What are the main features of a bipolar world Illustrate your answer with examples

This trend engineered a process where the global power changed from being controlled by a few countries, to being a preserve of two fierce rivals competing to dominate the world in politics, ideologies, and technological powers. The rest of the world became spectators. they were sucked in the fierce competition, which led to the Cold War, marked by serious struggle for power between the U.S and Soviet Union, two giants that invested in every aspect to fight over global control during in this period. Therefore, in order to understand the features of a bipolar world, the cold war period would be the best scenario to consider and make out the main features elaborate during this period, which sucked the entire world to the rivalry between the U.S and Soviet Union, and almost degenerated into war. A bipolar world is therefore marked by fierce competition in economics, political, ideological, and technological fields, the main factors that define an era in the global world.
One feature that describes a bipolar world is the difference in ideologies and systems. Two powers will compete and the rest of the countries to either side through creating a global divide marked by differences in system ideologies. For, example, during the bipolar cold War, the U.S with its democratic and capitalism ideologies, with its allies who had similar ideologies competed fiercely against the Soviet Union, which was behind the socialism system ideology and its allies mostly in Asia and eastern Europe. In the superpower ideological rivalry during the cold war, democracy and the Marx socialism ideology were the main conflicting ideologies at war (Yilmaz, 2008). Marx ideology in communist Asia elicited much reaction from the European countries. the Soviet Union at the time being a superpower, and being behind the ideology had made progress in spreading this