Why Smoking Cigars Is Bad

It has been observed and so suggested that the documents from the 17th century showed shreds of evidence that during the Colonial period the cigars were imported from the West Indies and Cuba. The first factory cigar in the United States was established in 1810 in Connecticut. As the use of cigars gained popularity its manufacturing spread to other parts of the country. By the 1880s and the 1900s, cigars counted for the main form of tobacco use, of which most of which was grown and distributed locally. By the beginning of the 19th century, of the tobacco used by adults, the amount used in form of cigars was approximately two to seven and a half pounds per adult in U.S. (USDA 1997, Burns et al 1997). However, during World War I as the use of cigarettes gained popularity the use of tobacco form cigars declined. The tobacco used in cigars is substantially forming the one used in the manufacture of cigarettes. The form of tobacco used in the cigar filler, wrappers and binder is actually air-cured rather than flue-cured the one used in the cigarettes. Moreover, the cigar tobacco is then aged and introduced to a several step fermentation process which allows it to be useable for a long period and also determines the aroma and flavor aspects of a particular type of a cigar. The cigars marketed in the use that are considered to be smaller ones usually have straighter bodies, weighing between 1.3 to 2.5 grams, whereas larger ones are usually of lengths 110 to 115 millimeters longer and of the diameter of about 17 millimeters and usually filled with 5 to 17 grams if cigars. On the other hand, most brands of cigarettes contain about one gram of tobacco and usually are of 85mm in length. (Burns, p. 1-20)

The form of smoke that comes from both the cigarettes and cigars is the outcome of the incomplete combustion of tobacco, thus it can surely be said the smoke of cigar has similar hazardous effects as to that of cigarettes, thus it also comprises of the carcinogenic constituents and toxic gases. As just discussed that per piece cigar contains a larger amount of tobacco than the cigarette therefore it takes more time to smoke a whole cigar thus creating more smoke.