Why I Want To Become a Nurse

13 August, Why I Want To Become A Nurse I want to become a nurse because this profession goes best with my personality. I did not resolve to become a nurse in one day. In fact, many years of thinking and consideration have ultimately led me to believe that nursing is the right career for me. I wanted to be into a profession for which, the way I think and feel about things is just as important as my technical knowledge in a certain area/areas. I think nothing could be better than nursing to help me achieve that because the day-to-day interaction with staff, colleagues, and most importantly, the patients allow the nurse to optimize on his/her skills. Hence, I believe that adopting nursing as a profession will not only provide me with my dream job, but would also enable me to polish myself as a human being.
I chose to apply in the FHCHS Nursing Program for several reasons. Firstly, FHCHS is located at a distance of hardly ten minutes from my home as I live in Orlando. Secondly, FHCHS is one of very few medical centers that can provide their students with sound clinical experience because of its intrinsic association with the Florida Hospital. There may be other nursing schools with links with hospitals but I chose to apply in FHCHS in particular because of the global fame and recognition of the Florida Hospital and this Hospital being the biggest of above 350 facilities of healthcare all over the world that the Seventh-day Adventist Church has to operate. The mere idea of gaining practical experience of learning and working in the Florida Hospital fascinates me. Last but not the least, teachings and ways of this faith-based institution are consistent with my religious beliefs. I would not think of other institutions when I have got world-class education and experience at few paces from my home!
I am very good at socializing with people. I am an extrovert. These qualities make me a very good nurse. I have always wanted to have a large social circle and a big network of friends. The level of association and the kind of rapport a nurse enjoys with his/her patients is conducive for long-term association between the two. Nurses can find best friends in their patients because they get an opportunity to attach to them on an emotional level. Thus, I would be making lots of friends as I work more. I want to do a lot of social work in my life. If I can bring a smile on a face with my sweet words and care, that makes my day! Nursing is one profession that would allow me to achieve that because I would be able to work for humanity. I believe that having an opportunity to take care of others is a privilege as it is conducive not only for a happy and satisfied life in this world but also in the world hereafter. No profession can keep me engaged as well as motivated for work better than nursing!