Write a memo to your coworkers announcing the opening of an onsite fitness center You can make up the name of


Write a memo to your co-workers announcing the opening of an on-site fitness center. You can make up the name of

the company and your title. This is an informative memo and you can decide what information should be included in the memo. (See Resources: Formatting Memo) Your heading should include the word MEMO, DATE, TO, FROM, SUBJECT.Announcing an Employee Fitness Center: Your company is ready to open an employee fitness center with on-site aerobics and yoga classes, a swimming pool and weight machines. The center will be open 6AM to 10 PM daily; at least one qualified instructor will be on duty at all times. Employees get first preference; if there is extra room, clients, spouses, and children may also use the facilities. Locker rooms and showers will also be available. Your company hopes that the fitness center will help out-of-shape employees get the exercise they need to be more productive. Other companies have saved between $2.30 and $10.10 for every $1.00 spent on wellness programs. The savings come from lower claims on medical insurance, less absenteeism, and greater productivity. Write a memo announcing the center.The format for a memo is under Resources Formatting Hard Copies or there is an example in the textbook.