Why I Choose Seneca College to Study

A host of factors necessarily greet when he/she attempts to make the choice between which educational is best suited to his/her needs. This was much the same when I attempted to locate the college or university which would best speak to my individual scholastic interests, needs, and desire for personal and professional growth. As a result of each of these factors, I have chosen Seneca.
Firstly, with respect to the look and feel of a large university, this provided the necessary stepping stone I require to acquaint myself with the full-scale university experience. Similarly, I am also attracted to the small university setting and/or feel due to the individualized attention and intimate settings that such an approach necessarily invokes.
As a result of these factors and the needs that I have sought to fulfill within my own personal development as a student, I have selected Seneca College as it provides me with a means to satisfy each of the above determinants that I have listed as well as providing a superior education within the majors that are offered.