Working with children from birth to age 5 years

61500 They need a safe environment along with proper care to lead a healthy life. This paper aims to provide the basic understanding about the environment which should be arranged for their active learning and safety. This paper is a guideline for the setting for young children from birth to age 5 years. Safety and Health Requirements Safety is one of the main concerns when dealing with children up to 5 years of age. The babies and young children should be prevented from cot death. They must be properly put down for sleep i.e. preferably ‘feet to foo’ position. The temperature of the environment should be normal for the safety of children and the prevention of illness and other issues. Babies should not be left alone at any instance especially for longer periods. Smoky environment is particularly harmful for babies and hence, adults should never smoke in front of them. Children tend to climb furniture, stairs and other surfaces higher than the floor and for a safe environment it is necessary that the baby is kept away from all surfaces which may lead to a fall. A person who can watch the baby all the time can ensure that the baby does not fall. Avoid any objects which the children may put into their mouths. Keep such objects away from the reach of children as they are dangerous for them. Choking and swallowing incidents may be avoided by careful consideration given to tiny objects which a child may spot. The electric cords and outlets should be out of reach of the children. They may get electric shocks either by touching, biting or playing with those electric cords and outlets or by poking metal material in them. The preventions against electrocution are hence, necessary. Placing heavy furniture in front of the outlets, keeping cords way higher than their reach and cover the electric outlets tightly are some of measures to prevent electrocution accidents. All these preventions are necessary to ensure that the children get a safe and sound environment (Heberle &amp. Scutella p 44-48). The children from a very tender age have certain physical and health requirements which need to be fulfilled. Parents are advised to send lunch with children so that they are able to study with a healthy mind. The children of a young age need to have their breakfast daily so they can be healthy. Children need an environment in which they can get toys to play with and hence to promote a better learning environment it is necessary some sort of toys are given to them (Tassoni 2007 p.516). Setting needed for an educational environment All over the world it is seen that education has become a primary necessity for every individual. Today the class or race does not matter much but rather the education one achieves has a greater importance. Special students have also been given preference when it comes to studies. Classroom Management Plans are designed to help students to achieve a better grade and better environment to study (Khalsa 2007). Young children have specific requirements of these classroom management plans which revolve around the visual environment and the physical arrangement in the class. Visual learning is a way through which the children can be encouraged to study as they are attracted towards the colors and drawings. Similarly walls are also decorated in such a way that the students are attracted to the charts on the walls. Different posters about the classrooms are put on the walls which are there to attract students. These visuals are quite important for the children who are studying these days as this would promote better understanding in the class (Tassoni 2007 p 27-30) Physical arrangement of the chairs on which the children sit are also considered important because it would allow more room to the children. Children at a