The Success of Project Management

1250 Most importantly, the order of the building components assists the project managers in ensuring that the building is of high performance in terms of health (Sommer, 2010). Safety, as well as durability of the structure, are key concerns that engineers meet by guaranteeing compatibility of the building components. Top on the list of the challenges that an FPM manager is likely to face due to the disregard for fundamental building systems is a misallocation of building systems. FPM managers play a significant role in project management, especially at the construction stage. According to Sommer (2010), in the event that such a manager is unfamiliar with building systems, it will be difficult to identify accurately the category where each of the building components falls. This means that the facility and the property manager will not meet both client and user needs. Coupled with the mentioned aspect is the challenge of either under or overestimating the cost of the basic construction components (Sommer, 2010). Ultimately, poor cost estimation interferes with the operations making the project to fall short of delivering strategic needs. The building may be incapable of solving disaster and emergency cases due to poor implementation of basic systems.