Union Labour

It is compulsory for all unions to register their constitutions with government labor boards. There are more than hundred various unions in Canada, nevertheless, UFCW Canada is the biggest private sector union all over Canada UFCW Canada has its reach everywhere in Canada because of huge membership in various occupations, including agriculture, oceans, forest, and cities (United Food and Commercial Workers Union, 2012).
Generally the union management relationship is viewed in negative connotations by companies, but actually both share a common set of attainable objectives. Normally, all stakeholders expect and desire a peaceful and comprehensive labor-management relationship. The question is how to develop such a relationship in the changing economic, political, and social climate (Sati Star Corporation, 2011).
Cordiality of relations between the employer and the union that represents the employees depend on mutual respect. The employer needs to respect the functions of the union as the only and exclusive spokesperson of the employees. The union also needs to honor the employers singular right to control its functions and to order the employees to fulfill the assigned duties. Both parties must appreciate and vouch for each other’s respective rights and duties under labor and other job laws and under the collective agreement, and the rights and responsibilities of the employees included in the agreement (HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector, 2012).
All and above, the employer must honor the truth that it is the right of an employee to join and take part in a union, which may include the right to strike, without fear of bullying, coercion, harassment, or undesired impression of the employer. The union must also fulfill its responsibilities to conduct its functions with full transparency without any impartiality, and communicate with the management with due regard (HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector, 2012).
Both the stakeholders should