Using Collaboration Tools to Market Products

This is especially in the beauty industry where this study focuses to come up with an effective collaboration tool for a jewelry store. Collaboration tool product advocated in this presentation is “Yammer”, which will not only aid in serving clients as necessitated but also manage jewelry store’s human resource (Nash, 2011).
There are numerous collaborations tools, which corporations can use and attain their respective goals. However, in ascertaining collaboration tool that will work appropriately for a given corporation it entails meticulous research coupled with considering its respective goals. This is because the need to have an effective collaboration tool is to aid a given Corporation to attain its targets with ease. Some of the probable web-based collaboration tools for a jewelry store include,
Compared to other collaborative tools, Yammer emerges as the best option for jewelry store. This is because of its varied and essential features essential for reaching large pool of clients. It also enables effective management of human resource. Some of its essential functionalities include,
Yammer 2.0 version will enable Jewelry Store Heads to have direct conversations with their clients as well as interacting with employees (Markowitz, 2011). Hence, make it easy for its respective departments handle clientele’s complaints and suggestions with immediate thus improve their services. Technical department will set Yammer 2.0 and other recently incorporated versions such that varied departmental sections are in constant contact with each other, hence share information internally (Nash, 2011). Internal interaction with the aid of Yammer aims at improving social networking such that there is no wastage of both resources and time, which employees use while holding meetings (Sumner, 2011). Therefore, Jewelry store will be posting internal and urgent information to its employees who in turn will try to give their sentiments