1 Shawn is assigned to read an article that he finds challenging because the ideas are complicated anddifficult


1. Shawn is assigned to read an article that he finds challenging because the ideas are complicated anddifficu

for him to understand. One strategy he can use to deal with this challenge is toA. rephrase each idea in his own words.B. look for clues to the meanings of unfamiliar words.C. pay more attention to the headings in the material.D. learn more about the author’s background.

2. What is an assumption?A. A claim based on one or more specific examples and applied more widelyB. A word or phrase that’s used to avoid a word that is unpleasant, embarrassing, or objectionableC. An idea or principle the writer accepts as true and makes no effort to proveD. A reasonable guess based on the available facts and information

3. In analyzing a piece of writing, take care to notice whether the author includes _______, ideas orprinciples expressed as fact without providing evidence to support itA. denotationsB. quotationsC. omissionsD. assumptions

4. The main point of an article or essay is often referred to as aA. annotation.B. summation.C. thesis statement.D. topic sentence.

5. Which of the revisions below is the most appropriate way to correct the following sentence fragment?Jacquie doesn’t travel very much. Because she is afraid of flying.A. Jacquie doesn’t travel very much; because she is afraid of flying.B. Jacquie doesn’t travel very much, she is afraid of flying.C. Jacquie doesn’t travel very much because she is afraid of flying.D. Jacquie doesn’t travel very much, afraid of flying.

6. What is doublespeak?A. Using one thing to represent something elseB. The set of addition meanings or associations that a word has taken onC. Comparing two items using like or asD. Language used to sugar-coat an unpleasant reality

7. _______ adjectives name a quality of a person, place, thing, or idea.A. LimitingB. PersonalC. InterrogativeD. Descriptive

8. While you’re reading an essay or assignment, you can determine the relative importance of the ideasexpressed in the material byA. pausing to read materials you think might be related.B. research the author’s background.C. highlighting key points.D. take a break if the material doesn’t interest you.

9. People with a/an _______ learning style are most likely to enjoy exploring a writing topic thoroughly andcompletely, without restricting themselves by rules or requirements.A. creativeB. independentC. abstractD. emotional

10. In the following sentence, identify the prepositional phrase, and tell whether it acts as an adjective oradverb.The children found the pictures in the book interesting.A. found the pictures; adverbB. the pictures in; adjectiveC. in the book; adjectiveD. The children; adjective

11. Which of the following is an example of an infinitive phrase?A. runningB. to runC. having been runningD. which had been running

12. Which of the following is one of the eight standard parts of speech?A. SubjectB. ArticleC. ModifierD. Preposition

13. Which of the following would be considered a key element of an article or essay?A. Source citationsB. Historical contextC. Complex metaphorsD. The title and subtitle

14. A _______ is typically defined as two or more independent clauses joined without a punctuation markor coordinating conjunction.A. complex-compound sentenceB. run-on sentenceC. compound sentenceD. sentence fragment

15. Of the following, which correctly describes the complete predicate of a sentence?A. All of the sentence except the simple subjectB. The prepositional phraseC. The verbD. All of the sentence except the complete subject

16. Which one of the following are tips to study more efficiently?A. Keep a to-do list and mui-taskB. Keep careful notes to avoid asking questions or emailing an instructorC. Vary activities and reward yourselfD. Maintain a study area and take naps

17. After reading an essay or other assigned material, you can enhance and clarify your understanding bycreating a graphic organizer that tracksA. everything you’ve highlighted.B. your annotations.C. the key elements of the material.D. unfamiliar words and phrases.

18. According to Annie Murphy Paul’s article The New Marshmallow Test: Students Can’t ResistMuitasking, how many minutes did students focus on homework before their attention began to drift?A. 2B. 65C. 5D. 15End of exam

19. Denise is required to write a summary of an essay she read for her English Literature class. In hersummary, she should includeA. little information so that people who haven’t read the essay must read it in order to understand it.B. the author’s thesis, exactly as it appears in the text.C. the main ideas the author presented to support his or her thesis.D. her personal responses or opinions.

20. Which of the following would typically require annotating?A. The author’s nameB. Passages that are easy to understandC. Passages that have unimportant informationD. Points that elicit an emotional response

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