Utilitarianism Concept Peculiarities

1250 The lector also mentions that utilitarianism is very close to hedonism, according to which, getting some pleasure is the main goal of life. Thus, on the other hand, utilitarianism is a denial of sublime motives, underestimation of the role of spiritual interests of a person. The theorists of utilitarianism followed the tradition of hedonism in ethics. Utilitarianism results from so-called “human nature”, from natural aspiration to feel pleasure and to avoid suffering. The choice of behavior is defined by calculation of the benefits and losses, which various acts may result in. Anyway, the concept of utilitarianism means submission of all actions to egoistical calculation, to obtaining a benefit, advantage. Thus, utilitarianism has serious limitations. The lector provides an example when a person is accused of committing crime because the greatest number of people will be happy because of that no matter if he is guilty or not.