Various Examples of Fighting HIV and AIDS

The fight against AIDS is hindered by political policies that do not give importance to approve drugs related to AIDS through the FDA. The social movement group ACT NOW took an initiative to observe civil disobedience and take control of the FDA in Washington DC. The extreme step was taken to grab the attention of the state to take action related to the treatment of AIDS. The Reagan administration and later the Bush administration were inattentive to the epidemic of AIDS. The ignorance towards the education and treatment of HIV/AIDS was explicit during the Reagan administration when more than 36000 individuals were infected with the virus and more than 20000 had already died. Though AIDS was later called as the number one health issue of America, the administration continuously avoided taking a coordinated and well-financed action towards the problem. In these circumstances, social organizations like ACT UP revolted against the government during campaign speeches and by exhibiting the irresponsible stand of the government in t-shirts and AIDSgate signs. The government stand to ignore action for AIDS was particularly pointed towards state actors and institutions through protests and media supported actions. The social organizations acted as pressure groups to affect policy decisions to avoid needless death that arise due to the lack of responsibility of people who control the resources of the nation.
When it comes to pharmaceutical companies they pose as a social concern because companies control the price of drugs used to treat AIDS and make unfriendly decisions about the development of drugs to cure HIV/AIDS. The objective of these companies is restricted to profits and their decisions are not socially oriented to treat the epidemic and oppress people with AIDS inhibiting their chances of survival (Conrad &amp. Leiter 2003 p.134).