What is the effectiveness of using tablet pc for learning and teaching

The age group of students which includes maximum number of students in terms of use of tablet PCs are above the age of 30 years and the least percentage of students using tablet PCs fall in the age group of 11-14 years.
In case of teachers, those belonging to the age group of 36-40 years have been found to be maximum number in terms of use of tablet PCs. This follows the trend that the people belonging to the age group of 30-40 years who are mostly in need of time management prefer use of electronic data that offers flexibility in the process of teaching.
In order to teach the students, the teachers have shown the maximum tendency to teach English through the use of tablet pc. English is a foreign language and tablet PCs have been useful in teaching the students in a convenient manner with the use of presentation and innovative approaches.
Tablet PCs are mostly used by the students outside classroom for reading online course material and carrying out online research at home. It has provided the students to access classroom content through the electronic media and complete home tasks.
The uses of tablet PCs have gained popularity in the process of teaching and learning in the classrooms as well as in activities outside the classrooms. This is due to the effectiveness of tablet PCs in achieving dynamism and flexibility in the process of teaching and learning. Tablet PCs are loaded with full versions of Microsoft operating systems and software that offers the advantages of pen based computing and mobility due to the portable nature of the device (Reed and Berque 48). The use of tablet PCs have removed the barriers of the education process and eroded its confinement to the classrooms. Tablet PCs have opened a wide arena for education and are freely used for the purpose of education even outside the classrooms. The concepts of virtual classrooms have also emerged with the advent of tablet PCs. The teachers and the students could connect with each other with the