Why is Abraham Lincoln considered to be the nation€™s greatest president In your answer be sure to analyze the essence of the Lincoln legacy and consider how he lives on in American memory

Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln was born was the president of the United s of America in the period 1861-1865. He was the 16th president, whoseterm in office was abruptly ended when he was assassinated. His assassination is recorded as being the first for a U.S. president. He is considered by many laymen and historians to be one of the greatest Americans who ever lived. This is in reference to his memorable speeches including the one inscribed in the Lincoln Memorial, and his numerous acts of bravery, dedication and leadership ability.
Reasons for his being respected
Lincoln was respected a lot because though he was from a poor family and had scant formal education, he saw to it that the nation held together during its worst crisis recorded in history. He not only won the civil war but ended the institution of slavery also. A leader with a fainter vision or a weaker will would not have achieved all these in such a short period. For these reasons, Lincoln is regarded by some people as ‘the great Emancipator’ and ‘the savior of the American Union’. He is even regarded as a martyr for the way he was assassinated.
The Republican Party, of which Lincoln was leader, had campaigned against slavery during the elections and won the 1960 elections. This election victory resulted in seven southern states declaring their withdrawal from the U.S forming the confederacy which stood for Confederate States of America. In 1861, the confederate forces staged an attack on a U.S military installation to which Lincoln responded by calling for volunteer armies from all states. This call led to four more states declaring their withdrawal from the U.S. The civil war then started between the United States, known at that time as the Union, and the Confederate.
In 1862, Abraham Lincoln made an emancipation proclamation which not only deterred the British from getting involved but also made the war have the goal of ending slavery in the southern states. The war continued with both sides reporting victories and losses. In April 1865 the Confederate suffered huge losses and surrendered to the Union. The war, being the worst war in American history, had claimed the lives of over 600,000 solders with an unknown number of civilians. The victory, under his leadership, of the U.S. resulted in the absolution of slavery to date, the coming together of all states and the strengthening of the position of the federal government.
Abrahams Lincoln’s high status as the greatest president of the U.S. was well deserved for the way he led the war and won. Being a person of gentle spirit, he embraced the fact that only a spirited fight in the war would re-establish the Union. Lincoln’s will to emerge victorious never went down despite enormous political opposition and the huge number of casualties of the war. During the war, Abraham Lincoln surprised many with his military strategy. which eventually led to victory. In many people’s view, Abraham Lincoln was a man of unmatched integrity, and a superb political leader and manager who in spite of several risks strived to uphold democracy and to liberate his people both socially and politically.