This is part I just need advise and correction in grammar

Presence is the integral aspect of all


This is part , I just need advise and correction in grammar.

Presence is the integral aspect of all

military personnel. Army leader must make their presence known by guiding his team to success. The physical appearance, actions, and communication should create) an impression of a passionate leader. Demonstrating care for others and inspiring them through hardship and in times of dangers. Army leader integrate with the subordinate staff to gain firsthand experience of real situation in the field. The attribute of presence helps the leader to understand others expectation when serving the organization and nation. Presence enables the leader to develop a deeper understanding of fitness, confidence, professional, and military bearing, and resilience in duty. The holistic presence lay emphasis on physical and psychological fitness in all situation. Army leader should always gear to look and act professionally and use their skills in a manner that promotes Army values. Fitness for mission and being positive by demonstrating a high level of confidence on the team is crucial in leadership. Self-confidence is essential especially in areas of combat and positively impact the team to victory. Army leader is resilient, recovers quickly from setbacks, adversity, stress, and shock thereby fostering team morale, and maintain the mission and focus of the organization.

Intellect is the other core attribute of an Army leader. Army leader demonstrates high facuy of reasoning and being objective while undertaking their professional duties and responsibility. The mental tendencies that shape an Army leader include mental agility, innovation, sound judgment, expertise, and interpersonal tact. Army leaders should have flexibility of the mind in order to anticipate and cope with changing or uncertain situation. Since the mission is the king, innovativeness assists the army leader to introduce a new approach whenever there is an opening to navigate the problem and find possible solutions. In most case, each mission is unique and requires a different approach and thus the need for sound judgment upon assessing the situations. All conclusion must be rational and reliable. Army leader possesses a weah of experiences, including special knowledge and skills developed from massive training and education. Interpersonal tact allows the Army leader to interact freely with peers. Recognition of character, motives, a reaction of oneself and others helps to integrate with each other effectively. Army leader should have self-control, recognize diversity, strike a balance where necessary, and remain steady when discharging their mandates.