Web or Mobile System Paper

Interface and ease of use Google Docs is considered to be most widely used online tool for text editing, as it is a collaborative writing platform that utilize web 2.0 technologies (Using Google docs to facilitate collaborative writing in an English language classroom practice.2010). Google docs’ layouts are design for the easy usage. The interface present in any type of word processor includes tiny buttons that are meaningful and easily understandable. The large number of icons and symbols that are present in Google docs are used as the posting tools. In addition, it is very simple to use and understand front page of Google docs. There are different types of forms available that includes responses and Google results that can be emailed to anyone. Google will ask about the type of the document for example word document, presentation or spreadsheet if a new document is opened. Moreover, the documents are easily assembled into separate folders and can be restricted to specific users. The folders can be moved anywhere and can be prearranged according to the date or time.
Google Documents
Google Docs provides enhanced editing options for the users that allow the modification of HTML or CSS. As it is a web page creator, if any user is not able to find any option for a precise effect from the standard menu option, HTML and CSS will be up to the task (Mendelson, 2011). It is easy to modify or edit a file but some users may find it difficult. HTML editing is also required to modify page numbers, page orientation or columns in the document. Moreover, drawings and images can also be modified. however, charts are not available in Google Documents. Furthermore, charts can be aligned to the left, right, below and up, as they cannot float. Organizations can also use Google Docs for their business by transforming stand-alone spreadsheets in to online documents that will considerably save the cost. Moreover, there are no operating system and hardware compatibility issues, as the application is easily accessible online. However, compatible web browser is required for accessing Google docs.
Google Docs homepage consist of a robust editor that includes all the features useful for the editing. A single menu bar is present that allows the users to add different font styles or text sizes into the document. As compare to Microsoft formatting options are reduced while the important options are still available for the users ease. The Google suite includes necessary tools that can help to create resumes, letters, thesis documents or other professional as, well as academic settings (Mendelson, 2011).
Google Spreadsheet
Google spreadsheet is not as similar to Microsoft Excel, however, it impose a challenge for Microsoft Excel, as the tool is capable of performing functionality similar to Microsoft Excel. However, the options similar to Microsoft Excel layout and fonts along with size are limited. Google Docs also possess similar threats and vulnerabilities to cloud computing. As cloud can be accessed by the Internet, and if Internet connectivity is not available, Google Docs can still be accessed.
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