Whether the Embryonic StemCell Research Is Immoral

Stem cell research is relatively new emergent in the field of medical sciences that promises a cure for chronic conditions. however, the source of stem cells had caused much controversy on this subject in the past.

Adult stem cells are relatively easier to extract and use for research and other purposes. These stem cells may be extracted from any organ tissue and cultured in external media for further differentiation into larger groups of cells, tissues and then organs that are capable of performing normal organ functions. The article, Adult Stem Cell Research Leaving Embryos Behind (2010) highlights that adult stem cell research is dominating and gaining more importance compared to embryonic stem cells and their applicability in curing severe conditions like spinal cord injury is gaining importance. On the other hand, embryonic stem cell research continues to gather protests, especially from the religious group, because most of the religions believe that extraction of embryonic stem cells requires the destruction of embryos, which is equivalent of destroying life (O’Brien, n.d).

To conclude, stem cells possess the vast potential to cure many medical conditions due to which this field of research is gaining momentum in contemporary times. however, protests against embryonic stem cell research are hindering further research and identification of breakthrough findings that can benefit mankind.