Worried that consumers will start buyingfewer extended warranties your boss has directedyou to put


Worried that consumers will start buying

fewer extended warranties, your boss has directed

you to put

together a sales training program that will

help cashiers sell the extended warranties even more

aggressively. The more you ponder this challenge,

though, the more you’re convinced that your company

should change its strategy so it doesn’t rely so much on

profits from these warranties. In addition to offering

questionable value to the consumer, they risk creating

a consumer backlash that could lead to lower sales of all

your products. You would prefer to voice your concerns

to your boss in person, but both of you are travelling

on hectic schedules for the next week. You’ll have

to write an email instead. Draft a brief message explaining

why you think the sales training specifically, and

the warranties in general, are both bad ideas.