Water Supply Jacksonville Florida

Water Supply Jacksonville Florida Water Supply Jacksonville Florida I live in Jacksonville Florida. The water supply of Jacksonville Florida comes from the Floridian aquifer. This represents one of the major sources of water in the United States. Affirmatively the underground water supply is well protected from contamination by chemicals by the Hawthorne formation. The Hawthorne is a thick layer of clay that does not allow the seeping of pollutants. There are 115 Floridian wells that their water is pumped to a reservoir (Jacksonville Electric Authority, 2014). The reservoirs are located at one of the 36 treatment plants in the region.
In the year 2014, the Florida department of environmental protection performed a detailed assessment of the water system for potential contaminants (Jacksonville Electric Authority, 2014). The potential contaminants are the major grid with 49 sources and the Ponce de Leon grid with three sources. However, further studies on the potential pollutants portrayed a lower to moderate rate of susceptibility.
The water in the region is hard water. The question is what is hard water? Affirmatively water can be described as hard water if it contains high levels of minerals that are dissolved. The minerals are such as magnesium and calcium. However, hard water does not pose a health risk, on the contrary, calcium and magnesium is important to human health (Jacksonville Electric Authority, 2014). Most individuals use the magnesium as antacids or common supplements. Hard water may leave spots on utensils. however, this can be removed by use of vinegar.
Conclusively the water supply in Florida is safe for the health of the residents. Considerably the hard water in the region does not pose any health implications. Nevertheless, the spots it leaves on utensils can be removed by use of vinegar. The aquifers are the major sources of water in the region with treatment plants used to increase the safety of the water.
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