Why do want to be a teacher what experiences have led you to wantto teach in a highneed school in New York City

I want to be a teacher for several reasons, the first being my own educational experiences. Elementary school through my higher education I had the opportunity to have outstanding teachers, along with the occasional ghastly one. The ghastly ones faded from my memory leaving only a few anecdotal impressions. However, the exceptional teachers have remained with me vividly. The memorable teachers’ lessons have been ingrained into what I am today. I want to guide and inspire students like my former educators have down with me and my fellow students.
The second reason I want to be a teacher is to help students before they reach a crisis level. During my work as a social worker/therapist, I have encountered many troubled adults. Some adults I have encountered experience mental issues, economic deprivation, or little education. Somewhere along the way, the system failed these individuals. If one of their teachers had attempted to identify their problems, instead of just passing them on, maybe these individuals would have different lives. I want to be able to help troubled children from the beginning, instead of having to deal with adults when it is too late.
I know that I am only human. The only effort I can make is my best one. However, I feel that if I impact one, just one child, then the decision to become a teacher would be vindicated. I want to be a positive influence shaping the future, instead of picking up the pieces of the past today. Instead of solving yesterday’s problems, I want to create tomorrow’s solution.
My experience of being a social worker has equipped me with the educational, emotional, and intuition necessary to teach in a high need school in New York City. I have dealt with issues relevant to high need students. I have provided therapeutic intervention services to children, adolescents, and adults using individual, family, and group therapy. I have assisted and formed group counseling for children and teens in the areas of self esteem, peer managing, and anger management. These experiences have made me prepared to work in a high need school.
Another reason for wanting to teach in a high need school in New York City is my own personality. I have always be a fighter for the underdog. Minorities, women, the wrongly accused, and other individuals down on their luck have always made me want to fight for their rights. I have always wanted to even the odds for the underprivileged. Many politicians and others spout the rhetoric every American student should receive the same quality of education. Bill Clinton wanted to banish private schools on his first election tour speeches. However, when he reached Washington, Chelsea Clinton was enrolled in a private school. The standard with which our children are educated should be the same. The same quality of teacher that teaches in private schools should also be found in public schools. In an effort to even out the odds, I feel the need to teach in a high need school. I want to be able to give a good education to a student that does not have the money or prestige. All students should be able to have a good education.
Finally, I feel prepared to take on the challenge of teaching in a high need school. I am ready to fulfill my destiny of being an educator. I have never felt more ready to deal with students than I do today. My former educators have been an inspiration for me. I want to influence positively students in order for them to achieve their dreams. Presently, I am satisfied in how my life has turned out. I want to pass on that satisfaction to another. The only way I feel I can pass on satisfaction is by teaching. The only way my life can become better is fulfilling my teaching dream.