World Cinema in the 1950s

Americans with English as their mother tongue enjoy comfort when watching an English movie. The cultural differences that are portrayed in foreign movies might not convince them. They feel at ease watching a movie that exhibits their daily life, culture, custom or any of their routines. American movies are mostly stunt-based. they can visualize the real horror and the actual graphical effects which are not experienced in most of the other language movies. They would like a blend of action, romance, and comedy. When we talk about the other language movies those factors might be missing. The factors of language and accent are the major aspects of Americans not wanting to watch foreign movies.
In spite of all these factors, I still love watching foreign movies. Every movie has its own essence. There cannot be just one variety that a person could keep enjoying. There should be a variety and blend in everything. There are a lot of foreign movies which are really good and carry a lot of message in them with new learning. Watching movies of varied languages would give a good understanding of the world, different cultures, different custom, different people, etc.