Understanding the Importance of Teamwork

Your premise that employees should be evaluated on a six-month basis is right on target. Companies have to know how effective and productive an employee is. The human capital of a firm is its most valuable asset (Mayhew, 2013).
I agree with you that companies too often put aside their strategic plans for the future instead of acting on them to improve the operations of the company. You are right in your premise that the employees of the firm should be involved in the strategic planning process. A good technique to increase the level of responsibility of an employee is through delegation. Delegation can be defined as the act of empowering another person to perform a job task (Mirriam-webster, 2013). Teamwork and cooperation are very important behaviors that can help enhance the productivity and efficiency of a company. The concept of teamwork is extremely important for the success of any organization (Brianmac, 2012). As you said it is important to revise the strategic plan of a company several times during a year because the market conditions are often changing.