Where in the world is Osama Bin Ladden

Task Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden of the details from the film “Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden” is an insightful documentary film produced in 2008. A high rank filmmaker who was passionate about providing comical animations involving al-Qaida and whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden directed it (Spurlock 2). The film shows possible areas where Osama was believed to be hiding and how his search mission affected Asia socially, fiscally, and politically. It also shows the effects of terrorism that Osama perpetually perpetrated in various nations. The act of terrorism was a key contributor to high poverty levels in various settings because it led to massive destruction of resources.
Several individuals affirm that terrorism is an ill act that leads to high poverty levels. It exposes a nation to severe suffering because it affects the flow of commercial activities, social engagement and political integration. The film also shows how Spurlock was making maiden visits to various areas and nations that were affected by Osama’s terror actions. Consequently, it contains short interviews with many individuals about Osama’s whereabouts, his Islamic fundamentalism and the war on terror that the US was executing. As noted, the location of Bin Laden was a mystery to several people. They could not disclose his hiding place because they had no credible information. They only affirmed mysterious nature, and ability of actions to limit performance in various aspects.
The relationship between poverty and terrorism
Terrorism is a systematic act of aggression executed with the intention of creating fear between individuals. This act is perpetrated with deliberate attempts to achieve pious, political or ideological goals. It destabilizes human safety and activities that contribute to human wellbeing (Spurlock 29). The practice is related to poverty, and has been increasing in several settings. It is equally regarded as an international threat to peace and cohesion. Indeed, Osama Bin Laden was a key perpetrator of terrorism as evident when he attacked World Trade Center in US where immense losses were reported.
The loss and damage of property affected several people psychologically and economically. This exposed individuals to poverty, as well as social and financial strife. According to researchers, poverty corresponds to the inability of a person to meet his daily obligations. This concept is strongly associated with acts of terrorism that impedes peaceful coexistence. This is evident in various settings where poor individuals resort to or participate in the acts of terror to earn a leaving. Indeed, criminals or elites who pay them handsomely coerce such persons to engage in violent activities (Spurlock 32). This has seen most people especially youths engage in illicit, activities to earn income. An increasing population of idle persons often subscribe to poor economic conditions and lack of decent activities that individuals can embrace effectively. This is an aspect of poverty because paucity is a major contributor to redundancy leading to terrorism (Spurlock 42).
It is worth denoting that poverty is not the only contributor to terrorism since renowned terrorist such as Osama and other Muslim personalities are not poor. Consequently, other factors drive individuals to participate in acts of terror. For instance, religion belief is a contributory element described among Muslims because they believe in holy wars, voluntary deaths and jihad practices. In his last submission, Spurlock (26) indicated that terrorism exposes several individuals to poverty. This could only end when the links between al-Qaida group and Bin Laden are curtailed. He also stated that economies must also initiate viable economic programs to empower the youth and eradicate poverty at all levels to avert the spread terror. This is because poverty contributes to violent activities within several settings.
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