Uestion 2 (18 points) During January 2017 Alpha Company began &amp

completed work on its only Job No. A1. On


uestion 2 (18 points) During January 2017, Alpha Company began completed work on its only Job No. A1. On

January 2, Alpha purchased, on account, $15,800 of raw materials and placed into the work order a total of $12,000 of direct material. Alpha also used 2,000 machine hours, and employed s19,200 of direct labor costs. Alpha Company applies manufacturing overhead at a predetermined rate of $10 per machine hour used. Use this information to prepare the January 31 General Journal entries, without explanations, for the: (Round any final dollar answers to the nearest whole dollar.

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All journal entries except the purchase of raw material sales will have the transaction date of January 31, 2017): 1. to purchase the raw materials 2. to record all costs used in the production of Job A1 3. to record the completion Job A1 4. to record the February 5 sales transaction, on account, of Job A1 to the customer for the sales price of $75,000