Your company has won a contract to market the new ipad 4 in europe the managing director has dicided to split the marketing to target individual countries based on their economy and culture you manager has asked you to submit a proposal in writing of 20

Italy has been a democratic nation for 46 years now and thus the political environment is reputable for the marketing of the product. This is from the fact that with the democracy, the government does not inhibit the citizens from purchasing products at will. Moreover, the democracy also allows the United States, the producer of the ipad, to venture into the Italian market easily and consequently have increased sales of the ipad (Fleishier, 2008, 169).
The fact that the country has a well laid out judicial system is also important for the marketing of the new ipad. This is from the fact that there is control on the decisions that powerful politicians make. An example is a politician who may talk ill of the ipad and tell people not to purchase it. Such cases are few in that the concept of freedom and independence is incorporated in the Italian market.
One factor however, that may come as a disadvantage in the marketing of the ipad is with regards to the tax tariffs that the country has. Lately, Italy has set its tariffs very high in an effort to boost its economy. This is from the fact that with increased tariffs, the country will have reduced imports and consequently goods from within the country will increase in sales. With this, the standards ought increase and thus boost the economy of the country. The issue of tariffs was induced by the executive arm of the government and has been a major hindrance to the sale of products. This factor is bound to affect the marketing of the product in the country (Henry, 2009, 48).
Shifting focus to the economic aspect of the country, Italy’s economy is rated eighth largest in the world. This has been effective in ensuring that the circulation of products in the country is well above average. Moreover, this means that most citizens in the country are stable and thus in a