Transferring for Better Opportunities

2500 According to the essay findings, it can, therefore, be said that Tufts University offers more than academic excellence. I take it as a more challenging school as my whole being would be put to the test, physically, mentally and socially. I love challenges and going beyond my limit would be a great achievement for me. These are the reasons why I took transferring to Tufts University into account, believing it would be an instrument to my achievements both in academics and athletics. Swimming is really a part of my life which I can not separate with and I see the chance of doing it in this school. The various activities in the school like photography and being in student organizations have been well thought of as well. Sure, Duke’s University has these to offer however, it is a huge school compared to Tufts. Being a smaller college, I see the probability of my active involvement in the aforementioned activities higher. As a foreign student, there are greater limitations to the accomplishment of the things I like to do in a bigger college so I believe Tufts University would be the perfect school I can go to. With all these said, I look forward to working with Tufts University in the pursuit of an excellent life.