There will be Blood

Daniel Plainview is even proud to let people know that his life revolves around the crimes he committed as this was evident in his charismatic lifestyle. Every man must reap what they sow and this was the case of Daniel as the evil that he did lived after him. It all started in 1902, when Daniel Plainview, a miner discovered oil and sets up his own oil drilling company and after some period, he lost one of his workers, whose son, H.W (Dillon Freasier) he later adopted. Events began to unfold as Plainview was intimated by Paul Sunday of the presence of oil in his family land in Little Boston, California (Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Dano, Kevin J. O’Connor, Ciaran Hinds &amp. Dillon Freasier).
Plainview saw the oil site in Paul Sunday’s (Paul Dano) Little Boston as a good way to make money and he took a trip to the city. He met the disapproval of Paul Sunday’s twin brother, Eli Sunday, whose role was also played by Paul Dano and he had to seek the consent of their father in obtaining the land. After procuring the land, oil exploration started and it was no
sooner that evil started manifesting in the land and it makes one think that the land must have been a cursed land. One of the workers on the land was accidently killed in the course of the oil exploration and this was one of the many evil that was in the film. An explosion later happened, that made Plainview’s adopted son, H.W somewhat deaf (Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Dano, Kevin J. O’Connor, Ciaran Hinds &amp. Dillon Freasier).
Daniel Plainview’s evil started manifesting when he and his son travelled to New Boston, California to meet a preacher named, Eli Sunday and tells him of his ambition of drilling the oil in their family land, something that Eli Sunday accepted reluctantly not knowing that Daniel had some evil in him. Eli Sunday accepted Daniel’s proposal based on the condition that he would help fund his