The War Of Southeast Asia

A South Vietnam communist common front known as national liberation front (NLF) fought in what can be described as a guerrilla war against North Vietnamese Army (the people’s army of Vietnam) which was an anti-communist force in the country (Fall 338-442.) They engaged in a conventional war involving huge units to battle off. The war experienced in Vietnam was bloody and protracted.
The U.S military intervention was from 1965 and lasted for eight years up to 1973. The Vietnamese referred to the war as “American war” whereas the Americans referred to it as “Vietnamese war”(Lomperis 173-194).

Agreements and treaties were negotiated that divided the country into communist in the north and the pro-American in the south. It was separated by a demilitarized zone. All over the country, there were promised an election that never happened that from that election an amicable decision and solution would be found (Guenter 42). This was all in vain. Within the first years of disagreement, the communist from the north had already a guerrilla war on the anti-communists in the south. Americans were driven by the cold war about the quick spread of communists (Fall 353).

In response, the united states send hundreds of thousands of soldiers and troops to help fight against communists. It was a costly ultimate unsuccessful war that posted international embarrassment and it was associated with domestic civil unrest. According to the figures released by the American government, over two hundred Vietnamese soldiers died from the south. Additionally, over fifty-five thousand American soldiers were assumed dead or went out of action(Elliott 66). It is suggested by the government approximated that within the twenty-one years of fighting, over four million citizens were killed across the south and North Vietnam. It was estimated that over one million communist fighters died the cold war. We are going to discuss three theories that try to explain the war in Vietnam and the reasons behind the loss of Americans and the anti-communists in this war.
Theory of war by Carl von Clausewitz
Clausewitz was a professional soldier who took in many and various military campaigns. He is a phenomenon and he is recognized primarily as a theory military in the study of war.