Upward Bound TRIO

In some situations students will become acclimated to the college or university environment and will do very well in school eventually. others will receive poor grades and become more discouraged.

Across the country, many high schools and colleges have realized the need to bridge the gap between high school and college for many students and they have done this through the Upward Bound Program. Upward Bound is actually one of five programs that are now under the name of TRIO.

President Lyndon B. Johnsons first initiated TRIO programs by signing the Economic Opportunity Act. From this legislation, the Office of Economic Opportunity and Special Programs For Students from Disadvantaged Program was created (McElroy and Armesto, 1998, p. 373). Upward Bound was the first program to come out of this office followed by a program called Talent Search in 1965. In 1968 the Higher Education Act (HEA), which originally started Talent Search created the TRIO Student Support Services. These three programs together were under the umbrella of TRIO programs (TRIO meaning three). The program was reauthorized in 1972 and Educational Opportunity Centers (EOC) became the fourth program of TRIO programs.

Upward Bound and the other programs under TRIO have become particularly important because of the No Child Left Behind legislation (NCLB). This program enacted by President Bush created problems for many schools because they had to become concerned about student achievement. The NCLB depends on standardized testing for children from third grade through high school (NCLB, 2001. U.S. Department of Education). The NCLB legislation makes teachers and schools accountable for getting children to read to take these standardized tests and where 3creativity in the past was a large part of the curriculum, it is often compromised today. Students who learn through experience or who cannot memorize facts or figures are still being left behind. this is why there is still a need for programs like Upward Bound because they help students prepare for college early.