Three Distinct Categories to Test Human Patience

All utility things like automobiles, washing machine, refrigerators, etc. break down when they are most needed. Indeed, the uncanny coincidence of their breakdown forces one to realize that these objects have a mind of their own which they use for optimal impact against man.
Things like personal items have an innate tendency of getting lost at the eleventh hour! Gloves, pliers, keys of car, house, locker, etc. tend to disappear from their normal place when they are needed urgently. Interestingly, they are often found in the places least expected like the long-forgotten corner of the wardrobe or under the mattress of the unused bed. How and when they get to be there has remained the mystery for all.

Most profound is the knowledge of the objects which refuse to perform their duty once they are brought home by their masters. Cigarette lighters, toys, car clocks, etc. are major items that only work once and thereafter refuse to show their talent again. This is perhaps the only category of objects that man has been able to demystify and therefore is less likely to get upset with.
One can therefore succinctly state that society of inanimate objects has been successful in declaring their hostility against man. Objects of the first two categories show that inanimate things are psychologically much advanced and know how to test human patients or indeed, increase their blood pressure to achieve their objective. Man needs to be much more aware of their cunning intentions so that he is equipped with alternatives that would defeat the evil intentions of the inanimate objects.