Why is Ethics and Leadership in Criminal Justice Class so Important

Individuals that have entered the criminal justice systems need to know that they will receive a fair decision from a judge that is not biased against their case and that they will receive the best possible defense.
Leadership is important in criminal justice because leadership sets standards of conduct. Leadership in any organization is how a culture of integrity is established. True leadership requires individuals to model correct behavior if they are operating in a leadership capacity. It also requires leaders to establish the sort of culture that allows individuals working in non-leadership roles to feel comfortable reporting breaches in integrity by their peers. Leadership is much more than being the person that tells others what to do in the criminal justice system. Individuals in the system are vulnerable in many ways. It is important that leaders protect these individuals, some of which have committed terrible crimes. The only real way fair treatment can be guaranteed to all individuals in the criminal justice system is if leaders establish, model and maintain a culture of integrity throughout the system.