The Quality Teaching Framework

The observation was held in a 50-minute class involved in reading texts.&nbsp. The reading tasks were aimed at developing the students’ reading skills, and deepening their understanding of the text, by having the students participate in collaborative reading and by examining specific events and settings. The students engaged in talking and listening tasks expected to develop their listening and oral presentation skills.

The class was divided into 4 ability groups with 5-6 students in each group.&nbsp. A menu board was on display for students to collect their assigned activities.&nbsp. A text appropriate to their level was assigned to each group. Each group worked independently while the teacher went around working with a specific Reader’s Circle group. Beforehand, the teacher and students negotiated how much of the text is to be read before the next session. (e.g 2-3 chapters).On their own, the students analyzed the cover of the book and predicted what the text might be about.&nbsp. The students recorded and displayed this on large paper. The recordings were on what they liked about the story (e.g. characters, events, etc.). what they didn’t like. anything that they didn’t understand (e.g. parts of the story, or why certain characters behaved in a certain way. patterns (e.g. in the text, illustrations, events, etc.)The group met again this time with the teacher to discuss what they read and any other issue related to the text that came up.&nbsp. All the students’ responses were recorded under the categories listed above.Section 1: Description of lesson episode
The lesson began with the teacher in the Reader’s Circle group meeting in a designated area in the classroom.&nbsp. The necessary materials were on hand for their use.&nbsp. The teacher-led the group by directing her students and keeping them focused on the tasks like scribing the identified details related to the text. The students analyzed the cover of the book appropriated to their group and predicted what it might be about.&nbsp.&nbsp.