Workplace Policy Project

The above policies only apply to customers in the United States. International Privacy Policies exist for customers outside the United States which are dependent on the laws of the country that govern their relationship with Wells Fargo
This policy describes how the company utilizes and protects the customers’ information. The privacy of an individual, to a large extent, determines the customer service provided by the company. This policy was aimed at protecting information pertaining to individuals’ business accounts, loans, leasing and sales programs among others.
The company determines how they share the personal information of its customers and whether the customers can limit the sharing and are required to inform their customers on how they go about it. The type of information being referred to here is the social security number and employment information, account balances and history of transactions and the credit and investment history. Some of the reasons the company may choose to share customer information include:
For trust accounts in which the trustee happens to be Wells Fargo, there are special rules of confidentiality under which these accounts are protected. This kind of information needs specific consent before it can be shared for market purposes. Wells Fargo gives provisions for their customers to limit sharing of information.
To protect the customers’ personal information from any form of unauthorized access, the company uses security measures that are required to be in compliance with federal law. Some of these measures include computer safeguards to prevent computer hacking and securing files and buildings.
To cater to visitors, Wells Fargo provides various demos designed to help customers make the right financial decisions in selecting the products and services the customers need. It has applications to enable the customers to generate ‘what if’ scenarios to determine whether they