There are TEN short essays questions

Your answers should consist of a minimum of TWO full paragraphs (7-9


There are TEN short essays questions. Your answers should consist of a minimum of TWO full paragraphs (7-9

sentences, or more) minimum. You are welcome to answer at more length if you so choose.

1. Discuss the rise and history of Anthropology in North America.

2. Why is it important to study nonhuman primates? What do studies of nonhuman primates suggest about the behavior of humans, past and present?

3. Explain the difference in the approaches of science and religion (myth), discussing the nature of scientific inquiry (methods, hypotheses).

4. Describe generally Darwin’s observations and inferences leading to his idea of evolution (see additional notes).

5. Discuss the methods, concepts, and dating techniques of paleoanthropology.

6. The genus Australopithecus is classified as a bipedal hominid. What is the evidence and why do

we think it is bipedal? Include a discussion on bipedal adaptation.

7. Cite the evidence for Homo erectus as a nomadic species and describe the biological and cuural

significance of this group. How do they differ from earlier and later hominid species?

8. Discuss the place of the Neanderthals in human evolution. Include aspects of their cuure,

morphology, and the issue of recent human prejudice (perhaps) of seeing a European ancestor that is

so rough in build. Where do the Neanderthals fit in?

9. How is do we practice archaeology and what is meant by the archaeological record?

10. Identify and discuss the major cuural features of the Lower, Middle, and Upper Palaeolithc.

When is it that our humanity began?

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