The Renaissance Men da Vinci Michaelangelo and Bellini

41000 The researcher states that Leonardo da Vinci was a painter, inventor, engineer, etc. He was described as the archetype of the Renaissance Man. He is always compared to Michaelangelo, another artist: he is a painter, sculptor, and an architect. Giovanni Bellini is also a famous Renaissance artist, having mentored two Renaissance artists, namely: Giorgione and Titian. Leonardo da Vinci’s Madonna sketches were fast sketches, like studies. They usually focus on the face of a woman, and they are more illustrations. But his paintings are more complex, with intricate details full of meanings and characters with subtle roles in the meanings of the painting. His paintings are like puzzles. Michaelangelo’s works regarding Madonna are more famous, starting with the Pieta which features the Virgin Mary and a dying Jesus Christ. Michaelangelo’s Madonna of Bruges is also a famous artwork, but it features Mary with a baby Jesus. Bellini’s Madonnas are similar to that of Michaelangelo’s in a sense that they feature Mary with Jesus, and they highlight the maternal bond between them. Three of these Renaissance artists have the Madonna as their subjects, although they have different treatments for it. Starting with Michaelangelo as a man who sculpts (even if he paints!) Madonna figures. Leonardo da Vinci, like Bellini, likes to paint the Madonna. The major difference in their works is the composition. Bellini’s works are more standardized, and straight. His paintings are very well balanced. Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings, on the other hand, convey movement and are quite dynamic. Unlike Bellini’s paintings which are more structured and constructed, da Vinci’s lines are more fluid. The expression of the subject’s faces in these two painter’s works is also contrasting. In da Vinci’s works, the faces are more expressive, as compared to Bellini’s works.