The Structure of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Medicare together with Medicaid programs were contracted into law on 30th July 1965 (, 2014). LBJ who was the president by then is seen at the signing ceremony during independence at the Truman Library in Missouri (, 2014). Truman who was the former president is also pictured seated beside him. President LBJ held the ceremony there in honor of the leadership of President Truman on health insurance. He had first proposed it in 1945. The most important legislative modification to Medicare referred to as the Medicare Modernization Act was as well signed into law by (, 2014) President George W. Bush (, 2014) from Texas, on 8th December 2003. This historic legislation is of significance to the outpatient as it adds the outpatient’s drug prescription advantage to Medicare and it also leads to many other significant changes (, 2014). A number of changes have been implemented (, 2014) to Center for Medical services programs since 1965 (, 2014). In addition, the agencies that are concerned with the implementation of these programs have also changed (, 2014). The head of the Center for Medical services programs is as well the Administrator of the Center for both the Medicaid and Medicare Services (, 2014). This position of leadership is appointed by the president and the Senate confirms it.
The Center for Medicare Services hires a total of approximately 4,100 employees 2,700 (, 2014) of the&nbsp.employees are located in (, 2014) Woodlawn which is the headquarter (, 2014)of Maryland. The rest of the workers are found in Hubert H. Humphrey which is a building in Washington, D.C. (, 2014)&nbsp.