Troilus and Criseyde by Geoffrey Chaucer

The setting of the story is the most important aspect as it determines the perception the readers get. Being set in Troy is very important as it shows two completely different phenomena playing out in one field – the field of war.
The most common notion that people have upon the mention of the term “Troy” is war. Troy was a town that was located in contemporary Turkey. The Trojan War is associated with this city from the fact that it took place there. This war is most famous due to the fact that many Greeks died in it as they waged war against the city of Troy. The war had an origin from the quarrels between many of the Greek goddesses in the ancient days. The love poem, Troilus and Criseyde, was set in Troy and has the storyline mentioning various aspects of the war. The fact that there was the combination of the aspect of war and the opposite theme of love in the same poem brings out the various emotions and characteristics in a rather concise manner.
From the plot of the story, Criseyde is described as the daughter of a seer. However, further explanation reveals the fact that this young woman lives alone from the fact that the father abandons her and turns against his own kind to go and support the Greeks (Chaucer 95). This aspect of war brings in the theme of betrayal clearly. The fact that the father goes and leaves the daughter alone shows negligence to the community and had the plot not been set describing the war, there would have been no sides to choose from and thus the two important themes of negligence and betrayal would have remained flat.
Having been set in Troy, the atmosphere was always that of war and thus the people did not actually pay attention to other activities that were going on and some individual behavior went on unnoticed. The best description of this is from the manner in which Criseyde simply falls in love. At her age, she was supposed to