Week Seven Discussion Topic

Through study of the human anatomy, People are required to understand the functioning of their bodies so that they can take necessary precautions on their health. In today’s world, people are not concerned about their health, but they are only concerned about how they look in the eyes of other people. This is the reason why people engage in Botox treatment for treating wrinkles. Exercise and diet also play an important role in human health and therefore, people should understand how to utilize exercise and diet to improve their health. Additionally, people should understand the types of treatments available for their bodies so that they can be able to choose the most appropriate method. Lastly, people should understand the diseases that affect the human anatomy like Fibromyalgia so that they can be able to take necessary precautions to prevent them.
Wrinkles affect how people look and how others perceive of them hence, scientists have researched on how Botox toxin can be utilized for treating wrinkles (“A Guide to Skin Care”). Exercise and diet as a very common topic in today’s society, and nutritionists have advised on their use so as to benefit the body (Sukovaty). Tropical treatments have been used over the years and some doctors have suggested their advantages, and why they should be used for treatment of skin disorders (Shailesh). Finally, Fibromyalgia is a very confusing condition and various attempts have been made to demystify its causes hence, it is said to be brought about by various factors (Harvey).
What do you think about the Botox Treatment for Facial Wrinkles?
Botox treatment for facial wrinkles involves the use of injections to paralyze and block some muscles and nerves on the face. Botox is extracted from food poisoning bacteria that affect the human body. Zelickson highlights that this bacteria can be purified and used in the treatment of wrinkles and other similar ailments through injection of muscles. In my opinion, I think Botox treatment is appropriate for treating wrinkles. This is because the results of treatment are experienced starting from the third day of treatment. Secondly, this method seems to be harmless to other body parts because it only affects the skin muscles, which are injected, or are wrinkled, and not the whole body. The treatment is also a lifestyle treatment because it is optional and the procedure can be repeated after some months. Lastly, this method has no known permanent side effects to doctors and hence, this makes it a safe method with no fear, unlike other suggested methods.
What do you think about diet and exercise effects on health?
Healthy living can be determined by how an individual manages diet and exercise, in which case, many nutritionists advice that diet and exercise are the best ways of maintaining good health. Therefore, I am convinced that diet and exercise have positive effects on the health of a human body. Sukovaty highlights that the first positive effect of diet and exercise are the reduction of risk of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes that can cause premature deaths. Diet and exercise improves the mental health by changing brain functions, relaxing the brain, reducing stress and increasing mental alertness. Thirdly, it helps to keep control of the body weight by maintaining low fats in the body. It also helps to increase energy levels in the body through improved oxygen circulation, and improved heart and lung functioning. Lastly, diet and exercise ensures better sleep because it promotes better body functioning.
Would you use specific tropical treatments for your face/body? Why/why not?
I would prefer using tropical treatments for my face due to the benefits associated with them. Tropical treatments originate from natural products that can be used for body treatment. Firstly, tropical treatments only act on and affect the body part where it has been applied. For example, if it is applied on the face, the treatment will only affect the face and not any other body part. Hence, reactions precipitated by these treatments can be easily monitored and responded to. Secondly, since tropical treatments applied on the face are only applied to one body part, they do not distribute and contaminate the whole body, as opposed to other treatments.
Do you think that Fibromyalgia is caused by a virus or are other factors involved?
Fibromyalgia is a severe musculoskeletal condition that affects the muscles and tendons, and it affects the back, legs, neck, chest and shoulders, and has no specific causes and doctors around the world only diagnose its causes through speculations. Since it is a health disorder, many argue that it can be precipitated by stress, physical muscle pain or viral infections. This is because it is not regarded as a disease but a medical condition, one cannot conclude that virus causes fibromyalgia only. therefore, it would need other factors for it to be triggered including the viral infections.
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