Being a Successful Engineer

The bachelor’s degree is usually a four-year program nowadays, but many students extend it to five or six years depending upon the duration of their final degree projects. The four-year program is also referred to as honors in engineering that is recognized as equivalent to the master’s degree. There are also two-year and four-year degree programs called diplomas in engineering technology which include more practical work based on engineering principles and laboratory classes rather than theoretical knowledge. But these technical graduates are not considered as professional engineers. Moreover, to get admission in an engineering college or university, it is important for the student to have a strong pre-engineering background with sufficient knowledge about mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Mathematics knowledge should include algebra, geometry, calculus, theorems, and trigonometry. After their bachelor’s degree is complete, the engineers need to get licensed in order to start their engineering career, which makes them licensed engineers or professional engineers. After becoming licensed, the engineers are offered a wide variety of jobs with higher salaries as compared to any other graduation. According to an estimate, engineers held 1.5 million jobs in 2006…civil engineering (256,000), mechanical engineering (227,000), industrial engineering (201,000), electrical engineering (153,000), and electronic engineering, not including computer engineering (138,000) (, 2009).After gaining entry-level jobs with reputed companies, engineers use theories and principles from their acquired knowledge to solve technical problems economically, develop complex structures and designs, undergo the decision-making process, perform testing keeping in mind the time and cost required to complete a project, and gain experience. The more experience working on the field, the more is the worth of an engineer. An experienced engineer may be made a supervisor, manager, or a technical expert administering a workforce, younger engineers, diploma holders, or technicians.

Gordon Adams Organ Selling and E Pluribus Unum

This essay presents a portfolio of my three projects, which addresses them in relation to subject matter knowledge, writing process knowledge, rhetorical knowledge, genre knowledge, discourse community knowledge, and meta-cognition. Ultimately, the essay will draw a detailed conclusion on semester growth and impact on other discourse communities as an author and as a responder. In writing the project, the summary of Gordon Adams essay, I sought to address a specific audience, which includes students from Arizona State University, the management of Arizona State University, career experts, academic professionals, and future law students. Ideally, the purpose of this project was to present the views and academic journey of the future law student as well as my opinion on his views. Furthermore, the constraints related to this project relate to lack of reference literature, a possibility of biased information, cultural influence, and use of second person narration. The stance of this project depicts the mental or emotional position adopted with respect to Gordon Adams’ letter. The stance is that of hostility against the University’s Mathematics Requirement Arizona and that Arizona State University should grant Adams his request because he would not require algebra knowledge in his legal profession. The ethos of this project relates to the fact that Gordon Adams was an adult, a Justice Studies student of the university student, and a member of the Pawnee Tribe of Oklahoma who seeks to become a lawyer and representative of his tribe. The pathos of the project relates to the fact that he was the first person in his tribe to enter college, had a good academic record, and focused on his career path. The logos of the project relate to the idea that the legal profession does not require algebra knowledge. This project depicts metacognition where Adams uses higher thinking to realize that a waiver of the university’s mathematics requirements would help him realize his career objectives. Moreover, the genres used in this project include narrative writing, descriptive writing, and persuasive writing where I use logical appeals and emotions to win the audience’ support from my viewpoint. Notably, my project refers to the mathematics discourse community s seen in the specialized terminologies as algebra used in the project. In writing the project, I sought to address a specific audience, which includes kidney patients in America and their families, medical professionals, and my fellow students. Ideally, the purpose of this project was to present the views of the two authors, analyze their power of conviction, and present my opinion with regard to organ selling as a solution to kidney problems in America. The constraints in this project relate to the possibility of unsound and unhealthy decisions, lack of medical knowledge, and the presence of both positive and negative statements. The stance of this project depicts the legal, medical, and emotional position adopted with respect to organ selling. Joanna MacKay’s stance is in support of organ selling while David Holcberg’s stance is in support of human capacity to reason and make the right decisions. Most assuredly, my stance is that the legalization of organ selling can help many people but be building healthy lives would be more efficient in helping kidney patients.

Express Queries In Relational Algebra And Also Please


Express queries in relational algebra and also please

explain .

Express Queries in Algebra
Database : .
Frequents ( Drinker , Box )
Serves (Baz , Beer )
Likes ( Dsinker , Bees )
1 .
Print the boss that serves a bees John
Smith likes :.
2 .
Drinkers that frequent at least one bar
that quot; Serve a beer John smith likes
3 .
Print Drinkers that frequent at least one
bay that selves a bees they like

Engineering Technology

Hello I Need Help On The Problem Below C And D Are Just Parameters We Don’T Need To Find A Value For Them



I need help on the problem below. c and d are just parameters, we don’t need to find a value for them

in a

Consider the following model of the economy (we ignore the role of G and T on demand; also to simply the algebra we assume that output depends on the difference between M and P rather than their ratio):

AD: Y=c(m-p)

AS: P=Pe + d(Y-Yn)

a) What is the natural level of output? If nominal money is equal to Mo, what is the initial price level? Call this initial Price level Po. Assume the expected Price level is the initial price level.

B) solve for the equilibrium value of output in the short run

c) what happens to investment behind the scene? Explain in words

d) solve for the equilibrium value of output in the medium run

e) what happens to investment in the medium run. Explain in words.


Real World Radical Formulas

Real World Radical Formulas Radical formulas can be utilized in numerous ways in computing complex equations when particular exponents are given. Operating of the underlying formulas that mainly encompass radicals is normally solved similar way as the formals without the rules. Nevertheless, problems and variables may alter but not the corresponding rules.
The capsize screening value must be less than 2
Function of C= 4d-1/3b
Where variable b= beam width,
Variable d= Displacement
Given values of Tartan 4100:
D=23,245 pounds and width is 13.5 feet
a) Capsized screening value for the Tartan 4100
C= 4d-1/3b
C= 4*23,245-1/3×13.5 compute the equation to remove the cube root
C= 1.8921 the capsize screening value that is less than 2, which is safe
b) Making d the subject of the formula
C= 4d-1/3b Dividing both sides by 4b
C = 4d-1/3b divide both sides by the variable 4b
d-1/3= C/4b remove the negative on the cube root
d1/3 = 4b/C
d = (4b/C)3
1.8921= 4d-1/3(13.5)
1.8921/( 4*13.5)= 4d-1/3*13.5/[4*13.5] Divide both sides 4*13.5
1.8921/54= d-1/3 Eliminate the cube root
1.8921-1/3/(54-1/3)= d
543/1.89213= d multiply to simplify the equation
D= 23323.615
c) Displacement
C= 4d-1/3* 6= 24d-1/3
C= 4d-1/3* 4= 16d-1/3
C= 4d-1/3 *2= 8d-1/3
Displacement is given by
d = (4*13.5/2)3
= 19683
The depth is regarded safe for the ocean sailing at the prevailing displacement that is relatively greater than 19,683 feet
Formula grants proper guidelines for designing a safe sail boat. Nevertheless, capsize screening formula that does not incorporate the prevailing hull shape or corresponding ballast position.
Utilization of a Radical formula can answer numerous diverse questions. Manipulating of Radical formulas has been utilized to answer the prevailing questions. The problems and variables may alter but the corresponding rules remains the same. Moreover, Radical formulas can utilize in numerous means to solve complex equations that pertains to robots and sailboat.
Dugopolski, Mark. Intermediate Algebra. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 2012. Print.

The Dewey Decimal System is no longer relevant to today’s youth as there are easier and more functional ways to catalog in elementary libraries that would seem to enhance circulation

That said, there are drawbacks to the more intuitive processes – as shown by bookstores who do not use the Dewey Decimal System, and use a system that is more akin to tagging, books may sometimes be difficult to find, and users in a bookstore often need assistance to find where books are grouped. The Dewey Decimal System also has the advantage in that it provides users with an address for the books, and books may be better microcategorized in a Dewey system than in a bookstore system. That said, he Dewey Decimal System is no longer relevant to today’s youth as there are easier and more functional ways to catalog in elementary libraries that would seem to enhance circulation.
The Dewey Decimal System, according to Wiegand (1998), is a system of classification that is used by libraries across the country. It is based upon a system by which knowledge is organized in well-defined categories, with well-defined hierarchies, a rich network of relationships, and meaningful notation (Mitchell, 2001). The DDS is divided into ten main classes, which include computers, philosophy, religion, social science, language, science, technology, arts and recreation, literature, and history and geography. This is the first digit, which is the broad classification scheme. The second digit of the books in the Dewey Decimal scheme is the narrower classification – for instance, while the 500s are reserved for science, the second digit indicates what kind of science – 510 for math, 520 for astronomy, etc. The third digit is narrower still, and indicates the section. While 510 is for mathematics in general, the third digit indicates different disciplines within mathematics – such as 512 is reserved from algebra, and 513 is reserved for arithmetic, etc. (Bean, 2001).
While this is a classification scheme that has been used for at least the last 150 years

The Social Changes of Song Dynasty in Ancient China

Invention of gunpowder led to the creation of explosive weapons such as grenades, bombs, canons and small rockets. Before the invention of paper, the Chinese made carved characters on bones and tortoise shells. Prior to the song dynasty, printing blocks only contained one page of texts hence every block could only produce a particular page of a book. During the song dynasty, single characters could be engraved on blocks of wood and a single character could be used over and over again. There were huge advances in arithmetic and algebra that led to many mathematical ideas.
The inventions served the society by helping in establishment of powerful, unified national organizations that extended over many regions. Printing, paper and the compass provided means of social communication and transportation. Gun powder began to be used as a weapon, gun powder weapons were used abolish the uprising of Li Sun and Wang Xiaobo in the first year of the Northern Song. The four inventions are very closely related to the unified organization of the Chinese feudal society indicating the degree of development of ancient Chinese science and technology.
Maritime trade with India and near East was boosted under the song dynasty. Cities with high populations flourished along the southeast coast and principal waterways, trade guilds were established to organize trade and banking and paper currency was developed to replace cumbersome copper currency. Ship building and navigation techniques improved with large vessels using sails and oars coming into use. The magnetic compass came into use in 1119. Under the song dynasty, China got to monopolize trade with Korea and Japan, products were in demand in the whole of Asia, East Africa and Persian Gulf. Prior to this era, Muslim Arabs and Persians had dominated oceanic trade.
Printing grew bringing literature and learning to the people. Movable type printing was invented

Digital Signal Processing and Linear Algebra

To add on this, the use of linear algebra is focused in description of algorithms used in in solving tensors and structured matrices.
In recent times, discrete data (digital) data is preferred in data transmission as compared to continuous data in computers to solve various engineering problems. The use of difference equations is accompanied by numerical solution that is as a result of combination of related difference equation. One important application of difference equation is in the discrete time-signals. Here, the definition of functions is only on integers and then visualized as number sequence.
Linear signal transmission is a form of digital signal processing. Eigen value distribution is used in relating matrices in terms of frequency – selective channels and capacity of frequency flat in linear signal transmission. These are used in the linear precoding scheme. Linear precoding simply refers to linear transformation of signals. In linear precoding, the information used to carry bit sequence blocks is mapped onto signal sequence with transformational matrix. Using this scheme, a redundancy is introduced in the data to be transmitted before transmission. In cases where there arises some errors in the transmission, there is introduction of error correction codes to correct the erroneous bits. The use of linear precoding is essential in OFDM, Discrete multi-tone, Coded OFDM, among others. Moreover, linear precoding is used in the enhancement of the ergodic capacity within a given channel by altering the Eigen structure of the chosen channel, and in this, there is application of linear transmission.
An example of application of digital signal processing is seen in image compression. There are various methods that are utilized in image compression. The basic and most common way of signal processing is singular value decomposition method. Image compression is applied main to save costs, memory

Foundations of IT Designing a Computer Architecture

Designing a Computer Architecture Current processors make use of a fast accessed cache memory that keeps data that are used somuch. The cache memory is little and, because it is quicker than the main memory, there is an apparent performance development (Von amp. Kurzweil, 2012). To perk up performance more, the processor core can posses a separate cache for data along with another for instructions. For instance, the Intel Pentium Processor N3500-series has a 32 KB L1 instructor cache as well as a 24 KB L1 data cache. Both are set up on the processor die.
For my Ideal computer, I would have the following specifications
1. A CPU of Intel 4th gen core i5-4200M (2.5GHz, 3M cache)
2. A system RAM of 4GB and above
3. A hard drive of 320 GB Hard Drive at 7200 RPMs or an SSD/Hybrid
4. Removable storage 8X (DVD+/-RW) Drive
5. Monitor 1366×768 Min. Resolution
6. Video card Intel, NVIDIA Graphics or AMD, 1GB GDDR5 RAM
I would like my ideal computer to help me in research related to scientific computing. This will help me to develop and evaluate computer algorithms intended for simulating mathematical models of scientific trends. This area entails core problems in continuous algorithms like fast methods for handling linear algebra as well as solving differential equations. I will also build software for simulating challenging physical problems like turbulence in fluids along with crack propagation in solid materials. The computer will help me build accurate methods for discretizing continuous models even as it preserves physical invariants. In addition, I will carry out optimal estimation in the face of limited information.
At the moment, computers are based on the von Neumann architecture. Nonetheless, the von Neumann architecture has its limitations. In order to access the data and program in the memory, the central processing unit (CPU) had one bus. This is called the von Neumann bottleneck, due to the limited data transfer rate between memory and CPU. With just one bus, the data and instructions are accessed in sequence, so the CPU waits until the data loads from memory prior to executing the instruction. With the increase of CPU speed, it was evident that a solution is needed to defeat the bottleneck (Von Neumann Architecture, n.d.).
These problems are connected to the von Neumann architecture. In order to overcome the von Neumann bottleneck, the stack memory is used. The stack is a particular memory region that is competently managed by the CPU. It is used to store up variables employed by functions. As a program calls a function, the function variables are pushed onto the stack. The access of variables is faster on the stack than when they were in the main memory, amounting to better performance.
Standing on the doorstep of the fifth generation, we obviously expect a lot from future computers than more speed. Computers have come this far in terms of enhancements to the current architectures and their accomplishment. The use of cheaper, smaller, and faster components is joined with better and superior parallelism. The hardest task associated with adopting new architectures is that it is difficult to think about them utilizing the von Neumann leaning minds.
The Von Neumann Architecture. (n.d.). Retrieved from
Von,nbsp.N.nbsp.J., amp. Kurzweil,nbsp.R. (2012). The computer amp. the brain.

Why do I Want to Study Computer Science

The application of computer science can be divided into three categories, which are scheming and constructing software, transferring data to more than one network or providing innovative approaches to security problems, as well as formulating novel and improved traditions of using computers and addressing meticulous challenges in areas such as robotics and digital forensics. It is worth mentioning that mathematics is considered as one of the important factors in each of the categories of computer science (Denning, Is Computer Science Science?). This study focuses on the growth of careers in this field considering the sector as one of the providers of high-paying jobs and various opportunities. It provides an opportunity that can help take a person to a higher level of success. My goal to become a Computer Science-MS graduate is to attain the employment opportunities with respect to this course of study which, in comparison to others, are more abundant (Computer Science Education Week, Key Facts about Computer Science). …
Current government projection demonstrates that more than 800,000 high-end employments related to computer science skills will be formed in the economy by 2018. It will make it one of the fastest rising professional fields. Overall, it has a bright career prospective for the students who decide to graduate in this pasture (Bowie, December 5th JodyGram). Apart from this, the inspiration from my parents was also a major reason for me to opt for this course. Not only my parents, but also my friends and knowledge facilitators have guided me to take this field as my vocation that will lead me towards success and growth. Qualification Required for Studying Computer Science-MS The students who are interested in studying Computer Science-MS require the following qualifications: High-quality dexterity in mathematics Good logical reasoning aptitude Good acquaintance in computer technology For graduate education in Computer Science-MS, the minimum requirement for students is to have a certain amount of analytical as well as cognitive skills which make it easier for them to understand the entire syllabus of the curriculum. It is also necessary to have excellent knowledge in mathematics and logical reasoning to become a graduate in Computer Science, as it deals with calculation of binary codes, programming in terms of algorithms, calculus, linear algebra and discrete mathematics. In the similar context, the curriculum also deals with software development programs, which entails high-quality knowledge and skills in computer technology (Association for Computing Machinery, Computing Degree amp. Careers). My strengths in mathematics and logical

Fixing Responsibility for Economic Blunders


Economics was defined as Science of Wealth Creation by Adam Smith, the father of economics as well as the economics of early days like J.E. Cairnes, J. B. Say, and F. A. Walker ( According to these economists, economics was science that dealt with the ways in which a nation acquires wealth. This definition placed economics as a stream of knowledge devoid of any human face. To provide a social and moral face to this stream of knowledge the next generation of economists like Marshall, Robbins, and Samuelson gave a more comprehensive and humane definition of economics. They defined economics as a branch of knowledge which is on the one side a study of wealth. and on the other, and more important side, a part of the study of man. ( Another very famous definition of economics comes from a very popular economist of the modern age – Robbins. He defined economics as the science of optimum allocation of scarce resources to satisfy infinite needs. His definition of economics tried to distance it from the moral or ethical issues to make it a scientific discipline. Today, his definition is the most acceptable definition of economics and modern-day economists do not consider it anything but a scientific subject. They have learned and applied much exotic mathematics, be it differential equations in many variables or abstract concepts of set theory and linear algebra into different problems and situations of economic sense.nbsp.

EED 403/8

Running head: THE SEVENTH GRADE MATH: TEXTBOOK AND CURRICULUM THE SEVENTH GRADE MATH Textbook and Curriculum Diana Tipton Grand Canyon EED403
June (day here), 2009
This essay examines a seventh grade book on math called Pre-Algebra and how it compares to the seventh grade math curriculum as enumerated in one website article. A brief discussion about the repetitious pattern of middle school math is also included.
The Seventh Grade Math: Textbook and Curriculum
Pre-algebra, as the name suggests, aims to equip students with the knowledge prerequisite to algebra. Similarly, algebra prepares students to the study of calculus. A good foundation in pre-algebra is therefore necessary for students to excel in higher math.
In my practicum observation, I had the chance to examine the seventh grader math book Pre-Algebra. On a superficial level, the book looks student-friendly with its simple and intuitive layout. Later on this essay, an in-depth examination will be given by comparing the book’s contents with Deb Russell’s list of basic math concepts that must be learned by students before proceeding to eighth grade.
Russell (2009), a Vice Principal of student achievement, lists in her online page the five core topics that must be taught in the seventh grade:
This topic includes factors, multiples, integer amounts, square roots and the four basic operations on fractions, decimals, percents and integers. Although these lessons can all be found in Pre-Algebra, the order in which they are presented does not conform to Russell’s list. In my opinion, this difference may just be trivial as each chapter on the book begins with a Before, Now and Why section which summarizes the previous topic and explains how it is related to the present topic and its significance. The authors must have carefully arranged the chapters so that students can see how the topics are interrelated.
As discussed in the class, this topic is all about finding the area of trapezoids, parallelograms, triangles, prisms circles and other basic shapes and calculating the volume of basic three dimensional figures. This too conforms to Russell’s list, complete with well-drawn diagrams and carefully selected pictures as a visual aid.
This topic was broken down into two separate chapters in the book: Geometric Shapes and Right Triangles, and Angle Relationships and Transformations. On this part, the book is even more advanced than what Russell recommends in that it includes basic trigonometry to better prepare students for higher math.
As algebra deals mostly with writing and solving equations, books should have a rich content on this topic. In fact, Russell listed only the basics in manipulating equations whereas Pre-Algebra authors are generous enough to include inequalities.
This topic is discussed in the chapter Ratio, Proportion and Probability, which suggests that the authors may have missed a huge portion of important concepts. In fact, the probability part took only one section of the chapter and did not even include the most basic ideas of mean, median and mode, as listed in Russell’s page.
Russell also made the same list for the sixth and eighth grade on her website and surprisingly, the same core topics were listed except that the level of difficulty is directly proportional with the grade level. For example, the mean, median and mode were already listed as part of the basics in eighth grade probability. None of these curriculums seem repetitious with respect to its preceding grade level as we could clearly see that each core topic advances linearly in terms of the level of difficulty. This also encourages students to review the lessons in the previous year, especially on functions and integers.
Russell, D. (2009). 7th Grade Math Course of Study. Retrieved June 13, 2009, from

Hi Tutors!I have a question provided by my teacher in order to help me with my Linear Algebra


Hi Tutors!

I have a question provided by my teacher in order to help me with my Linear Algebra

final exam.

I have already completed and/or attempted the following question, but I am seeking detailed explanations from experts to help with my understanding and to check whether or not my answer is right or wrong.

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Use the Gram-Schmidt process to find an orthonormal basis for R3 beginning with the basis { (1, 2, 3), (0, 1, 0), (-1, 0, 1) }.

28 29 30 31
we have the following vectors,
S 2
To find: Orthonormal basis for the above
By Gram – Schuidt process ,
we will get
s = S up , us , uz] where S is
an orthogonal
2 – 1
where uzz V.- 2…

Hi Tutors!I have some more True or False questions to help with my upcoming Linear Algebra


Hi Tutors!

I have some more True or False questions to help with my upcoming Linear Algebra

Final Exam.

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True or False Questions (Provide calculations, explanations, etc. to justify your answer):


Which sentence is punctuated


In first-period biology class we learned that,


Which sentence is punctuated correctly?

In first-period biology class we learned that,

the ecosystem, is a fragile and sensitive thing.

The freshmen, were excited to hear about extra-credit opportunities in their algebra class.

Getting her license proved to be more difficult and tricky, than she thought it would be.

In order to serve students best, school districts need to ask for additional funding.

English Literature

It is an grade twelve algebra, 3 question in total。


it is an grade twelve algebra, 3 question in total。

If there exists a function then after vertical compression it becomes After
horizontal shift towards left becomes
If there exists a function then after vertical compression it becomes…

This is a

abstract algebra problem, check attach file thanks. do 2.3(b) only


this is a abstract algebra problem, check attach file thanks. do 2.3(b) only

The symmetric group S3, the conjugacy classes are determined by cyclic
decomposition sizes in Sn if they have same number of cycles of each length in
which 2 permutations are conjugate
For S3 there…

In discussion today in algebra the professor asked me about define the constant and how does the experiment relate


In discussion today in algebra the professor asked me about define the constant and how does the experiment relate

to idea gas constant and can I give a formula where it is used in a application. The example I post about when my child did an experiment using baking soda, vinegar, food color, and water she was five at the time it was a loud boom sound came from the kitchen and it was a mess everywhere. Any chance this can be written in a algebra expression Help


I need

Help with my Algebra
2 Homework, I’m not understanding the systems of inequality. Also need help with how


I need Help with my Algebra 2 Homework, I’m not understanding the systems of inequality. Also need help with how

to do 2-5 exercises.

Thank You!