Who I am

My migration to the United States was a significant event in my life. Although I took some time to adjust to the new culture, I gradually started feeling at home. I started seeing the merits of the American values. I also greatly admire and enjoy the freedoms that the citizens are entitled.
I have a total of 8 siblings – 3 brothers and 5 sisters. I am the youngest of them all. We are a closely knit family. My mother took the sole responsibility of raising all of us, in the absence of my father. My mother struggled hard to keep the family afloat and it is to her that I am most indebted. Her hard work had paid off and we are all successful in our lives today.
I do not have any friends. However, my extended family provides me with all the warmth and companionship that I require. I cherish the moments of love and care that I shared with my brothers and sisters. Being the last child of the family, I was particularly well looked after by everyone.
Some of my brothers and sisters live in different parts of the country. But we are in regular contact and the distance has not diminished our mutual concern. My mother especially enjoys visiting all her children scattered across this expansive country of ours.
I am married and have two children. The elder one is Theresa, who is 3 and half years old. The younger one is Alicia, who is 17 months old. I have a very supporting husband who can understand and relate to all my concerns and worries.
My children bring such joy into my life. I am keen on providing them with quality education and all the assistance and guidance to fulfill their potentials. My husband and children are very dear to me. My well being is directly connected to my family’s wellbeing. This is another motivation for my getting professionally qualified.
On successful completion of this course on Radiology, I would be eligible to seek a job as a Radiologist in a hospital laboratory. The