Why I Decided Not to Get Married Earlier

For most of the trip, I pondered about different things and tried to think of what the future held for me. At some point, I dozed off only to be woken up by this beautiful girl standing beside me. I thought I was dreaming at first as I raised my head for a split moment before and dosing off again. She went ahead and sat next to me and nudged me to wake up. I eventually did and she introduced herself to me. Throughout the trip, we engage in a positive and constructive chat.
Jenny was every man’s or should I say every boy’s dream in school. she was a smart, sharp, eloquent, beautiful, and hardworking. She seemed to know everything about everything. She was outgoing and a favorite of every teacher for her intelligence. Many of the boys in school had tried to befriend her but felt belittled by her smartness and level of intelligence. Although everyone in school thought we were dating, it never got into my head that I was engaged in a serious relationship. Gradually, I realized we had so much in common and my reserved nature gradually became more accommodative of her. We had a normal relationship with normal challenges for a long time until one day she brought up the subject of marriage. Not that we had never discussed the subject before… she only brought up the subject without mincing words.