Can I get help with my case study pleaseSelina Kyle’s BMR is 1515 85 and the BPM


Can I get help with my case study please

Selina Kyle’s BMR is 1515.85 and the BPM

is 142. Being Kyle’s personal trainer, I’m going to get details on her day by day and weekly routine to get a great fitness plan. Giving her a nice rest after her childbirth. Selina’s further inactivity may be rendered by more susceptible to diseases. Also as Selina’s trainer my goal is develop a training program that will achieve good fitness levels for my client. With the program this fitness will go with a nutrition plan that will help the body change giving the positivity support. with the five elements of a nice fitness program endurance, flexibility, body composition, cardiorespiratory, and muscular strength. For the next three months should get fitness program resus from the initial steps within the assessment focusing on body fat, blood pressure, and heart rate of Selina, also heah risk associated. Measuring these test will be done by walking, running, stretch test and others.

Having knowledge from the information and current weight she would need to obtain 2086 calories. Starting the exercises program Selina’s body will need a nice amount of carbohydrates to keep the cells with the exercises. This program will have a nice lifestyle giving birth. The program I will be having Selina doing will be involving two major exercises, they will be Aerobics and Resistance.

The meaning of the Aerobics will be using oxygen and promote intake, helping lose weight and give Selina a great long term benefit of heah. For the first three weeks on Monday and Wednesday do 25 minute run and Friday a 1 mile bicycle. Weeks 4-9 on Monday’s and Wednesday’s try and work on running for 30 minutes and Friday 1.2 mile bicycle ride. For the last two weeks 10-12 on Monday’s and Wednesday’s run for 35 minutes while adding up to two minutes a week. Friday will be a 1.3 bicycle ride. Now the Resistance exercises deals with strength of different stereotypes, but after the pregnancy to get back to a heahy lifestyle and not to give her a training routine that wont strain her. These will be a program A and a Program B. Program A will consist of weeks 1,3,5,7,9, and 11 approaching on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s these workouts will be bench press, close grip bench press, bicep preacher curls, inclined, chest fly, lateral raise, and Dumbbell shoulder pass. Program B will be focused on Thursday’s. this will consist of weeks 2,4,6,8,and 12. The workouts will be leg curl, back squat, leg extension, hip adduction, seated row, and hip abduction. For Selina to avoid strain I will allow her recovery after three weeks during the program and also do minimum sets.

The nutritional strategies that will be recommended making sure Selina keeps a nice diet so there will be no bulking up but will provide energy, the protein needs to be 30%, fats 20% and carbohydrates at 50%.