The Use of Magical Realism in One Hundred Years of Solitude

The novel is the olden times of the beginning, the expansion, in addition to the bereavement of a human resolution, Macondo, along with of the most significant family within that town, the Buendia’s. While next the historical description of these two fundamentals the readers are dealt with, as within any great classic, with a representation of how at a specific moment within a human civilization a scrupulous group of individuals has planned its life presently as the readers are brazened out with the similar issue, for instance, during the other immense epic like that of The Odyssey.
Emphasizing upon the use the novel has extrapolated its association with a scrupulous individual’s historical reality, in this case, the expansion of the Latin American country of Colombia in view of the fact that its autonomy from Spain during the early nineteenth century (1810 to 1825). The apparently never-ending civil war represented within the novel one can perceive as unswervingly being founded on the civil wars within Columbia from 1885 to 1902, as well as the character of Colonel Aureliano has several similarities with General Rafael Uribe, below whom the grandfather of the biographer fought. Urine’s efforts finished during 1902 with the Treaty of Neerlandia, an occurrence within the novel. The lifetime from 1900 to 1928 witnessed the invasion of Colombia by the United Fruit Company of Boston. The subsequent labor problem concluded on October 7, 1928, during a mass strike of 32,000 employees. The administration later sent out the troops to struggle the workforce, in addition to that, a mass murder took place within Cienaga on December 5, 1928.
Additionally, of course, and most significantly for a perceptive of the novel, is the company in it of the authors family unit as well as of the author himself. It is a major summit in considering what the political tip of this epic had been. The author presents an astoundingly productive imagination at work within the characters along with the occurrences of this novel. The astonishing community in addition to fascinating incidents. This novel never mislays its capability to astonish with enchantment.&nbsp.