Waste and Solving Problem

1250 A complete elimination of waste from the waste stream, however, starts with the responsibility of individual people who use the materials for packaging, the consumers of the packed goods and users of other commodities that turn into wastes. The users, instead of passing the waste disposal burden to the authorities, can more effectively eliminate these wastes from the waste stream. One of the most effective ways of eliminating wastes from the waste stream is by using materials that can easily be recycled. Manufacturers can, for instance, eliminate wastes by producing plastics, wrappers and other commodities that can easily be recycled. Similarly, individuals can facilitate the elimination of wastes by recycling materials whenever possible. Another approach towards eliminating wastes from the waste stream is the reuse of materials. This approach retains the usefulness of the material, meaning that the materials will not become wastes and will not be taken to the waste cycle (Zbore, p. 1).