpauldukzSmartGeeky KarisOther questions 10Assignment 4: Mobile Devices and Self-Service e-CommerceAssignmentHow did American Foreign policy shift to a more assertive position in the late 1810s to 1820sHLT-302 Topic 3 DQ 2HCM 4007 W5-A2On what documents would these costs be recorded?civil engineering transportation projectfinance assignmentSmart LatfanSolitaire Machinery is a Swiss multinational Blog ArchiveCopyright © 2019 HomeworkMarket.com Read MoreApplied SciencesArchitecture and DesignBiologyBusiness & FinanceChemistryComputer ScienceGeographyGeologyEducationEngineeringEnglishEnvironmental scienceSpanishGovernmentHistoryHuman Resource ManagementInformation SystemsLawLiteratureMathematicsNursingPhysicsPolitical SciencePsychologyReadingScienceSocial Science window.__REDUX__STATE__ = ‘{“appMeta”:{“serverRendered”:true},”apiRequests”:{“pendingRequestCount”:0,”succeededRequestCount”:4,”failedRequestCount”:0,”requestCounters”:{“GET_FIELDS_PENDING”:0,”GET_ENTITY_PENDING”:0,”GET_FIELDS_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_ENTITY_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_SIMILAR_QUESTIONS_PENDING”:0,”GET_OTHER_QUESTIONS_PENDING”:0,”GET_OTHER_QUESTIONS_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_SIMILAR_QUESTIONS_SUCCESS”:1}},”currentUserMeta”:{“id”:0,”isGuest”:true,”isReceivingEmails”:null,”authMethod”:null,”approvalTicket”:null,”fees”:null,”disputesAmount”:null,”earningsStats”:{“questions”:{“totalPurchases”:0,”totalIncome”:0},”tutorials”:{“totalPurchases”:0,”totalIncome”:0}}},”modal”:{},”joyride”:{“steps”:[]},”users”:{“guest-0”:{“role”:”student”,”isGuest”:true}},”usersStatuses”:{},”usersThreads”:{},”usersReviews”:{},”usersQuestions”:{},”reviewsPage”:{“results”:[]},”reviews”:{},”answersReviews”:{},”threads”:{},”questions”:{“10055157”:{“body”:”19-17 Foreign Capital BudgetingSolitaire Machinery is a Swiss multinational manufacturing company. Currently, Solitaire’s financial planners are considering whether to undertake a 1-year …”,”id”:10055157,”title”:”Solitaire Machinery is a Swiss multinational “,”isTutorial”:true,”isEssay”:false,”budget”:18,”fieldOfStudyId”:6700,”userId”:456417,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-06-07T16:54:18.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:6700,”name”:”Business Finance – Management”,”anchor”:”Management”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886227,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-management”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1139130,”path”:”/content/solitaire-machinery-swiss-multinational”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”10055287″:{“body”:”Requirements: Explain the advantages and disadvantages of setting up a new business as Sole Proprietorship, a Partnership or a Corporation. Instructions:Your initial response should …02/03/201825computerscience

Social Psychology Final Exam A12

Assignment 12Begin Final Exam The final exam is an Essay Exam that covers chapters 11 through 14 in the course text. All assignments MUST be typed, double-spaced, in APA style, and written at graduate level English. Be sure use the course text to support your responses, citing in APA format.Your response to each question should be approx. ½ pageper questionYour responses to the entire exam should be 5-7 pages totalplus a title and reference page Petra finds out that her classmate, Julie, thinks that she is really cool. This makes Petra like Julie more than she did before. What does research suggest about this kind of “reciprocity of liking?” Tom’s new girlfriend, Elise, has a habit of biting her nails. This did not bother Tom when he first met her, but it is beginning to annoy him more and more with each passing day. Tom is starting to think that this is a sign that Elise might just not be the right person for him. What would a social psychologist say? Suppose that Anabelle and Roger are two lonely people. Anabelle seeks to stave off loneliness by forming “relationships” with her favorite celebrities (reading about their lives in Us magazine, watching updates about them on E! Entertainment, etc.), while Roger seeks to dissipate his loneliness by spending time with his dog Fluff (buying his dog presents, taking his dog for long walks, and talking to his dog each night about his day). What does research suggest about the effectiveness of these techniques? Moira and Abdul fell in “love at first sight” a few days ago. They think about each other constantly and the sexual tension between them runs high. Consequently, they spend most of their time having sex and little time talking. Discuss their intimacy level according to Sternberg’s theory? Andre really believes in himself and doesn’t suffer much in the way of social anxiety. Yet he has a hard time trusting his girlfriend (even though she has given him no reason for this). His girlfriend feels frustrated with the relationship, because Andre seems so aloof and far away. According to attachment theory, what style of attachment does Andre have? Suppose that Hillary has somewhat high self-esteem, while her sister Lola has somewhat low self-esteem. Meanwhile, their cousin Nancy has extraordinarily high self-esteem—to the point of being completely narcissistic. And another cousin of theirs, Hattie, has extraordinarily low self-esteem, such that she is brimming with self-criticism and self-hate. What does research suggest about the likelihood that Hillary, Lola, Nancy, and Hattie will have successful long-term relationships? Jennifer is a student at UCLA. When asked to describe the average UCLA student, she says it is almost impossible to do so because “there are so many different kinds of people at UCLA; the diversity is really amazing.” By contrast, when asked to describe the average USC student, Jennifer says: “That’s easy; they’re all almost exactly the same.” What would social psychologists say that Jennifer is displaying? Suppose that Madison has just begun dating Wayne. While at his house, she notices some family photos on the coffee table. She notices that—even though Wayne himself is not overweight—every other member of his family is clearly obese. Somehow, this makes Wayne seem less attractive to Madison. What does Madison’s attitude illustrate? Let’s assume that most high school students have “attitude” at one time or another. Mr. Schmidt, a high school athletic director, is a very prejudiced individual. He usually notices when the black students in school have “attitude” and rarely notices when the white students show “attitude.” Consequently, he continues to believe that black students are disrespectful to authority. How does Mr. Schmidt’s tendency to focus on social information in a biased way supporthis prejudiced belief? Jonah is really worried about playing the piano at his recital in front of his girlfriend, who has expressed a desire to be at the recital. Jonah keeps thinking about her instead of concentrating on playing his music. Which of the three processes that influences social facilitation does this scenario most emphasize?Assignment Outcomes Compare and contrast major theorists and the concepts of social perception and social cognitionFormulate the concepts of group function, social influence, interpersonal conflict, and pro-social behaviorDiscriminate and assess the determinants of aggressionIntegrate cultural, legal, and ethical issues of social psychologyAnalyze some of the major contemporary research trends in social psychologyPosted: 2 years agoDue: 16/05/2018Budget: $60Answers 1brilliant answers4.8 (793)4.7 (12k )Chat2 years agoPurchase the answer to view itsocialfinal.docxBuy answer $80Bids 35ivymakenabrilliant answersDr shamille ClaraDr. Claver-NNWendy LewisMichelle Lewis PhdGenuine GeniusDENNISWRIGHTTheKingWriterMiss Professorphyllis youngMiss MichellePROF. ANNmbithehGoodwritersmartwriterprofessor Harveyseniorwriternadia tutorGood studynjoshAlastairNayeli Jacksonkim woodsProf AllanTop Grade TutorperfectoMich MichieDR.WISSERBethuel BestR.FahadAmber TutorGREAT5CD92CjonaswanjalafarhatullahOther questions 10Electric power systems engineering Reportobject-oriented design forces with magnitudes of 2000 newtons and 900 newtons act on a machine part at angles of 30 and -45…FOR PROF TUTOR ONLY!!!! Do not message me if you are not him!!! IT Proj Managament QuestionA Solution 100% Correct Already GradedA Solution1. What should be done about entitlements? 2. Will the U.S. government have to address issues related to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid in order to address its budget deficit?SOC-220 Week 1 Pressing Social ProblemsProject Management Process – InitiationBlog ArchiveCopyright © 2019 HomeworkMarket.com Read MoreApplied SciencesArchitecture and DesignBiologyBusiness & FinanceChemistryComputer ScienceGeographyGeologyEducationEngineeringEnglishEnvironmental scienceSpanishGovernmentHistoryHuman Resource ManagementInformation SystemsLawLiteratureMathematicsNursingPhysicsPolitical SciencePsychologyReadingScienceSocial Science window.__REDUX__STATE__ = ‘{“appMeta”:{“serverRendered”:true},”apiRequests”:{“pendingRequestCount”:0,”succeededRequestCount”:4,”failedRequestCount”:0,”requestCounters”:{“GET_FIELDS_PENDING”:0,”GET_ENTITY_PENDING”:0,”GET_FIELDS_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_ENTITY_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_SIMILAR_QUESTIONS_PENDING”:0,”GET_OTHER_QUESTIONS_PENDING”:0,”GET_SIMILAR_QUESTIONS_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_OTHER_QUESTIONS_SUCCESS”:1}},”currentUserMeta”:{“id”:0,”isGuest”:true,”isReceivingEmails”:null,”authMethod”:null,”approvalTicket”:null,”fees”:null,”disputesAmount”:null,”earningsStats”:{“questions”:{“totalPurchases”:0,”totalIncome”:0},”tutorials”:{“totalPurchases”:0,”totalIncome”:0}}},”modal”:{},”joyride”:{“steps”:[]},”users”:{“guest-0”:{“role”:”student”,”isGuest”:true}},”usersStatuses”:{},”usersThreads”:{},”usersReviews”:{},”usersQuestions”:{},”reviewsPage”:{“results”:[]},”reviews”:{},”answersReviews”:{},”threads”:{},”questions”:{“15990469”:{“body”:”This assignment consists of two (2) sections:MS Project ExerciseA Project Management Process – Initiation PaperYou must submit both sections as separate files upon the completion of this assignment.…”,”id”:15990469,”title”:”Project Management Process – Initiation”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2017-06-13T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:3,”fieldOfStudyId”:6700,”userId”:396727,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-04-15T16:57:07.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:6700,”name”:”Business Finance – Management”,”anchor”:”Management”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886227,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-management”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1524912,”path”:”/content/project-management-process-initiation-0″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”15994243″:{“body”:”Write an essay (750-1,000 words) in which you define and describe what you think are the top three social problems in the United States at the present time. Explain why these issues are important. …”,”id”:15994243,”title”:”SOC-220 Week 1 Pressing Social Problems”,”isTutorial”:true,”isEssay”:true,”due”:”2017-04-15T17:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:12,”fieldOfStudyId”:6900,”userId”:119525,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-04-16T00:51:24.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:6900,”name”:”Nursing”,”anchor”:”Nursing”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886229,”path”:”/fields/nursing”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1525416,”path”:”/content/soc-220-week-1-pressing-social-problems-15994243-2″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”15998483″:{“body”:”1. What should be done about entitlements?2. Will the U.S. government have to address issues related to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid in order to address its budget deficit?”,”id”:15998483,”title”:”1. What should be done about entitlements? 2. Will the U.S. government have to address issues related to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid in order to address its budget deficit?”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2017-04-16T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:6,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”userId”:342683,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-04-16T11:38:42.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:900,”name”:”Business & Finance”,”anchor”:”Business & Finance”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886163,”path”:”/fields/business-finance”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1525802,”path”:”/content/1-what-should-be-done-about-entitlements-2-will-us-government-have-address-issues-related-so”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”15998773″:{“body”:”Multiple Choice Questions1. The objective of a firm’s management should be to only undertake the projects that ________ the market value of shareholders’ equity. a. decrease b. increase c. do …”,”id”:15998773,”title”:”A Solution”,”isTutorial”:true,”isEssay”:false,”budget”:20,”fieldOfStudyId”:6700,”userId”:612631,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-04-16T12:00:42.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:6700,”name”:”Business Finance – Management”,”anchor”:”Management”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886227,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-management”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1525848,”path”:”/content/solution-15998773-2″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”15999435″:{“body”:”1)Calculate the relevant cash flows (for each year)for the following capital budgeting proposal. Enter the total net cash flows for each year in the box below according to the provided format.…”,”id”:15999435,”title”:”A Solution 100% Correct Already Graded”,”isTutorial”:true,”isEssay”:false,”budget”:20,”fieldOfStudyId”:6700,”userId”:612631,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-04-16T12:36:50.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:6700,”name”:”Business Finance – Management”,”anchor”:”Management”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886227,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-management”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1525902,”path”:”/content/solution-100-correct-already-graded-15999435-2″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”16000821″:{“body”:”Write a small summary of research on the question below. It should be 165-200 words with APA reference.1. Understand quality concepts (IT Project Management) and how to manage them based …”,”id”:16000821,”title”:”IT Proj Managament Question”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2017-04-16T18:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:3,”fieldOfStudyId”:2000,”userId”:684013,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-04-16T14:48:22.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:2000,”name”:”Information Systems”,”anchor”:”Information Systems”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886185,”path”:”/fields/information-systems”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1526038,”path”:”/content/it-proj-managament-question”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”16000825″:{“body”:”FINAL PROJECTRead the parts of each section of this project carefully as you are being asked to answer questions assuming different roles.SECTION IIn the course of this …”,”id”:16000825,”title”:”FOR PROF TUTOR ONLY!!!! Do not message me if you are not him!!! “,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2017-04-28T17:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:35,”fieldOfStudyId”:1700,”userId”:228219,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-04-16T14:48:43.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:1700,”name”:”Computer Science”,”anchor”:”Computer Science”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886179,”path”:”/fields/computer-science”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1526042,”path”:”/content/prof-tutor-only-do-not-message-me-if-you-are-not-him-16000825-2″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”16005555″:{“body”:”forces with magnitudes of 2000 newtons and 900 newtons act on a machine part at angles of 30 and -45 degrees, respectively, with the x-axis (see figure). find the direction and magnitude of the …”,”id”:16005555,”title”:”forces with magnitudes of 2000 newtons and 900 newtons act on a machine part at angles of 30 and -45…”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”budget”:999999.99,”fieldOfStudyId”:1400,”userId”:748805,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-04-16T19:21:29.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:1400,”name”:”Mathematics – Precalculus”,”anchor”:”Precalculus”,”fieldOfStudyId”:100,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886173,”path”:”/fields/mathematics-precalculus”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1526424,”path”:”/content/forces-magnitudes-2000-newtons-and-900-newtons-act-machine-part-angles-30-and-45″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”16007293″:{“body”:”Deliverable Length3–4 pagesIn the previous weeks, you were asked to create the use case model, class diagrams, sequence and collaboration diagrams, and activity and state diagrams for an ordering …”,”id”:16007293,”title”:”object-oriented design “,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2017-04-21T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:20,”fieldOfStudyId”:1700,”userId”:624763,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2017-04-16T21:08:21.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:1700,”name”:”Computer Science”,”anchor”:”Computer Science”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886179,”path”:”/fields/computer-science”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1526642,”path”:”/content/object-oriented-design-16007293-2″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”16008581″:{“body”:”Q#1. Prepare a report (maximum of three pages) on the history, status, causes, and the extent of shortage of power systems engineers and other related personnel. In your report, address some …16/05/201860psychology

Wgu c489 task 2

Anyone done this one before?instructions.pdfFMEATable.docxQIToolkit_FailureModesandEffectsAnalysis.pdfPosted: 4 months agoDue: 03/07/2019Budget: $50Answers 1Ranchoddas Chanchad PhD4.8 (153)4.8 (988)Chat4 months agoPurchase the answer to view itRCA.docxFm.docxBuy answer $50Bids 80ESSAYS EXPERT PROFESSORGrace GradesMichelle MalkGradesMaestroTutor FaithAllRoundBest TutorElvis the writerAmanda SmithBusiness WriterSynco_SolutionsProf James KelvinJane the tutorDoctor OkumuRanchoddas Chanchad PhDBrainy BrianElprofessoriBESTCONSULTANTKATHERINE BECKSDiscount Assignkite_solProf. NicholasUrgent TutorWIZARD_KIMDr. Ameerahbrilliant answersWendy LewisDr.Qura-tul-ainBill_WilliamsAll Works solverkim woodsCatherine OwensAngelina MayJessica Luiswangang_aRESPECT WRITERwizard kimColossal GeniusTerry RobertsLizluvwriterprof avrilFavouritewriterwriter respect madam-professorperfectoSasha SpencerReem HasancomputerscienceDr_Aabirah_786katetutorDr shamille ClarambithehBRENDAH LEEJenny BoomGoodwritertutorthammyMiss ProfessorRey writerDr Candice_2547Adrian Monroenadia tutorProf.MacQueenAsad Ullahphyllis youngChrisProfRasWriterwork solutionsSara WaynesansRohanDrNicNgaoClytemnestraTiny ChrisSophia MilesGradeSaverimtrqhasibKIBBZMORIAProff work phd DR LOYDGOwizardmadEmily MichaelProJohnny1Other questions 10PROVIDE SOLUTION AND I WILL BUY if you can solve this, please do so. I will buy the answerCurrent event on Organizational BehaviorAnnotated Bibliography and Outline for Accounting Standard Information Papernurs 6512 Health assessment discussion wk 112-page paper (about 300–500 words) that responds to the following questions:search paper check your understanding 4 Capacitors and Inductors and The Concept of Dualityac202AssignmentRated 1 timesNursing rca scenario Please read the rubric and instructionsNot ratedWgu RCA TaskNeed done by the rubric and instructionsBlog ArchiveCopyright © 2019 HomeworkMarket.com Read MoreApplied SciencesArchitecture and DesignBiologyBusiness & FinanceChemistryComputer ScienceGeographyGeologyEducationEngineeringEnglishEnvironmental scienceSpanishGovernmentHistoryHuman Resource ManagementInformation SystemsLawLiteratureMathematicsNursingPhysicsPolitical SciencePsychologyReadingScienceSocial Science window.__REDUX__STATE__ = ‘{“appMeta”:{“serverRendered”:true},”apiRequests”:{“pendingRequestCount”:0,”succeededRequestCount”:4,”failedRequestCount”:0,”requestCounters”:{“GET_FIELDS_PENDING”:0,”GET_ENTITY_PENDING”:0,”GET_FIELDS_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_ENTITY_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_SIMILAR_QUESTIONS_PENDING”:0,”GET_OTHER_QUESTIONS_PENDING”:0,”GET_SIMILAR_QUESTIONS_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_OTHER_QUESTIONS_SUCCESS”:1}},”currentUserMeta”:{“id”:0,”isGuest”:true,”isReceivingEmails”:null,”authMethod”:null,”approvalTicket”:null,”fees”:null,”disputesAmount”:null,”earningsStats”:{“questions”:{“totalPurchases”:0,”totalIncome”:0},”tutorials”:{“totalPurchases”:0,”totalIncome”:0}}},”modal”:{},”joyride”:{“steps”:[]},”users”:{“guest-0”:{“role”:”student”,”isGuest”:true}},”usersStatuses”:{},”usersThreads”:{},”usersReviews”:{},”usersQuestions”:{},”reviewsPage”:{“results”:[]},”reviews”:{},”answersReviews”:{},”threads”:{},”questions”:{“10814671”:{“body”:””,”id”:10814671,”title”:”Assignment”,”isTutorial”:true,”isEssay”:false,”budget”:3,”fieldOfStudyId”:2300,”userId”:245891,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-07-25T16:29:22.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:2300,”name”:”Business Finance – Economics”,”anchor”:”Economics”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886187,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-economics”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1192586,”path”:”/content/assignment-10814671-2″,”sitemap”:false,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”10817191″:{“body”:”finail exam.”,”id”:10817191,”title”:”ac202″,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2016-07-26T01:33:00.000Z”,”budget”:20,”fieldOfStudyId”:1900,”userId”:245934,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-07-25T18:34:32.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:1900,”name”:”Business Finance – Accounting”,”anchor”:”Accounting”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886183,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-accounting”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1192742,”path”:”/content/ac202″,”sitemap”:false,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”10819179″:{“body”:”Discuss how energy is stored in capacitors and inductors. Are the equations linear or non-linear? How do you know?Discuss the concept of duality and why it applies to many fundament engineering …”,”id”:10819179,”title”:”Capacitors and Inductors and The Concept of Duality”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2016-07-25T22:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:3,”fieldOfStudyId”:5200,”userId”:471929,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-07-25T20:45:26.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:5200,”name”:”Engineering – Electronic Engineering”,”anchor”:”Electronic Engineering”,”fieldOfStudyId”:4702,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886219,”path”:”/fields/engineering-electronic-engineering”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1192868,”path”:”/content/capacitors-and-inductors-and-concept-duality”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”10826451″:{“body”:”APA Style”,”id”:10826451,”title”:”check your understanding 4 “,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2016-07-29T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:10,”fieldOfStudyId”:6700,”userId”:625083,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-07-26T04:37:50.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:6700,”name”:”Business Finance – Management”,”anchor”:”Management”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886227,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-management”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1193246,”path”:”/content/check-your-understanding-4″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”10830453″:{“body”:”i need search paper for Home Health Nurses3-5 pages and 3 source”,”id”:10830453,”title”:”search paper “,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:true,”due”:”2016-07-26T11:25:00.000Z”,”budget”:15,”fieldOfStudyId”:200,”userId”:647575,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-07-26T11:36:33.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:200,”name”:”English”,”anchor”:”English”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886117,”path”:”/fields/english”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1193524,”path”:”/content/search-paper-1″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”},”rating”:{“id”:1097163,”grade”:100,”num”:2,”createdAt”:”2018-03-18T08:20:56.000Z”}},”10836897″:{“body”:”What the artifact you selected says about you. Did you share a video of the music or the lyrics? Did you show a photograph or a painting?If online environments bring in many different…”,”id”:10836897,”title”:”2-page paper (about 300–500 words) that responds to the following questions:”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2016-07-27T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:10,”fieldOfStudyId”:300,”userId”:554871,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-07-26T17:51:07.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:300,”name”:”Literature”,”anchor”:”Literature”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886121,”path”:”/fields/literature”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1193908,”path”:”/content/2-page-paper-about-300–500-words-responds-following-questions”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”10837049″:{“body”:”Ethical ConcernsAs an advanced practice nurse, you will run into situations where a patient’s wishes about his or her health conflict with evidence, your own experience, or a family’s wishes. This …”,”id”:10837049,”title”:”nurs 6512 Health assessment discussion wk 11″,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2016-08-05T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:10,”fieldOfStudyId”:1800,”userId”:581407,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-07-26T17:58:47.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:1800,”name”:”Science”,”anchor”:”Science”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886181,”path”:”/fields/science”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1193920,”path”:”/content/nurs-6512-health-assessment-discussion-wk-11″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”10839947″:{“body”:”Week 04 Course Project – Annotated Bibliography and Outline for Accounting Standard Information PaperFor this week’s assignment, you will need to complete an APA formatted annotated …”,”id”:10839947,”title”:”Annotated Bibliography and Outline for Accounting Standard Information Paper”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2016-07-28T22:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:15,”fieldOfStudyId”:1900,”userId”:574177,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-07-26T20:58:19.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:1900,”name”:”Business Finance – Accounting”,”anchor”:”Accounting”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886183,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-accounting”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1194122,”path”:”/content/annotated-bibliography-and-outline-accounting-standard-information-paper”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”10842701″:{“body”:”Hello ,Please double-space your event. one page about current event relevent toOrganizational BehaviororManaging DiversityorKey Individual Differences and the Road to SuccessYou may find …”,”id”:10842701,”title”:”Current event on Organizational Behavior”,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2016-07-26T23:25:00.000Z”,”budget”:10,”fieldOfStudyId”:6700,”userId”:653615,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2016-07-26T23:12:12.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:6700,”name”:”Business Finance – Management”,”anchor”:”Management”,”fieldOfStudyId”:900,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886227,”path”:”/fields/business-finance-management”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:1194302,”path”:”/content/current-event-organizational-behavior”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”}},”10846247″:{“body”:”PROVIDE SOLUTION AND I WILL BUYIf you can solve this, please do so. 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IKEA Case Study

The attached file is the case study for the assignment.Case Study #6—IKEARead the IKEA case study located in the section titled Case Studies in your textbook concerning the following situation:The IKEA case provides an excellent opportunity to apply strategic management concepts to a large privately-held company that is expanding into India. IKEA is a Netherlands-based Swedish company with a presence in 44 countries around the world, including the US, the UK, Russia, the EU region, Japan, China, and Australia. It is the largest furniture retailer in the world but did not enter India until 2013, despite the fact that it has been sourcing from India since the 1980s.The purpose of this case study is to examine the factors that are crucial to IKEA’s continued success and to propose strategic actions to sustain its competitive advantage. The case opens with a review of the company’s humble beginning. IKEA was founded by 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad in Sweden in 1943. By the 2000s, IKEA has become the world’s largest furniture retailer. The corporate structure was constructed to prevent any takeover and to protect the family from taxes. Thus, the structure is a complicated arrangement of not-for-profit and for-profit organizations. The IKEA stores provide customers with a unique shopping experience with low prices, solid quality, modern designs, and most importantly, the concept of do-it-yourself (DIY) products.The extensive discussion is followed by a description of the furniture industry in India and what IKEA had to overcome in order to enter the Indian market. IKEA first met with regulatory and political roadblocks, and then had to work with suppliers in order to meet the Indian government’s requirement for sourcing. Finally, there are several challenges that IKEA faces.This case is ideal for demonstrating the importance of the general environment, international corporate-level strategy, and type of entry. The following points are to guide a review and discussion of these important concepts. Review IKEA’s general environment segments and elements in India and describe in detail all the elements associated with this segment. Include three to four perspectives of the general environment. What are the segments in the general environment that relate to IKEA’s situation? Be specific? Provide examples and details. Analyze IKEA’s intended international corporate-level strategy in India. How was it strategized and what led to this country of interest? Describe how, if in any way, India is different from other countries? In your opinion, what would be a close second country? What is IKEA’s choice of international entry mode? Provide research and examples. What are the advantages and disadvantages compared to other international entry modes? Identify IKEA’s current challenges in India. Based on your analysis, what additional recommendations would you make to help IKEA achieve its goals? Discuss the uncertainties and risks of doing business in different regions throughout the world. Discuss whether IKEA would be wise to pursue a cooperative strategy. Also, identify the type of cooperative strategy that would be best, explained why would it be best, and suggested with whom IKEA should pursue this strategy? If a cooperative strategy was not a good idea for IKEA, explained why not. IKEA’s product demand is difficult to manage. Recently overseas competition has refocused their product lines from the low end of the market to the more median price range. As they did this, they also broadened their product lines. How should IKEA manage their products? Should IKEA have a product line to meet the needs of the entire market or should they focus on one area of the market? If they follow a market focus strategy, what should their new target market be?Submission Details: Present your analysis as a 4–5-page report in a Microsoft Word document formatted in APA style. Support your responses with examples. Cite any sources in APA format.IKEA_CASE_STUDY.docxPosted: 2 years agoDue: 13/02/2018Budget: $40Answers 1PROF washington watson4.4 (52)4.8 (873)Chat2 years agoPurchase the answer to view itIKEACaseStudy.docxBuy answer $40Bids 51Catherine OwensDr Joseph ColnessDr. RocalTop-Performerphyllis youngbrilliant answersEpic Writer PhdMadam JosephineTutorJuddy-PHDBrilliantJobsA farhatullahwriterlexkim woodsmichael smithDr. Claver-NNRey writerFrederick JohnstoneZeek the GeekAll Works solverGabriella Owensseth PhDnicohwilliamPhd isaac newtonWendy Lewiskristine tutorCallie ThorneMath Guruukatetutorcoco_soboEliteExpertsMichelle KDemasterMary Warnock PhDPhD Prof AliciaCharandrybusiness expertwriterTalented WriterAllRoundBest TutorEshal_LaibaOnTimeProf_DismuzAlphonsusBeaverlymadam-professorMarissa jonesHonest Business WriterPHD Finance and AccountingProf Double RPROF washington watsonBRENDAH LEEHaroonOther questions 10Assignment 2(Law enforcement)OSHA standards 9. Applications Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Cement-based Materials 10. Applications of Organoclay Nanocomposites in Civil Engineering 11. Applications of Nanotechnology in Road Pavement…discussionNeed A work with low turnitin score-essayHIM 210 PROJECTannual reportIdentfication EssayRated 2 timesCase Study #6—IKEARead the case study located in the section titled Case Studies in your textbook and prepare a 7- to 10-page report in a Microsoft Word document concerning the following situation:The IKEA case …13/02/201840businessfinance

Financial Service Security Engagement Analysis

Your Learning Team is a cybersecurity engineering team for a financial services company that sells investments to, and manages investment portfolios for, high net-worth individuals.Your organization just completed the migration of the account managers to a cloud-based, customer relationship management (CRM) software application. Your organization has integrated the cloud-based CRM with on-site investing and account management systems to improve the sales of investment products to customers and potential customers and for managing customer accounts and investment portfolios. Account managers are excited to use the new system, especially since it supports mobile device access.Management hopes the new cloud-based CRM, integrated with the on-site software applications that manage customer accounts and investment portfolios, will help the organization to generate more leads, increase sales, improve customer service, reduce the cost of sales for the organization, and increase revenue.The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of your organization is concerned about the security of this new system and its integration to existing systems, and has requested that your teamcompletethe following 6- to 8-page security analysis: Create a plan that addresses the secure use of mobile devices by internal employees and external employees as they use mobile devices to access these applications. Recommend physical security and environmental controls to protect the data center that runs the on-site applications. Propose an audit assessment and processes that will be used to ensure the cloud-based CRM software provider uses appropriate physical security and environmental controls to protect their data centers that run your cloud-based CRM software. Develop identity and access management policies for both the on-site systems and the cloud-based CRM. Recommend cryptography and public key infrastructure (PKI) uses which could be used to increase security for these systems.11/05/202015computerscience

Cyber Crime Theories

Write a 3–4 page paper in which you: Explain the various forms of social engineering tactics that hackers employ and provide an example of each. Describe the five social norms of hacker subculture and provide an example of each. Search Internet news sources and find a recent article on hacking. Describe the tone in regard to hacking and explain what the article conveys in regard to stigmas and labels surrounding the hacker. Use the Strayer Library to locate at least three quality references for this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as quality resources.15/05/202010informationsystems


Penetration Testing Plan TemplateInstructions: Replace the information in brackets [ ] with information relevant to your penetration testing project. Fill out each of the sections below with information relevant to your project.A Penetration Tester evaluates the security of an information infrastructure by intentionally, and safely, exploiting vulnerabilities. Take on the role of Penetration Tester for the approved organization you chose in Week 1. Research the following information about the organization you chose. Use this template to create a Penetration Testing Plan.[Organization Name] Criteria Response Project Title: [Response] Project Sponsor(s): [Response] Business Context for the Penetration Test: [Response] Project Scope Description: [Response] Date Prepared: [Response] Prepared By: [Response] Penetration Testing Scope StatementPenetration Test Pre-Planning Team Location(s) Organization Location(s) Client Personnel Aware of Testing Resources Provided to Pentest Team Pentest Technologies Used [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] High-Level Work Schedule: Project Scope Description of Work/Pentest Boundaries Assumptions and Constraints What is tested? Social engineering test boundaries? What is acceptable? What are the boundaries of physical security tests? What are the restriction on invasive pentest attacks? What type of corporate policy affect your test? [Response] [Response] Milestones Due Dates [Response] [Response] ID Activity Resource Labor Material Total Cost Hours Rate Total Units Cost Total Appropriate Authorization (Including Third-Party Authorization) Name Title/Organization Description of Authorization and Consent (Identify reference documents) [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] Reconnaissance Deliverable Name Reconnaissance Deliverable Description [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] Reconnaissance Pentest ActivitiesScanning Pentest Activities Scanning Test Deliverable Name Scanning Test Deliverable Description [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] Gaining Access Activities Gaining Access Activity Name Gaining Access Activity Description [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] Maintaining Access Activities Maintaining Access Activity Name Maintaining access Activity Description [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] Covering Tracks Activities Covering Tracks Activity Name Covering Tracks Activity Description [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] [Response] Pentest Analysis and Report Planning Describe plan for analyzing and reporting pentest results. [Response]


Ethics Case Study PaperEGR 104 Critical Inquiry in Engineering1. List the ethical issues you observed in Henry’s Daughters.• Bribing government officials.• Plagiarism (Copying an idea or concept being implemented by another group.)• Sexual Harassment/Inappropriate workplace interactions• Conflict of Interest• Sharing of Proprietary Information• Favoritism shone towards teams and family members.• Sexist Comments• Confidentiality Breaches• Inappropriate use of Intellectual Property• Dishonest Business Methods and Communication2. From your personal perspective, prioritize these ethical issues from most critical to least critical.1. Conflict of Interest2. Sexual Harassment/Inappropriate workplace interaction3. Bribery 4. Sharing of proprietary information 5. Plagiarism6. Inappropriate use of Intellectual Property7. Confidentiality breaches8. Favoritism shown toward teams and family members9. Dishonest business methods and communication10. Sexist comments3. Discuss the movie from these three other perspectives:a. Henry’s Perspective: Assume you are Henry.i. What specific ethical issues do you face?One ethical canon that Henry blatantly violated was that Engineers should avoid deceptive acts. From the very presentation he was buying off political and municipal leaders. Henry should have considered a legality test of his actions. As is true of most corrupt organizations the truth eventually came to light, and Henry had to face the consequences of his actions. It seemed that Henry was pretty deep in a rut when it came to his actions, and I’m not sure if there was anyone that could have helped him out of his problems. Maybe if he went on TV with Dr. Phil he could have confessed all his wrongdoings and turned his life around. Being motivated by money to perform corrupt behaviors such as using government funds to pose a fake competition that will lead to financial gain and bribing a government official for his cooperation.ii. Which of these specific ethical issues is the most important?Financial and legal consequences can result in the loss of assets, licenses, and even jail time. Also, they’re allowing a huge gap for making mistakes due to this dishonesty environment.iii. What are some things that you should consider?First thing could be coming forward and mentioning the involvement of his daughters in his business. Also the fact that an engineering license could be revoked due to these actions although Jail time could be faced as a consequence of these decisions. Also Consulting a lawyer for future business decisions to stay out of legal trouble is considerable.iv. From whom or where should you seek guidance?The NSPE code of Ethics.Close friends who do follow this code.Family members other than both daughters.b. Laura’s Perspective: Assume you are Laura.i. What specific ethical issues do you face?Living with a family member who is in competing business.Sharing proprietary information regarding the projects with family members who are key stakeholders involved with the project.Manipulation from father into sharing information about company decisions and team information.Deciding between right and wrong – side with father and politicians of a corrupt business, side with sister and leak confidential information, or do the right thing and stay out of all of it. Also, Laura had a very large conflict of interest with both design teams. She knew that her father was heavily supporting one team, and her sister was an active part of the other. She should have removed herself from the decision making position she was in and let an unbiased party handle the team selection process.ii. What decisions would you change if you were Laura?Would not have listened to father and shared information about the teamsNot sharing any information regarding the projects with family and not showing Julie software that the other group was developing.Would have been honest about the corruption seen in the businessiii. what decisions would you change if you were Laura?Not sharing any information regarding the projects with family and not showing Julie software that the other group was developing.iv. From whom or where could you seek guidance?The NSPE code of EthicsFellow co-workers who were not involved in the complex family dynamicsFamily who was not a part of the businessPossibly a lawyer if neededC. Julie’s Perspective: Assume you are Julie.i. What specific ethical issues do you face?The involvement of father in overall career.Treatment from fellow coworkers and boss.Stealing information and tactics from competing team.Using the other group’s idea for software as her own, even if she created her own version.Someone from within the company plagiarizing individual work with no credit given.ii. which of these specific ethical issues is the most important?Created entirely new software that performed a different function or used a different algorithm to create a similar product instead of just copying the existing software.iii. What decisions would you change if you were Julie?Would have stood up against unfair and inappropriate behavior of coworkers and boss.Would not have looked at the competing team’s proprietary information, even if a family member offered to share it.Consult an Intellectual Property lawyer or even fellow teammates to discuss a better way of approaching this problem.iv. From whom or where could you seek guidance?The NSPE code of EthicsFriends who are not involved in the team, family or company to eliminate biasd. Responsibility Perspective: If you were in charge and had the authority and the funding to make any changes you wanted to make in your organization policies:i. What specific steps would you take to improve the organization culture?Ensure there were no conflicts of interest, and if family members worked together, eliminate circumstances in which there may be unethical decisions may be madeEnforce a strict system to ensure there is no bribery or sharing of proprietary informationEnsure all conflicts of interest are explicitly expressedAvoid having family in competing positionsii. Who would you involve in this process?An outside, unbiased source that would be free from conflicts of interest, bribery and corruption


Case Study : Ocean Blue(This is a fictitious company)BackgroundOcean Blue having been developing an electric autonomous pure electric vehicle and entered into the market with high levels of success and interest, due to their reduced battery consumption and long times between charging. The company was a spin off from a Berlin University research project into zero emission vehicles operating within secure non-public facilities such as airports, ports and manufacturing locations. The company started in 2012, with private financial backing from three investors, who equally own 1/3 of the company.Currently their customers are based mainly in Germany and France, but there are interesting sales enquiries from other parts of the world including North America and China. The CEO needs to increase the business and enter into these markets, but faces major problems with the manufacturing and supply chain into the new markets.Ocean Blue’s core competence is engineering and technology, with a strong research and simulation team constantly improving the battery life and autonomous driving capabilities. As the company has evolved the manufacturing and supply chain have slowly built up, with parts being out-sourced to different companies and a mix of different components suppliers. Due to the restriction of finance, stock of high cost items such as batteries and chassis have been limited to weekly builds and several items for manufacturing have run out of parts causing a delay in delivery of the vehicle to the end customer. These delays are now affecting the image of the company and the CEO knows this is a major risk for the company moving forward with future orders and new customers.There are no preferred suppliers selected for manufacturing and often change every time a vehicle is built, with parts arriving at random times, wrong parts, sub-standard parts and constant changes of parts (e.g battery cells). One recent incident was that the side door collapsed due to poor quality components, which required the vehicle to be returned to the base for repair. This incident caused a lot of embarrassment to the company and financial loss, which the CEO would like to avoid in the future.As the company wants to expand it needs to raise financial backing and the feedback from suitable investors is the need to resolve and establish a supply chain with suppliers and current and future customer base.Current situationThe complete supply chain has just evolved from the early days of the beginning of the company with vehicles being built in the CEO’s garage. The team responsible for the supply chain are split between sales and engineering, both blame each other for problems and issues with the part ordering, lead times and delivery of the vehicles. The sales team have provided a vehicle forecast (see below), but this changes very quickly and is never stable enough to provide an accurate ordering system. Cash flow within the company is very stable and the CEO has agreed to provide $1M of company stock to secure any orders and maintain stock levels vs. order fluctuations. The supplier base is constantly changing and due to the short term vision of the company, Blue Ocean pays a high premium for accelerated delivery of parts which affects the overall company profit. Limited visibility of components and timing has been provided and normal process is to order the components when required rather than planning ahead.As the company wants to expand into these new markets, it needs to consider moving its manufacturing closer to the customer base or remain within his current manufacturing base in Germany. Additional complexity could come from a customer requiring different features on the vehicle and they need to know how this will affect the ordering, suppliers and supply chain. To meet global market demands, items such as the charging system need to meet the differing market specifications and requirements. The concern is as the company grows these country specific requirements are hard to meet and the CEO would like to understand if they could maybe fit these components in region via an out-source company. Month Volumes March 12 April 15 May 8 June 14 July 22 August 45 September 12 StudyThe CTO has hired WZW consultancy to analyse the complete supply chain for Ocean Blue and provide recommendations and a strong strategy how it should establish future suppliers and an supply chain for current and future global customers. The research should consider the following:1. What is the current Blue Ocean supply chain and how does it impact the company?2. Does the company operate a lean and agile supply chain, if not what needs to be implemented to improve this situation?  3. How can the company manage its current and future suppliers?4. What processes should be implemented to create a long-term strong supplier base i.e. supplier framework?5. Investigate the complexity of manufacturing vs customer demands – how could standardisation help here?6. How can the company implement a sales forecast system to ensure stock levels remain at the level to avoid last minute ordering and delays in vehicle builds?7. What, if any, is the impact to manufacturing by making the product local to the customer base or expanding the current manufacturing location in Germany?8. How can we establish a returns process to improve customer satisfaction?Your role is to produce a written report to help Ocean Blue answer these questions above.  It is expected to be supported by academic references throughout.


MARKETING MANAGEMENTSPRING 2018 – MID TERM EXAMInstructions:1. As a reply email list the answers 1-50 and your letter answers.2. Send the email with your answers before Sunday March 18th @ 11:59 pm eastern time.3. This is an open note, open book exam. You may not collaborate with anyone.1. If you ask the average person, “What is marketing?” you might hear something like, “Marketers make peoplebuy stuff they don’t need and can’t afford.”a. Trueb. False2. John just purchased a new Honda Civic from the local Honda dealership. Even though John was happy andHonda made a profit, this was not a symbiotic relationship.a. Trueb. False3. Marketers try to figure out what __________ want and then they try to figure out how to provide it and makemoney doing so.a. business ownersb. customersc. advertisersd. companies4. Marketers help/work with all of the following EXCEPT:a. athletesb. hotelsc. department storesd. pets5. Marketing is thought to be evidence of an evolved ____.a. societyb. businessc. customerd. market6. Advertising’s goal is to enhance _____.a. brand imageb. profitc. marketingd. purchases7. What is one of the largest factors stressing out marketers these days?a. the pressure increase stock priceb. the pressure to prove they are valuablec. the pressure to show resultsd. the pressure to produce more money than R&D8. A company’s marketing executives should assess the _____ in terms of a general analysis of a businessproblem or opportunity the company is facing.a. business situationb. 5Csc. STPd. ARA9. Fundamentally, the best marketers put themselves in the place of their _____.a. companyb. customersc. competitorsd. Friends10. The pre-purchase phase includes identifying the need or want, searching possible solutions, and building aconsideration set.a. Trueb. False11. During the ____ phase of the purchase process, the customer identifies that something is lacking.a. purchaseb. pre-purchasec. post purchased. preliminary12. During the purchase phase for a new computer, Larry creates a _____ that includes Apple’s Macbook Proand Microsoft’s Windows 7, but does not include Linux systems.a. mindsetb. purchase setc. consideration setd. list13. Which phase of the purchase process generates word of mouth?a. customer evaluationb. pre-purchasec. purchased. post-purchase14. Whether the buyer is a consumer or a business, the buying process is ____.a. consistentb. inconsistentc. exhaustingd. simple15. A ____ item is something that is purchased without much thought before the purchase.a. quickb. specialtyc. convenienced. shopping16. Company ABC is interested in better understanding how different groups of customers feel about itsproduct. In order to do this, Company ABC will need to _____.a. position its product in the marketb. segment the marketc. mass marketd. target market17. Considering a continuum from “mass marketing” to “one-to-one marketing,” market segmentation is________.a. very close to “mass marketing”b. very close to “one-to-one marketing”c. in the middled. on a different continuum18. As segments increase in size, it becomes _______ to satisfy them with the same19. _______ means that all customers are treated the same. This approach might sound attractive because itsimplifies the marketing task, but it is usually unrealistic because customers differ.a. One-to-one marketingb. Gender marketingc. Group marketingd. Mass marketing20. __________ means that each customer serves as his or her own segment. This approach sounds appealingfrom the customer point of view because the product would be tailored specially for each person’s idiosyncraticdesires.a. Geographic marketingb. One-to-one marketingc. Mass marketingd. Psychological marketing21. The contrast between mass marketing and one-to-one marketing illustrates that segments become more_______ as they increase in size.a. heterogeneousb. favorablec. homogeneousd. unfavorable22. There are two perspectives in assessing the attractiveness of each segment in terms of its potential for ourtargeting, and it is extremely important to consider only one of these.a. Trueb. False23. The idea of targeting is merely one of __________.a. surveyingb. assessingc. analysisd. selection24. Which of the following questions characterizes targeting?a. How can we identify segments?b. Why should we segment?c. Which segments do we want to be our customers?d. Which segment is the biggest?25. Company ABC operates a nail salon that specializes in artificial nails. It has two primary ______, womenwho get their nails done infrequently (i.e., once or twice per year), and women who continuously wear fakenails.a. segmentsb. positioningsc. levels of awarenessd. market sizes26. Marketers try to serve the segments whose needs match their _______, and in doing so hope to make veryhappy and loyal customers who will be very profitable.a. abilities to deliverb. opportunitiesc. financial resourcesd. targets27. Which of the following positioning combinations makes the most sense?a. low price, low quality, exclusive availability, heavy promotionsb. high price, low quality, exclusive availability, heavy promotionsc. low price, high quality, exclusive availability, light promotionsd. low price, low quality, widely available, heavy promotions28. Which of the following is NOT one of three basic corporate strategies for creating value and achievingmarket stature?a. operational excellenceb. product leadershipc. quality placementd. customer intimacy29. Operational excellence refers to companies that ________.a. are good at production, delivery, price, and convenienceb. pride themselves on quality and innovationc. are willing to tailor their products to particular customer needsd. are expensive but is expected to pay off in long-term loyalty and enhanced customer lifetime value30. Product leadership refers to companies that ______.a. are good at production and delivery, and price and convenienceb. are expensive but is expected to pay off in long-term loyalty and enhanced customer lifetime valuec. pride themselves on quality and innovationd. are willing to tailor their products to particular customer needs31. Customer intimacy refers to companies that ______.a. pride themselves on quality and innovationb. are willing to tailor their products to particular customer needsc. target and position themselves high in the marketd. are good at production and delivery, and price and convenience32. Marketer 1 is marketing soft pretzels. Marketer 2 is marketing for a local amusement park. Why might theirstrategies differ?a. They don’t, their strategies would be the same.b. Marketer 1 has a tangible product, white marketer 2 has an intangible product.c. Marketer 1 would focus more on price than marketer 2.d. Marketer 2 would focus more on promotion than marketer 1.33. An example of a tangible purchase is _______.a. consulting adviceb. the symphonyc. financial servicesd. clothing34. Which of the following is an example of “experience marketing”?a. Starbucksb. Cirque du Soleilc. financial servicesd. clothing35. Some brands are closely associated with colors.a. Trueb. False36. Which is not a quality associated with the brand name under the company’s control?a. product shapeb. customer feedbackc. packagingd. logo37. Companies build associations to their brands through _____.a. classical conditioningb. operant conditioningc. learningd. behavioral studies38. Which of the following brand names lacks an inherent meaning?a. Coca-Colab. Nikec. Trump Towersd. Geek Squad39. Which is not true about firms and brands named after the founder?a. They tend to have no inherent meaning.b. They show little creativity in marketing.c. Customers can easily identify the name and products.d. They serve primarily as an ego trip for the founders.40. ABC Company is entering a new international market and has decided to enter the market under a differentbrand name. The selected brand name should not ______.a. engage the customer verballyb. bring certain connotations to mindc. engage the customer sensuallyd. disregard cultural meanings41. Companies who survive for decades need to _____ their logos.a. colorizeb. keepc. adaptd. simplify42. Change is not fun.a. Trueb. False43. The process of developing new products depends first on a company’s __________.a. bottom lineb. sizec. locationd. culture44. A _________ approach is found frequently among companies with strong engineering orientations,pharmaceutical and biomedical firms, financial services, and many high-technology companies.a. bottom-upb. top-downc. upwardd. downward45. Top down is also called ________ because the idea comes from within the company, and then feedbackfrom the outside is sought later in the process.a. inside outb. outside inc. long termd. short term46. The opposite of a top-down approach is usually called ___________.a. outside-inb. inside-outc. co-creationd. bottom-up47. The four P’s of marketing are product, price, place, promotion, and principles.a. TRUEb. FALSE48. A product can be a good or a servicea. TRUEb. FALSE49. The four P’s of marketing do not include _____________.a. Promotionb. Productionc. Placed. Product50. The four P’s of marketing do include __________.a. picklesb. peppersc. potteryd. products


Apple Inc Project MetricsApple Inc. Project MetricsWhat is next for the technology giant Apple? Apple Inc. has been able to rapidly introduce new and innovative new products before the marked even knew they wanted it. This level of groundbreaking product release has given Apple unbeatable brand equity. By determining its next project, objectives and metrics are vital to keeping the brand alive and relevant. Extended reality is a developing technology that has created an unmet opportunity for Apple Inc.. The company needs to invest in the development of Extended reality products and wearables to advance its goals, which will grow its competitive advantage. OpportunityAccording to the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis, Apple Inc.’s greatest strength is its brand equity.  Apple Inc. is a well known and loved brand coupled with its ability to rapidly innovate new products for consumer demands of emerging technology makes Apple Inc. a giant in its industry (Rothaermel, 2019). Apple Inc.’s SWOT analysis also indicates its opportunities include continued innovation and expansion into current and new product lines. Taking Apple Inc.’s strength and opportunity into consideration, it is no question that Apple Inc. could successfully launch a new project line. A growing trend in consumer electronics is Extended Reality (Marr, 2019). Apple Inc. can leverage this expanding interest and introduce a complimentary Extended Reality product to keep up with consumer demands while maintaining or to grow its competitive advantage. Apple Inc. will benefit from embarking on a new project based on extended reality. The extended reality project will contain three primary objectives. These goals would include software and coding, engineering and development, integration of advanced technology into Apple Inc.’s long term goal. The extended reality project must be completed for Apple Inc. to keep up with current technology trends; if not they run the risk of falling behind the curve and losing customers (Marr, 2019). The project will also serve Apple Inc. by adding value to already existing product lines while enticing new customers to buy not only the extended reality products but also other products currently produced (Rothaermel, 2019). Finally, this project will benefit Apple Inc. by propelling the company into a closer, completed version of its long-time goal of a fully autonomous driving car (Apple Inc., n.d.). ProjectThe first objective to manipulate current software and coding that would allow the fusion of an extended reality product into their existing product lines such as the iPhone, gaming apps on Arcade App store, and Apple HomeKit. The second objective is to engineer and innovate current technology into complementary wearables to include full headsets and or glasses with extended reality capabilities that seamlessly integrate with current Apple products and games. The final objective would use this newly developed software and hardware and apply them toward Apple Inc.’s long term goal of fully autonomous driving cars. Extended reality will launch Apple Inc. into a new and unmet opportunity both within its company and in the industry. Completion of these objectives requires the project to follow the timelines and responsibilities outlined in the following Responsibility Assignment Matrix or RACI Chart (Haworth, 2018). RACI Tim Cook CEO Craig Federighi SVP Software Engineering John Giannandrea SVP AI Strategy Jonathan Ive Chief Design Officer Dan Riccio SVP Hardware Engineering Software Informed Responsible Consulted Accountable Informed Hardware Informed Consulted Consulted Accountable Responsible Apple Car Informed Consulted Responsible Consulted Accountable Determination of timelines for this scope of a project will occur at benchmarked accomplishments in each area’s objective. Through this RACI Chart, every step of the project requires a constant flow of information to CEO Tim Cook. The Senior Vice President (SVP) of each discipline and their department will be responsible for the completion of that department’s aligned goal while keeping lines of communication of information and consultation open within departments (Apple Inc., n.d.). These objectives are appropriate for the project because the goals align with project completion. These goals are also broad in scope and leave room for individual innovation for the greater good of the company. The project’s generalized goals of this project initiate the top-down planning by Apple Inc. executives; however, it does not tighten the project planning to a point where bottom-up emergence is impossible (Rothaermel, 2019). Allowing the creative minds that Apple Inc. hires to fully have the capabilities to explore and invent their ideas. The completion of this extended reality project will expand Apple Inc.’s current competitive advantage. Currently, there is a vacancy in the extended reality niche within the industry. Apple Inc. filling this void will give Apple products a more substantial perceived value to its current customers as well as future buyers (Rothaermel, 2019). Furthermore, completion of this project will aid in Apple Inc.’s ability to advance toward its long-time goal of the development of a self-driving car.MetricsAn extended reality project will require time and resources to accomplish. The length of requires this project’s achievements to be evaluated by each stage of the project’s objectives. Metrics will be used to determine if Apple Inc. is meeting the strategic goals of the extended reality project. To measure these, Apple Inc. should use the balanced scorecard method and economic value creation to calculate achievement and the companies competitive advantage. The balanced-scorecard approach will ask and answer the questions of how customers and shareholders view Apple Inc., how the project is creating value, and what core competencies are needed? This methodology is appropriate during all three objectives of the extended reality project. This metric will particularly help during the manipulating and creating current and new software objectives by answering the question to the metric of what the consumer thinks of Apple Inc. It will give Apple Inc. insight into future production, needed services, production costs, and pricing (Rothaermel, 2019). Determining the customer perspective during software and coding development will allow Apple Inc. to evaluate where the software is versus where the customer demands it to be. It will also be vital to address why core competencies exist and what needs further development (Rothaermel, 2019). These internal and external metrics will give Apple Inc. a balanced-score card view of their competitive advantage. The economic value creation method is also an appropriate measure to evaluate during the production of the product. At the product engineering objective, it will be vital to understand what the consumer is willing to pay and how much it will cost to produce the extended reality wearables. Economic value is the difference between the cost and what the customer is willing to pay. This value is directly related to Apple Inc.’s competitive advantage. Both of these metrics combined will be needed to advance toward the project’s final objective. The evaluation of the internal and external forces of the balanced scorecard will be required to further progress toward the creation and ultimate release of the Apple Car. Continuing to evaluate the customers’ and shareholders’ view of Apple Inc. will be imperative. If the long-term goal of Apple Inc. is to develop a self-driving car monitoring these aspects will determine how much research and development can be continued to invest in the goal.The progress made throughout each of these objectives will be a hard task. How does one determine the success of a project when the bar to measure it has not just been moved the bar is reinvented in its entirety. To measure the progress of each objective Apple Inc. will have to get creative when analyzing each goal. While reengineering current software and coding, Apple Inc. can measure their progress by periodically receiving feedback from current IOS users. In doing so, Apple Inc. will determine if changes to the interface create value or frustrate its users. This will tie directly into the balanced scorecard as well as economic value creation. During product engineering and hardware, development progress can be measured by conducting focus groups with existing and new customers. These selected individuals can use prototyped full-headsets and or eyewear. This will enable feedback from the market on use, feel, portability, and many other characteristics of the wearable. This progress will also tie directly into the competitive advantage calculations through balanced-score cards as well as economic value. Lastly, conducting market surveys to both current and potential customers can measure the progress of a fully autonomous car. These surveys can ask and answer questions about the desire to obtain this “coming-soon” product. Dependent on the buzz and consumer demand for the Apple Car, the company will have a good idea of limits of cost to produce as well as what the consumer will spend and want. ConclusionApple Inc.’s ability to swiftly launch new products to stay ahead of trends and raise the bar in current trends is astronomical. Apple Inc. cultivates the talent to introduce products that have pioneered this generations technology advancements. Investment into extended reality as the companies next project will add to their legacy. Extended reality is a niche in the industry as of yet is an unmet opportunity primed for profit. Through the objectives of manipulating current software and coding, engineering of hardware, and advancing the companies long-term goal, this project’s objectives fit well with Apple. Using balanced scorecards and economic value creation Apple Inc.’s investment into extended reality products and wearables to advance its company goals, while measuring current successes. Launching an extended reality project will increase Apple Inc.’s competitive advantage.ReferencesApple Inc.. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.apple.com/.Haworth, S. (2019, November 9). Create A Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RACI chart) That Works. Retrieved from https://thedigitalprojectmanager.com/raci-chart-made-simple/.Marr, B. (2019, October 18). The 7 Biggest Technology Trends In 2020 Everyone Must Get Ready For Now. Retrieved from https://www.forbes.com/sites/bernardmarr/2019/09/30/the-7-biggest-technology-trends-in-2020-everyone-must-get-ready-for-now/#cea5ebc22615.Rothaermel, F. T. (2019). Strategic management (Fourth). New York: McGraw-Hill Education.


NIZWA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGYBUSINESS STUDIES DEPARTMENTSEMESTER -2 / ACADEMIC YEAR 2019-2020                             FINAL EXAM (ASSIGNMENT) COURSE CODE BAHR 3101 COURSE NAME MANAGING TROUBLED EMPLOYEES LEVEL Advanced Diploma TUTOR (S) Ms. Virginia SECTION (S) 1 DURATION: DATE TIME START 17 May 2020 9:00AM END 19 May 2020 8:00AM MARKS BREAK UP: No. of Questions Marks for Each Question 1 2 3 TOTAL MARKS INSTRUCTIONS: 1) The Final Assignment will be available in Moodle at 9:00 am on the date of examination. 2) This is an open resource examination; there are three pages. Students are allowed to refer any digital materials (Internet, Proquest, Masader, and OER) with proper referencing and citation for each answer.3) Students has to answer the questions typewritten in the word (.docx) format. Figures / Diagrams, equations and solving of problems can be written by hand and added to the document as a picture/image. 4) Save the assignment file using the student ID & Course code. [Eg : 22s1234.BAHR3101]5) Students should submit the answers through the Turnitin link provided in Moodle page. If any problem occurs, send it to the staff email [virginia.santos@nct.edu.om]6) Students are encouraged to upload the answers in the Moodle at least two hoursbefore the deadline to avoid any technical issues.7) In case of any technical problem in opening or submitting your assignment, please contact your course tutor through email and copy the Department Head.8) Any form of cheating is punishable. Students involved in cheating will be treated according to the Plagiarism and Academic Integrity Policies.9) Students are advised to write the answers in their own words. Based on the plagiarism policy and the department approved similarity level, the marks will be deducted for the plagiarized [Copied] answers.10) Students should complete their assignment within the given time. Assignments submitted after the deadline will be marked 0.ACADEMIC INTEGRITY & PLAGIARISM POLICY: The student should be ready to prove the authenticity of the work done. If any form of plagiarism/reproduction of answers are discovered, student will be awarded zero marks.DECLARATION:I declare that the Final Exam (assignment) submitted is original and acknowledge that I am aware of the NCT’s Integrity and Plagiarism Policies (January 2011) mentioned in moodle, and the disciplinary guidelines and procedures applicable to breaches of such policy and regulations.I AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS: STUDENT NAME STUDENT ID DATE OF SUBMISSION ESSAY / LONG ANSWER QUESTIONS (analytical / scenario / case)    50 MarksRead thoroughly the scenario/case/question before you answer.  For each question number (e.g. Question 1), answer must contain minimum of 300 words to maximum of 400 words. Question 1                                                                                                                        15 MarksMany leading multinational private organizations had heavily invested to ensure effective talent management. Aside from competitive compensation package, they also provided employee assistance program (EAP) to enhance employee relations. However, there are few employees whose work performance are regularly unsatisfactory. The HRD through EAP classified those individuals as troubled employees.
a) Appraise EAP suitability of managing troubled employees in Oman companies.
          (5 Marks)                    b) Explain the causes of employee’s unsatisfactory work performance.                     (5 Marks)c) Describe services of three EAP providers in Oman.                                                  (5 MarksQuestion 2                                                                                                                         15 Marks    Regina and Fidel both work in engineering section. Fidel was hired a few months ago and Regina has been with the company for 10 years. Fidel, while being a competent worker, tends to wait until the last minute to get his work done. Regina works more steadily and keeps on top of her work daily. Regina complains that she feels she was worrying about his work and her own. And, because they depend on each other for certain tasks, she is uncomfortable with waiting until an hour or so before a deadline when they are forced to collaborate. Because of the conflict, Fidel is missing more work and because he wants to avoid Regina and her anger. Moreover, female colleagues believe that Regina is correct, and Fidel is totally wrong. On the contrary, the male colleagues have divided perception, some of them sided with Regina, and others sided with Fidel.a) Explain the causes of conflict between Fidel and Regina.                                                    (5 Marks)b) If you are the supervisor of Fidel and Regina, discuss how will you resolve the issue?     (5 Marks)c) Formulate approaches to manage the behavior of their colleagues.                                    (5 Marks)Question 3                                                                                                                         20 MarksWada Al Qassabi has been working for almost ten years as Executive Assistant to the Managing Director (Paul Robinson) in global logistics firm. She is competent, dependable, and had superb interpersonal relationship across the organization. Paul Robinson is highly energetic boss who frequently travels out of the country. In his absence, he usually assigns Wada to supervise daily operations, which upsets few senior department managers (SDM). Hence, the SDM connive with each other in order to tarnish Wada’s reputation. They wrote a complaint letter to Paul that Wada frequently ignored their instructions and must be charged of insubordination. According to company’s grievance policy, insubordination is a major offence that must be handled under disciplinary action. a) If you are the superior of Wada, what will you do to act in accordance with natural justice.      (5 Marks)b) If you are Wada, how will you defend yourself against the charges?                                   (5 Marks)c) In behalf of SDM, draft letter of warning against Wada.                                                      (5 Marks)d) If you are part of grievance team, how will you implement disciplinary action?              (5 Marks)                                                                                      


Management Information System MIS 201Semester 2 (2019-2020)Assignment Details Prepare an in-depth analysis of fourcase studies during the semester. Here are someguidelines:This is an individual assessment, which is a part from your course score. It requires effort and critical thinkingThis assignment will worth 25 mark (Case Studies Questions 15 Marks/ Presentation 10 Marks)Answer all the questions listed below for each case.The ‘answers’ to the questions are best formulated by reviewing the caseandthe reading materials up and including the current week in the course.The questions are worded to help you apply the readings to the case, so don’t limit yourself to the case’s terminology and perspective.The best analysis will abstract the case content by applying the reading materials to draw broader lessons about the materialAs for the Presentation you should summarize your analysis of only one case study in a set of PowerPoint slidesCase Study 1: Should a Computer Grade Your Essays?1) Identify the kinds of systems described in this case. (1 Mark)2) What are the benefits of automated essay grading? What are the drawbacks? (1 Mark)3) What management, organization, and technology factor should be considered when deciding whether to use AES? (1 Mark)Case Study 2: American Water Keeps Data Flowing1) How did implementing a data warehouse help American Water move toward a more centralized organization? (1 Mark)2) Give some examples of problems that would have occurred at American Water if its data were not “clean”?  (1 Mark)3) How did American Water’s data warehouse improve operations and management decision making? (1 Mark)Case Study 3: Driving Ari Fleet Management with Real-Time Analytics1) Why was data management so problematic at ARI? (1 Mark)2) Describe ARI’s earlier capabilities for data analysis and reporting and their impact on the business. (1 Mark)3) Was SAP HANA a good solution for ARI? Why or why not? (1 Mark)4) Describe the changes in the business as a result of adopting HANA. (1 Mark)Case Study 4: Zappos1) Define SCM and how it can benefit Zappos. (1 Mark)2) Explain CRM and why Zappos would benefit from the implementation of a CRM system. 
(1 Mark)3) Demonstrate why Zappos would need to implement SCM, CRM, and ERP for a connected corporation. (1 Mark)4) Analyze the merger between Zappos and Amazon and assess potential issues for Zappos customers. (1 Mark)5) Propose a plan for how Zappos can use Amazon’s supply chain to increase sales and customer satisfaction. (1 Mark)Case Study 1:  Should a Computer Grade Your Essays?Would you like your college essays graded by a computer? Well, you just might find that happening in your next course. In April 2013, EdX, a Harvard/MIT joint venture to develop massively open online courses (MOOCs), launched an essay-scoring program. Using artificial intelligence technology, essays and short answers are immediately scored and feedback tendered, allowing students to revise, resubmit, and improve their grade as many times as necessary. The non-profit organization is offering the software free to any institution that wants to use it. From a pedagogical standpoint—if the guidance is sound—immediate feedback and the ability to directly act on it is an optimal learning environment. But while proponents trumpet automated essay grading’s superiority to students waiting days or weeks for returned papers— which they may or may not have the opportunity to revise—as well as the time-saving benefit for instructors, critics doubt that humans can be replaced. In 2012, Les Perelman, the former director of writing at MIT, countered a paper touting the proficiency of automated essay scoring (AES) software. University of Akron College of Education dean, Mark Shermis, and co-author, data scientist Ben Hamner used AES programs from nine companies, including Pearson and McGraw-Hill, to rescore over 16,000 middle and high school essays from six different state standardized tests. Their Hewlett Foundation sponsored study found that machine scoring closely tracked human grading, and in some cases, produced a more accurate grade. Perelman, however, found that no direct statistical comparison between the human graders and the programs was performed. While Shermis concedes that regression analysis was not performed—because the software companies imposed this condition in order to allow him and Hamner to test their products—he unsurprisingly accuses Perelman of evaluating their work without performing research of his own. Perelman has in fact conducted studies on the Electronic Essay Rater (e-rater) developed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS)—the only organization that would allow him access. The e-rater uses syntactic variety, discourse structure (like PEG) and content analysis (like IEA) and is based on natural language processing technology. It applies statistical analysis to linguistic features like argument formation and syntactic variety to determine scores, but also gives weight to vocabulary and topical content. In the month granted him, Perelman analyzed the algorithms and toyed with the e-Rater, confirming his prior critiques. The major problem with AES programs (so far) is that they cannot distinguish fact from fiction. For example, in response to an essay prompt about the causes for the steep rise in the cost of higher education, Perelman wrote that the main driver was greedy teaching assistants whose salaries were six times that of college presidents with exorbitant benefits packages including South Seas vacations, private jets, and movie contracts. He supplemented the argument with a line from Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl,” and received the top score of 6. The metrics that merited this score included overall length, paragraph length, number of words per sentence, word length, and the use of conjunctive adverbs such as “however” and “moreover.” Since computer programs cannot divine meaning, essay length is a proxy for writing fluency, conjunctive adverb use for complex thinking, and big words for vocabulary aptitude. Program vendors such as Pearson and Vantage Learning defend these parameters, asserting that they are highly correlated. Good writers have acquired skills that enable them to write more under time constraints; they use more complex vocabulary, and they understand how to introduce, interrupt, connect, and conclude complex ideas—the jobs of conjunctive adverbs. AES programs also recognize sentence fragments and dock students for sentences that begin with “and” or “or.” However, professional writers know how to employ both to great effect. Perelman and a newly formed group of educators, Professionals Against Machine Scoring of Student Essays in High-Stakes Assessment, warn that writing instruction will be dumbed down to meet the limited and rigid metrics machines are capable of measuring.The productivity gains from using automated essay-grading software will undoubtedly take away some of the jobs of the graders hired by the standardized test companies. Pearson, for example, ostensibly pays its graders between $40 and $60 per hour. In that hour, a grader expected to score between 20 and 30 essays—that is two to three minutes (and dollars) per essay. Clearly graders must use some type of shorthand metrics in order to score this quickly, but at least they can recognize as false the statement that on July 4, 2013, the United States observed its 2,013th birthday, even if it is contained in a well-constructed sentence. While the e-Rater can score 16,000 essays in 20 seconds, it cannot make this distinction. In addition, presumably, a 716-word essay containing multiple nonsense sentences will not receive a 6 from a human grader while a 150-word shorter, factual, well-reasoned essay scores a 5, as Perelman was able to demonstrate.ETS, developer of the SAT, GRE, Praxis, and K-12 standardized tests for multiple states, counters that the e-Rater is not replacing human graders in high stakes tests; it is supplementing them. Essays are scored by both human and machine and when the scores do not match, a second human breaks the impasse. Furthermore, they posit that the test prep course Perelman developed to teach students how to beat AES software requires higher-order thinking skills—precisely those the tests seek to measure. Thus, if students can master Perelman’s techniques, they have likely earned their 6. Pearson adds that its Intelligent Essay Assessor is primarily a classroom tool, allowing students to revise their essays multiple times before turning them in to a teacher to be graded. However, for many states looking to introduce writing sections to their battery of K-12 standardized tests, and for those that abandoned the effort due to the cost, eliminating graders altogether will make them affordable. In addition, the stakes are not insubstantial for failure to achieve passing grades on state standardized tests, ranging from retesting, to remedial programs, to summer school, to non-promotion.ETS, developer of the SAT, GRE, Praxis, and K-12 standardized tests for multiple states, counters that the e-Rater is not replacing human graders in high stakes tests; it is supplementing them. Essays are scored by both human and machine and when the scores do not match, a second human breaks the impasse. Furthermore, they posit that the test prep course Perelman developed to teach students how to beat AES software requires higher-order thinking skills—precisely those the tests seek to measure. Thus, if students can master Perelman’s techniques, they have likely earned their 6. Pearson adds that its Intelligent Essay Assessor is primarily a classroom tool, allowing students to revise their essays multiple times before turning them in to a teacher to be graded. However, for many states looking to introduce writing sections to their battery of K-12 standardized tests, and for those that abandoned the effort due to the cost, eliminating graders altogether will make them affordable. In addition, the stakes are not insubstantial for failure to achieve passing grades on state standardized tests, ranging from retesting, to remedial programs, to summer school, to non-promotion. In addition, that provides immediate guidance, is a welcome addition to the instructional toolbox. However, as demands on instructor’s time decrease, will university administrators push staff cutbacks to meet budgetary constraints? Will fewer and fewer instructors be teaching more and more students?As MOOC and AES proliferate, the answer is: most likely. EdX is quickly becoming controversial in academic circles. Presently, its course offerings are free and students earn a certificate of completion, but not course credit. To become self-sustaining, however, the non-profit plans to offer its MOOC platform as a “self-service” system, which faculty members can use to develop courses specifically branded for their universities. EdX will then receive the first $50,000 in revenue generated from the course or $10,000 for a recurring course. Thereafter, revenue will be split 50-50 between the university and EdX. A second revenue-generating model offers universities “production help” with course development, charging them $250,000 for a new course and $50,000 each term the course is offered again. If a course is successful, the university receives 70% of the revenue, as long as EdX has been fully compensated for any self-service courses. However, in order to generate enough revenue to share with its 12 university partners, which now include University of California, Berkeley, Wellesley, Georgetown, and the University of Texas, a licensing model is likely. Tested at no charge at San Jose State University in 2012, an EdX MOOC served as the basis for a blended online engineering course. The enriched curriculum resulted in an increased passing rate from 60% to 91 %. If course licensing becomes the key revenue stream, Anant Agarwal, the electrical engineer president of EdX, foresees this happening in closed classrooms with limited enrollment.But some members of the San Jose State faculty are nonetheless alarmed. When a second EdX MOOC, JusticeX, was considered, the Philosophy department sent a sharply-worded letter addressed to Harvard course developer, Michael Sandel, but actually leveled at university administrators. Asserting that the department did not have an academic problem in need of remediation and was not lacking faculty to teach its equivalent course, it did not shy from attacking the economic motives behind public universities’ embrace of MOOCs. The authors further asserted that MOOCs represented a decline in educational quality and noted the irony involved when a social justice course was the vehicle for perpetrating a social injustice—a long-term effort to “dismantle departments and replace professors.” Sandel’s conciliatory response expressed his desire to share free educational resources, his aversion to undercutting colleagues, and a call for a serious debate at both EdX and in the higher education community.Other universities are similarly pushing back, against both EdX and other new MOOC ventures such as Coursera and Udacity, founded by Stanford faculty members. MOOCs and AES are inextricably linked. Massive online courses require automated assessment systems. In addition, both Coursera and Udacity have expressed their commitment to using them due to the value of immediate feedback. Amherst College faculty voted against joining the EdX consortium. Duke University faculty members thwarted administration attempts to join nine other universities and educational technology company 2U in a venture to develop a collection of for-credit undergraduate courses.However, EdX was founded by two of the most prominent universities in the United States, has gathered prestigious partners, and is already shaping educational standards. Stanford, for one, has decided to get on board; it adopted the OpenEdX open-source platform and began offering a summer reading program for freshman and two public courses in the summer of 2013. Stanford will collaborate with EdX on the future development of OpenEdX and will offer both public and university classes on it. Therefore, while Professor Perelman jokes that his former computer science major students could develop an Android app capable of spitting out formulaic essays that would get a 6 from e-Rater, cutting humans completely out of the equation, he knows that serious issues are in play. What educational outcomes will result from diminishing human interaction and input? Will AI develop to the point that truth, accuracy, effective organization, persuasiveness, argumentation and supporting evidence can be evaluated? And how many more jobs in education will disappear as a result?Case Study2: American Water Keeps Data FlowingAmerican Water, founded in 1886, is the largest public water utility in the United States. Headquartered in Voorhees, N.J., the company employs more than 7,000 dedicated professionals who provide drinking water, wastewater and other related services to approximately 16 million people in 35 states, as well as Ontario and Manitoba, Canada. Most of American Water’s services support locally managed utility subsidiaries that are regulated by the U.S. state in which each operates as well as the federal government. American Water also owns subsidiaries that manage municipal drinking water and wastewater systems under contract and others that supply businesses and residential communities with water management products and services.Until recently, American water’s systems and business, processes were much localized, and many of these processes were manual. Over time, this information environment became increasingly difficult to manage. Many systems were not integrated, so that running any type of report that had to provide information about more than one region was a heavily manual process. Data had to be extracted from the systems supporting each region and then combined manually to create the desired output. When the company was preparing to hold an initial public offering of its stock in 2006, its software systems could not handle the required regulatory controls, so roughly 80 percent of this work had to be performed manually. It was close to a nightmare.Management wanted to change the company from a decentralized group of independent regional businesses into a more centralized organization with standard company-wide business processes and enterprise-wide reporting. The first step toward achieving this goal was to implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system designed to replace disparate systems with a single integrated software platform. The company selected SAP as its ERP system vendor.An important step of this project was to migrate the data from American Water’s old systems to the new platform. The company’s data resided in many different systems in various formats. Each regional business maintained some of its own data in its own systems, and a portion of these data was redundant and inconsistent. For example, there were duplicate pieces of materials master data because a material might be called one thing in the company’s Missouri operation and another in its New Jersey business. These names had to be standardized so that every business unit used the same name for a piece of data. American Water’s business users had to buy into this new company-wide view of data.Data migration entails much more than just transferring data between old and new systems. Business users need to know that data are not just a responsibility of the information systems department: the business “owns” the data. Business needs determine the rules and standards for managing the data. Therefore, it is up to business users to inventory and review all the pieces of data in their systems to determine precisely which pieces of data from the old system will be used in the new system and which data do not need to be brought over. The data also need to be reviewed to make sure they are accurate and consistent and that redundant data are eliminated.Most likely some type of data cleansing will be required. For example, American Water had data on more than 70,000 vendors in its vendor master data file. Andrew Clarkson, American Water’s Business Intelligence Lead, asked business users to define an active vendor and to use that definition to identify which data to migrate. He also worked with various functional groups to standardize how to present address data.One of the objectives of American Water’s data management work was to support an enterprise wide business intelligence program based on a single view of the business. An analytical system and data warehouse would be able to combine data from the SAP ERP System with data from other sources, including new customer information and enterprise asset management systems. That meant that American Water’s business users had to do a lot of thinking about the kinds of reports they wanted. The company had originally planned to have the system provide 200 reports, but later reduced that number by half. Business users were trained to generate these reports and customize them. Most financial users initially tried to create their reports using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software. Over time, however, they learned to do the same thing using SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence tools that came with the system. SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence is a set of tools that enables business users to view, sort, and analyze business intelligence data. It includes tools for generating queries, reports and interactive dashboards.At present, American Water is focusing on promoting the idea that data must be “clean” to be effective and has poured an incredible amount of effort into its data cleansing work—identifying incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, and irrelevant pieces of data and then replacing, modifying, or deleting the “dirty” data. According to Clarkson, just as water treatment plants have measurements and meters to check water quality as its being treated, data management needs to ensure the quality of data at every step to make sure the final product will be genuinely useful for the company.Case Study 3: Driving Ari Fleet Management with Real-Time AnalyticsAutomotive Resources International®, better known as simply ARI®, is the world’s largest privately-held company for vehicle fleet management services. ARI is headquartered in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey and has 2,500 employees and offices throughout North America, Europe, the UK, and Hong Kong. The company manages more than 1,000,000 vehicles in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Europe.Businesses that need vehicles for shipments (trucks, vans, cars, ships, and rail cars) may choose to manage their own fleet of vehicles or they may outsource fleet management to companies such as ARI which specialize in these services. ARI manages the entire life cycle and operation of a fleet of vehicles for its customers, from up-front specification and acquisition to resale, including financing, maintenance, fuel management, and risk management services such as driver safety training and accident management. ARI also maintains six call centers in North America that operate 24/7, 365 days a year to support customers’ fleet operations by providing assistance regarding repairs, breakdowns, accident response, preventive maintenance, and other driver needs. These call centers handle about 3.5 million calls per year from customers, drivers, and suppliers who expect access to real-time actionable information.Providing this information has become increasingly challenging. Operating a single large commercial vehicle fleet generates high volumes of complex data, such as data on fuel consumption, maintenance, licensing, and compliance. A fuel transaction, for example, requires data on state taxes paid, fuel grade, total sale, amount sold, and time and place of purchase. A simple brake job and preventive maintenance checkup generates dozens of records for each component that is serviced. Each part and service performed on a vehicle is tracked using American Trucking Association codes. ARI collects and analyzes over 14,000 pieces of data per vehicle. Then multiply the data by hundreds of fleets, some with up to 10,000 vehicles, all operating simultaneously throughout the globe, and you’ll have an idea of the enormous volume of data ARI needs to manage, both for itself and for its customers.ARI provided its customers with detailed information about their fleet operations, but the type of information it could deliver was very limited. For example, ARI could generate detailed reports on line-item expenditures, vehicle purchases, maintenance records, and other operational information presented as simple spreadsheets, charts, or graphs, but it was not possible to analyze all the data to spot trends and make recommendations. ARI was able to analyze data customer by customer, but it was not able to aggregate data across its entire customer base.For instance, if ARI was managing a pharmaceutical company’s vehicle fleet, its information systems could not benchmark that fleet’s performance against others in the industry. That type of problem required too much manual work and time, and still didn’t deliver the level of insight management thought was possible.What’s more, in order to create reports, ARI had to go through internal subject matter experts in various aspects of fleet operations, who were called “reporting power users.” Every request for information was passed to these power users. A request for a report would take 5 days to fill. If the report was unsatisfactory, it would go back to the report writer to make changes. ARI’s process for analyzing its data was extremely drawn out.In mid-2011, ARI implemented SAP BusinessObjects Explorer to give customers the enhanced ability to access data and run their own reports. SAP BusinessObjects Explorer is a business intelligence tool that enables business users to view, sort and analyze business intelligence data. Users search through data sources using an iTunes like interface. They do not have to create queries to search the data and results are shown with a chart that indicates the best information match. The graphical representation of results changes as the user asks further questions of the data.In early 2012, ARI integrated SAP BusinessObjects Explorer with HANA, SAP’s in-memory computing platform that is deployable as an on-premise appliance (hardware and software) or in the cloud. HANA is optimized for performing real-time analytics and handling very high volumes of operational and transactional data in real time. HANA’s in-memory analytics queries data stored in random access memory (RAM) instead of on a hard disk or flash storage.Things started happening quickly after that. When ARI’s controller wanted an impact analysis of the company’s top 10 customers, SAP HANA produced the result in 3 to 3 1/2 seconds. In ARI’s old systems environment, this task would have been assigned to a power user versed in using reporting tools, specifications would have to be drawn up and a program designed for that specific query, a process that would have taken about 36 hours.Using HANA, ARI is now able to quickly mine its vast data resources and generate predictions based on the results. For example, the company can produce precise figures on what it costs to operate a fleet of a certain size over a particular route across specific industries during a certain type of weather and predict what the impact of changes in any of these variables. And it can do so nearly as easily as providing customers with a simple history of their expenditures on fuel. With such helpful information ARI provides more value to its customers.HANA has also reduced the time required for each transaction handled by ARI’s call centers—from the time a call center staffer takes a call to retrieving and delivering the requested information—by 5 percent. Since call center staff account for 40 percent of ARI’s direct overhead, that time reduction translates into major cost savings.ARI plans to make some of these real-time reporting and analytic capabilities available on mobile devices, which will enable customers to instantly approve a variety of operational procedures, such as authorizing maintenance repairs. Customers will also be able to use the mobile tools for instant insight into their fleet operations, down to a level of detail such as a specific vehicle’s tire history.Case Study 4: ZapposTony Hsieh’s first entrepreneurial effort began at the age of 12 when he started his own custom button business. Realizing the importance of advertising, Hsieh began marketing his business to other kids through directories, and soon his profits soared to a few hundred dollars a month. Throughout his adolescence, Hsieh started several businesses, and by the time he was in college he was making money selling pizzas out of his Harvard dorm room. Another entrepreneurial student, Alfred Lin,bought pizzas from Hsieh and resold them by the slice, making a nice profit. Hsieh and Lin quickly became friends. After Harvard, Hsieh founded Link Exchange in 1996, a company that helped small businesses exchange banner ads. A mere two years later, Hsieh sold Link Exchange to Microsoft for $265 million. Using the profits from the sale, Hsieh and Lin formed a venture capital company that invested in start-up businesses. One investment that caught their attention was Zappos, an online retailer of shoes. Both entrepreneurs viewed the $40 billion shoe market as an opportunity they could not miss, and in 2000 Hsieh took over as Zappos’ CEO with Lin as his chief financial officer.Today, Zappos is leading its market and offering an enormous selection of more than 90,000 styles of handbags, clothing, and accessories for more than 500 brands. One reason for Zappos’ incredible success was Hsieh’s decision to use the advertising and marketing budget for customer service, a tactic that would not have worked before the Internet. Zappos’ passionate customer service strategy encourages customers to order as many sizes and styles of products as they want, ships them for free, and offers free return shipping. Zappos encourages customer communication, and its call center receives more than 5,000 calls a day with the longest call to date lasting more than four hours. Zappos’ extensive inventory is stored in a warehouse in Kentucky right next to a UPS shipping center. Only available stock is listed on the website, and orders as late as 11 p.m. are still guaranteed next-day delivery. To facilitate supplier and partner relationships, Zappos built an extranet that provides its vendors with all kinds of product information, such as items sold, times sold, price, customer, and so on. Armed with these kinds of details, suppliers can quickly change manufacturing schedules to meet demand.Zappos CultureAlong with valuing its partners and suppliers, Zappos also places a great deal of value on its employee relationships. Zappos employees have fun, and walking through the offices you will see all kinds of things not normally seen in business environments—bottle-cap pyramids, cotton-candy machines, and bouncing balls. Building loyal employee relationships is a critical success factor at Zappos, and to facilitate this relationship the corporate headquarters are located in the same building as the call center (where most employees work) in Las Vegas. All employees receive 100 percent company-paid health insurance along with a daily free lunch.Of course, the Zappos culture does not work for everyone, and the company pays to find the right employees through “The Offer,” which extends to new employees the option of quitting and receiving payment for time worked plus an additional $1,000 bonus. Why the $1,000 bonus for quitting? Zappos management believes that is a small price to pay to find those employees who do not have the sense of commitment Zappos requires. Less than 10 percent of new hires take The Offer.Zappos’ unique culture stresses the following:1. Delivering WOW through service2. Embracing and driving change3. Creating fun and a little weirdness4. Being adventurous, creative, and open-minded5. Pursuing growth and learning6. Building open and honest relationships with communication7. Building a positive team and family spirit8. Doing more with less9. Being passionate and determined10. Being humbleZappos’ Sale to AmazonAmazon.com purchased Zappos for $880 million. Zappos employees shared $40 million in cash and stock, and the Zappos management team remained in place. Having access to Amazon’s world-class warehouses and supply chain is sure to catapult Zappos’ revenues, though many wonder whether the Zappos culture will remain. It’ll be interesting to watch!19

Hungarian Case of General Electric

It is unlikely that the rate and magnitude of change in the global competitive environment will slow in the future and multinational firms are in for increased competition in the next decade. The opening up of the Central European economies had offered a unique opportunity to the multinational giant General Electric for expansion into new markets and for the competitive production of lighting equipment for Europe. Between 1989 and 2002, General Electric invested about $ 1 billion in Hungary, the then most promising of Central European economies, to acquire Tungsram, the world’s oldest lighting company. Encouraged by the success of its an initial investment, General Electric proceeded to expand into banking, manufacturing, and engineering in Hungary and this expansion resulted in the creation of General Electric Hungary Inc. This essay attempts to take a look at the important considerations behind General Electric’s Hungarian expansion at a time when its lighting equipment operations are being threatened by the desire of Chinese manufacturers to capture export markets in Europe.Strategic management is about the achievement of strategic competitiveness and earning above-average returns (Hitt, 2001, Chapter 1). In the present era of globalization, strategic management for the multinational company means being able to take advantage of opportunities that are available across the globe in order to align operations with business strategy so as to maximize returns and the security of investments (Akbar, 2005, Pp. 1 – 5), (Henisz, 2002, Pp. 1 – 6) and (Cullen, 2005, Chapter 1). Multinational corporations can establish new facilities, extend market share, and benefit from factor – cost advantages by investing in transition and less developed economies (Richet, 2001, Pp. 2 – 5). Western firms have sought to enhance their presence in Central and Eastern Europe in order to pursue a strategy of penetration and conquest of new markets, (horizontal integration), as well as to reallocate resources in order to reap advantages associated with factor costs (vertical integration).

Research and Development in the Multinational Enterprise

Through research and development, MNEs keep on meeting the demands of customers and other stakeholders by better products. RD becomes more important for organizations into technical products like vehicles, engineering products, medicines, and others.Various strategic decisions regarding investment, product development, market to serve, and other decisions are important for any organization to go global for its operations. Different countries offer various supports for organizations to start their operations in their countries. There are various factors influencing the decisions of research and development in MNEs. The paper covers the Multinational Enterprise in the first section. This section deals with the various incentives and benefits of MNEs to extend their operations globally. This section also deals briefly with the challenges of MNE’s at various levels of operations. The next section deals with the literature review. Here in brief works of previous academicians and writers are analyzed. Selected industries are being discussed in the section Research and development in various industries. The three sectors largely depending on research and development software, automobile, and pharmaceutical is discussed in this section.Global heterogeneity can be on cultural, environmental, social, technological, financial, legal, and political. Any Multinational enterprise faces heterogeneity at various levels of its operations from customer development to Research and development.Every country or region has its own cultural set-up that might differ from the country of origin of the MNE. The cultural set up has an influence on the business operations and the strategic decisions directly or indirectly. The attitude and perception of people change with their cultures. This can influence the work culture of the organisation. For example

Systems for Operations Management

I am John Smith. I have joined M/s Jason Machineries Inc. as an operation manager. Jason Machineries manufactures special Purpose machines and caters to the needs of the local market. The shop floor consists of machining, welding, grinding, assembly of sub-parts, final assembly, and testing. I have investigated the operations of this organization as it happening presently. This report gives the details of my investigation of the operations and my observations including the areas I feel need to be improved upon. There was a serious problem on the shop floor. I felt that there is a need for Business Process Re-engineering on the shop floor. I made the necessary changes and implemented them, which significantly made a dramatic change in the operation. I have gone through the theoretical aspects of operation Management and analyzed the operations here according to the theoretical aspects. I have tried to define these terminologies and find their importance of these aspects in operation management. I have given the steps and processes involved in some of the important aspects of operation management mentioned above.Basing on the definitions and my observations, I have given some suggestions, which I believe will improve the operations of the organization. While analyzing I have used a few tools of operation management. )The definition of Operation Management can be given as Management of all the activities that are directly concerned with the products of an organization. Here the products can be tangible or intangible. For example, for an automobile manufacturing unit, the products are car or Light Commercial vehicles or heavy vehicles whatever it may be, whereas for an Insurance company the products are its policies or for a utility distribution company the products are their services. But what is common in all those examples is that they get some input, either in materials or in services, they process it with the help of manpower and pieces of machinery, they provide customers with some tangible benefit. This whole process is operation Management.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council

In most cases, these efforts face the resistance of employees who are used to specific working conditions and any possible differentiation would be negative for their interests (at least from their point of view). Regarding this issue, it has been found by Eoyang et al. (2001, 5) that ‘many organization change initiatives start at the top and deal strongly with any resistance from system agents that blocks progress. common ways of responding to resistance include downsizing, restructuring, and re-engineering’. In accordance with the above in order for any leader to manage effectively a specific organization, it is necessary that all the appropriate preparation is made including the accurate evaluation of current business strengths and weaknesses.Moreover, any initiatives for organizational change should be carefully designed trying to provide to employees with sufficient explanations on policies applied to ask at the same time for their active participation – which is usually a necessary requirement for the successful implementation of new plans of action within a specific organization. The current paper examines all issues related to the restructuring of organizational activities focusing on the implementation of specific theoretical models (wherever this effort could be successful) on the various organizational sectors. The Vale of Glamorgan Council is used as an example of effective management under the influence of the application of Mintzberg, Morgan and Quinn models that are going to be analytically explained in the sections that follow.The Vale of Glamorgan Council represents an area with significant importance for the British economy (in terms both of the commercial activities of commuters but also for its population).

The Pros and Cons of Nutritional genetic engineering

What exactly are genetics and genetic engineering? Genetics is defined as the study of biologically inherited traits (Hartl 1). These would also include traits that are influenced by the environment. The fundamental concept of genetics is that the traits of the offspring are inherited in combination from the parents, and by means of reproduction, such characteristics are passed down from generation to generation. The elements that carry the traits are called genes (ibid.).Genes govern most of the physiological and morphological traits that are inherited by the offspring, thus having a control on what the offspring would look like (Valpuesta 1). On the other hand, genetic engineering is the brainchild of recombinant DNA or rDNA technology. This technology allows the transfer of genes from other species without the use of traditional methods of breeding, which requires the two species to mate and reproduce (Debusk 46).Conventional breeding needs two different species that are somewhat related in order for them to create offspring. By using genetic engineering, genes that are needed or added do not have to come from sexually-compatible organisms, also the possibility of adding genes to a crop one at a time saves the time and effort for creating the hybrid or transgenic organism (Valpuesta 1). By combining the desired genes and inserting them into the genome or the gene library of the organism that needs to express the trait, there is no need to wait for so many generations. This made rDNA technology a fast-paced technology (Debusk 47). Tissue-culturing of transgenic plants are also being done in line with genetic engineering of plants, however such a practice oftentimes cause undesirable traits to surface, causing some plants to be discarded (Valpuesta, 10). Thus, using genetic engineering for crop improvement reduces such hassles. One of the practical applications of genetic engineering is the production of food with improved quality. Aside from being resistant to diseases, as well as giving a higher yield than previous generations, these foods are also enriched with additional nutrients that are not normally found in such crops (Herring 63). The process of adding nutrients originally not included in a particular crop is called biofortification (Shattuck and Bradford 1). It is a potentially cost-effective and sustainable way to increase the nutritional value of agricultural commodities. There is significant capital input in creating super-crops but once the genome of the plant is established, continued investment is no longer required and large numbers of the human population would greatly benefit, especially those that suffer from malnutrition (ibid.). One of the best examples for biofortification is golden rice, an enriched rice variety that contains vitamin A, through ?-carotene as the precursor molecule (Hartl 472). The rice plant is inserted with ?-carotene-producing genes from both daffodil, a flowering plant and Erwinia uredovora, a bacterium which is genetically engineered to have the enzyme-producing genes (Baisakh and Datta 530). A rice plant containing the gene from daffodil and another rice plant containing genes from E. uredovora were crossed, producing progeny that contained the two sets of genes needed for the synthesis of vitamin A in the

Development of Human Resources

The services provided are project management and civil engineering, full design and construction services, and construction services for public and private clients. At 9,000 employees, the workforce has been reduced over the last three years due to economic reasons. The company is profitable and has a solid financial foundation in place. There are 12 offices around the UAE with a talented and diverse managing director team leading the company. This reporter is a human resource strategy student.b. CCDC’s current strategic business objectives involve reducing the levels in the chain of command. implementing a coaching method of management rather than autocratic. maintain financial success, and ensure high-quality services, meet the health and safety needs of staff, meet environmental standards, and improvements made in networks and purchasing agreements.c. While there has been an emphasis on HR policies and initiatives to support these objectives, there is also a question as to whether HR practices add value and how the effects of HR on the organizational culture may be evaluated.a. First, Cabrera and Cabrera (2003) and Rose and Kumar (2006) would note the lack of a human resource strategic framework. CCDC lacks an overall HR strategic framework that HR objectives, programs, training, and policies can fall within or under. The framework could then be used by the leaders when they are conducting their strategic planning to avoid placing the leaders in the position to do the business planning, then step out of the planning and pass the business objectives to HR to do the work from a support standpoint – resulting in a disconnect (Porter, 1996). Both HR and the business need to be operating as one. There are resulting comments regarding HR functioning in a support role, which is counter to business needs.

Managing Information 1

Information system strategy incorporates the use of information technology and a range of software and hardware products that make the system efficient and fully functional (Carry 1988). According to Lucey (2005, p. 4) states, the processing of data into information and communicating the resulting information to the user are the very essence of an MIS. To align corporate strategy with information management mechanisms, companies need to integrate the use of management information systems in all departments. Management information system deals with the use of IT tools in speeding up business processes (Martin 2010). Some of the main fields for which integration of information systems can be useful include system analysis and design, artificial intelligence, health informatics, databases, software engineering, decision making, project management, and knowledge management. As Burke (n.d.) states, MIS, or management information systems, are used to manage the data created within the structure of a particular business. … related information, assists managers in developing corporate strategies based on information, helps in documentation of processed information, and assists managers in taking critical business decisions. The main purpose of using an information management system is to make effective use of latest IT tools and technologies that can support managers’ attempts to make efficient use of business information, as well as help them in carrying out different business related tasks and operations. Use of information systems has become almost essential in aligning business strategies with the corporate strategy because it establishes a useful link between technology and organizational departments along with providing assistance to the officials in carrying out business operations. In today’s world of competition, information systems are considered to be most significant essentials of success for any company or organization because it helps companies in taking right business decision in accordance with the corporate business strategy regarding any matter based on stored information. Information systems collect helps in collecting raw data, as well as in converting the data into useful information in such a way that it can be categorized and sent to concerned authorities (Earl 1988). We can take example of Carlson Investment Solutions Inc., which is a London based firm that deals with providing investment suggestions to clients based on information analysis (See appendix 1). The system works for the company in such a way that it stores all information and presents to the concerned departments is in the form of a well-documented report (Taken from Interview, case study). The system helps companies in setting and achieving long-term strategic goals and objectives (Earl 1996). The

Products and Services Offered by Oxford Metrics Group

This report highlights the successes of the OMG group of companies and details the strides made by them in recent years. The OMG group is listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange and is quite actively traded in this segment.This report covers the background of the company as well as the products and services being offered by the company. It also dwells on the sectors that the company operates in along with the news of the company over the last year. The financials are touched upon briefly and the emphasis is on a factual information report about the group and its activities.The OMG group of companies are a conglomerate of three companies that cater to the motion capture and imaging solutions segment of the market. They produce visual geometric services to the life sciences, defence and engineering industries. The companies that make up the group are Vicon, 2d3 and Yotta. These companies operate in various segments of the market for visual and geometric applications and are among the market leaders in the respective segments.The OMG group of companies was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Oxford, the UK with its presence extending to over 50 countries across the globe. The reach of the OMG group is indeed large and its footprint wide in covering all the areas of the world and operating in segments that span the industries mentioned above. The OMG group is responsible for supplying night vision and motion capture devices to the defence sector as well and is among the preferred suppliers for the British Army.The group has offices in Colorado and California in the US and is in the process of expanding its operations there.The OMG group operates primarily through its subsidiaries – Vicon, the world’s biggest motion capture and movement analysis company, 2d3, a manufacturer of specialised image understanding software for entertainment and defence applications and Yotta, our 3D mapping business (OMG.com, 2009).

Is Thomas Sanders Gay Who is The Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Similarly, he attracted a massive following on social media that has earned him some awards over the years. His fame is not limited to YouTube comedy but also extends across many talents like singing, scriptwriting, and acting. Sanders has featured in fan-favorite hit singles and other music albums like Heathers: Les Miserable, Te Musical, and Singin’ in Rain.Some other famous works he featured in include a show named Bizaardvark by Disney Channel, where he was the guest star. The show titled Walk the Pranked sponsored by Disney XD was also some of his prominent contributions. Here is a brief story of Thomas SandersThe Bio of Thomas SandersSanders grew up in a catholic household after his birth on 24th 1989 of April in Gainesville, Florida. The famous entertainer was the third born among four siblings. He discovered his talent while attending middle school, where he started developing interest in theatre and singing. Since he was a staunch fan of acting, he never missed the music competitions hosted at the school. He would feature in most of the dramas and music contests arranged by the school.Later in 2011, he would go on and graduate from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. The entertainer made use of his time at the institution by joining theatre and acting clubs to develop his interest further. Besides, his enthusiasm for creative arts never stopped after graduating as he continued with theatre as a part-time job while working at an Engineering firm.CareerSanders’ career begun on a bright note back in 2013 when he joined Vine, a video sharing community. His online name was Foster_Dawg and posted numerous funny videos on the Vine channel using the name. His unique ability to mimic others gained him so much fame and fans alike. For instance, the first video in which he mimicked Stewart Griffin went viral, which sparked his fame on social media.Stewart Griffin was a famous character featured on an online animated series called Family Guy. The decision to mimic several other characters and produce more series opened his career to fame Dom. Other works attributed to Thomas Sanders that made him rise to filmdom include series featured in the Disney show titled Shoutout Sunday, Pranks with Friends, Pokémon Pranks, Misleading Compliments, and many more.His achievements in Vine channels hit a climax in 2015, thanks to his creativity that got him over a million followers. Gradually, he managed to rank 17th on the Vine channel amidst endless gigs and communication with the fans. Unfortunately, the platform was shut down in 2017, bringing down his achievements with it. Nevertheless, Thomas reinvented his talent on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat by making brief cameo clips on these platforms. Mostly, he managed to create some popular hashtags that earned him more following and attraction.Vine came later because he had a YouTube account by 20017. Nevertheless, he would not start creating videos on YouTube until 2009, when he began uploading videos, which featured mostly pranks, music, social justice videos, and comedy. He later linked up with famous social media characters to create content on various themes.Lately, in 2016, the series titled Sanders Side was released to promote his brand. Other series featured in Disney show also appeared on his YouTube channel. The prominent works by Sanders comprise Snow in Venice and Proud of You Boy hit songs in 2013 and 2015, respectively. The release titled RIP Vine was another major hit tune produced in 2016 and another titled Tomorrow Never Came, which hit the airwaves in 2017. He also produced any more music aside from the ones named here.Is Thomas Sanders Gay?Celebrities are an interest group for speculations, and Sanders is no special case. People speculated about his love life freely. These questions started spinning around: Is Thomas Sanders gay? Who is the boyfriend or girlfriend? However, he came clear in 2017 and confirmed the suspicions.His declaration did not hamper his production because he continued normally. Although the disclosure heightened speculation among his followers, it has since cooled down because people acknowledged his stand. From the time he declared his status, the musician and entertainer have vouched for the LGBT together with other gay celebrities.Who Is the Girlfriend or Boyfriend?Lots of fans have questions about the other partner, but he hasn’t hinted or named anyone. A section of fans is satisfied, while others still ask questions today. However, he has chosen to keep things under the warp and concentrate on his career. Even the videos he produces today feature nothing on his personal life. Currently, he is not engaged in any known relationship, and he likes to keep it that way.

Sabkha Soils Problems And Solutions

Adding cement to the soil when constructing is another viable method that can be implemented together with cut and filling methods. However, preloading and compression are viewed as practical, economic and easy to apply and research has shown that they are the best alternative solutions when constructing something on sabkha soils.Sabkha soils are often found in various parts of the globe particularly arid and semi-arid places as illustrated in Fig. (1). Sabkha is an Arabic term that is used to describe coastal sediments recently developed and characterized by low bearing capabilities.Sabkha soils mainly contain enough quantities of clay that can enable them to swell or shrink as a result of the moisture content changes during different seasons due to various factors like groundwater, rainfall as well as seawater. Sabkha soil tends to swell when it has absorbs enough moisture and it shrinks when it loses that moisture. Under certain conditions, Sabkha soils often exhibit significant swelling pressures that can result in damages to structures.Damages to structures such as roads, buildings, and other structures are common especially if they are constructed on Sabkha soils. Economic losses are often experienced and in some cases, life is even lost in the event of distress caused by the collapse or destruction of structures that are constructed on Sapka soils. As such, understanding the true nature of this type of soil is very important since it has a bearing on the welfare of human beings. Different elements of Sapka soils are discussed below:Sabkha soil is rich with salt deposits that result from the evaporation of marine water in certain places and is often viewed as a collapsible type of soil. When dry, this type of soil has good engineering qualities and is suitable for low lying settlements. Elements such as climate have a bearing on sabkha development especially in arid or semi-arid areas characterized by thunderstorms.

Food and Drug Administration Decision on Cloned Animal Meat and Dairy Products

umption of cloned animal meat products, debate as to whether or not the FDA should reconsider its decision to legally allow the selling of cloned animal meat throughout the U.S. market arises. With regards to the people who against FDA’s decision on cloned animal meat, a large number of people including the U.S. Senate and Congress made some necessary legal actions to stop the FDA from publicly announcing that it is safe to consider cloned animal meat and dairy products for human food consumption and suggest that there should be more studies that has to be conducted to ensure the health and safety of the people.Upon analyzing the point-of-view of selected author(s) of peer-reviewed journals and the journalist of a news report with regards to the cloning of animals for food purposes, valid clinical reasons behind the need to consider FDA’s approval on cloned animal meat will be provided to persuade the readers on why we should give support with such a major decision on food products.The study behind the health and safety of cloned animal products is not new to genetic engineering experts who have spent almost two decades studying the possibile health impact of cloned animal meat and dairy products on human beings. (Juskevich Guyer, 1990) Given that the cloning technology used in the production of cloned animal meat and milk is new to millions of peoplea round the world, it is unavoidable that many people would go against the decision made by the FDA with regards to the approval of selected cloned animal meat and milk products.The pilot study that was conducted by Tian et al. (2005)i revealed that there is really no significant different between the composition of meat and milk that comes from somatic animal clones and the ones that come from the traditional meat and milk supply that are available in the market today. Likewise, the same information was recently reported by Kondro (2008) and Walker et al. (2007)ii who made a comparison with regards to the

The Service Quality in Bunzl Limited from the Customers’ Perspective

It opens up a battle of supremacy between the workers’ union and the management. Watsons also has unnecessarily huge number of managers (actually 40) when the total workforce is just 200. It is impractical to have such a small company having 20 percent of the workforce at the management level. This means there is too much control and pressure towards the ordinary workers. As suggested, Managing Director Gordon Watson operates in a hands-off style where he rarely ventures in the shop-floor. It seems he has added many boxes in the chart so as to be left with little work to do. Organisational design is almost synonymous to organisational architecture. This architecture is designed to enable the company to realise its objectives as outlined in both its mission and vision. It acts as the basic infrastructure that supports all business processes and it should enable the company to take advantage of its core qualities (Triplett 2007). Watsons fails hugely also in this respect owing to the fact that it operates without a concrete mission or vision. HM Consulting is depicted as a successful company that has changed with the changing business environment by adopting better organisational structure and design. Considering its large global presence in 120 countries, the company has to have a reliable and practical organisation design and structure. Unlike Watsons, HM Consulting has more than 13,000 workers meaning that handling all of them is a daunting and tricky task. For this company to be as successful as it is today, it has employed a networked structure with project teams. Most of its operations revolve around managing projects by their engineering experts or… Managing an organisation is not easy especially when operating in an international platform. Nevertheless, this needs not be an excuse for firms’ failure to persistently produce impressive results. There are many international firms that are doing well. However, looking deeply into reasons behind either performance or lack of it, it is clear to see that a great deal lies in the way a firm is managed. Contrary to the popular believe that employees can determine failure or success of a firm, they only do so as secondary participants as they simply act as agents of the management. Therefore, when employees constantly fail to deliver the responsibility should first fall on the management. Issues like organisational design and structure, extent and nature of teamwork, approaches to leadership and management and organisational culture need to be considered and formulated carefully for an organisation to achieve meaningful positive performance on a sustainable basis.

The technology of cloning

Cloning is the phenomenon whereby an identical copy of a living creature can be created by man. The process of making a clone, a genetically identical copy. Cloning can refer to the technique of producing a genetically identical copy of an organism by replacing the nucleus of an unfertilized ovum with the nucleus of a body cell from the organism. (MedicineNet.com, 2012) The cloning technology involves asexual production of an egg which does not have nuclear material. It is mainly the artificial fusion of a non sexual cell with an egg. The resultant is the production of a younger identical organism which is the exact twin of the earlier organism. A physician Lewis Thomas terms human cloning as, Thecloning of humans is on most of the lists of things to worry about from Science, along with behavior control, genetic engineering, transplanted heads, computer poetry and the unrestrained growth of plastic flowers. (SearchQuotes, 2012) The process sounds relatively very simple but it is a hard fact that the execution of this process involve many complications. It is not only the complications in the processing that are a source of an issue. The main problems are the pre-requisites that need to be settled prior to the processing. On one hand there is a belief that cloning could be extremely beneficial for the human race and would bring cure to many untreated ailments. One the other hand, one school of thought argues that the concept of cloning is against the well being of the society and should completely be eliminated. Others even maintain that cloning could become a menace to the society if left un attended. So it should only be restricted to secret services and should only be used for the well being of the security and safety of the human race as a whole. My views on this topic are that since cloning is such an advanced technology its benefits should be hailed by every individual on this planet. Then only would it be possible to get benefitted by it as a society. When it comes to the sanctity and survival of the human race most of us readily agree that for the survival of the human race severe steps should be taken and any technology should be modified for the betterment of the entire human race and preserved so that it can be benefitted from in times of need. There are several advantages associated with cloning. Some of them are discussed as follows: The concept of human cloning is particularly of use when it comes to the handling of the matter of fertility in human beings. Any genetic defects or any accidental damage caused to genetic organisms, any genetic defects present at the time of birth, or accidental exposure to radiation or toxic substances may result in infertility. Cloning is one of the many technologies that assist in the overcoming of the problem of infertility. Around twelve million Americans are infertile at the age of child bearing. Years of medical treatment cannot result in satisfactory remedies to infertility. It is for such infertile couples that human cloning comes s a sigh of relief. With the help of cloning such couples can dream of happening their own offspring and they would not have to undergo years of continuous and painful treatments to get able to bear an offspring. The thought of having their own biological offspring, at the cost of no uneasiness and complex medical treatment at all would eventually result in the diminishing of clinical depression, inclination towards, suicide, divorce and madness among infertile individuals. A school of thought might maintain that gene therapy is present to cure

What can the HRM department contribute to the development of successful leadership within organization

Thus, paper would be broadly discussing the various elements of HR strategies that promote leadership initiatives within organization for improved performance. HRM and leadership development within organization HRM is intrinsically linked to the people and effective HR strategy is aware of the versatility in the work ideology and functioning. In the emerging challenges of the changing business equations, the organizational leadership redefines strategic goals to create versatility and flexibility of the contemporary work environment. Kotter (1995) asserts that HR strategies promote dynamic leadership which is versatile and capable of exploiting the potential of workers as per the demands of the changing situation. It therefore, helps create effective team that is capable of overcoming the barriers of cross cultural values, self interest and lack of understanding. Leadership initiatives of HRM meeting the challenges of organizational change The organizational change can broadly be defined as the ability of management to identify and incorporate the factors that increase output and improve the performance outcome of the organization. … Thus, a better informed leader is capable of taking initiative and at the same time, he is also able to inculcate confidence in his people to adapt to the changes and move forward. Leadership initiatives for HR as proactive human capital Rainey (2006) argues that changing socio economic dynamics have created a highly competitive business environment. The HRM becomes the major enabling factor for leadership initiatives that encourages dynamic strategies and innovative thinking for competitive advantage. Thus, managerial and organizational leadership perspectives become highly critical factors within the wider goals and objectives of the business paradigms. . Commitment to work and loyalty towards employers is considerably increased when the employees are provided scope of enhancing their professional skills and competencies through in-house training and development. Samsung is exemplary example of HRM which has promoted organizational leadership by utilizing its human resource as capital investment. The company focused on its strategy of developing research and engineering skills so that it could improve and improvise innovatively on the electrical and digital products of Sony, Phillips, Matsushita and Nokia. It encourages competition amongst the group for innovation and sends potential employees to foreign universities for higher academic qualification. It helps to indigenously develop and foster expert team for improved business performance (Siegel and Chang, 2009). HR leadership that promotes diversity and human competency In the fast evolving environment of multicultural societies, diversity has become intrinsic part of

Modern Architecture and Modernity

Modernists in architecture ignored existing material, eliminating them on the basis that they were outdated and impediments to true creativity and progress. The architecture of Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) is acclaimed for its distinctive nature and farsightedness. He is renowned as an American visionary, and an intellecutal of our times. The architect is a key innovator of the twentieth century in the fields of designing, architecture, engineering, invention, and philosophy (Gorman 2005). The other contemporary architect in this study is Oscar Niemeyer (born 1907) the Brazilian modernist, whose creativity aimed at reflecting his country’s progress. Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the theme of Progress in the modernist work of the two architects Buckminster Fuller and Oscar Niemeyer. A detailed examination of three buildings created by each architect, and of their concepts of progress in building the future of cities, will be done. BUCKMINSTER FULLER’S DEPICTION OF PROGRESS IN MODERNIST ARCHITECTURE Buckminster Fuller’s architecture based on modernism was distinctive in style. He invented the geodesic dome and the octet truss, as well as a wide range of other paradigm-shifting machines and structural systems (Levine, Chaisuparasmikul, Yanarella et al, 2011). He was particularly interested in high-strength-to-weight designs with a minimum of material creating the maximum of utility. His designs, and various principles including his engineering philosophy based on the trimtab principle, are progressive and intended to create a sustainable and modern urban landscape. Even today, contemporary high-tech design aesthetics are based on Fuller’s designs and engineering principles. The architect’s philosophical analogy of being a Trim Tab or mover of big ships, for improving the way the world works is a unique one. A trim tab is a small rudder used to turn the larger rudder of big ships, offering tremendous leverage in terms of steering and changing the direction of the ship (Gabel Walker 2006). Thus, the trim tab, according to Buckminster Fuller is a powerful metaphor for effective individual leadership, denoting that small and appropriate interventions are capable of leading to large-scale and profound progress. Fuller followed the principle of the trim tab in his own work, producing crucial innovations to aid further architectural developments. Fuller’s Philosophical Vision Related to Mobile Homes Among Buckminster Fuller’s innovative architectural projects are his mass produced homes, and transportable mobile houses as well as geodesic domes. For example, his geodesic domes have actually been airlifted by military helicopters. His buildings were characterized by their light weight and self sufficiency which facilitated travel, and could thereby cause tranformation in human behavior. The mobility and change of places would help people rid themselves of self-created boundaries between various regions, and other differentiations and discriminations, as well as help them achieve a more secular future of global unity (Gorman 2005). Buckminster Fuller’s prime goal was to design and construct an autonomous and practical individual home that could be transported by helicopter wherever the owner wished to move. This pertained to Fuller’s decision to make the world work for one hundred percent of humanity, in the shortest

Risk Management Processes

Risk has been known to be unavoidable. as a result, every individual and organisation needs to ensure that they manage risk to a level which is tolerable or acceptable depending on its risk appetite. Resources available for managing risk are finite. Therefore, individuals, entities and organizations should strive to achieve an optimum response to risk, prioritised according to an evaluation of the risks. Risk Management There has been various definition of risk management. Eppler and Aeschimann (2008) defined risk management as ‘an effective method that is critical in minimizing hurting effects of risks and optimizing the benefits of risky situations’. Risk management can be deduced to mean taking measures that are defined and should be able to reduce the potential risky results of specific action in various socio-political and economic climates. Identifying, analyzing, minimizing and monitoring risk is the very essence of risk management. Risk management is the process of helping organisations and managers make the best use of resources available to them given unpredictable situations. When organisations apply risk management, they address systematically the risks that face their events and processes. The ultimate goal of managing risks is to achieve augmented benefit across portfolio of their activities (IRM, 2002). Risk management process entails activities aimed at assessing risk, and engaging in activities that help reduce risk to levels that are acceptable and able to maintain the level of risk. Eventually, an organisation would ensure that risks are analyzed in relation to existing potential benefits, putting into consideration existing alternatives, and, finally, implementing the best course of action according to management goals. Risk management involves the process of risk analysis that studies people’s interactions and various risks in relation to their surroundings. It is believed that humans are responsible for creating risks while at the same time bearing its burdens or at the same time assume both roles in their quest of trying to reduce personal risks. In any organisation, risk analyses that are effective should be able to involve all relevant fields including social science, natural science and engineering (Fischhoff, 2005). Risk management is known to be different in many organisations depending on its size, type, outcomes, the purpose of their existence and the role they play especially in delivering goods or services. Organisations that exist in the private sector main purpose is mainly directed towards enhancement of shareholder value. at the same time organisations in the public sector main objective is to deliver services for the benefit of the public. Whatever the type and purpose of the organisation, achieving and delivering their objectives is surrounded by uncertainty that would bring about threats to success at the same time provide opportunities for increasing success. Risk management consists of the process of analyzing and interpreting risk, at the same time, it also involves the process of identifying and analysing details and level of formation of systems. The subject also includes the process of collecting and analyzing data on different component of risk and finally, interpreting the Risk Assessment output. In risk management, risk mitigation involves the selection and implementation of security controls to reduce

Business Development in Engineering Sector

Sales and marketing are intertwined with financial and personnel management. It also involves defining goals and outcomes before the product development process. This calls for an acute understanding of customer expectations. Research shows that the mastery of technological and scientific disciplines is not enough to deal with the market dynamics of a technologically driven economy. There have been profound implications in the technologically driven global economy. Developing business in the sector requires engineers capable of working in different cultures and with knowledge of the dynamics of the global markets. The distinction between collaboration and competition in the sector continues to blur. Therefore, new perspectives must be developed to build competitiveness in the sector. High-quality engineering services are being developed in countries with cheap labor (Rob, 2002). The aim is to lower the costs of labor. Developed countries like the United States have been forced to look for cheaper labor to compete with China and India. Contemporary business development practices demand that interdisciplinary strategies be used to attract potential customers, develop quality products and other stakeholders (Annacchino, 2007). Modern engineering practice is bound to shift from the conservative approach of market ting and service delivery. The engineering sector is calling for the innovative solution with involving cultural, social, ethical and environmental issues. Modern engineers rarely take the leadership positions in business issues (Haaf et al, 2002). The knowledge-intensive business society demands engineers with knowledge concerning the marketplace and how to develop technical solutions that are responsive to the needs of society. The culture in developed countries, the free-market, and demographic values offer a conducive environment for technological innovation. Business development in the engineering sector shall involve empowering engineers with sales and marketing skills (Annacchino, 2007). Brand dynamics must be understood in the sector (Rob, 2002). Technical engineers are product developers. They should be in a position to understand the market needs and competitiveness of services and products. Adding value in the engineering sector shall entail giving them the skills on developing competitive products, understanding market needs, responding to the consumer expectation and means of sales (Haaf et al, 2002). This demands increased creativity, innovation and communication skills. The construction industry can develop competitive designs that address consumer concerns. This involves ensuring the stakeholders deliver quality in the construction process. There has been a long-standing conflict between marketing and engineering (Haaf et al, 2002). The conflict is being addressed through integration, commercializing of products and establishing successful development processes (Annacchino, 2007). This demands support from management to ensure products are developed in an integrated process. This marketing process takes into consideration the personality differences and capabilities of the manufacturing personnel. Knowledge management is the use of strategies to identify, distribute, and adopt experiences and insights beneficial to an engineering organization (Rob, 2002). An increasing number of engineers are acquiring marketing knowledge (Rainey, 2006).

Building Construction Site Constraints

Geotechnical engineering is basically concerned with the behavior of rocks and soil present at any specific area. The fields of study included in geotechnical engineering are rock mechanics, soil mechanics, and design of the foundation. Geotechnical engineering is of extreme importance in site development and plays a great role in designing the foundation of a building. Rowe (2001) found that the engineers study the behavior of soil and rocks in order to determine their chemical and physical properties which are necessary to be investigated before designing the foundations of a building. Then based on the investigations the engineer’s design a soil stabilization system in order to overcome the identified problems.Geotechnical engineers start the design process by taking soil samples from the land on which the building is to be constructed in order to determine the environmental impact of the soil. Other factors that are investigated during the tests include soil stability, chemical properties of soil, and the presence of air pockets in the soil. The result of these tests acts as the foundation for the site development because the tests not only reveal the soil behavior but also help in finding suitable solutions to the identified problems. The results are used to design suitable foundations for the building which is to be developed on that site. The complexity of the design of the foundations depends on the condition of the soil. Day (2000) asserts that if the condition of the soil is found normal, the foundation’s design will also be simple but in case the soil is found unstable then the design of the foundation will be complex. Geotechnical engineering not only involves designing the foundations for the buildings but also it is involved in designing the earth support structures which play a supporting role in the construction of roads, dams, and tunnels. Sullivan (2010) asserts that contamination is the making of some clean environment impure by contact or mixture with some substance that is impure or unclean.

Products Liability

Company description The Ford Motor Company is one of the leading manufacturers of vehicles and has a strong position in the global automotive market. The company widely engages in the development, manufacturing, distribution and service of vehicles, parts and their accessories. Ford corporate philosophy of stable improvement powerfully contributes to its immense achievement. The company endeavors to enhance its car products to appeal to its customers both buyers and potential buyers. At present, it concentrates on an advanced generation of consumers and creating stronger ties with this youthful market. As a result of its novel strategy, Ford has created a new line of vehicles, targeting the generation of cool and Ford main competitors include Toyota motor Company and GM motors (Steering Committee on Product Liability and Innovation, National Academy of Engineering, 2004). The product safety issue that led to the lawsuit Ford Motor Company was recently involved in an accident involving a 15 passenger Ford F-350 Econoline Van. Information shows that the van skidded off northbound interstate 5 in Kern County after the tread separated on its rear right tire. It becomes evident that evidence from the trial testified that the Ford officials had earlier on been contacted by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and knew that the product was defective, but the company officials never made any effort to conduct its dealers or its customers. Further evidence also shows that one of the men killed in the rollover was not wearing a seat belt during the accident. The panel also found that it would not have mattered in a crash in which the van rolled over four times while travelling at 70 miles per hour. Ford was then assessed with 59 percent comparative fault. It was also assessed $50,000,000 in punitive damages as a result of the accident (Steering Committee on Product Liability and Innovation, National Academy of Engineering, 2004). The legal theories used by the plaintiff to recover in this lawsuit, how the lawsuit was resolved, and why you agree with the decision in the case The legal theory applied in the above case is product liability and negligence. The theory states that any injuries, death or any loss which may be as a result of a person or entity’s negligence to fulfill any legal duty owed to another may be responsible for the act. These injuries are based on the legal theory of product liability and negligence and for one to establish a legal claim for negligence, it is required that the plaintiff must show that the defendant had a legal duty, the defendant breached that duty and this breach was the proximate cause of the plaintiff injuries and the plaintiff was injured or even damaged in one way or the other. While laws may differ from state to state, deaths or injuries may be imposed for negligence (Birsch Fielder, 2004). For instance, Kristi D. Roofer one of the plaintiffs sued the company over the manufacturers who sold the van which was involved in that accident as Ford failed to establish that no genuine issue of material fact exists. The lawsuit argues that the vehicle was defective and unreasonably dangerous and ultimately caused the death of the passengers. The defendant is accused of negligence for failing to design and manufacture a crashworthy vehicle and with proper seat belts to reduce accident deaths

Data Warehousing in Healthcare

The need to store information for both historical and strategic reasons inspired many companies to acquire IT-based infrastructure to maintain the records. The main reason for this was the increased efficiency that IT-based systems brought to the organizations. The idea of pooling a large amount of information to allow for research and reorganization refers to data warehousing. The concept is as old as the ancient libraries. However, the tools for data storage are no longer large tomes of papyrus and paper, but IT based databases.The setting up of data warehouses is not a preserve of any specific company. In fact, data warehouses have components made by different manufacturers. A consultant, usually a systems engineer, designs, and sets up a data warehouse for different clients based on their needs (Hyatt, 2007). In this sense, a data warehouse is not a product, but a system designed using components from different manufacturers. To illustrate this point, a data warehouse resembles an engineering product designed by an engineer but constructed using equipment made by other manufacturers.The physical components of the data warehouse include computers, servers, and network equipment such as routers, hubs, and cabling. These components provide the physical interface that represents the data warehouse. Depending on the type of data warehouse, the equipment will have ratings that match the needs of the institution. Other elements that constitute the hardware for the data warehouse include power supply equipment such as Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) units, power cables, power adapters and surge protection devices. These elements ensure that the warehouse has the reliable power supply.The software that operates data warehouses is largely database software.

A study into the effectiveness of existing cycle lane Effect of cycle lanes at priority junction

However, I would like to show my appreciation to these people. First of all I would like to thank my project supervisor, Dr SaadYousif for all the help, guidance and support throughout the project period. I would also to like to thank Mr Ralph Henson and Dr SaadYousif for the help and the useful information which they provided during the course of MSc Transport Engineering and Planning in regards to carrying out the surveys and the statistical analysis. I would like also to thank my family for their support in the difficult moments and for helping on the practical side of the surveys. Finally, I would like to express my appreciation to my girlfriend Demetra Christodoulou for being next to me in this difficult and stressful period. Table of Contents Chapter 1 – Introduction 1 1.1 Introduction 1 1.2 Aims 2 1.3 Objectives 2 1.4 Project Outline 3 1.4.1 Chapter 1 3 1.4.2 Chapter 2: Literature Review and Related Theory 3 1.4.3 Chapter 3: Data Collection and Surveys Methodology 3 1.4.4 Chapter 4: Analysis 4 1.4.5 Chapter 5: Summary-conclusion and Recommendation for further work 4 Chapter 2: Literature Review – Related Theory 5 2.1 Levels of use – Cycling in our days 5 2.1.1 United Kingdom 5 2.1.2 Comparison among different countries 7 2.2 Problems faced by cyclists 10 2.2.1 On-street parking 12 2.2.2 Integration of bicycle and public transport 13 2.2.3 Pavement surface quality 13 2.2.4 Drainage inlet grates 13 2.2.5 Cycle facilities problems 13 2.3 Possible solutions for the problems 13 2.3.1 Coherence 14 2.3.2 Comfort 14 2.3.3 Attractiveness 14 2.3.4 Directness 15 2.3.5 Safety 15 2.3.6 Further solutions for the problems faced by cyclists 16 2.4 The Benefits of Increasing Cycling 18 2.4.1 Health 18 2.4.2 Social Inclusion and Quality of Life 19 2.4.3 Low Polluting 19 2.4.4 Economic 19 2.5 The cyclists 20 2.6 Cycle user types-Characteristics 21 2.7 Cycle facilities forms – Cycle lanes innovations at junctions 22 2.7.1 Cycle facilities forms 22 2.7.2 Cycle Lane Innovations 24 2.8 Critical Comparison of Design Standards between United Kingdom, Cyprus and United States of America 26 2.8.1 Cycle lane at intersections 27 2.8.2 Comparison of cycle lane facilities widths between different countries 28 2.9 Bicycle –Car Collisions 29 2.11 Driver Reactions at Priority Intersections – Gap and Lag Acceptance 32 Chapter 3: Data Collection and Survey Methodology 33 3.1 Introduction 33 3.2 Scope of Data Collection 33 3.3 Health and Safety Issues 34 3.4 Selection of Site – Site Specifications 34 3.5 Data Collection Methods 37 3.5.1 Speed radar gun (How is work) 38 3.5.2 Video and Speed survey 39 3.5.3 Geometrical Layout 40 3.5.4 Other features of the site 40 3.6 Limitations-Related problems with the data 41 Chapter 4: Data Analysis – Audit of Cycle infrastructure 43 4.1 Introduction 43 4.2 Audit of Cycle Infrastructure 43 4.2.1 Signing and Marking 44 4.2.2 Surfacing/Pavement 45 4.2.3 Parked vehicles conflict 46 4.2.4 Cycle Parking 47 4.2.5 Drainage 47 4.2.6 Lighting 48 4.2.7 Summary of the results 48 4.3 Vehicle Speeds in major road 49 4.4. Traffic Flow in Major/Minor Road 51 4.4.1 Traffic flow on major road 53 4.4.2 Traffic flow on minor road 55 4.5 Types of Vehicle at Priority Junction 57 4.6 Motor/Pedal cycle

Article Review

Health related issues are under constant research and scrutiny. In order to present a point of view regarding health it is imperative to present it with proper data. Many articles are published in different journals, magazines and newspapers regarding health. It is difficult to keep track of all and it is equally difficult for the writers to get the attention of the readers. In order to be a good article it is necessary for the writer to present facts and figure in as simple language as possible. The article under review was authored by Peter P. Egeghy, Rogelio Tornero-Velez, and Stephen M. Rappaport, who are part of the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at the School of Public Health, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. The study, entitled Environmental and Biological Monitoring of Benzene during Self-Service Automobile Refueling, was an attempt to quantify benzene exposure and uptake in the general public. The purpose of the article is to create awareness among the people regarding Benzene exposure. It is a serious public health concern but the data regarding the health hazards are not available. It is also an attempt to educate the people how to avoid exposure to Benzene. The writers have presented their arguments in logical sequence. They are able to support their arguments with facts and figures. In order to obtain these facts the authors have adopted the self-administered monitoring technique. First of all they have discussed the amount of Benzene and its source. After this they have discussed about the effects of Benzene and how people are exposed to it. They have selected people most exposed to the Benzene and provided them with kits for collection of data. The details of the kit are given in order to make the study authentic and reliable. The writers have also compared the kits used in the study with other kits. They have conducted their study during July 1998 and March 1999 and samples were collected in three different seasons excluding winter season. The details about the subjects are also given in order to make the study more reliable and trustworthy. For making data more reliable the repeated measurements were taken. The process of conditioning the data and analysis are mentioned in detail. This detail includes the usage of different procedures and different apparatuses at different levels. This detail is supported by giving data in tables and charts. These details are helpful for experts and students. They also give authentication to the study. Form this writers come to the result obtained after the procedures adopted. First they give the sampling rate of Benzene in passive monitors used during the kit. Then they have given the detail of CO2 content in breath samples. The writers have also shown the data for the stability of the samples and the concentration level. After this the writers have mentioned about the variations among subjects and within subject. This is followed by the quantity of Benzene in breath and Benzene exposure. This is followed by the evaluation and estimate of the study by the writers. Under the heading of discussion the writers have discussed different aspects of their study and compared it with other conventional studies. They have acknowledged the fact that their study was simple but remarkably the results they have found are very close to other studies conducted. This portion is important as here the writers have

The UK Multimedia Industry

Opportunities are also available for the self-employed. Terms and conditions for employees are described and illustrated with an example of a real multimedia designer on the job. The application process is mentioned and both general and technical requirements are detailed. Qualifications are usually a concern with most jobs but as we shall see, there are many opportunities for those with lower qualifications, and there are alternative routes into the industry and scope for training. The importance of demonstrating practical experience is highlighted in particular. Finally, indications of the future of the industry point out that this industry is relatively safe and likely to grow as is the demand for multimedia professionals.Opportunities have expanded largely due to broadband access, requirements for embedded software, and the large UK games industry. According to AGCS, digital security and online services are likely to see major growth.The main providers of jobs for multimedia professionals are software houses, broadcasters, animation studios, consultancies, educational institutions, music and entertainment industries, and computer game manufacturers. Examples of work that multimedia professionals engage in are software engineering, sound engineering, designing multimedia systems, graphic design, web design, video production, game design, systems management, 2D/3D computer animation, and making print or disk media.The above are all specialist technical or creative skills. In addition, the multimedia industry like other businesses involves people in management, marketing, advertising, electronics, telecommunications, accounting, public relations, publishing, training, journalism, technical writing, scriptwriting, research etc. Thus there are opportunities in many other related fields too.

Resolution of disputes by subcontractors through arbitration in FIDIC construction

If there is any delay beyond the deadline, it may cause financial losses to the employer and hence, he may claim damages from the contractor for the losses suffered due to late completion of the construction project. To avoid this , most of the construction contract forms will include a provision for the parties to the contract to agree upon on monthly or weekly or on a daily basis for delay due to the contactor which is known as liquidated and ascertained damages .(LAD). The main objective of LADs is to notify the employer’s prerogative to claim damages for the infringement of a condition by a contractor to finish the work within the deadline1. Unprecedented scenarios are unavoidable element of every construction contract. … ld (D B) or an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contract, which is a contractual arrangement thereby imposing the entire accountability for construction and design of the work on a contractor. The phrase turnkey refers that after the finishing up the work, the contractor is only hand over the key to the owner or the employer to start the operations of the constructed project2. Delays in construction contracts can be classified as excusable or non-excusable. Excusable delay means a delay which may justify an prolongation of performance of contract’s time and some examples of excusable delays are unpredictable weather, changes initiated by the employer, issues with the project designs, acts of god, delays in receiving equipments, which is supplied by the owner, varying or differing work-site conditions, delay due to awarding of contract and labour disputes. If the main contractor is eligible to claim time extension due to unpredictable weather conditions, subcontractor may be also eligible to claim time extension if the subcontract contains a flow down clause thereby obligating the conditions in the main contract which is automatically applicable to the subcontract also and as it includes an analogues excusable delay provisions3. Under the non-excusable delay, the contractor bears the risk of outcome and cost, not only for himself but also for the resulting effect on the others like subcontractors also. Due to mismanagement, a main contractor may encounter delays, which will also the delay the work done by the subcontractor. In such cases, the main contractor may be accountable to the subcontractors but not to the employer. The notion of non-excusable delay is employed chiefly as a shield to turn down the request for claims for


Shield Volcano c. Dome Volcano d. Ash-Cinder e. Composite f. Caldera 5. Volcanoes in history and culture ii. disasters type 1 1. Impact on environment, 2. Impact economy 3. Impact people iii. disasters type 2 1. Impact on environment, 2. Impact economy 3. Impact people iv. Solutions proposed by the questions: privatization III. Volcano – Business Opportunities a. Prior eruption i. Geothermal 1. Historical use a. Refuge b. Balenology 2. Common use a. geothermal (ground-source) heat pumps (GHP b. bathing/swimming/spas c. space heating (including district heating d. aquaculture e. agriculture 3. Mechanism a. intrusion of molten rock (magma) b. high surface heat flow c. Heated groundwater 4. Environmental effects a. Emissions b. Noise c. Water use d. Land use e. Impact on natural phenomena, wildlife and vegetation ii. Tourism 1. Types of tourists a. Tours b. Students c. Adventurous 2. Visitors motivations a. Part of the tour, not a specific interests b. Sports c. Photography d. Scientific observation 3. The demand for volcano and geothermal tourism 4. Risk management a. Education i. Volcano in it self ii. Emergency actions b. To have qualified guides c. International safety guideline 5. Study case: Galapagos Islands, Volcanoes and wildlife a. Introduction, Location b. Geophysical aspect and history of activity c. Tourism d. Risk factors e. Risk management b. Post eruption i. lava mining 1. Study Case: Merapi Indonesia a. Stone property and use for sculpture b. Advantages ii. Agriculture: fertility of soil 1. Earth Properties 2. Economic impact 3. Study cases iii. Ashes business 1. Product tools 2. Transportation IV. Disasters type 1: tornado, hurricane, tsunami – Business Opportunities a. Domains of need and wants: i. Food ii. shelter iii. utilities iv. financing, v. work force planning vi. housing, security vii. communication and information technology viii. medical ix. transportation x. Insurance V. Disaster type 2: fire and floods – Business Opportunities a. Soil fertility b. Reconstruction VI. Discussion a. Reminding question and hypothesis. i. What are the business opportunities in a volcano ii. That I must be limited because we don’t really hear about it and it is not used much iii. The research about the subject refuted the hypothesis. b. GEOTHERMAL AND FINDINGS i. According to findings geothermal is been used but mostly in Europe and US ii. Why? iii. East African- findings-potential area to exploit iv. Problem developed and developing country and renewable energy c. GEOTOURISM AND FINDINGS i. Unexpected finding. Geotourism is quite developed. d. SOIL FERTILITY AND ASHESAND Findings i. Ashes have many consequences 1. Soil fertility, the nutriments, that is why we find lots of people surrounding volcanic areas 2. Beauty tool 3. Problems related to ashes a. Lava mining b. Explain why it doesn’t figure in the paper 4. Limited relevant work citied a. Depth of the explanation is very high/ engineering level b. Potential research VII. Conclusion a. Limitation of the subject b. Not new but not developed concept c. Clear business opportunities i. The impact of these opportunities. How the can influence our world and create a better place Introduction: Natural resources seem to be the epicenter of multiple problems. Different geographical locations on the globe possess different potentials in terms of natural resources. Naturally people will tend to exploit areas where they will gain more productivity with minimum investment

The impact of increasing environmental concerns on the operation of aircraft and the aircraft maintenance industry

Noise pollution affects the people the most, the major side affect of the problem among a number of other aircraft operations and maintenance problems, compelling governments to reconsider the cost of mobility, economic growth and safety of their people. Airport expansion plans have suffered a set back because of increasing environmental impact on air quality, water quality and community noise (Waitz et al., 2004). Discussion Airport operations that affect environment include a number of functions such as the operation of aircraft, maintenance of airport and passenger vehicles and airport ground service equipment (GSE), cleaning and maintenance function, deicing and anti-icing of aircraft and airfields, fuelling and fuel storage of aircraft and other ground transport besides airport facility maintenance functions and airport construction (Luther, 2007). Airport authorities must consent to enforce environmental mitigation initiatives before asking permission for expansion of the airport from the local and state bodies. Community concern has shelved many expansion projects because of issues related to environment. Aviation related environment regulations have been in force from many years but these regulatory compliance issues have become very touchy to be implemented because of ever-increasing air travel. With the addition of new compliance needs airport operations have got transformed with huge investment needed and change in operation processes. Certain crucial issues have emerged due to noise pollution, changes in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations concerning aircraft and airfield deicing operations, changes to EPA regulations on oil spill preventive measures and state and local agency directives to inspect and manage air pollution, particularly harmful air pollutants (Luther, 2007). According to the Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board (ASEB, 2000), the aviation industry needs to look crucial current and future environmental issues such as: takeoff and approach noise causing various technology related issues for subsonic and supersonic aircraft flyover noise emerging from moderate speed and height in noiseless areas sonic booms and hyper booms caused by thermo-spherical refraction and reduced noise volume remains of sonic booms taxi and engine run-up noise fuel venting and fuel dumping emission of CO, hydrocarbons, and NOx in the airport area (below 3,000 feet) formation of vapour trail emissions of CO2 emissions in the upper troposphere and stratosphere from both subsonic and supersonic aircraft of water vapour, NOx, sulphur particles and carbon particles possibility for greenhouse effects and reduction in stratospheric ozone International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO, 2011) has defined the issue related to environmental concerns stating that emissions of aircraft engines are like any other emissions caused by fossil fuel burning but the difference between both types of emissions is that aircraft emissions are extra-ordinary as a good chunk is released at a height. Crucial environment concerns get raised for emissions’ worldwide impact, affecting the local air quality on the surface. As per the Special Report on Aviation and the Global Atmosphere published in 1999, the gases and particles released by the aircraft change the atmospheric density of greenhouse gases,

Case study about The Body Shop &amp

L’occitaneThis is where design comes in as before a manager does any action, he will have to reflect on the intentions and then design an intervention or strategy, including structure and system. This will be useful in getting things done at the right time and at the right price (van Aken, in Huff et al, 2006). In addition, van Aken (Huff et al, 2006) suggested that academic management research as a design science develops valid knowledge to support organizational problem-solving (p 413). It provides direct, indirect or instrumental support as well as general enlightenment (van Aken, in Huff et al, 2006). The design sciences have been juxtaposed against natural or explanatory sciences and design sciences aim to develop knowledge to support the creation of solutions to field problems experienced by professionals such as in the medicine and engineering fields. This paper will try to identity the design process undertaken by The Body Shop L’Occitane as a tool for corporate development and provide comparison and contrast on their communication, clarification, confirmation, and evaluation process. The research method to be used shall be evaluation of communication materials, research on published data, and other materials that will determine the objectives of this paper. 1. Introduction into the two brands history The Body Shop Acquired by cosmetics giant L’Oreal in 2006, the Body Shop was founded by Anita Roddick who had the aim to conduct business as a force of good which profit will not compromise principles (The Body Shop, 2009). The first The Body Shop store was opened in 1976 in Brighton, United Kingdom. It introduced ethical shopping by promoting health and well-being through innovative products that were not tested on animals, did not destroy the environment, and did not exploit the people who made them (The Body Shop, 2009). This was achieved through use of natural and traditional ingredients and recipes such as the babassu oil from Brazil by community people who are marginalised. Today, the Body Shop is globally known for its nature-inspired and ethically produced beauty and cosmetic products. It now has more than 2,500 stores in more than 60 countries with a product range exceeding 1,200. The Body Shop (2009) states that The Body Shop We believe there is only one way to be beautiful, nature’s way. The company sought out wonderful natural ingredients from all four corners of the globe then brought consumers products that burst with effectiveness to enhance natural beauty. The company also strives to protect the planet and the people who depend on it not because it is fashionable but because it is the only way (The Body Shop, 2009). It went on to state The Body Shop: Sustainable Design for The Body Shop which hopes to achieve a natural balance of sustainability and beauty. The context of which is to support and amplify its new brand positioning, Nature’s Way to Beautiful, evolve its existing retail formula for the launch of a premium, eco-friendly concept store in Singapore. The challenge is to evolve the brand’s retail formula specifically for their flagship outlet at Singapore’s newest premium mall—Ion Orchard with the aims: to enhance the brand’s beauty, but also reduce the environmental footprint of The Body Shop stores. Proposed solution has been to showcase eco-conscious retail design, employing sustainable materials and

The US Trade Deficit

The US Trade Deficit OUTLINE Introduction US trade deficits Causes of US trade deficits Importation of petroleum products Protectionism Remedies I. Introduction In January 13, 2012, the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis and the United States Census Bureau, through the department of Commerce, reported the total exports in November as 177.8 billion dollars and total imports as 225.6 billion dollars for the month of November 2011, resulting to a trade deficit of 47.8 billion dollars (BEA). This was an increment of approximately 4.6 billion dollars from October the same year. The value of the US trade deficit is positive when the total services and goods imported by the US exceed the total services and goods it exports. This trade deficit on the part of the US has a huge significance o the country’s economy, as the nation is among the most significant countries that engage in international trade. The main exports from the country include industrial supplies, feed and beverages, machinery and equipment, motor vehicles and parts, aircrafts and parts, non-auto consumer goods among others (BEA). Among the imports of the country, include fuel, non-fuel industrial supplies, production equipment, and machinery. The major trade nations include the European Union, Japan, Mexico, Canada, and China. II. Causes The causes of the US trade deficit lay in the importation of petroleum products and consumer products and autos (Jackson, 2011). The nation’s dependence on foreign oil products is the main driving force of the trade deficit. Importation of petroleum-related products by the US in 2010 was 252 billion dollars, higher from 188 billion dollars in 2009. Worth noting is that the number of barrels imported in these two years is about the same, but the average yearly prices of a barrel rose to 75 dollars form 57 dollars in 2009 (Pitz, 2011). Some of the petroleum-related products include natural gas, fuel oil, crude oil, and other distillates like kerosene. The other major cause of the trade deficit is the importation of consumer products. These products include clothing, furniture, household goods, drugs, and consumer electronics. The available detailed data indicate that the nation imported 253 billion dollars while exporting only 150billion dollars worth of consumer products, thus running a deficit of 103 billion dollars in 2009 (BEA). This was an increase from previous years, even despite the inflation and declining dollar. The automotive sector is also another contributor of US trade deficit, with a recorded deficit of 79 billion dollars through the importation of 160 billion dollars of auto parts, cars, and trucks while exporting only 81 billion dollars in 2009 (Jackson, 2011). Nonetheless, the US excels in exportation of services, with a recorded surplus of 148.7 billion in 2009 (US Congress, 2010). The US trade deficits are bad for the overall economy of the country. A consistent trade deficit means that the country’s budget gets finance from debts. This simply means that the US may buy more than it can produce since the other countries lend it the money. A better understanding of the scenario is to consider a party where a drinks supplier is willing to send more drinks and put the bill on your name. However, this may only continue as long as the drinks supplier is able to loan you the money and when there are no other customers. The moment the drinks supplier asks for the money owed, the party crashes. The decline of the value of the dollar also contributes to the trade deficit. Since the dollar has been declining by an average of 40% for the past five years, then it means that the US-made services and goods are approximately 40% cheaper for European and other countries, thus giving the US companies a competitive edge resulting in more exports (US Congress, 2010). Unfortunately, the recent recession has neutralized this advantage, thus the exports recoded a decline of 1.8 trillion in 2008 to 1.6 trillion in 2009, with a similar effect on the imports. Worth noting is the fact that petroleum products are priced in dollars, thus as the dollar decline the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) increment the petroleum prices to maintain revenues (Jackson, 2011). With the heavy dependence on petroleum products, the US cannot escape the trade deficit. III. Protectionism The US trade deficit has negative impacts on the competitiveness of the nation’s economy. The importations of goods and services over long periods mean that the companies in the US lose the expertise and plants for the production of those products (Pitz, 2011). Lose of competition then translates to declining standards of living and lower quality jobs. Protectionism is not really a remedy for trade deficit. Even such a high trade deficit as recorded in November 2011 will not hurt the economy if they are invested for enhancement of future US production, unless the debts are used to finance the excessive consumption behaviors. IV. Remedies From a personal perspective, there are other policy options to counter the deficit, the first being exchange rate intervention for Japan and China, the countries that maintain huge trade surplus. In addition, the G8 or G7 countries need to incorporate China into the block. The Asian financial crisis resulted from the 1994 China’s devaluation, and thus expansion of the US trade deficit (Pitz, 2011). The major Asian currencies devalued in order to counter the Chinese aggressive export promotion and exchange rate, but the US did not follow suit, thus the accumulation of the trade deficit. Another policy may be to protect the essential manufacturing sections. Despite lack of factors indicating decline in industrial production, countries like China are becoming industrial giants. The US government needs to nurture the RD and engineering sector to stay ahead of the rising Middle Eastern countries like Japan and China. Reference BEA. U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services November 2011. Retrieved on January 2, 2012, from http://www.bea.gov/newsreleases/international/trade/tradnewsrelease.htm Jackson, J. (2011). The US Trade Deficit, the Dollar, and the Price of Oil. Congressional Research Service. Darby, PA: Diane Publishing Co. Pitz, K. (2011). The U.S. Trade Deficit: A View from Europe: An Evaluation for the Trade Deficit Review Commission of the U.S. Congress. Tennessee: General Books. US Congress House of Representatives. (2010). The US Trade Deficit: Are We Trading Our Future? South Carolina: BiblioBazaar.

Genetically Modified Food/Organisms

It was developed as a better version of the normal regular tomatoes which are harvested when they are green, firm and are not completely flavorful. Thus the concept of genetic engineering and the resultant GM foods resulted in more foods including the soybean, corn, canola, and cotton seed oil. By 2003, countries that grew GM crops and the resultant GM food items increased sizably, with United States growing around 63% of GM followed by Argentina (21%), Canada (6%), Brazil (4%), etc.(Butcher). Genetic engineering and the recombinant DNA technology concepts were established as form of improvement and develop products including agricultural food products, which cannot be achieved through the regular farming practices or traditional cross-breeding and hybridization techniques. But still the concept underwent controversies over wide range of issues including health concerns for the humans, ecological imbalance, food safety, gene flow into the non-genetically engineered crops, etc., thus prompting interests as well as concerns about it. However, when viewed from another perspective, it is being said that lack of proper knowledge about the concepts and the reluctance to accept the change added more ‘fire’ up to the issue. … Many children in the U.S and Europe have developed life-threatening allergies to peanuts and other foods. (Park). On those lines, the genetically modified food materials such as the milk, eggs, wheat, fish, peanuts, soybeans and shellfish are alleged to contain specific proteins which can cause over 90 percent of the food allergies. In addition, Maghari and Ardekani (112) state how due to the use of GM foods, food borne diseases such as soya allergies have increased over the past 10 years in USA and UK, and how Bacillus thuringiensis corn expresses an allergenic protein which alters overall immunological reactions in the body. Hence the FDA has enacted measures to prevent such circumstances by regulating the GM food producers to present the scientific evidence that they have not incorporated any allergic substances. In addition, there have been reports that genetically engineered potato caused severe damage in the intestinal tract of the human beings. This is due to the incorporation of a product called lectin which is considered to be toxic to mammals. Thus, GM foods are proven to have unexpected allergic reactions and risks against environment and human health (Kayabasi and Mucan 54). The major arguments in favor of GM foods include the increased crop production, pest or disease resistance varieties, and enhancement in the nutrition level of the food products. Growing GM foods such as B.t. corn can help eliminate the application of chemical pesticides and reduce the cost of bringing a crop to market. (Park). Federici (515) validates this point by stating GM foods leads to decreased pesticide use, increased vitamin content, increased crop yields, and that they have great

Progressive Period

The researcher states that during the progressive period several people stand steadily to find solutions of the problems, that were faced by America and these people were called as Progressive people. The progressive people worked to create awareness among the general public regarding different problems like alcohol abuse, child labour, food purity and government corruption etc. As a result of evolving public awareness then government had to pass several laws and acts to solve the problems of the people. The progressive movement was mainly aimed at eliminating corruption within the city government with the help of prohibition that worked for the destruction of political power of the local bosses that used to be based in saloons. The activists also worked for the promotion of women’s suffrage and eventually purer female vote was brought into the arena. During the progressive era efforts were also made to achieve high productivity and efficiency in different sectors by fostering modernization process. There were different scientific, economic, medical and engineering solutions invented during this era to support the performance of different sectors. The progressive movement was initiated at local level during the early stages, however soon it was expanded and spread to the national and state levels as well. It was also discussed how the progressive people had great support from the middle class and many lawyers, teachers. physicians became the supporters of the progressive movement. … As a part of application of the scientific methods it was realized that the old fashioned ways of running the economics, industries and government are highly inefficient and waste the time and resources. To avoid this wastage the progressive movement worked for adaptation of different policies like banking laws that resulted in the creation of Federal Reserve System in 1914 (Leuchtenburg, p504). The progressive period activities proved them dedicatedly committed to bring reforms and changes within the country. They expect that the changes they sought could significantly improve the American society. Some of the major changes enacted during the progressive era include the income tax imposition with the Sixteenth Amendment, direct election of Senators through the Seventeenth Amendment Prohibition ad the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S constitution that was meant to enact women’s suffrage. The journalist played an important role during the progressive movement as they worked to make people aware and informed about the corruptions being committed at the government level. These journalists were called with the names of Muckrakers who worked for exposing the waste, corruption and scandals of the authorities and government officials. They use the medium of highly influential and popular national magazines like McClure Magazine, Brand Whitlock and George Creel and published the stories and facts to uncover the wrong deeds and corruption of the government at local and state level. There were several frauds and corruption cases uncovered in these magazines. The progressive movement was also led by the motive of modernization implementation within the society. The

Managing the Trunk Road Network in North West Scotland

The emphasis of the paper is in discussing the role of the project manager in establishing communication procedures and protocols along with a clear road map for tackling the issues mentioned above. The paper starts off by detailing the project by providing an overview of the project and then lists the scope of the project. Project Management is both an art and a science. The art of project management is in how well the project manager deals with the resources assigned to the project and establishes clear lines of communication among the different stakeholders along with following the norms and protocols. I have not provided an overview of the project or its scope as they have been enumerated in detail in the brief that has been given as part of the assignment. Suffice to state that the project involves civil engineering works undertaken both for new works as well as maintaining and upgrading existing works. In this section, I discuss the steps that I would take to establish my role as project manager for the whole project. Considering the size of the project and the fact that it is a joint venture that is responsible for maintaining and managing the trunk road network in North West Scotland, there are multiple stakeholders who have to be kept in the loop if I am to successfully execute my role as project manager. For starters, I need to define my role and communicate the scope and nature of the role to the different stakeholders along with a clear definition of what it takes to be a project manager. The role of Project Manager is like that of a conductor in an orchestra. He or she is the fulcrum around which the project revolves and like the maestro who conducts the performance, the project manager is looked upon by all the key players to direct them and manage their work. Further, the different stakeholders would want to be informed of the status of the project and the way things are going on a periodic basis.

Write A Python Program In

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Common Project Risks
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Assignment 2: Implementing Network and Personnel

Running head: ASSIGNMENT 2 1 Assignment 2
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preparea 2- to 3-page security memo andMemorandum
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Csis 341information Security Planning

by-= SME-CSE. Information Security Planning:
An Information Security Plan (ISP) is designed to protect information and critical
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Using Python Programming Language

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