Why Heroes are Important

&nbsp.Why, according to Scott LaBarge from "Heroism: Why Heroes are Important," do societies and cultures need heroes?
Part of the answer is that sporting heroes have qualities such as strength, stamina, and speed that are needed for success in war and therefore are subconsciously revered by society.
&nbsp.In LaBarge’s article, what is the problem we face when choosing heroes? How can we address that problem?
Someone can seem a hero one week and then fail the next. This problem can be solved by choosing our heroes in retrospect – someone who has maintained standards over an extended period.
Based on the reading "Do We Need Another Sports Hero?" what is one negative for making an athlete a hero? What is one positive?
Athletes age so one day will fail physically. The positive side is that their efforts may encourage others to strive for success.
According to Dr. Richard Lustberg who was quoted in the article "Do We Need Another Sports Hero?", he states, "There is no universal hero…Subjectively, the hero is created within you." Do you agree with his statement? To what extent is this true?
There are a few people who will be widely acclaimed as heroes – Jesse Owen perhaps, Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Theresa. Most of us will, however, choose an individual hero – whether sportsman or not. Someone to look up to and emulate. It can even be a parent or brother They may not be perfect, but at least they have qualities we can admire and perhaps even achieve.