The Recruitment and Selection Process of the Applicants to Fifteen Restaurant

Leigh &amp. Maynard (1996) highlights that Jamie selectors’ prior step of this recruitment process involved requesting applicants to talk about food while they were filmed. This established each applicant’s passion for food and whether they were willing to talk about food publicly. Having shortlisted sixty applicants, they were now expected to adequately describe the tastes of various foods. The applicants were given butternut squash ravioli and tempura fried oyster and had to describe the texture and flavor of what they had eaten. The ability of the applicant to effectively describe the taste of the food meant that he or she would be able to express the self-sensory encounter effectively.
The 30 selected applicants were required to observe the procedure of preparing a simple meal then repeat the same procedure in preparing the same meal. At this stage, Jamie tested the level of observation an individual would attain. Jamie selectors interrogated the applicants as they prepared the fried salmon and vegetable meal and hence scrutinizing the manner and methodology in which they prepared it. Fifteen applicants were finally selected in accordance with their strategy to the task and standards of the prepared meal.
Jamie Oliver decided to get involved in the training process of the recruited trainees. The trainees were sent to college to learn basic skills, and then as they continued with the training, Oliver began to train and shape the candidates to meet the needs, style and standards of the restaurant. The training involved class attendance, demonstration and practical activities. The training was faced with major challenges as some of the trainees found the work and mental effort involved in this work overwhelming and became demotivated and hence stopped attending the college (Leigh, Maynard, 1996).
Jamie Oliver remunerated the trainees by paying their travel charges and even physically went to see them at their apartments to know their whereabouts&nbsp.and rectify any personal setbacks they had.